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Neutrogena T/Gel

Neutrogena T/Gel

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Just reviewing stuff

Just reviewing stuffSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Relieved a very itchy scalp


I used this twice a week for a month to relieve my itchy scalp. Between the days I'd use this shampoo, I used my usual shampoo once a day. It worked well and my scalp ended up not itchy anymore, less red than before, and I had much less dandruff than before.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Yet to see results


Have only used this a couple times, haven’t noticed a difference yet so we’ll see.. One thing I’d like to say is it literally smells like petrol!?! Is that normal?



  • 12 reviews

It really works


DanSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 14 reviews

Perfect for Seborrheic Dermatitis Sufferers!


All this time I thought I just had really bad dandruff issues. And then one day my face started to flake like it was winter in summer. Found out I have Seborrheic Dermatitis (like Psoriasis but not as bad) and tried this product.

IT IS AMAZAZING! I use a little amount everyday since I have short hair and together with a conditioner, this works and I've never had any issues with an itchy flakey scalp anymore.

It smells a little bit nasty but not bad, it doesn't have any added scents and I guess the smell comes from the Tar in the shampoo.

Definitely recommend it to anyone that has the same condition as me.

Really Good!


Alright so everything worked like a charm for me and it cleared predominately all of my Seborrheic Dermatitis, however, the smell is putrid. But I have found a solution! I used this shampoo with a really nice smelling conditioner (since you're not supposed to condition your scalp anyway) and they both cancel each other out!!

Brenda L

Brenda LGold Coast

  • 7 reviews

Cleared up my psoriasis!


I get psoriasis on my scalp and around my hairline, have tried so many products over the years but nothing worked. After twice using T-gel it completely cleared up!!
For the first month I used it each time i was my hair, but then started alternating between this and the ogx coconut shampoo- been 6 months and still psoriasis free :)

Sarah R

Sarah RMelbourne

  • 5 reviews

Drastically reduced my hair loss!!


I stink


Hopefully this works because I truly stink. I smell like a dirty old diesel tractor. I smell like rubber in a sweaty gym. My hair reminds me of roadkill on a hot bitumen road that has been run over and left there for weeks. I gagged when I applies it to my hair and am constantly trying to run away from the smell but realised the decaying roadkill is on my head. I hope it works and is worth stinking like an oil slick.



Worked well for me.


I started using T/Gel for the dermatitis/ eczema that flared up on my upper back and shoulders. I've found that it has soothed my skin's itchiness, as well as reducing its dryness. The smell is different, and seems to linger on my skin for a day or so. However, smell is not a problem, or a put off, for me.



  • 7 reviews

Works for me


I have mild to moderate psoriasis on my scalp and it gets particularly bad around the base of my neck. I had tried a tar shampoo in the past but it didn't help at all.
I bought the neutrogena T/gel shampoo and conditioner and my psoriasis has pretty much disappeared.
The only issue I have with the product is that I have to be really careful with the way I apply it in my hair. If I massage it in thoroughly it makes my hair really knotty and hard to brush afterwards. The smell isn't great but not terrible.

Nat of Nundah

Nat of Nundah

  • 3 reviews

We all love it!


My husband and daughter both have either eczema and psoriasis. T/gel has been great for both their hair and skin. My husband washes his face in it and it has helped the skin on his face to become smoother. My daughter's hair is shinier and healthier looking too. A word of warning though if you colour your hair- my dark hair became lighter after just one use. Fortunately I liked the effect! Opinions on the smell: My husband likes it ( a very masculine smell of tar!), my daughter doesn't like it, so she uses it only once a week as a "treatment" and on a day that she is not going out.



  • 31 reviews

Practical vs Fancy.


"Beauty is pain". If you've heard this statement you might understand. Growing up I had to use T Gel for years as it was the only thing that would stop my psoriasis. Once I started getting my hair dyed blonde, though, the T Gel would turn my hair orange. I wouldn't recommend this for people with blonde hair, but if you have psoriasis this eases the pain and the psoriasis will almost disappear. (I'm pretty sure they use to do a shampoo/conditioner combined & liquid was white.)



  • 8 reviews
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I developed scalp psoriasis pretty suddenly (thanks stressful job!) and didn't know what I was dealing with for a month. After trying many shampoos to cure what I thought was dry scalp, I was left with an itchy, flaky and extremely painful scalp. In just one wash I saw and felt a huge difference - the pain started to subside and there was less buildup. I use it every 3 or so days and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes to really soak in. I'm so grateful that this product contains real coal tar and is readily available in supermarkets. I really think T/Gel saved my scalp.



  • 2 reviews

It works!


I have suffered chronic dundruff all my life. I've used numerous dandruff shampoos over the years and none of them worked the way tgel does. Dandruff and itching was greatly reduced after a week of use. Smell is not great as expected with a medicated shampoo, but I did not buy it for the smell.



Fixes acne rosatia


I have been using it on my face daily for 30 years from memory. If I stop the rosatia returns within a week. I've turned many on to this, even a pharmacist friends husband, after years of pain and redness and pustules... All better. Can't recommend higher.

works on dandruff


I had really bad dandruff and tried many products. But, this one has given me very good results. You can notice the difference from first wash. My scalp is not itchy anymore and dandruff is reduced to great relief.


RussyaSydney, NSW

  • 5 reviews
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I love this shampoo


I started having dandruff and I tried any anti dandruff shampoo ,head and shoulder and a few more never worked for me and my dandruff and itchy scalp was getting more by time and hair loss too. But once I started using it I cud see my dandruff going away and after a few weeks I had no more dandruff !! im so glad finally something worked on my hair thank you!!



It works!


Ive used other products for dandruff which were no where near as affective. After the first use practically all my dandruff was gone which usually does not happen when using other anti dandruff shampoo / conditioner. I used it twice just for safe measures. It does have a distinct smell that does linger but well worth it. Also the bottles are small and are a bit pricey but so worth it.
It worked from first use!
Bottles are small and a bit pricey and it does have a distinct smell. but the smell dosent bother me as much.

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Do you think you could add essential oils to help with the smell! Im just not a fan of it. And if it’s an easy fix like oils I might have to try it!

No answers

Minnie C.

Minnie C.asked

Can it be used as a daily shampoo?

No answers

Ann S.

Ann S.asked

Can I use conditioner with T/Gel as well as other hair products?

1 answer
Nat of Nundah
Nat of Nundah

I do!
I use a variety of conditioner brands and other hair products after shampooing with T-Gel. From that point of view, it seems just like normal shampoo.

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