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Naty Eco Nappies

Sizing way off

Impossible to get a tight fit that doesn’t leak, despite my 5kg baby being well within the prescribed 4-9kg range. These nappies are priced as a premium product, but perform worse than ones half the price.

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths.

Excellent nappy

Soft, excellent fit, works just perfectly overnight, no leaks. The reason why I tried those is that they’re biodegradable and chemical free. I’m currently using another biodegradable and chemical free brand, which I’m very happy with. I wanted to test these as they’re much cheaper and available in my local supermarket.

Purchased in April 2019.

No contact number. No customer service.

As the company doesn't provide any real customer service, ie. email or phone, their product features and claims become questionable. I tried to reach out to them because i nearly had to throw out an entire package of nappies because the strap was not sticking properly, and the nappy fell off just after minutes.

Purchased in April 2019 for $22.00.

Great eco nappies, but need to pay a bit more attention to bub when using

I don't usually write reviews (but do check a lot) and found that I need to write something to give these Eco nappies justice as I saw so many bad reviews. They are super Eco-friendly you can tell they are almost just made of paper, that's why they don't tend to hold lots of liquid very well overtime. I mean, they are absorbent enough, but if you bub did a massive wee (or a couple of big ones) and you left it in there for a bit too long, then the outer "paper" layer won't be able to hold up and they get saggy and will leak if you bub do another one in the meantime. So you will need to pay more attention to bub and change a very wet nappy very quickly. Otherwise there will be accidents. We have had quite a few and learnt the lessons.
As for overnight, (my bub drink a lot before bed so he dose massive wee overnight) to avoid accidents, I put double nappies on, and I change him once around midnight, take the usually very wet one away, the second one is usually still completely dry, leave it on, and put another fresh one on top. Since I started doing this we don't have any accidents overnight anymore.
I know it sounds not as convinient as other brands but I love the breathable material and gentleness of it on bub. And I think it's better to pay more attention to your baby than leaving him / her with very wet plastic non-leak nappies anyway.
Another thing is you will need to put pants or bodysuit on bub (can't just have a singlet and nappy on) if yours is as active as my little one, otherwise bub's movement will rub the "paper" outer layer too much and break it.

But, it's no nasties after all so I think it worths some effort.

P.s. My bub has very sensitive skin and eczema and these nappies never give him any rash at all. Been using these for a few months now.

Purchased in November 2018.

Never had any issue

I'm very surprised to read so many bad reviews...I've used Naty Eco Nappies for 4 months now and never had any issue at all. My baby is pretty big - around 97th percentile maybe that makes a difference? Anyway, I really love everything about them. They fit perfectly, never leak, no nasty chemicals and are so much better for the environment than any other nappies. I highly recommend them to anyone who doesn't want to use cloth nappies.

Purchased in November 2018.

For a toddler boy, size 4 will not hold all the urine

It is a shame that the size 4 and 5 Naty nappy can not hold all the urine over night...
we have been using Naty since baby was born. To be honest, I definitely will give 5 starts for size 0 to size 3. It is quite eco friendly compare to other commercial nappy brands. And it is very comfortable for baby's bottom. we have used other similar brand, but Naty is the only once give enough comfort for baby.
If Naty will improve this part, I will switch back for sure!!
(Maybe it depends on each individual case, my boy always drinks a lot of liquid.. so he urinate a lot over night..)

Purchased in December 2018 at Woolworths Physical store for $22.00.

Not really absorbent

We purchased these to try to be slightly more "eco friendly". Unfortunately our baby hated it. Because it is not very absorbent, it felt constantly damp and our baby would cry until she was changed.
There isn't much elasticity (could potentially be due to the fact they are trying to be more eco friendly) so the nappy feels really loose on my baby.
I probably wouldn't try using these again...

Purchased in November 2018.

