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Avoid at all costs

As you can see from other reviews, the transparency of this business comes down to the morality of the representative you talk to, not from company-wide values.

There are many problems with this business:

1) They don't record phone calls, which wouldn't be a problem if they operated ethically, ie, they continuously told us one price, then when the first payment came round, it was completely different. They also avoid emails (probably because then what they declare, would then be in writing).

2) They say they negotiate the price of the car on your behalf (which was great when they first gave us the price), only to find out that they accidentally miscalculated this....(before this they also quoted the wrong car brand...). The correct price negotiated was next to nothing, but within budget, so we can deal with it.

3) First pay deduction comes around, it's much higher than discussed on the phone and negotiated, nothing they can do as we signed the contract...despite being informed numerous times that the price would be different....no phone call to prove this took place so we have to pay this.

4) During the entire process, the question was asked what happens if we leave the current job. Answer, no problem, we'll just direct debit you. Cool. Time comes we are leaving the job, we can direct debit but they no longer include insurance, rego, fuel or maintenance.... So you are then left with paying a higher premium than a regular lease with nothing to gain....This was not brought up when asked about leaving the current job...again, no phone call recorded to prove this.

5) Rightly so, they will refund the premium of insurance that we won't be using as we are leaving....but they currently have a "BACKLOG OF REFUND REQUESTS" so we have to wait god knows how long for this.

6) On one of our many phone calls, a team member said that they are "currently reviewing processes and communication so people know exactly what they are signing up for, before signing the contract." If your own staff are saying this...then there is a big problem.

We don't want the people reading this to fall for the same trap we did, so we are considering going to the financial ombudsman, as this is a horrible model designed to catch people out.

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BEWARE! Would rate zero stars if I could

NLC have the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced from a finance company.
No transparency, not getting ‘full’ answers to my questions meaning the situation that arose I was completely dumbfounded as it was the opposite of what I was told. They also do not record calls so it can’t be proven what they have/haven’t told you. It has felt like I’ve been conned by this dodgy company and I will be telling everyone never to use this company. I’m going to make a formal complaint to the ombudsman. DO NOT USE NLC.

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Hi Tiffany, I am sorry to hear of your experience and would like to review the matter as a priority. Would you kindly email me at feedback@nlc.com.au with your full name and car registration so that I can review the details and come back to you? Thanks, Lucy

Read the fine print on costs- very carefully

I have had a novated lease with this company-

When it was sold to me I was unaware that the carbon charges are optional- this was not how it was sold to me.

When I found out that it was optional it was put to me to “prove” that it was sold as compulsory- and the guy who sold it had left!

Also insurance is excessive- you can source your own but then why pay an admin fee for these “services”.

Getting anyone to call you back or answer your emails can be difficult also.

With the excessive carbon costs, and insurance I am not really seeing how this novated lease actually bennifits me.

Be careful read all the fine print on charges.

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NLC's saving grace

I have been a customer of NLC since 2014 and have had mostly pleasant interactions with the team. Thanks to the recent hail storm before Christmas, I was in need of a new vehicle. For 2 weeks after the storm, I was continuously calling NLC and other 3rd party organisations with NLC to see what kind of progress my claim had made. It had been 2 weeks since the storm, I was car-less and I was still paying a lease and waiting on my payout from my written off car.

I couldn't wait around for the money and decided to start a new lease. I was eventually placed in the hands of sales consultant Karli Mann. Thank GOD for this as Karli was nothing but fantastic. It took roughly a week from when I found the car I liked to me picking it up from the dealership. Karli would always write back to my emails in a timely manner and made the whole ordeal of trying to get a new car so much easier. From what was a frustrating and headache of a situation, Karli managed to turn things around with her quick service, her friendly and laid-back personality and the follow-up phone calls to let me know how things were progressing. On top of this, not once did she become frustrated or annoyed when I called to ask her one of the 1,000 silly questions I had. Great asset to NLC and an even greater person.

4/5 due to the Issues I encountered before Karli.

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Hi Jamie, Thank you for the great feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your positive experience. I have passed your kind words on to Karli. Have a great day. Kind regards, Lucy

Really Dissappointed.

