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National Removals Group

2.3 from 50 reviews

Dishonest scum. Avoid these rogues

Move of two rooms of valuable furniture from Queensland to Victoria.
They promise careful packaging and loading, and safe transit in one of their vans.
In reality, they sub contract out, have no control over the load, the items are manhandled several times, and they even use the railways. The furniture arrived with extensive damage. All pieces were damaged and require thousands of dollars of restoration. If that is even possible.
They then refuse to respond to your phone calls and emails.
Take my advice. Avoid these disreputable scum bags.

Warning do not use National

We moved interstate from Victoria to Queensland and it was a nightmare.

The company sub contracts out the work so you don’t know who you’ll get. We got old mate removals... yep!!!
They turned up 9:30pm to pack our house- who does that!
They were meant to call the day before for delivery but I had to call them and when they responded they said they’d be there in 4 hours on a Sunday.

The worst part I was assured they had no problem with moving the furniture up stairs to first floor with easy access but when the truck arrived the deiver said I’m not moving anything up there!!! That was the majority of our belongings:( I had to do it myself.

So many other bad things happend but you get it. Spend a bit more if you have to it would be worth it!!!


We moved interstate with National and they seemed great at first right up until we tried to arrange delivery.

Before I get to the negative points of this review, I will mention that both our removalist teams were friendly, helpful and professional. Couldn’t have been better guys. It is the office and their inaccurate, inefficient and defensive communication that created our extremely poor experience

The first issue we encountered was that we were initially told we needed to give 3-5 days notice for redelivery. It was at this point that we were told they only deliver once a week. So despite us giving them 8 days notice, we had to wait an extra week because our lease start date was the day after their only delivery date. An issue that could have be avoided if we had been told this while making the initial booking.

While making the booking for re-delivery they asked us about the new property and we informed them it was a two story townhouse and the person on the phone looked up the address on google maps and sighted the townhouses. We also informed them that they couldn’t block the driveway to the complex with their truck.

After this we made a complaint because we were understandably miffed by having to with camp in an empty townhouse or pay for alternative accommodation. It is at this point we first experienced the manager. She was defensive, arrogant and spoke over the top of my wife repeatedly. My wife gave up with verbal communication with her and instead on communicated via email after this point. And from this point onwards all communication with the office was initiated by us. They made no effort to communicate proactively which lead to yet more issues.

We sent an email about a week out as we had received no written confirmation of our re-delivery and got a short email confirmating the date and address. The email also stated that they would call us the day before and the morning of the delivery to confirm.

At 4:30pm QLD time the day before delivery was to occur they had not contacted us so I called them. Before they confirmed our delivery they stated that we had outstanding storage fees, which I was aware of but we had not been invoiced/billed for them yet and this was the first they had mentioned it. We were always willing to pay the storage fees even if we had to pay an extra week because of the first issue, we just needed to know how, which an invoice would have provided. Eventually they confirmed delivery and said not to pay the storage fee and that the manager would call us first thing delivery day at about 9AM our time with regards to the invoice.

Delivery day arrives and the guys in their truck role up and mention that they were told it was a ground level only delivery and that there would be another fee. I start to think to myself, not again. So we end up calling again as the manager didn’t call us as was arranged and we were told that a manager would call us back. I waited 30minutes before I called back, again and was met with the defensive, arrogant and flat out rude manager who threatened to hang up when I drew her attention to the behaviour that caused all of these issues, which were all communication based behaviours. She never acknowledged our concerns once through out our communication. So I hung up on her. My wife called her back and was met with accusations and threats to have the team stop delivering, which is illegal.

My wife then called the office of fair trading and emailed the manager copying the representative from fair trading in.
The manager then in writing claimed that we were abusive (frustrated at this point but in no way were we abusive) and demanded proof of payment for which they had only just asked for before they would continue/release our delivery.
None of the payments were ever a problem we just needed to be informed of them. The logistical issues that arose were also all communication based and this is what this manager needs to address within her business. That way she wouldn’t need to be so defensive and have to resort to being dishonest and threatening her customers.


