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Naty Eco Nappies

Naty Eco Nappies

Size 4 Maxi, Size 1 Newborn, Size 3 Midi, etc...
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    Alternative to plastic disposable when I can't do cloth nappies!


    I used these when baby was newborn and I have tried them again now that he is 11 months. I couldn't use them "as is" because the outside of the nappy gets wet but with a wool cover over the top they are pretty good. I guess that is the trade-off for not having plastic. Night cloth nappies were getting bulky & I had trouble getting a good fit on my wriggly baby that had enough absorbancy and didn't take forever to dry. I can use these without too much guilt as they are compostable.



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    Love them


    I have been buying these for years and love them. I have successfully composted them after cutting out elastic and Velcro. Every now and then there has been a small problem with a Velcro tab tearing or similar but the customer service is second to none and I've been quickly compensated. I'll continue to buy them for years to come with a young family.

    Taryn O

    Taryn OSouth East Queensland, QLD

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    Love these nappies! No leaks, fit well, better for the earth


    These nappies fit my 6kg, 4 month old really well. Less leaks than other brands. One nappy holds wells overnight. Just had to buy some thank yous yesterday and have already had leaks. I didn't have any problems with sticking the tabs like some other reviewers have. I also find that I use less of them than Huggies or Thank you brand.

    Purchased in January 2018 for $27.99.

    I love them but.....


    I always avoid anything containing harsh chemicals when it comes to my children, so Naty was always my first choice for nappies however, we have had too many leaks now for it to be a one off. For £10 a pack they should be holding my child's urine and more , instead of me having to change his clothes in the middle of the night. Sadly after this pack has gone I will be looking for alternatives.



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    I love these nappies, other nappies give my twins rashes and they smell like chemicals. These are natural and breathable, no chlorine and made from renewable materials. Plus I can put them in my house waste worm farm and they get eaten up, so my babies bottoms like them and my worm farm likes them!



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    Bought these as Huggies had sold out at woollys. Don't see how these could be good for the environment as I have to use 2 of these nappies compared to 1 huggie nappy. Worse than the cheap brands. The nappies rip. Tabs don't stick well! Annoying need to be improved...



    Left painful blisters on my toddler


    I really wanted to fall in love with these nappies as I know how destructive for the environment disposable nappies are. Unfortunately these were terrible. They definitely don’t contain the amount of urine a healthy child produces overnight but worse yet, my daughter has been left with painful blisters on her hip from the nappies. It’s too painful for her to wear any clothes on her bottom half now. If this is what they can do to a two year old, I hate to think what might happen to a newborn baby. Definitely do not recommend.



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    Not bad but could be better


    I think the fact that they are white is great. Fits well under clothes and doesn't show through. However if the child aleeps through the night they get quite soggy and heavy yet they hold alright. Just wish they were cheaper. They also great for children with sensitive skin!
    Environmentaly friendly factor is great.



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    Good eco nappy


    We used them from newborn and keep coming back. They are breathable and work well. They leak sometimes at night, but no probs during the day at all. They are perfume free and fairly clean for a nappy. No rash with these! Huggies leaked too at night, so I think some babies just wee a lot and they are in the same nappy at night for 11 hours or longer, so it’s almost to be expected...



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    Fantastic Eco nappies


    Our Son would break out in rashes as a newborn (in the nappy area and face) when we used Huggies so we switched to non chemical nappies. We found Natys to be reasonably priced when purchased on special at Coles and Woolworths and the sizing to be generous. We've had minimal leaks and his skin is beautiful and clear since changing to this brand. I would recommend Natys for children's skin and environmental reasons - they're worth the extra money!!

    Diapers leak


    Whilst I'm delighted about the idea of environmentally friendly nappies, I'm not convinced about the quality. Ever since I started using them I've had to change my 2 week old son's all clothes as they are soaked with pee. As I also have to wash the bedsheets more frequently than when using other brands, I doubt that using these diapers is very ecological in the end.



    The worst nappies ever


    I'm writing this review in the middle of the night after I've changed my 5week old soaking in wee and poo.And i changed her only 3 hours ago.I've tried 3 different brands but these ones are definitely the worst ones. This is not the first time it's happened.They are not ecological at all if you take into consideration you have to do the laundry twice as often as usually..

    Donna H

    Donna HChiltern

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    Many leaks, many clothing changes


    I bought these as they were more eco friendly than others on the market until my bub was old enough to fit into the cloth nappies I had. Wow did they leak. Wee and poop every time I changed her. Such a shame. Wee seemed to come out the top and poop out the sides. Many loads of washing later I had to try something else!



    Wonderful diapers



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    Worst Nappy I Have Tried So Far


    I have tried a few eco options on the market, and have found that the Eco by Naty are the worst in terms of leaks. 4/4 of the nappies I used leaked. The tabs don't stick properly either. It's especially frustrating having to completely change a newborn and wash all of the clothes - kind of negates the eco aspect of the nappies.



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    I really wanted to like these...


    I'm always on the lookout for environmentally friendly nappies. Woolworths had free delivery for $50 so decided to try these. They don't feel great and not very absorbent. The Velcro also doesn't restick. I read the bad reviews but didn't want to believe them.... Wish I had!! Will not be buying again.


    BagelmamaPerth, WA

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    Faulty tabs


    Mine had some massive faults with the tabs: these would often break if you tried to re-adjust the tabs, rendering the entire diaper useless as you wouldn't be able to hold the nappy up at all.

    Performance was comparable to other brands in the market so you'd essentially just be looking to to pay for the eco-friendliness etc.

    K Li

    K Li

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    These used to be so good, what happened?


    I've used naty disposables on my older two children alternating with cloth and found them to be perfectly adequate and affordable eco disposables. Onto 3rd baby, and the quality has changed dramatically. We're using Size 4 for our almost 8 month old who is bigger and taller than average. The nappies don't last the night, becoming so overfull the outer layer leaks onto clothes, bedding etc. They won't hold a decent poo, it comes straight out the back of even a firmly wrapped nappy. Lots of poo on clothes dramas. Disappointing product.

    Horrible nappies


    Was given these nappies as a baby shower present and I really liked the fact that they are Eco friendly. They have quite a papery feel to them are quite rough. When our daughter was only 2 weeks old she would not settle when wearing these nappies. Tried again at 6 weeks and she didnt seem to mind them. I find they are alright at containing explosive poos around the leg area whereas most other disposables we've used are not. Unfortunately, they do not have any elastic or similar across the back like they do around the leg section and almost every poo or wee leaked out the back that required changing whole outfits and sheets at 1am which isn't all that fun!

    Work fine


    Wanted a more eco friendly alternative to Huggies that still worked well. These are it! I tried cloth diapers but just couldn't deal. So I feel much better using these.
    Yes they do feel "papery" but they stand up very well and work well overnight. Glad I made the switch. Note my baby does not have sensitive skin.

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    Trying to contact the company regarding a new subscription and no one is contacting me back. I have cancelled my subscription because I didn’t receive my order but they have taken my money. I have emailed, messaged via FB, Twitter and instagram. Help?

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    Where are these nappies made?

    3 answers

    They are from Sweden but I can't find on the bag the exact location of manufacture, just 'manufactured on behalf of etc...'. The naty website might tell you more precisely.


    The Nature Babycare nappies are manufactured in Israel and Finland.
    I found this information on the Internet, but had to search online for a while to find it. :)
    It was the company's official response on a customer information page.


    Our pack of size 3 Naty Nappies has "made in Turkey" on the wrapper.

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