I was referred to NLC by 2 work colleagues. I took out a novated lease for a Duel Cab 4x4 with a heap of accessories. It took NLC 3 attempts at getting the vehicle ordered because they or the dealership couldn’t understand Clear instructions on what brand and type of accessories I wanted. Eventually the car was ordered, but was delivered 1 month late. After I had signed most of the documents, I basically was left to chase up the car delivery directly with the dealership. The NLC customer service agent wasn’t interested and started giving me attitude. At this time, I had no vehicle and was hiring a vehicle. I had to hire a vehicle for 3 weeks due to the late delivery of the vehicle. After being warn down with this, the finance documents come through a week before the car was ready. I see an interest rate on the documents around 10% so I signed the lease documents. I ended up getting the car and of course the accessories were incorrect despite me detailing them with make and model details down to the clearest detail. 8 months went on running the lease and I changed jobs due to a wonderful opportunity presented to me. My new employer wouldnt support a novated lease so I took over the direct finance payments. This is where I delved into the lease. It turned out I am paying 14.5% interest and they also added a lease protector insurance policy worth $5,500 or over 7% of the loan. I signed a lease protector insurance even though I didn’t require it but they said don’t worry about it, it’s just a standard contract requirement. They never discussed the policy cost. I have been back to NLC requesting some compassion in reversing it and was told that they could in special circumstances. My emails now go unanswered. I also have contacted the financier. They were very helpful in providing me all the info on interest rates and what extras were included in the finance but also werent interested in a refinance either. I love my car but this is the single biggest financial mistake of my life. NLC hide all the detail and in my opinion, take advantage of honest people who don’t fully understand the devil in the detail. This is my last reach out to NLC. I will not rest until an amicable solution is met or I’ve given advice to people interested in taking out a novated lease with NLC

Great service

Terrific experience, my 3rd lease with NLC. Alex Alibrando did a great job looking after all my requirements from selling an old "trade in" vehicle to sourcing a car at a great price and the list goes on. Fast efficient and reliable, thanks NLC and Alex.
Jacques (Perth)

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Hi Jacques, thank you for the wonderful feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your positive experience - I've notified Alex of your great review. Thanks, Lucy


I'm going on to my 3rd year with a lease from NLC... They have been great, the whole process of getting my car to continue to maintain it while in the lease has been excellent. I look forward to leasing a bigger car soon.

My only issue would be the cost of breaking my lease to upgrade my car, we had a surprise child which means i require a bigger car. The cost of this is quite large... otherwise i can't complain.

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Hi Tim, Thank you for the great feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your positive experience. Thanks, Lucy


Customer service extremely poor, their main focus is outcome i.e. signed contracts. Lack of compassion demonstrated and little to no transparency for the customer. [name removed] is very rude and unhelpful, by all means take these all of these valid negative reviews about NLC's service and brand serious! As you are far better off going through another provider. What will start off as a friendly service will quickly turn into an unnecessary circle (and i mean circle) of misinformation and directed to multiple people/departments with incompetent dealings or useful information. I feel bad writing this but honestly save yourself the drama.

Hi there, I am sorry to hear of your experience and would like to review the matter as a priority. Would you kindly email me at feedback@nlc.com.au with the details about your issue so I can review them and come back to you? Thanks, LucyLucy, not sure if 'save yourself the drama' means anything to you. I would prefer not send yet another email that goes absolutely no where!Hi, that is understandable. If you send your best contact details to feedback@nlc.com.au then I will have someone call you to discuss this. I want to try and get this issue resolved for you. Thanks, Lucy

First payslip came as a BIG surprise!!

They will not give you enough information unless you categorically ask. Ever remember reading software T&C before installing? Their paper works are similar to those. Even though I thought I was paying 700 per fortnight (based on the big bold written amount in their paper and countless conversations), the payslip says I am paying close to $900!! After contacting NLC they explained that's how it works. 700 is not what I am paying them. Instead it is amount that is I am taking home less. Apparently this is a very FAQ from all customers. Still they decide not to explain or clarify beforehand!! Poor and greedy style of business

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Hi A Roy, I am sorry to hear of your experience and would like to review the matter as a priority. Would you kindly email me at feedback@nlc.com.au so that I can review the details and come back to you? Thanks, Lucy


If after reading this review you still elect to use NLC, then you deserve everything that comes your way.
This is the single worst consumer experience that I have ever encountered. This is my second review as after my first review the nightmare continues.
It has taken this company nearly a year to update my details. ONE YEAR! One whole year!
And it's not just it's taken a year, it has been a year of nightmare after nightmare. I have to send my details, again and again. Two cancelled fuel cards without notice, still haven't received after being promised it was going to be expressed posted 7 days ago.
Seriously if you use them you deserve everything I am getting.
I am at my wits end and have no other options left but to warn others to stay away. Far far away!

