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Netgear Nighthawk M1

Netgear Nighthawk M1

2.6 from 25 reviews

I wish i didn't buy this!!

I wish i didn't buy this!! It has to be on the charger all the time, it does not last a full day whithout being charged. It struggles with the wifi when conecting more devices, and the internet becomes slow till non. It has only one prehistoric button on it that works the device.. you have to use this button everytime you want to use the interner, as sometimes it connects automatically and most of the time you have to manually connect. I had netgear device before and should have known better as they took that old model of the market. I also had battery issues with, but heaps better conection. Expensive square box this is!!

Purchased in November 2018 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $355.00.

Value for Money
Number of Connected Devices 2 devices
Ease of Setup
Wi-Fi Range


I have had problems with it from day one. At first it would connect to my devices but would not send through a feed. Now it's telling me That I have an unread message but when I go to the app there's no message there. It has serious software issues and was obviously released before the software was ready.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Not bad for a Pocket Wifi Style

Super easy to set up and get started with, hardly any drop outs and great connection speeds if you are reasonably close to the unit. I would most definitely suggest that you use this system in a small appartment not a house. I am with Telstra and the service is very good.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Nighthawk won't power up

Just out of the box October 2018. Started up from the box Ok. Left on overnight and the thing is just dead. It was left plugged in.
As soon as I plug it in it tries to start up. I get a blue light flash, then orange light flash, then the screen tries to start and it shuts down. That’s it. Tried many times-removed and reinstated battery etc.
Very poor Telstra promoted product. Certainly not for business users. Maybe for kids and others.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Wish I hadn’t bought

Had no end of issues with this device. I only bought as the one I wanted was out of stock, it was also cheaper, so now wish I had waited.
Range is really poor compared to my previous simpler pre-paid device. Had the SIM changed and that seemed to help for a short time. Speed is there if you are connected by USB - I was getting 50Mb/s, but drops to 1/20th of that if connected by Wi-Fi. Drops out so I have to reboot regularly. Now it will connect, but does not give me internet despite having plenty of allowance left.

Resorted to using my phone as a hotspot as get better connection. Going to try and exchange, though I have heard that can be hard to achieve with Telstra.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Good product and shop

Bought the portable nighthawk modem from mount Omaney, Brisbane shop. Very good service from both managers. The modem is very good due to technology. Also I got 30gb a month for 45 dollars which is extra gigabytes atm

Reboots, not stable

These are the facts.
I can reproduce multiple reboots within 30 mins in certain locations in the Melbourne CBD.
Some locations it is rock solid.
Telstra don't know why.
Reboots are not useful mid video call.
I took it back.
I would not recommend getting one of these devices if you need "good" internet.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Rubbish coverage

Absolute rubbish for the price.
Near zero wifi unless your standing on it and needs to be restarted almost daily to maintain connectivity.
My previous Telstra elcheapo dongle had twice the coverage!
I even went to the expense of adding an external antenna with very little improvement!
Backup service is also woeful.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


I unfortunately am locked into an expensive 2 year contract with a Nighthawk M1 along with an IPhone X
and 21 months to go..shared data..$70/month alone for the modem part of my 87gb
Firstly the thing keeps shutting itself off..have to reboot..then on 3G at our SW Oz holiday house the speed is rubbish even though Telstra have a repeater on an NBN tower about 500 metres away
Further at least twice the speed has been slower than dialup..call Telstra and go thru their stupid voice command “tell me what I can help you with” eventually someone in the Phillipines tells me I have run out of data on the modem..hello I have 30gb left..but Telstra sharing hasn’t happened
Took it to the Telstra shop where I bought it..told I could send it back for checking..but I got rid of NBN for this
They changed Sim but no different
Is there a consumer affairs Department I can go to to cancel contract
Rang Netgear ..go thru to USA ,.”we can get a tech to check..some call charges OK” $100 plus per hour
No way..so am I stuck with this hopeless expensive piece of rubbish for another 21 months

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Very good product

OK so Im an IT guy and I use these for a few customers that need an emergency internet device or as failover. Works great as a hotspot have had 5-6 people at once with 4GX and working great. Even use with SIP phones and works good as long as you have full 4Gx coverage from Telstra. The USB port on it is good too because you can use the built in battery as a power bank to charge an iPhone. Only downfall I have of the product is if you've left it on for more than 2 weeks it seems to freeze and have to power cycle it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Dropping Out

My NightHawk is good until you go into another room, and then it mostly drops out. I changed to this from a smaller , older dongle that had a much better distance range than this NightHawk thing. Don't buy . I have gone back to my Old one but unfortunately I am still paying my Monthly fee.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Excessive data usage

The M1 is designed for two things; fast internet and making LOTS of money for Telstra through excess data charges. This thing chews data like it’s going out of style. How much? Let’s see- some some reason, downloading a file of around 3 Gb used up over twice that in data. It doesn’t make sense, but other users are having the same issue. It may have to do with the minimum data blocks of 128mb. Avoid like the plague unless you have a very rich uncle or an oil well

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Terrible, hangs in 3g areas, and no solution from telstra

This unit is troublesome, it may work well in 4g areas, but does poorly in 3g areas, the system hangs, loses connection, firmware updates cause more issues than they solve.

They will not give me a spare unit to use until they solve the issue with the current device, in other words, what internet I can get, even that they want to take away.

They won't fix the positioning of the tower or update it, I have had this issue with Telstra on different devices and their service for over 10 years.

I called Telstra support, this was their exact quote: "Telstra won't spend money for a few hundred people" so what they saying to me is tough luck.

