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Netgear AC750 D6000

Netgear AC750 D6000

MPN: 36117220
2.6 from 28 reviews

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Warranty policy is rubbish

Complete joke of a warranty. 6 mth old router stopped working after firmware upgrade. 1st phone call had the problem sorted after they calumet unit was 18months old - good thing for online registration. Router was covered under warranty. Email with rma - return policy email with different link was sent twice. No links worked. After 2 more calls waiting for approval again - they already had an approved case number for warranty was finally told they had to post the new unit out in 3 business days. I couldn’t return unit with receipt to Officeworks for exchange. Replacement makes Netgear warranty pointless.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Good connection and no drop outs

This is a very good modem and my new connection is stable. I have not experienced any f=drop outs and I am streaming videos and using lots of other things online. I use it for my apartment area which is just under 100 m2 and it reaches in every room, my wifi signal is strong and reliable. I would highly recommend this router.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

New modem gives quick service

This Netgear modem was supplied by the carrier for our internet service. We are lucky as we have the NBN fibre to the node - a lot quicker than the newer service that the government has changed consumers to. The technician had it up and running in about 20 minutes. Sometimes the speed drops ( busy times like 7pm when people are using it ). Overall we are happy with this service.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Works well for me as a wifi extender

Happy with this modem and it works really well as a range extender. I live in a house and needed something that goes beyond 150 meters and set this modem up as a range extender. I found that the modem works well. I had this for a couple of months now and had no issues, it is easy to reboot if need be and starts again in a few seconds. I am happy with the purchase and would recommend this modem to others.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Works well

All good, -'ve reviews not to be believed. Only had for a week thou. XXxX xXxX Bibb Bibb Bibb Bibb ahhh high huh huh Huynh Huynh ahhh high huh Huynh high huh Huynh high huh Huynh uh :) :) uh huh :) uh th huh. Uh uh uh high uh huh huh I

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Solid product, many features and good value for money

Bought the device to work as a range extender - which is it's intended purpose. It does have a great ability to act as both a range extender or a small stand alone modem. Have used this to convert my Hotel plugged internet into free wifi on my travels intermittently when possible! But again, this is a range extender with added function. Not a stand alone modem.

Simple instructions in the box were helpful and straight forward. Amazing range extension! People sometimes mistake the signal "booster" as something which will boost range yet maintain internet speed - not true, usually it will be halved for all devices. It just depends on how well your device handles the traffic and the signal send/receive. That said, drop-off was not too bad with this device. I have used TP-link in the past, and can say I feel more comfortable with Netgear regarding device builds and reliability.

Often times, people don't know how to use technology, or buy things for a situation which they are not optimised for and get frustrated. Have had no issues at all with either range extension or brief periods of use in hotels as a basic temporary modem.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Warranty Agreement ridiculous & modem can't keep up

Warranty agreement is an absolute joke - had to argue and prove to Netgear that the issues started well before the warranty and spoke to several different managers before one knew that legally, I was entitled to a replacement. Went to organise replacement modem easy enough - but you have to pay for EVERYTHING, including their shipping of your replacement modem. Not worth it - buy a new modem.

Second, they do not age gracefully - ever since NBN hit the area, the router drops out trying to find the DNS server. The router has been fine for two years (playing up now the month the warranty ends - what are the chances?!), and now it becomes very warm to touch very quickly. Look out for an odd smell on your modem and you know it is on its deathbed.

Third, NETGEAR GENIE is a useless application to download and use (which is what their technical advice is). You're better off setting everything up manually through your internet provider than calling Netgear for assistance or using their programs.

Do not buy Netgear if you want a decent warranty agreement.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Reliable modem with good range

We are still on ADSL and were worried that our speed is not the best, decided to buy a new router to see if the problem was in the router. This Netgear has improved our speed, no dropouts or loss of connection. We use 5 devices via wifi and it handles everything well. I would recommend this product for quality and good affordable price.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Bad internet reception

First one was faulty, second one is working fine, but don't know if its generally the bad NBN or the modems fault, but not nearly powerful enough. Can't even watch Netflix without it cutting out or slowing down, usually is better when you restart but is a hassle you don't want.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Faulty product, Unable to restore saved "settings.CFG" file, and Woeful Support

Bought this modem/router for $149 from JB Hi-0Fi in September. By October the internet would lose connection and when I would walk in the next morning I would find it had reset back to factory settings, forcing me to re-initialise the wifi, rename the SSIDs, change the channels, change the passwords, and reconnect my NAS and wireless printer, and Samsung TV and 3 other iOS devices. After it did this about 8 times in a week, I thought it could be my power-boards, so went and bought surge protected Belkin boards and replaced the lot. It still kept doing it, so I setup the settings as per my usual configuration, and decided to backup my settings.