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Hi there, We are taking this matter seriously and are addressing this as a priority. Please send a private message with your full name and best contact number so that I can review the details and come back to you. Thanks Lucy

incompetence = NLC

I was involveld in a total loss accident in September 2017, it is now 16th August 2018. And this company still can't update the correct details for my replacement vehicle. It has been an ongoing living NIGHTMARE!!!!
I am not kidding, every month or so I get an email asking for my
- total loss proof
-substitute vehicle certificate
-new vehicle tax invoice.
And every time I have to resend it, obviously have never heard of saving a file.
And to add salt to the wound their customer service team leader contacted me to berate me that I had not provided these details originally.
Only for me to resend my original email to her containing everything that was required, way back in October last year.
Seriously no joke, it has nearly been ONE YEAR and my details have still not been updated.

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Hi there, We are taking this matter seriously and are addressing this as a priority. Please send a private message so that I can review the details and have a member of the customer service team contact you today. Thanks, Lucy

Novated Lease through NLC

I’m a HR Directors and was provided with Dan Hudson as contact for the potential purchase a car through a Novated Lease arrangement. Dan has been supported me over a 6 week period while i made my decision.

Dan was terrific throughout this process and was extremely helpful. He was very informative, honest and diligent all the way through my journey.

It was great to have a trusted advisor and support. I found the car I wanted and have been thoroughly it.

Dan is certainly one in a million. I’ve had a novated lease before and their service doesn’t come even close to being good.

Thank you for having such a great team member to work with.


Helen Smirniotis

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Hi Helen, Thank you for your great review. We’re pleased you had such a wonderful experience with Dan, we’ll pass on your kind words to him. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to continuing your journey with nlc. We hope you enjoy your new car! Kind regards, Lucy

Stay away from NLC !!

I wish i had read these reviews before dealing with NLC. Thankfully, we have not gone through the lease with them. We've asked them to provide quotes on few of the options provided and we received good response on quotes but the process nightmare start right after when we go to the next step, they could NOT deliver the quoted price or marketed offer advertised on their own website we wasted time going back and forth.

The agent tried all gimmicks to sell 2017 plated car for higher price with same spec of 2018 originally quoted (also advertised) and thankfully we spotted the difference of the previous quote. All we wanted was to honor her own quote and promise but she could NOT deliver. Felt time wasted, we could have gone to another provider but we lost an opportunity before EOFY.

Hi Rags, I am deeply troubled by your review and would like to review your experience further. Could you kindly email me at feedback@nlc.com.au so that I can review the details and come back to you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, DanniHi Danni, Hope you got my email and private messages on the same day you've posted your comments here. Its been a week, haven't received any response which shows how much you care. Thanks

Was weary after reading these reviews but couldn’t be happier!

I came across this review site after I had signed my paperwork already- and became quite worried!
However, Davide at NLC has been fantastic! NLC came back with a competitive quote compared to Remserv that my employer mainly uses.
Questions were answered promptly and no question was too dumb!!
He secured me a great price on my vehicle including all my extras (plus more)!
Couldn’t be happier and we would definitely use NLC again in the future!

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Hi Rebecca! Thanks for the great review- we are glad you had such a great experience with Davide and the nlc process. We hope you enjoy your new car! Thanks, Danni nlc- a better way to buy cars


Don't use NLC for your trade in! They were super quick to put me into a new car but when it comes to taking your trade in they are at best useless and at worst thieves! It took 2 weeks for them to come and collect my trade in car and now a week after they collected it, they still haven't paid for it but a check with Vic Roads shows it's no longer registered in my name. They don't answer emails or phone calls and I've a good mind to report it stolen!

Hi Caroline, I am going to look into this right away and have someone contact you ASAP. I sincerely apologise for the issues you have experienced with our Trade program and will have this rectified immediately. Please feel free to contact me at feedback@nlc.com.au if you have any questions. Thanks, Danni nlcHi Caroline, I understand our Trade Advantage manager has been in contact with you yesterday. So I could better understand what has happened, I took some time to run through the end to end Trade Advantage process for our customers- to see if we could improve our processes but also provide better clarity on the situation. I can confirm that as soon as all paperwork is provided to nlc we do transfer the registration across to nlc- this is purely to ensure that during transport there is valid insurance on the vehicle should anything go wrong! As part of our Trade Advantage program, we do tender the appraisal across Australia to ensure that we are getting you the best possible trade price for your car- in this instance, the car was going up to QLD, hence a slight delay in payment while the car was in transit. I can confirm that any costs incurred because of this delay (ie. extra interest) will be covered by nlc. None of this obviously excuses the lack of communication on nlc's part and our Trade Advantage Manager Simon is looking to improve the communication to our Trade Advantage customers as a priority. We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention and hope that we can restore your faith in nlc with your new vehicle. Please let me know if you need further assistance- I can be contacted directly at feedback@nlc.com.au Many Thanks, Danni nlc