Best freight service we have ever had

National picked up some industrial cooking equipment for us at very short notice in a remote suburb of Adelaide and delivered it in pristine condition to Sydney, staff were great

Not as bad as everyone said

I moved a solo persons belongings (big fridge, mattress, desk, table and a few boxes) across the country at Christmas time. I left it late to book (2 weeks out) and was really beginning to think no one would take it. Kent and others either never responded or seemingly couldn't be bothered to take the order around Christmas. National Removals (after a bit of a rocky start where the acceptance of quote got lost in their system) came through at the last minute. [name removed] was very helpful on the phone and the subcontractor "Old Mate Removals near Cairns, showed up when they said they would (although there was a wide window and they left it to the last minute to come and get the stuff) and they were very helpful picking up from 2 locations. The stuff arrived a few days later when I wasn't home. They called me, picked up the key I left, and put everything neatly in the sitting room. They even offered to plug in the fridge. Nothing was missing or damaged.

I guess it depends on the subcontractor, but I was having panic attacks about this move given the below reviews.....so either only the people who had a bad experienced reviewed them, or subcontractors are dodgy in other places...

I would use them again.

Car arrived damaged

Car transported from VIC to WA, arrived severely damaged, with dents and scratches. Also took a very long time to arrive (a friend had their car sent by another company AFTER us and it arrived in WA BEFORE ours). Would not recommend. Customer service very poor when I rang to report damage, no support whatsoever.

Bad customer service, ripped off , goods stolen

Absolutely disgraceful, don’t use these guys, charge a fortune, very dishonest, we even had equipment stolen from us that never got returned when they said they had chased it up and said it was on the way. Many emails sent with no professional assistance what’s so ever. Makes my blood boil that they take all your money and then don’t care what happens after that!! The shouldn’t be able to continue to trade!!

Quick and friendly service!

I had a nightmare getting anyone to move my 8 boxes and backpack from Ballina to Melbourne, 6 companies refused to move my belongings and one even told me to just courier it. National Removals were SO easy to deal with, they picked up my items the day after I called and I had them two days later! I should have called them first, but I thought that after so many companies refusing to move my belongings a big company would do the same. Such a brilliant service! Great customer service, super flexible and just made the whole process so easy. I will definitely be using them again in the future.

So Fast & Great service!!

After a harrowing experience with TRANSCORP REMOVALS & STORAGE not communicating & abandoning a large quantity of my belongings, I was nervous about paying out even more money to collect these items.
I needn’t have worried!! NATIONAL REMOVALS are the real deal !!!
12 hours after they collected my items from Sydney, they were delivered to my door in Brisbane!!!!
Polite, efficient, careful and very thorough!!!
Great communication & they left nothing behind & everything arrived in tact.
I highly recommend NATIONAL REMOVALS !!!

Best removalist ever! Cheapest and most care taken!

We moved our 4 bedroom home contents from Qld to Victoria and we chose the best . The removalists themselves were dedicated to being professionals and took great care of our belongings.

Not happy with the service given in any way

The move did not go well it is now a week and still awaiting delivery I was offered insurance of $900 which is illegal for them to ask for as the trucks belong to contractors and it is their insurance that covers everything not this company I would not recommend this company to anyone moving house I moved a full house a long distance the start time time was after 9.30pm and as I said has not been delivered almost a week later this is dirt poor service from any Australian company or should I say no real service at all NOT HAPPY AT ALL WITH THIS COMPANY

Very helpful, friendly and professional

We had a great experience with National Removals moving our 3 bedroom unit across three states and over 1200km!! Both ends of the move went smoothly and we were kept in communication throughout the whole process. Thank you for making the transition that much easier for us.

The worst furniture removal company ever!

My furniture was uplifted from Melbourne to Alice Springs. Had misleading information about actual dates of arrival. When my furniture arrived in Alice Springs, I noticed damages on my dinning table and worse!...they lost my a support beam to my bed frame. I made enquiries via phone call to speak to the driver who was en-route to Darwin. I left messages on his voicemail to call me back about my lost item but never got back to me. I am very disappointed with the level of service and unprofessionlism displayed by this company. I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone out there.

Disappointed and dissatisfied customer.