Poor performance

I bought 2 packs of these nappies to try. The fit is bigger than that of the other brands but they do cover quite a weight range in the "midi" size. They do not fasten properly (very flimsy) and hence they kind of hang, they do not feel very secure. Even when I use a bodysuit to keep them secure, they get soaked so fast they absolutely cannot be used for longer than an hour two. Forget about using them overnight, which is that the package suggests. So, I am now just using them at home to avoid any accidents, until I finish the package as they are quite expensive and don't want to just throw them out... Sad, because I had high hoped.

Purchased in October 2018.


My baby poo with Eco by Naty nappy in the car, it leaked everywhere. It's not even the first time. I tried to call the company to complain, you know what, no contact number!! The worst nappy ever. They should be banned. I have tax invoice and photos as evidences.

Want to love them but can't! Good for poops, not for wees!

THE GOOD: Love the ideology behind them, love the neutral pattern (I hate the characters we find on the girl specific nappies in other brands), love the fact there's no chemicals, and LOVE the fact that poo explosions are caught in these so well! Our bub is only 3rd percentile, so all the other nappies in her size (size 2) are 4-8kg whereas Naty Eco nappies come in better size options and we can get them in 3-6kg. Because of this, they fit her little legs better and have been awesome at capturing the poop explosions as they're tighter.

THE BAD: They are really not absorbent of wee, so whilst poops are captured (if the nappy is dry, we haven't had a soggy nappy pooped in), after a couple of pees, the nappy needs changing. Generally they last our 4-month old around 2/3 hours so managing to make them last between her feeds, but they are super soggy - any longer and I end up with a lap full of baby pee as they simply can't hold anymore. Once wet, the leg holes seem to sag and the pee just trickles on out - I literally had a full wee on me the other day not just a leak - and it had only been on for 4-hours. Granted longer then I would normally go, but other brands last all-night 8+ hours and don't leak wee.
I also touched the nappy and found they are really wet after she has peed - I can't imagine sitting in wetness can feel very nice and might be coincidence, but we had our first and only nappy rash and I am sure it is due to the absorbency of these nappies. Such a shame as they tick so many other boxes!

We keep some back for times when we know she is due a pooplosion as other nappies just don't fit her legs the same to capture poop leaks, so they are good for that purpose, but I would be wary of using them all day as will just wind up changing her wet clothes multiple times as has been the case.

Would give these 3.5 ranking as 3 is a bit stingy, but it's not an option unfortunately!

Love love love

The best nappies I have used!
The most absorbent I have found, they don't leave marks on my babies legs and he has not had any rashes since switching to Eco by Naty's nappies and wipes.
No unsightly colours or pictures, perfectly neutral.
We have used - nappies, wipes, rash cream and shampoo, all products have been absolutely fabulous.
Highly recommend.

Best nappies ever!

Eco friendly nappies
No leaks
Nice and big and stretchy for my chubby Bub
Worth the extra cost than other nappies .
Haven’t had nappy rash using them like others claim to have . I actually find these nappies are the easiest to put on a wriggling 6 month old .
We are supporting our little ones futures being eco friendly :)

These are the best nappies, don't stink of toxic chemicals

I love naty I used them with reusable nappies also on my son and water wipes. His unvaccinated and has never once had a rash or pink sink, they hold a massive amount of pee when I drove Queensland to NSW we did one nappy change and no leaks.
They are breathable and I now notice the toxic smell of thank you and every other brand I tried.
I have no idea why coles and woollys don't stock anymore.
I'm really mad my local stores where always out of stock from all sizes so I had to buy massive box online which was abit of a hassle.
Now I'm looking for the newborn size as a baby shower gift but naty online isn't stocking newborn sizes.
Some of these negative reviews are clearly fake. I don't know if big companies like huggies and Johnson n Johnson need kids to have rashes so mums buys more toxic creams and other junk.
Maybe the bigger companies are trying to run natty out.
I refuse to change brands.
My son's chemical free
He has never had a cold, flu, fever or anything but don't know if that's cause no chemicals, breastfeeding, organic diet or being unvaccinated.

Very happy!