Nothing but GREAT things to say

I'm currently in the process of negotiating my third lease with nlc and have been a happy customer since 2010. My queries have always been fully resolved in a timely manner and staff and consultants are lovely to deal with. I'm really happy with the flexibility in my lease options and the willingness for them to work with me on what can at time be challenging queries! I must admit for this third lease I obtained quotes from competitors, and while nlc does seem a little more expensive on the face of it, I have decided to stay with nlc because I know I can trust the service and can tailor my lease for what I need. I highly recommend them!

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Hi Natalie! Thank you for the kind review- we are glad you have decided to continue the relationship with nlc for your next vehicle purchase. The feedback is welcomed and much appreciated and we hope you enjoy your new vehicle! Happy Motoring! Thanks, Danni nlc- a better way to buy cars

Remarkable capacity to completely ignore clear instructions

I asked for an advertised car at the advertised, drive-away price.
I also asked for the lease to only cover fuel and the car price.
NLC attempted to:
Double-charge for the green slip and registration on a drive-away deal 5 consecutive times.
Include extras I had asked to be removed in EVERY communication, in every quote.
Charge for an extra 3-year warranty on a new car that carried a 5-year warranty, which covered less than the manufacturer's warranty. This wonderful privilege cost $30 a week.
Pressured me to sign a deal where the car price was increased by $1500, and the total contract cost increased by $3000, for no reason.
Could not explain why this quote was more expensive, or why 3k of extras were added in.
Added a $1k dealer delivery charge from Sydney to Canberra (see below)
Refused to answer my calls after I signed the final contract, on multiple occasions.
Told me the car would be delivered from Sydney within three business days at most.

After several emails and calls to get the delivery number, I called the dealer to find out delivery would take TWO WEEKS, which they had told NLC from the start, and that the car was coming from Melbourne.

They still have not delivered the car.

I expect more lie before I actually get this car, which may turn out to be a goat covered in corrugated iron.

Hi SJN, I apologise you have not had a great experience to date. Can you please email me your name and contact details so that I can look into this for you? The best email address to direct this information to is feedback@nlc.com.au Thanks, DanniI have now changed employer and, predictably, NLC has again failed to function on any level. The level of incompetence is astounding. -NLC have doubled the cost of my lease to over $1000 a fortnight, without explanation. -NLC refuse to stop overcharging me this amount, despite the clear disparity with my contract. -NLC have re-written this contract again. This is re-write number 6. They still f-ed it up. -NLC owe me $2084. After MONTHS of asking, they have paid me less than half what they owe. -NLC were supposed to pay Macquarie leasing, the underwriters of the lease. I had paid NLC money IN ADVANCE for the lease. Predictably, NLC failed. As a result I had a month and a half of Macquarie ringing me up and threatening me with debt collectors, for a lease I had already paid. NLC was simply too incompetent to forward money on my behalf. I guess a dog ate my cheque? I am supposed to be the customer. Yet, somehow, I constantly have to do the work of the NLC staff. I made them pay me a $250 fuel voucher they owed me. I had to tell them what to remove, include, and change in my contract, because they could not follow instructions. Worst of all, I was forced to find out where they sent my own money, which THEY LOST, TWICE. I had to make them pay Macquarie leasing, their own underwriters, with my money. After that, they asked me to find out where the money they owed me had gone. My own money. What a garbage company.Hi SJN, I’m sorry to hear of your experience with nlc. We are taking this matter seriously and are addressing this as a priority. Please send a private message with your full name and car registration so that I can review the details and come back to you. Thanks, Lucy

Over-priced, poor service and pushy

Among leasing companies NLC are the most expensive.The service was pushy and I was pressured into paying for redundant and incredibly overpriced items that I didn't need (a safety kit for $500 that I could have picked up for $50 elsewhere, and the carbon offset which is an ongoing payment). I feel really, really ripped off and would have been better off getting a personal loan.

Once I had the vehicle, the service was non existent.

