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Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion

Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion

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Did not do its job

I have been badly burned using this brand of sunscreen, despite reapplication every couple of hours or so, when others who used different brands were fine. I definitely would not recommend this sunscreen to anyone, especially those who are sweating or exercising.

Purchased in November 2018 for $12.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application

The worst sunscreen I have ever used.

Absolutely terrible sunscreen. I never usually burn from sun exposure due to being sun smart but even after several applications of Nivea sunscreen I have burnt badly while friends who used a different brand were fine. Definitely avoid this brand.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No

More like cooking oil than sun protection

Followed instructions, didn’t enter any water was out for a little over an hour just for a walk, and I am burnt red raw, so sore, don’t know how it’s lasted on shelves so long!!!

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles for $10.00.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No


This product nearly killed my partner and I. Layers and layers of 50+ that acted more like amplifying baby oil... we haven’t moved for days... where is the consumer watch-dog... I wish I had read this earlier.

Still burnt

I put the Spf 50 on today and I have the worst sunburn. What was the point of applying this if I got the same result.

Should be removed from shelves!!

This “sunscreen” is dangerous and should be removed from shelves. I am always very liberal when applying sunscreen, always reapplying every 1-2 hours even if the bottle says it lasts longer. I used Nivea’s apparent 50+ sunscreen and ended up with the worst sunburn I’ve ever had!!!

Got burnt doesn’t work at all useless

This product should be banned it’s dangerous. Both me and a friend used it. She has very olive skin and I have medium skin we both got burnt quite badly being out in the sun only 1 hour.

This does NOT work!

My fair skinned family of five all liberally applied this sunscreen as per the directions. We all got burnt within the recommended 2 hrs. Whakatane New Zealand area.
I have never encountered such an ineffective sunscreen.

This product does not work

Bought this product and applied on my children as per instructions and they got BURNT. Never experienced this with any other product. I question whether it’s a genuine product. Avoid at all costs

Stained all my white cloth

I bought this product SPF30 and I could say that is an acceptable sunblock and affordable but it has very thick texture, and the worst for me was that it stained permanently all my white shirts and I couldn't recover them, so it cost me a lot.

Surf pumping- Sunblock a dumper

I surf a lot and apply this liberally according to the instructions and seem to always get burnt.
So do my mates when they use it.
Go buy another product as this is cheap but ineffective IMO.

Works great for me

I don't really understand the rant of people who got "burnt" using this product.. i live in Thailand 6 months/year and always use the spf50 spray-can and never, ever, got burnt. I do re-apply a lot (lots lots lots) but hey, it makes sense to do so if you gonna 1) be in water for long -pool-sea- or 2) sweat a lot .. HOWEVER BE AWARE: it will stain your clothes and towels big time, especially if you have white towels or garments: they will BECOME YELLOW FOR SURE, NO KIDDING, but YOU will have a gorgeous tan lol!! Re-apply often, I'm pretty sure it says on the can.. cheers.. happy sun everyone :)) ... Oh and by the way make every possible effort not get this product in your eyes, it's defo not meant for your face.. The eye sting is horrible, you'll loose a litre of tears for sure lol.. BODY SPRAY ONLY!!!

Bad stains from your sunscreen

Dear Sir Madam
After many frustrating weeks of finding brown stains all over my clothes I have through tail and error discovered that theses stains were a result of using your sunscreen product
Your Nivea sunscreen has left all of my clothes with brown un-removable stains over most of my favourite clothes including shorts, shirts, t-shirts and even beach towels totally ruining them
I can confirm it was “definitely” your sunscreen after doing some trail patches with the product on different clothing with the product that is in the photo.

While I wanted to I to immediately vent my anger online and through social media as I am extremely disappointed that my favourite clothes have been ruined, after speaking with friends they have suggested I contact you directly before I do anything else

Please find attached photo of 2 pair of stained shorts stained since I have been using your sunscreen products .....I have numerous bits of clothing with these
un-removable stains .......I have had theses 2 pair of shorts plus my other articles of clothing commercially laundered but they also cannot remove the brown stains.

I will await your reply and comments first

BEWARE OF NIVEA sun protect & moisture SP50+!

BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT! Used Nivea sun protect & moisture SPF50+ while on holiday in Sydney. I was badly burnt despite reapplication every 90 minutes or so. My wife who has much darker skin and grudgingly used this as normally she uses SPF30 was burnt as well. It’s a disgrace! Compared with similar Australian products this product does not do the job it is supposed to. DO NOT BUY!

All sunburnt after using it.

Would never use this sunscreen again if going swimming! Disgusted in this product, applied this to our two young children and myself and we have all got sunburnt. Not happy as I am always so careful with applying sunscreen and to end up so red, especially on our young kids is not on!

Blocks sun and moisturises

I've used this sunscreen for years and have never been burnt while wearing it. Comparing my experience with friends that use other sunscreens, they get burnt and blame themselves for not putting on enough of their own sunscreen - I think they should just use Nivea.
Also, when I go away on holiday, I don't need to take a moisturiser because Nivea moisturises as well.
I've tried Nivea on my face and although it works well as a sunscreen, it's a bit too oily for my face and that's the only downside.

Great product..store below 30c

I use this product regularly. My skin has improved. No burning. Great product if stored correctly. Be careful and read all instructions..store below 30 degrees C. Not in the car 24/7.

Stained White Shirt

I've been using this product (SPF 30) for a number of years and have had no real issues regarding its efficiency and sun protection however when my girlfriend applied the product on our recent beach holiday and then wore a white over shirt to the beach the sunscreen stained her shirt so badly yellow in various patches it couldn't be removed even after bleaching. I'll be submitting a complaint to the manufacturers

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I wrote complaining to Nivea They sent a detailed response stating product needs to be properly absorbed into skin and agreed that said staining was most likely product related and required citric acid solution soaking followed by high temp washing They apologised said they had sent onto their development Dept and sent me about 7 different Nivea products I’m fairly impressed!

My six year old had an allergic reaction to the new formula

We've used product in the past with no problems, however when I applied some from a new bottle to my six year old daughter's arms, her arms came out in a bubbly rash which got progressively worse over the next 5 days. This was extremely itchy to the point of bleeding and her arms still look terrible 8 days on. Looking through the list of ingredients on the old bottle compared to the new one I see Nivea have added a preservative called chlorphenesin, which it seems is a known allergen. We definitely won't be using this formula again!


Yesterday I purchased the 50+ sunscreen in the spray bottle, we went to the beach today my 14 year old son, his friend and a 37 year old friend of mine that all used the sunscreen are all so burnt even after they had reapplied after swimming and throughout the say I had them sitting in the shade when they were not swimming. I normally use La Tan 30+ and have never had an issue before today. Needless to say I am unimpressed with product and extreamly upset with the response I received when I contacted Nivea.

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Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture Sunscreen Lotion
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