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2.5 from 8 reviews

Call centre was extremely helpful

Had to deal with the Nespresso call centre and cannot thank them enough for such awesome service. Broke the lid on my Aerochino milk frother and they were so helpful in getting one out to me on express delivery since it is not available in stores. They really could not have been more helpful. Looking forward to continuing to buy their products, they’ve earned my loyalty.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationNespresso call centre

Poor Product and extremely poor service

Faulty machine and no service promised service several times nothing happened and no communication.
Machine had faulty milk frother and leaks. Placed on hold many times no service given unable to speak to a manage on the Phone for nearly an hour had to call 6 times to get them to pick up my machine only six week sold ..

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationThe store had been very helpful don't blame them only Nesprsso

Customer service at it's best

I always love the customer experience at Nespresso shops, they always give the feel they are truly there to make day. I normally go to the branch in Canberra Centre they always offer to taste the coffee's and don't expect a purchase in return,
the Miranda branch missed out on offering me a new member's gift when I signed up but due to the mistake the Canberra branch did there best to make it up by giving a free tasting sleeve of there new coffee's so all together I think there service is great and the at the top of retail.
I always tell my staff to go check out the service in Nespresso and learn from it.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Worst after service centre

Nespresso service centre does not deserve any stars and if I have an option to rate minus it will be minus 5 stars. I had to choose at least one star in order to post this review and that is the only reason for a star. I had my virtuo machine to be repaired it took me 4 weeks and 10 calls to service centre but still not resolved. I even spoke to the manager who profusely apologized yet I am getting random TNT delivery messages when they feel like delivering the good without checking with myself when there will be someone to receive the good. I had enough of this. This has to be the worst service I ever got in my entire 50 years of life. I will never ever buy Nespresso Machine ever again

Terrible customer service

Poor customer service!!
Never buy them.
I order 110capsules online and they sent me only 100capsules then I asked them why. They said run out of product... ok what so ever, I wanna get refund of 10 capsules though and they said they will do it. That was 3rd of January. Now its 16th of January...I still haven’t got my money back. I rang them 3more times includes today and they keep saying they will do it immediately.
I don’t know what the hell is their problem.
There is no any apology mail or anything.
I’m very curious how they got 4.3stars on google ratings Never buy this company’s products.

Will not honor online promotion - poor customer service Nespresso

I purchased a Delonghi coffee machine and was offered a promotional cash back or coffee pod credit. I submitted my claim online as per directions and did not hear anything for 3 months. So I contacted Delonghi,& Nespresso Myer (where I bought the machine) and no one could offer me assistance. I emailed Nespresso (got no response) then phoned twice and all they could tell me was they could not find my online submission and therefore would not honour the promotional deal...I feel this is misleading advertising... Nespresso were not interested that I had a receipt to prove my purchase - they simply have refused to follow up or honour the promotion bonus offer...it makes me wonder do they rely on the fact that people forget submit theses bonus offers. Big Thumbs Down to Nespresso - I don't understand why they promote something then refuse to honour it.

Great Customer Service

Just a nod to the great people at Nespresso for getting customer service right. I have been a happy customer for over 5 years. Everything from great customer service in store to fabulous technical service via phone, I cannot fault them so decided they needed a shout out. If only more businesses took a leaf from your book.

Only the bad die young

18 months ago purchased a Nespresso machine (manufactured by De Longhi Type EN 110.B PL AU) from the Nespresso Shop in Chatsworth NSW. Cost $299.00. The mechanism has failed after just 18 months. A weak plastic hinge in the auto capsule loader / ejector has fractured. The machine is no longer in warranty. The design is such that repair is not economically feasible - poor design 2.
Now a useless lump of junk consigned to the recycling bin.
Prior to total failure the water reservoir leaked ànd required packing underneath to force a better seal - poor design 1.
Concept is good - execution is terrible. Waste of money . Nespresso does not deliver a premium product for a premium price. The capsule concept is great but not worth the high cost imposed by Nespresso
Coffee is good but is overpriced.

Now looking at alternative capsule machines with acceptable coffee capsules. In the interim am using the ever reliable OTTO.
Convienient - acceptable coffee available.
Short working life - poor construction - product is overpriced = poor value for money.

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