Misleading and a complete disappointment

This company is very misleading about timeframes and doing what they promise. It was a very small move of boxes and bedroom goods. The move was Sydney to Melbourne. They were supposed to call with a pick up time and rang 5 minutes before arriving at 7am. delivery was promised for Thursday..... didn't phone and then when phoned finally said Saturday with a 6 hour wait timeframe - s didn't get to go to a paid for event. But they didn't turn up on Saturday at all and then when contacted again said Sunday 10am.... finally arrived at 1pm after going to the wrong address. Really...save yourself the angst that we went through and don't use this company.

Beyond pathetic

1 bedroom move with little furniture. Items were moved from ACT to NSW. The removal DID NOT start nor end on time resulting in myself missing my flights and forking out for an additional night’s accommodation and flights. I had called up on 2 separate occasions informing the company that I had more goods for transportation than anticipated and was happy to be billed for it and informed them ahead of time that I would need more space and time for my job.
I was called at 6.27pm the day before the pick up day and told to expect pickup between 6am-12pm. The removal staff only arrived at 2.30pm after several calls!
Absolutely no apologies from staff was just the icing on the cake! I was told by [name removed] “it’s not my problem”! Clearly the business I provided to the company which ultimate pays for her wages is not appreciated!
Please do not book with this company and steer clear of staff member by the name of [name removed]. She showed no empathy towards my circumstances and lacked basic customer service skills!!

Fantastic caring staff from office to the remover guys!

I moved my 3 bedroom house interstate from SA to Vic, a huge move. I was aware the guys had so many boxes and furniture to move and they arrived with friendly smiles and jumped into it right away did a superb job loading up one truck carriage with the whole of my 3 bedroom house. They looked after everything. The staff at the office are very friendly and polite and look after you well. One thing to be aware of, is tall floor lamps should be placed at the back wall of the truck and not at the door, especially if the lamp has 3 wooden legs which broke. They communicated with me clearly by SMS letting me know they were 1 hour to 30 mins away from my home on both counts. At delivery, they worked really hard to unload the trucks. May I ask that all customers who use their services understand this is a huge job (and yes it is a lot of money too) and these men are doing the backbreaking work of moving our stuff. They came to pack up my house right on time, and when they delivered to my new place, they let me know they would be a bit late and all went well. The thing to be aware of when booking removalists is to check if there are extra charges for two story places like our storage unit was on a second floor and would cost a bit more, so take that in account. I was lucky they redirected delivery to my parents place instead to save money and we would take the stuff to storage. They did a great job and are to be commended and I recommend them to anyone. Just take what I said above in account if you have stuff that you want kept safe, then back of truck. They were very efficient and got my stuff to my new place safely and very respectful too. This is the best company to use.

Super Quick & Very Professional

A small move from Bris to Syd & only a (6 piece) lounge suite but could have been a house full of furniture. We felt valued and had National Removals full attention the entire time. They were proactive even when kept waiting for almost 2hr at the collection depot! We had tried arranging our removal with another company & that was a nightmare. I very much appreciate your time & attention Rachel & my son was very impressed with your delivery guys who were respectful, courteous & arrived by noon the next day! Amazing service - I've already been recommending you to friends.

Terrible unprofessional service

I got two quotes from them and the first one they over quoted by a lot. I then got another one for much less stuff and got quoted $1500 when I ready to go ahead they emailed and said they had "mistakenly" under quoted and said my move would now cost $2200. Very unprofessional and not happy at all. Will not be chocking them at any cost. Lost my business.

Moving made easy

The move was a family home from Melbourne to Cairns (3000km) and included everything from furniture to garden statues. Settlement was looming so it all had to go. The removalists took everything in their stride and were always polite and friendly as the loaded and unloaded the seemingly endless number of boxes. The pick up and drop off times were discussed with us and they were spot on time - amazing considering the distances and nature of the work.

This is how it should be done

I needed to move the contents of a storage unit interstate, about 15m3. It went off without a hitch even though I wasn't there to open the unit or watch the loading. A lot of the things in storage were loose, not in boxes or even wrapped, but they handled that with no drama. Quick delivery, efficient friendly service, good price, and generally a very pleasant experience all round. Highly recommend.

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