Telstra does not care.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile internet unit

Telstra supplied mobile broadband unit called, 'Night Hawk model M1', a 4G, one of the fastest mobile broadband units around. This also chews up data, compared to the cheap dongles, suggest private individuals who cannot expense the monthly charges with their business use their mobile phone plan for internet connecting rather than buy this unit.

It is from US, advanced and records all (metered and unmetered) data. Other units I read from what others say, other units cannot charge the unmetered data used. This does. Watch out for faults, as if you leave the unit on, the software setting will automatically search for updates every 24 hours around mid-night and Telstra will charge you for that data used.

Recommend for value and ease, others looking for alternatives between using a home phone internet line to a mobile connection, consider a mobile phone plan with data. Easier and better value going with another unit and better providers than Telstra for large quantities of internet data.

Lots of bad reviews for the M1

Seems that battery failure after two months is a fairly common complaint. This unit was provided by Telstra on a plan. It is an internet access solution due to lack of ADSL slots in the area and broadband connection pending. It costs $100 a month to maintain a service with adequate data allowance. Ours is basic use (e-mail, internet - very little streaming and no movie downloads) and we seem to keep within the purchased allowance. Poor value compared to countries like The Netherlands where they pay ten euros a month for unlimited full family access.
Our Nighthawk comes with clipped wings apparently because it's going to need a range extender to service the other devices on the second level of the house.
Battery charge is depleted very quickly so it's necessary to keep monitoring the unit so internet access doesn't suddenly drop out. If using the unit all day, the option is to keep it connected to the wall socket through the approved charger supplied with the unit. This probably impacts on the battery life though.
The commonest complaint is that the unit suddenly shows no charge and will not accept a charge. This just happened to ours. Various user forums recommend removing the battery and the SIM card then reinserting them. I removed the battery only and put it back in and the unit started charging but indications are that this is usually the beginning of the end for the battery.
The performance of the unit itself, apart from range difficulties, is not comparable to wired access. It does have to be restarted if there is a break in it being accessed. This means going back to the computer's network settings and then waiting for the unit to bring up its network ID again to enable connection. Two or three minutes doesn't sound like much until you need urgent access to e-mail or internet.
It's better than nothing but that's a rationalisation that should not be necessary for telecommunication quality in an advanced nation.
One thing I did do when I gained access again - I got onto the Nighthawk web site and downloaded the M1 PDF manual. If I do lose internet connection due to unit problems I can still access the manual and trouble-shoot up to a point.
We need to be escalating Telstra complaints to the TIO when they don't comply with Australian Consumer Law to rectify product problems fairly. It's only downward pressure from a high volume of complaints that's going to get the franchised and contracted providers achieving a reasonable and fair Australian customer service standard.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

This will be excellent when Telstra releases an unlimited 4G data plan

Works well, but unfortunately our local tower does not support 4Gx, so not much faster than I get from a tethered iPhone. It still has stable upload and download speeds, and is very useful when our landline broadband fails. I was able to use this device to feed data to my network by simply plugging it into the WAN port in my broadband modem. Our D-Link broadband modem has automatic failover, so this is now our backup internet connection for our office. I'm wary that this device could eat a fortune in data, especially as it seems to use lots of data each day even when sitting idle. I will only sleep well when the Telstra data fees become much more reasonable.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Terrible - doesn't work in some areas

i hope i can save some of you some money we live out of town & purchased this as we do have mobile coverage here. It didn't work. Everytime the connection fluctuates you lose internet. I've been back to telstra - taken advice from one and all and cannot get it to work correctly. Telstra made me pay over a $1k to get out of contract. Don't sign up until you are sure it will work well in your area - it is the most disappointing response we've ever had from Telstra. I can't believe they would not return item when it doesn't work properly. It constantly needs to be restarted & devices cant be connected unless close to unit. Very expensive to have something that doesn't do the job intended. Beware everyone - look for other options

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Reliable coverage

The nighthawk is great value to buy outright or to pay on a 12-24 month plan. I use this as a back up if my main system goes off line. I find the modem helpful when going on a holiday where no internet is provided. The speed and overall startup times have some valid points and overall the product is a big improvement on similar modems.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great for mobile internet access or ADSL replacement service

I purchased this unit on a plan with Telstra with it intended as a replacement for an unreliable ADSL connection at home. The first Nighthawk M1 was faulty out of the box, with the unit rebooting constantly to the point it was unusable. Fortunately this was replaced with a new unit by Telstra. After 3 months the second unit had been working reliably. Access speeds are great and dependent on your mobile providers service in the area - with Telstra i am getting 25-30Mbps in a urban area. I am accessing the unit via the wifi feature which provides about 10-15 meter radius of access within our home (will vary depending on the shape of your house). The only issue with using this unit, is not actually with the unit, but due to being on a mobile network, the monthly data allowances are low and expensive, compared to hardwired ADSL solutions. Overall, a great unit for internet access, as long as you don't get a faulty unit, which there seems to be numerous reports of.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Looks good has some issues

The modem looks great. It does also work great if all devices are in close proximity. It does have a short range and needs to be restarted regularly as sometimes the WiFi network cant be found by new devices (a restart seems to fix this). If used regularly as i do at home you need to have it plugged in constantly as the battery drains quickly even when not in use.

It does have great speed and apart from the above minor issues it does work well.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Is the Night Hawk data hungry because it it counts the Wfi download and then the upload to your device? I was told when using a phone as a hotspot uses lots of Data for the above reason.
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