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Nestle Connoisseur Tub

Nestle Connoisseur Tub

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GlennSouth East Queensland, QLD

Different flavors have variations in base ice creams


Place different tubs together and you will see how diluted the base is compared to original. May as well buy cheep alternative. Disappointing

Purchased in August 2019.

Teresa Woodland

Teresa WoodlandRichmond-Tweed, NSW

Disappointing to say the least


I have been a Connoisseur fan for many years but unfortunately have experienced a slow decline. The pinnacle of this has been my latest purchase at $10- a small tub of Davidson Plum and Cocoa. Unbelievably disappointing!! In fact it was horrible. What a shame, so disappointed

Purchased in September 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $10.00.

Needs more sauce. The rest us just ice cream.


The Caramel & Belgian Chocolate are described as having swirls of sauce but its few and far between. The sauce is the best bit and you would think for the price of it there'd be more sauce. The rest us just ice cream.

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $10.00.

Johanna Bradley

Johanna BradleyFar North Queensland, QLD

  • 8 reviews

Love me some Vanilla


All the flavours are great! But the vanilla is addictive. I have never been this into ice cream before, now it's my go-to anytime day or night treat. It's so super soft and creamy, new definition of "melts in your mouth". Rich in vanilla flavour. It is generally $10 a tub which isn't super cheap but it also regularly goes on sale in the supermarkets, down to half price at times

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles for $7.00.

lee stanford

lee stanfordGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Beautiful ice cream, but !


I love connoisseurs ice cream but imagine the shock when I noticed this time it was around one inch from the top,
It's expensive enough without short changing me it's usually right to the top !

Purchased in June 2019 for $10.00.

Where did my favourite Connoisseur Green Tea Icecream go?


I remember travelling to Woolworths every Friday to do shopping and also to buy my favourite Icecream, Coinnoisseur Green Tea, even though Coles was right next to my house. ( Cause Coles didn’t have the green tea flavour.) And 2 years later, I came back to Australia only to find out my favourite Connoisseur Green Tea Icecream is no longer available. Why..? It’s so sad that the only Icecream I loved is gone. I honestly would do anything to have the icecream back. Please BRING IT BACK!

Purchased in March 2017 for $10.00.


MumuSouth-Eastern Region, NSW

What has changed??


I have just recently purchased a second packet of connoisseur ice cream on a stick that were not set properly as the first purchase was the same I complained to the store but it seems there has been a change in the product and it’s overly sweet this was the connoisseur-salted-caramel-4-pack

Purchased in January 2019 at IGA.

Leah Frishlng

Leah Frishlng

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Disappointing changes


We use consider "Connoisseur" icecream the best on offer, especially "Cafe grande ". After a while the delicious coffee sauce disappear from the tub, almonds in the icecream become smaller, less and poor quality, and all it's left from "Connoisseur "- just a name .
Delicious NO MORE

No name

No name

  • 2 reviews

Der Went into the bin


Too sweet and the creaminess was too fatty the sharpness of the raspberry non existent, Binned immediately. Minus score.
I am a chef and i used too make ice creams from custard base. This was literally nasty. It could be improved with reduction of sugar and more raspberry to help cut through the greasy cream left on the roof of the mouth.

Connoisseur it is not. I will try the others and will give feed back. The white chocolate was flecked as i could feel it but the balances are way out in this ice cream. A shame really as it is describing bed nicely but alas was not good enough.

Don Q

Don QUndalup Busselton

Raspberry with white chocolate


I recently tried the "DERWENT VALLEY RASPBERRY WITH WHITE CHOCOLATE", and was extremely disappointed. The picture on the outside shows several lumps of whole raspberries in the spoonful, yet there was not a single one in the tub - just a (very!) few swirls! Now owned by Nestle? Surprise, surprise!

January 8th 2019 Update: Nestle have destroyed the reputation of Connioseur

The standard of the (still expensive!) tubs has become cheap and nasty in most cases! When Connoisseur was still owned by Peters, the ice cream was excellent. Unfortunately, it seems that Nestle couldn't care less about quality, but just want to make a quick buck at the expense of the loyal customers! :'(



  • 13 reviews

I WAS a loyal customer until now


As usual they changed recipe to improve profits. Ice cream is now fluffy and airy, same as the ordinary Peters and others. Use to be great but now it’s just another ice cream competition for share of market, sorry to say that but I will find another brand, you lost a loyal customer. Hasta la vista.

Improved formula - finally shows green tea taste


They have obviously changed the formula behind the Connoisseur Ice Cream Matcha Green Tea. After being disappointed for a couple of years, the recent sale in Woolworths has attracted me to try it once more. I was totally positively surprised. I ended up buying a few more.



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Bye bye Nestle
Bad decision to stop making the old time favorites like strawberry and introduce a bunch or crazy combo flavors
Now buying Sara Lee strawberry.

Update- Now Sara Lea strawberry seems not to be available any more.

Peter H.

Peter H.VIC, 3551

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Wrongly named


The matcha icecreams should have been named Japanese Matcha Coloured Icecreams, because there is not a hint of matcha flavour in them. So disappointed as their Himalayan Salted Chocolate Vanilla and Almond icecreams are the best. I feel let down. You pay for matcha, you should get matcha.



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Are raspberries extinct??


I LOVE white chocolate and raspberry ice creams, so I thought I would try Connoisseur's take on it. It was pretty disappointing, there might be one swirl of raspberry in the whole 1 litre tub and the white chocolate is in such little flakes it gives a bad texture. It's too sweet for me, I wouldn't buy it again or recommend to be honest.

Quality declining.


Bought 5 tubs from Woolworths, 4 of them were icy.
This ice cream used to be excellent, it is horrible now.
No point churning out heaps of new flavours when you can't maintain quality.

Sucks it up Corn nut haters


I applaud the Golden Syrup with Corn Nuts. The addition of these delicious, salty, chewy treats are perfectly coupled with the syrupy ice cream. Take a long walk you corn nut haters...anyone with uneaten or unwanted ice-cream...send it here. I LOVE IT.

What's changed


I'm a huge fan of choc honey nougat - have had trouble getting it since the new flavours emerged. Excited when I recently saw it back on shelves. Bought the 1st tub and it tasted like it had been thawed and refrozen - gave the benefit of doubt and bought 3 tubs on special at a different store. All taste the same - the peices are soft and the ice cream is icy. Not pleasant. Will now not eat any of the four barley touched tubs in the freezer. What's changed? Very expensive ice cream now a waste of money. Disappointed.



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Golden Syrup Yuk. But "Chocolate Honey Nougat" Now your talking !!!


Best ice cream I ever tasted and I should know as I have been eating ice cream for 80 years.

Is it even matcha green tea icecream??


Just tried the Connoisseur Matcha Greentea Ice cream. It was quite disappointing as I couldn't really taste the matcha flavour in it. Was expecting some bittersweet that should be apparent in the matcha ice-cream however could only taste the chocolate coating. Would recommend them to intensify the matcha flavour as well as making the chocolate coating matcha flavour as well.

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Where is the strawberry icecream? Woollies have connoisseur on special for $6 - almost every flavour but no strawberry. Help from Redcliffe QLD

1 answer

I've seen it at Bilo, and since they're owned by Coles, you could try one or both of those in your area.

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