So I followed the procedure:

(where I saved it to a file name "Netgear_D6000.cfg")

I did this so "if" and "when" it did reset to factory settings, I would merely restore the backed up configuration - saving me the trouble of manually re-keying everything.

Lo and behold, the next morning, all settings had been reset, so I navigated to:

(where I pointed finder it to the file I saved earlier, name "Netgear_D6000.cfg")
then hit the RESTORE button

An error message appeared (and I tried this on Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon & Safari) saying:

"The file is not supported."

That was it. I called Netgear support, listened to a disturbingly upbeat American female voice recording slowly give me the options I needed to press, then proceeded to wait, while being berated by the same saccharine voice telling me how I could ALSO get product support over the internet, and I should go to THAT website - when support finally answered, I was being patronised by the agent who wanted to run me through the basic nonsense (are all the lights on. is it plugged in etc). I told him I just wanted the unit replaced, that I am not an idiot and the unit keeps resetting to factory default. He kept wanting to run me through diagnostics, but as I was not at work where I had the modem plugged in, I was at home calling support, any questions he had in an attempt to magically fix it by pure remote-will would be useless as a) the unit was not plugged in, 2) the unit was not plugged in at the environment it was purchased for. Getting nowhere (except further frustrated) I asked to speak with his supervisor, at first he says they are not available, the he says they are in a meeting, I say I will wait all day if I have to so he decides to put me on hold - and then after about 10 minutes waiting, he dropped my call and the dial tone sounded . I would have flown off then handle, had I not made a audio recording of the entire call and conversation, which included the support agent's name and employee number.

So repeated the call to support, and after all the usual "press this" and "hold the line" malarky, I finally was connected to a human support person, as luck would have it, the same support agent (there probably is only 1 person working there) who tried to ditch me during the first call, answered my second call, but this time as soon as I said I want to speak with his supervisor, he suddenly acquiesced and processed my request and gave me an RMA number and sent through the RMA forms. I completed these online, I dug out my proof of purchase, attached it to the completed form and the faulty base unit, and sent it to their warehouse in PRESTONS via a $12 Express Post satchel.

Its been 7 days since I lodged the RMA, nothing back yet...

D-link allows you to take your RMA number and use it like a voucher so you can go to Offceworks and replace the product immediately. No need to wait, no need to send anything back at your expense.

As soon as I get my new modem, I may sell it and buy a Billion or Sagemcom - Netgear is a letdown in product and people and process.

I gave it 1 out of 5 stars as the only good thing is their support number was a 1300 number.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Easy to set up but short range

Purchased with Modem after my old one suddenly stopped working. It was relatively easy to set up, is fast to reboot, keeps wifi connection stable, does not take up lots of space on the bench and looks rather stylish and modern. The only disadvantage is the range, it does not seem to provide enough range for our apartment and would be best kept for under 120 sqm areas. Consider the size of your home when purchasing!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

D-Link DVA-2800 ADSL2+/VDSL2 Modem Router with VoIP

Unless you are a communication engineer DO NOT buy this modem/router.

I purchased it because I wanted something easy to set up.

“Setting up the DVA-2800 is easy with the D-Link setup wizard. Simply open the setup utility and follow a few easy steps to get your home network up and running” - From the D-Link website.

The wizard does not work and the easy Voip set up with the drop down menu does not work. There is NO manual either with the product or online, only quick start. There help online is slow, two to three days.

Have a look at other problem with this model.


