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New South Wales Strata Management

New South Wales Strata Management

4.4 from 132 reviews

Experience is vital

Our Strata manager is Warwick Lai, he took over from previous manager and hit the ground running. Although he has a huge workload he always follows up and works in well with our Strata plan.

Excellent Strata management

Our Strata Manager, Sachin Sharma, is to be congratulated on consistently providing prompt, efficient and friendly service to our building over many years. Our building runs very smoothly as a result of his efforts.

Sachin Sharma

Sachin is a remarkable individual. He is thoroughly professional but at the same time courteous,reasonable and very knowledgeable. He has been a great help to us. He is obviously a huge asset to NSW Strata Management.

Immediate response, action, followup, professionalism and always helpful

We are very happy to have Sachin as our strata manager (SP18366). Sachin is always very friendly and helpful. He is prompt in responding to our queries and requests. Sachin responses to the issues we raise within few hours and suggest solutions and get the job done in a professional way as soon as possible to our satisfaction. Sachin is a pleasant character to deal any issues regarding strata management,

Excellent communication and follow up

Sachin is great to work with. He is very helpful and responsive to all of our queries. He is friendly but professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend to friends and family.


Sachin is doing an excellent job - SP 41463
Good manager, unfortunately some committee members interfere too much in he affairs. Proper specifications should be prepared before calling tenders for major work in the property. Site visit and meeting owners are welcome.

great support and efficiency

Very happy with NSW Strata, especially Manager Sachin. On any request from our committee he respond is the same day, often in couple hours and job is done. Highly recommending their services!


Thank god for Rohan
We were at the point of leaving NSW Strata when we requested a new strata manager, enter Rohan. Rohan has been above and beyond my expectations, he always takes the time to listen, explain process and problem solve. Rohan is very responsive to communication, follows up when he committs to doing so & is always greatful for any support the EC can offer. Rohan has given me confidence we can get things back on track. Rohan has earn't his 5 Stars.

Professional and supportive

Rohan has recently taken over as our strata manager. He has been proactive in getting our complex back on its feet, even though there is much more work to be done. Responds in a timely and efficient manner, glad to have him as our strata manager.


Company (3 stars), Sunny (5 stars)
As the owner of a unit, Sunny (my unit's strata manager)was a pleasure to work with.

- does not shy away from issues
- keeps in touch with us during the resolution of issues
- Very responsive and contactable.

Professionalism at it's best

Julia Peetz who is our manager is a breath of fresh air for our Strata Body. Her professionalism, efficiency and personality is without question. Everything that is asked to be done is dealt with in quick time, efficiently, without fuss and not required to be followed up by any one of our executive. We are so happy to have had Julia appointed as our manager.

Highly supportive and professional Strata Management company.

NSW Strata have been a pleasure to work with. Both the previous and current Strata Managers have been efficient in correspondence and extremely helpful in helping the Owners Corporation on a range of building management issues.

New Strata Manager - we appreciate your assistance in difficult times

I think Lutfiye Gultekin should be given full credit in her approach to managing our complex given that she has taken over from a previous SM without full knowledge of the issues especially the contentious NCAT hearing by one unit owner, and the difficulty in sorting through the other contentious issues that face the Owners Corporation. She has been pro active and has made a vast improvement into the management off the complex compared to the past Strata Manager. I also wish to send an appreciation to her team leader, Michael Longhurst for his full support as Lutfiye has made a vast improvement and I wish her and Michael the best for the future.

How they deal with Issues when things go wrong is key

We had been dealing with NSW Strata for a number of years and had a fantastic Strata Manager, unfortunately he moved on and our Strata Manager was replaced with someone who wasn't on par with his predecessor, we were honestly considering changing Strata Management companies. We lodged a complaint with Sue Seymour who investigated the complaint and handled it in a totally professional manager. As a result our Strata Manager has been replaced with a new one and our level of service has returned to the previous level if not greater than before. In any business people come and go but what's important is how issues are rectified when they arise.