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Hi Shan, I would like to investigate your review further, if possible Could you please email me your name and registration number so that I can review the details and come back to you? Please email me at feedback@nlc.com.au Thanks, Danni - nlc

Lease with NLC

This being my 1st time in leasing a vehicle my experience has been quite pleasant I did some checks on what vehicle I wanted & what was the best price available I found the vehicle I wanted at the best price but NLC was quick to tell me to lock it in with the dealer all the admin was done by NLC with no problems with them or the car dealer both were very helpful the only glitch was by my employer not doing their side of the admin??? overall so far so good

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Thank-you for the great review, Rod! We hope you enjoy your new car!

Don't lease with NLC

I wish i had read these reviews before leasing with NLC. It's been a nightmare from the beginning. It took over a month from speaking to them to getting the car, repeated delays and a completely incompetent consultant lying to me the entire time. She tried to send me to a dealership to collect the car knowing it wasn't even there!! Tried to trick me into paying $500 carbon reverse fee, saying she'll "cover it in the background", only for it to appear on my statement! It took weeks and multiple complaints & emails to have it removed. No apologies whatsoever!! I made a written complaint about my entire experience, only for a very sarcastic & condescending "manager" ring me and say it was the dealership's fault for delays, not their fault and that "he will defend himself and the consultant". What, you're still not apologising? To make matters worse I had to email that manager and remind him he had promised to call and discuss my complaint. I had to email him more than a week later to remind him he didn't follow up!
More importantly, I've done my sums in fine detail. I would have been THOUSANDS better off buying the car and getting a loan. Leasing with NLC is not convenient nor a good deal. I was recommended NLC through my employer trusting it would be good value - big mistake!.
Beware also - I've been charged a $137 establishment fee (plus ongoing monthly $30 admin & maintenance fee) that I never agreed to nor was it ever discussed. I can't even find it in my contract!
I received an email on 22nd March saying my fuel card and welcome pack were on its way. Multiple unreturned emails later, it still never turned up & i had to call again to chase it. Turns out they never sent it and posted it the day after my latest call to them.
Also beware when your consultant quotes you all these prices on the phone (lease, insurance etc) that its not GST Free prices they're quoting you, so you end up in a contract paying literally hundreds more than expected. Same thing happened to my colleague and they're now out of pocket $400 more per month than expected. I'm down $240 more than expected due to misleading figures from the consultant and the way they type the offer letter up. Its unclear and misleading.
I'm considering going to the Financial ombudsman, especially after dealing with such a sarcastic and arrogant "manager" who seemed absolutely uninterested in the stress and worry NLC caused me trying to chase up the missing car.
Beware as written in other reviews, that they'll tell you any delivery date you want to hear.
I ended up in a hire car and forced to sign a $2,000 excess while i personally had to chase the whereabouts and delivery date of my car.
Why did i have to ring and email the dealership?
Please compare other leasing companies. . NLC fees are higher than other companies but i only know this now!

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Hi Mollie, I apologise that you have not had the best experience to date- the details included in the above are quite concerning and I would like to look into this further for you and understand your situation better. Could you please either email me your registration and contact phone number to feedback@nlc.com.au attention Danni or call me at 03 8699 7000. Thanks, Danni nlc

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Hi, I have already signed a lease, and only just stumbled on this review site....hmmmm i must say mixed, its either good or bad. Up until now, NLC have been great. I am about to submit a claim for reimbursement of rego so I hope im not waiting 1 month to a year to be reimbursed, hahahaha.
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What is the NLC early termination policy to upgrading to a different vehicle with NLC? Current lease is only 5 months old and its a 60 month Term. I had a chat with NLC consultant this morning and I was told, that I have to pay remaining lease term + 3 additional payments. Is this is correct?
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Hi there, A payout figure is inclusive of our nlc penalty (which is one finance payment and usually when an upgrade is occurring can be waived) as well as a Macquarie Leasing Penalty (which is approx finance payment) as well as any outstanding finance payments, the RV and a credit of interest. I hope this answers your question, please let us know if we can assist further. Kind regards, Lucy

What is NLC early termination policy if one is made redundant from employer i.e. (Telstra) before NLC contact is completed? thanks Kevin
1 answer
Hi Kevin, Please be advised that if you are leaving your employer, the nlc running cost account would need to be reconciled. If you are leaving your employment due to an involuntary redundancy and your lease included redundancy insurance, please call through to our insurance team on 1800 652 652. They will be able to advise further on what this covers. Once you have left your employer our team will begin to reconcile your running cost account. Any positive balance will be returned to your through your payroll at Telstra and any negative balance in the account will be invoiced to be paid back to nlc through your employer. If you have any further questions in regards to the reconciliation process, please call through to our customer support team on 1800 652 652. Thank you, Lucy

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