Date PurchasedJun 2017

box of crap

Drops out for no reason, wont reconnect, have to go in through webpage to reboot, keeps losing wifi connections, wifi devices fail to get ip address. Worse in summer weather, tried putting heatsinks and fans on hot chips, worked better after. Now is cold weather and it is dropping out again. Ended up smashing with hammer in frustration. Never touch netgear crap again. I refuse to go through the crap of returning item and waiting wweks for repair or new one. I want the modem to work correctly 24 hours a day. Also had problems with webdav devices, would never work. Wont have netgear problems ever again!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Step up from the generic routers provided by ISP's

Purchased this from Jb after becoming sick and tired of my generic router provided when i joined up with my internet service provided. It os very easy to setup and took me approx 30 mins to change all my devices to connect to this router (3 iphones, 2 ipads, apple tv, fetch tv). Straight away i noticed the strength of the signal was stronger and more reliable. The wifi speed is also faster (although not fantastically so). Am i glad i purchased this- hell yeah. Looks great too.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good modem, but a bit pricey

We bought this modem after our flatmate moved out and took his modem with him and our existing modem can't reach our 2nd floor (split level unit). It reached the 2nd floor alright. It can broadcast 2 different frequencies at the same time. We leave it on 24/7, and we have to restart it every now and then when it stop working.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Works great.

Picked one of these up for $130 to replace my 15 year old netgear dg834gt modem. Great connection speeds, no modem dropouts. WIFI range is greatly improved from the old setup.

Clunky GUI could be improved. One star off because "reboot" in the admin menus actually factory resets the thing so you need to start all over again. Another star off because firmware upgrade is a P.I.T.A and cannot be done over the air. It almost bricks the thing every time you try.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Encountered a couple of Issues with the Netgear D6000...

My previous modem died so I went to JB-HIFI and bought a NetGear D6000, it was fairly easy to setup and initially I didn't have any issues with it.

This router supports port forwarding to internal IP addresses which is good, I wanted to open up port 80 through to a server on my network so that I could host a website from home.

When trying to set this up I found I could not port forward port 80 as the port was reserved by the routers admin UI, I searched the support on the Netgear website and found that this a known issue with no fix, this was a major blocker to running a website from home using this router. I gave up on the idea of hosting a website from home but a few months later NetGear released a firmware upgrade which addressed this specific issue and i was then able to port forward port 80 through to a server on my network, Nice!

Apart from that the only other issue I've had with the router was it was refusing to connect to my internet for a while, it seemed to be unable to negotiate a connection with the ISP. I rang up support and troubleshooted the issue with them, they said this was a common issue with a few routers including this one.. I tested using another router which was able to connect to the internet fine. I think i ended up waiting a few days and resetting the router a few times and was able to get the router connecting again.

So this router has worked but I've had a few issues with it, I don't think i would recommend this router to a friend, there are probably much better routers out there with less issues, i mainly just went for this router because it was cheap.

When you said up this router you will have two wireless networks available to you, a 2.4ghz network and a faster 5ghz wireless network, I have connected to both and I can not tell the difference as my internet speed is not that fast anyway.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Good if you enjoy constant internet dropouts.

This router is good if you enjoy resetting your modem once a week.
Generally speed of internet deteriorates badly over a period of time, so a reboot is required to get it going again. Wifi range is fine as we have no problem after a reboot, however the consistency of it working is not great.
Would not recommend if you can afford to spend a little more on a good one.

Date PurchasedOct 2016


I've just purchased this router. It's great!
It has 2 wifi's with different velocities so that you can use the best one with the newer technologies as phone and newer laptop, but also keeps the custom one for older technologies.
Stable service, reaches the whole house, (don't live in a huge place though haha)

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Good product, let down by terrible customer service

I purchased this router when upgrading to a 25/5 NBN account.

As far as day to day operations go it's a good unit. It provides a strong signal on both the 2.4 and 5Ghz bandwiths.

Setup, if you just want to use it with its defaults or you purchase it preconfigured is fine, however if you want to do any special configuration this is where the problems start.

The iOS app does not allow for any configuration so you have to resort to logging into the router via a browser portal.

The interface is confusing, the settings are extremely hard to understand.

Worst of all is Netgear customer support. You get 90days free access and then you have to pay to speak to anyone.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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AC750 D6000
Price (RRP)159
Product TypeModem and Router
Modem CompatibilityADSL2+
Wi-Fi Type802.11 ac
Band TypeDual Band
Ethernet Ports4
USB Ports1

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  • MPN: 36117220
  • GTIN12: 606449104172

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