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Been going to No Gaps for a good 2 years now and experienced no issues until my recent visit. I came in a few days ago for the purpose of teeth clean only. The dentist that treated me didn't seem to care too much about the cleaning part but instead was looking into other procedures which I didn't request for. The cleaning process was very quick, a lot faster than usual which I had to question. Then he went on and did a few xrays because I said to be careful of one of my tooth because it is sensitive. Next asked if I wanted to fix my tooth gap and that it can be done "for free". Before I agreed to any of this it has already been set up and his assistant was told to bring out the equipment. He seemed to be really pushing for it and I thought he was genuinely looking to help, even though I did find it weird that he barely paid attention to cleaning my teeth which was the initial request. I been completely naive agreed for it to be done. Little did I know the horror until I saw the claim receipt. OVERCHARGED WHAT??! Total it came out to be $970 and they milked most of my health cover which was meant to be used for a future root canal treatment. I am kicking myself because I was completely unaware. So a normal teeth clean came out with 3 xrays and 2 bond fillings. Annoyed because aren't you meant to educate the client before doing this??? Instead they're milking every cent on over charged services for someone that doesn't know. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I did enjoy going to No Gaps until now. I definitely feel robbed.

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Hi, we apologies that our service didn't meet up to your expectations. We always strive to provide our patients with the best customer service so we would like to find out more and speak to you directly. Is it possible to let us know which location you went to and you can give me a call on (02) 8488 2601. Thank you and looking forward to speaking to you.

Warning, do not visit this place

So bad, went for wisdom teeth pain, the dentist did nothing at all to help my infected teeth, charged me $1,000 for 20 minutes of treatments. The room was shaking as there was construction going on - not ideal when someone is working in your mouth. Looked on my bill to see they had charged over $50 for the nurse sloppily applying fluroide to my teeth amongst other ridiculous charges. Went to a proper dentist the next day who charged me $63 (no gaps used up my entire years private health care cover) and actually FIXED my problem.

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Hi Kate, we apologies that our service didn't meet up to your expectations. We always strive to provide our patients with the best customer service so we would like to find out more and speak to you directly. Is it possible to let us know which location you went to and you can give me a call on (02) 8488 2601. Thanks Kate and looking forward to speaking to you.

Excellent. Staff and Dr Raghed @ Liverpool are amazing

I have been coming here for the last 2 years. The service is exceptionally amazing. The Dr and the entire crew are super friendly.

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Best value with Great Service

Dr Tyrone You from the Wynyard branch thinks on behalf of his patients and only recommends work to be done when required. You will feel safe under his care knowing that he will do the right thing by you.

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Periodontal disease under no gap Care

I suffered periodontal disease under no gap Bondi. They said it was gingivitis so kept asking me to use mouth wash. I suffered more than $3000 treatment with a periodontist. No gap did not want to compensate me in full. I will complain throughout my lifetime

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No Gaps Dental

Great service ever! The dentist was very professional and friendly! If you want quality service, I would highly recommend to everyone!

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Best Service

I was there last Friday with Dr Tyrone and I was so happy with his service. He made me feel very relaxed and the staff was very helpful.

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You get what you pay for

This company does not demonstrate treating their customers or staff with respect or give good customer service.

If you would like a basic service with no gap payment and little respect to you as a client or person or their staff, then this is the service for you.

If you would like respect and service, rather pay a gap payment and go elsewhere.

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Unarmed robbers

There are actually "unarmed robbers". For the tiniest filling no even drilling they charged me $ 400.00. That way they say "waive the gap" NOT SO they more that overcharge the services so they can get as much fro the health fund. They also check what % you get so they charge more accordingly.

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Bad bad bad - do not go there!!! Its medical fraud!!!

Bad bad bad - fillings have fallen out and infections overlooked - over charged and dirty surgery - the fillings were rough to touch immediately and they only treated two teeth. The treatment was so fast it scared me. I complained of bleeding gums but this was completely ignored and gums still continue to bleed. All they did was take every cent that i had available on my private health insurance then sent me on my way!!!! These guys are nothing but crooks!!! defrauding the health system!!! Happy to back this up 0412478807

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Great place

Secretaries were always really helpful and clear. Had treatments done with Dr. Florencia, she is really nice, professional and helpful. I felt really comfortable going to this place. Would definitely recommend it.