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Hi Brett, Thank you for taking the time to provide your review on our services. As a company, we endeavor to maintain a high standard of service and appreciate every opportunity to improve. This is possible with feedback such as yours. We are pleased to hear of this improvement and have passed your comments on to the team. Many Thanks, The NSW Strata Customer Service Team.

We appreciate your help through difficult times.

As Chairman of the Owners Corporation, I have worked closely with Warwick Lai for about 5 years, initially to improve control of expenditure and to discipline strata committee procedures. We weren't always an easy group and Warwick was both patient and helpful. More recently we have been working through a very complex collective sale and strata renewal process that has tested everyone involved, including NSW Strata Management. Warwick has never complained about the additional workload and has been a consistent and professional support for the owners corporation, who at times have been under considerable pressure. Warwick, we appreciate your help.

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Hi Geoff, We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback and are pleased to have been able to assist you and the committee over the years. We have passed this on to Warwick and wish you all the best. The NSW Strata Customer Service Team

Not a Good Company to be With

As an owner and an EC member, to get anything done, I had to keep on chasing and chasing our strata manager over a period of months before they respond back, and then I have to keep on chasing them some more for the next few months for the action to be completed. That's pretty much how it is for the last few years, and we had a different strata manager last year. It's very odd that two different strata managers are displaying the same "level" of service. Although to be fair, the current strata manager we have is better than the last one. Even so, the last straw was that a few weeks ago, they renewed our insurance premium without sending us the quotes for the renewal. The premium was renewed for $1K more than last year's premium. I only found out because I was alerted by an automatic email that showed that payment was made to this insurer/broker. I asked my strata manager who wouldn't give me a reason as to why we were not sent the quotes. I sent an email to [name removed], who does their back office work, and no response as to why they didn't send us the renewal quotes. This type of no response is unfortunately what they do if you question them on questionable charges to your account.

Disgraceful company to deal with.

As an owner and EC member, it has been extremely painful dealing with NSW Strata. Our last Strata manager ([name removed]) was/is totally incompetent to the point that we finally decided to move on to another company at our AGM 2 weeks ago. Since then it has been complete radio silence from them as we have tried to close down a number of long outstanding issues as well as get a set of minutes from the AGM that reflect who was in attendance and the various decisions made on the day. Attempts to escalate to management have been thwarted by people answering the phone refusing to connect me through and/or ignoring emails to the "enquiry" email address. Avoid NSW STRATAT MANAGEMENT at all costs is all i can recommend.

Simply the best

Julia Peetz has been the best strata manager I have dealt with since I moved to my property over 20 years ago. She is a thorough professional who stays on top of all strata-related matters that need attention, keeps us in the strata committee informed of progress, and responds promptly to our queries and requests.

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Hi Alan, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, this has been passed on and is very much appreciated. The NSW Strata Customer Service Team

Great Customer Service and Professional

Fady Abdel-Ahad is our current strata manager and is an awesome guy to deal with on strata matters. Fady is knowledgable and extremely patient about the issue we're facing. He is very professional and is able to respond enquires very quickly. He worked well with my real estate agent and did a great job to coordinate owners and committee members and finally resolved our issue. And my tenant was very happy about the outcome we achieved.

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Hi Jacky, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, this has been passed on and is very much appreciated. The NSW Strata Customer Service Team

Proactive and professional.

I am an exec committee member for a property in western Sydney. We have Sean McLoughlin assigned to is. Sean is approachable and thoroughly knowledgeable on many complex matters. Thoroughly recommended.

Hi JJR, Thanks for your email. Sean is one of our most experienced managers and helps everyone in the office when extra assistance in required. The NSW Strata Customer Service TeamHi JJR, Thanks for your email. Sean is one of our most experienced managers and helps everyone in the office when extra assistance in required. The NSW Strata Customer Service Team

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