These nappies have been great for use alongside our cloth nappies. Finding a disposable nappy that was manufactured with a decent amount of sustainable materials was really important and I definitely think Naty tick this box! Not a bad price either, especially when on special. My little one is 4 months (6.7kg) and never had a leak; we use them overnight and when out and about. I must admit with very runny poos (which we still get a lot of) I can see it seep into the outer cover near the legs quite quickly, but as I said so far no leaks and his poos will get a lot less liquid once solids are introduced. Very happy with this brand - they feel nice, look great (understated and gender neutral) and are nice and trim.

Wished They'd Worked For Us

We purchased the Newborn nappies as our household is quite eco-conscious and unfortunately we have to use another alternative. We are changing the nappy more than usual as when it starts to fill with urine it leaks out of the nappy up my baby's back and the blanket becomes soaked.

Not good absorbant nappies but great theory being an eco friendly product

These nappies are great for the environment and for our babies, as they are eco friendly. Love the thought the company has put into making their products.

Unfortunately as much as we love to support for eco friendly products, these nappies does not work for our little one.

I have been using another well known brand since my child was a baby, however we decided to switch to a more environment friendly nappies as soon as we saw Naty.

Upon using the first few nappies, I noticed each nappy soaked up so quickly from possibly a single pee. How I notice this is because I change the nappy as soon as it is wet. It made the nappy very squishy right through and wet to the touch inside (yes I touched inside the nappy to check :)), meaning baby skin stay wet as well. It also leaks for both number 1 and 2 sometimes due to lack of absorpbancy. Another issue i came across is from 1 pack of nappies there were at least 4 nappies that didn't have the sticky tab on or the tabs don't stick at all so pretty much wasted.

I got in contact with the manufacturer with the intention to make them aware about their product. The person was very nice and quick to deal with the situation by sending me a replacement pack. I gave it another go but still didn't work out for us so we have stopped using these nappies.

On the bright side these nappies are super comfy and soft to the baby skin with its high waisted back. It does not feel bulky or plasticky like other nappies. These are biodegradable, so great alternative to cloth nappy.

Sorry Naty it didn't work out for us but it may be for others.

Thank you

Alternative to plastic disposable when I can't do cloth nappies!

I used these when baby was newborn and I have tried them again now that he is 11 months. I couldn't use them "as is" because the outside of the nappy gets wet but with a wool cover over the top they are pretty good. I guess that is the trade-off for not having plastic. Night cloth nappies were getting bulky & I had trouble getting a good fit on my wriggly baby that had enough absorbancy and didn't take forever to dry. I can use these without too much guilt as they are compostable.

Love them

I have been buying these for years and love them. I have successfully composted them after cutting out elastic and Velcro. Every now and then there has been a small problem with a Velcro tab tearing or similar but the customer service is second to none and I've been quickly compensated. I'll continue to buy them for years to come with a young family.

Love these nappies! No leaks, fit well, better for the earth

These nappies fit my 6kg, 4 month old really well. Less leaks than other brands. One nappy holds wells overnight. Just had to buy some thank yous yesterday and have already had leaks. I didn't have any problems with sticking the tabs like some other reviewers have. I also find that I use less of them than Huggies or Thank you brand.

I love them but.....

I always avoid anything containing harsh chemicals when it comes to my children, so Naty was always my first choice for nappies however, we have had too many leaks now for it to be a one off. For £10 a pack they should be holding my child's urine and more , instead of me having to change his clothes in the middle of the night. Sadly after this pack has gone I will be looking for alternatives.

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Questions & Answers

Trying to contact the company regarding a new subscription and no one is contacting me back. I have cancelled my subscription because I didn’t receive my order but they have taken my money. I have emailed, messaged via FB, Twitter and instagram. Help?
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Where are these nappies made?
3 answers
They are from Sweden but I can't find on the bag the exact location of manufacture, just 'manufactured on behalf of etc...'. The naty website might tell you more precisely. The Nature Babycare nappies are manufactured in Israel and Finland. I found this information on the Internet, but had to search online for a while to find it. :) It was the company's official response on a customer information page. Our pack of size 3 Naty Nappies has "made in Turkey" on the wrapper.

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