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No Gap is Professional Dental.

yes my policy works for me. And easy by ISelect. Since setting my policy up i have had experience in talking direct and they were most helpful.
I will most likely stay with them till i review again next yesr.

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Wynyard Office is great, better then Haymarket - Have a great Dentist at the Wynyard office

My policy with my healthcare was easy to set up. Customer support has been great too with healthcare.com, easy to deal with support and provide great advice and help when inquiring about products

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A great service

The service received is first class with no fuss, from the time I made a booking this morning, to the greeting by the receptionist and the treatment received from Dr Tyrone You. this is the second time I have been a patient of Dr You and he is very thorough but also quite gentle in his handling and treatment. I would recommend Dr You anytime.

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Root canal on front tooth WRIP OFF

I went to the dentist on George Street with a tooth pain on my front tooth. Being nieve I paid $1400 for a one root root canal, which took circa 45 mins.
The procedure whilst reducing the pain didn’t remove it, on returning I was referred to a specialist (yet they had already taken $1400!)
The dentist DID NOT USE A RUBER DAM and he rushed it through in 1 appointment!
I feel completely robbed for my hard earned cash as then endontist will now charge me $1800!
I am seeking advice as I feel No Gaps Dental didn’t provide me with the service as paid for

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Terrible experience

[name removed] conducted general dental examination (clean and remove calculus) with nine teeth fillings within 36 mins duration. [name removed] checked my health fund first, took $1500 rebate from my HF and waved $504 gap. Her hourly rate is over $4000, what a good career.
I am highly doubtful about the results. How could she do nine teeth filling within such limited time? If I only have a basic extra cover, I don't think she would do nine fillings all in once and wave the big gap then.
My wife contacted [name removed], manager of Hornsby No Gap Clinic, who recons a dentist could perform many fillings in very limited time if holes are small. As a gesture of good will, [name removed] has agreed that if I require further treatment this year (for example if a filling is required, or a 6 monthly check up and clean) she will do it at no cost.
I don't think the solution is good enough.
I guess many people have same experience. They kept quiet because they didn't pay gap at all. It's not fair to health funds and also spoil dentists/practitioners to overcharge their customers as long as customers don't pay GAPs.

Insurance claim madeYes
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I lodged complain to Dental Council of NSW because No Gap Dental and myself have disagreements. Guess what, it took 8 mths to get results and I am pleased with the outcome. : (1) council will send auditor(s) to the practice assessing (randomly selection of ) the dentist’s patients records. (2)the dentist will enrol a face-to-face education course and is requested to finish within 12 mths. (3) The information concerning this complaint will remain in this dentist’s file and will be referred to if another complaint is subsequently received.(4) Refund $1300 (the rest $200 was for teeth cleaning) to HF. Quoted from Dental Council of NSW's report:"Dr Tewari had instructed her reception staff to check the private health insurance rebate for the proposed treatment and had informed the patient that he would not have to pay an additional personal contribution for the treatment. The receipts provided to us indicate that the treatment was actually claimed PRIOR to obtaining the Patient's consent or providing the treatment.There is no documented consent, including financial consent in the records. It appears that the treatment was related to health insurance rebates rather than patient needs and evidence based treatment. " "Dr Tewari appears to have created a treatment plan related to health fund rebates.She admitted that she should have conducted a thorough examination and created a treatment plan that addressed the periodontal and occlusal issues prior to the aesthetics. It follows that Dr Tewari did not provide appropriate treatment planning or alternative treatment options for the patient." Please don’t keep quiet if you have any doubt about professional service . You always can find help or information from government organisations.

Avoid at all costs!

My husband and I visited No Gaps Dental Brookvale and were ripped off to the tune of almost $1000 despite having dental cover. We felt that they were very misleading about their claim of being a "no gaps" dental practice. We think they use asymmetry of information to their advantage, recommending unnecessary procedures and charging a fortune for them. Their billing structure seems to be intentionally confusing (even their own employees seem to be confused in this regard). After an admin error on their side they overcharged us and then spent the good part of a year evading us when we tried to get the issue rectified.

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No Gap Dental - A scammer, do not go to them

I visited No Gap Dental at their Bondi Junction branch on 17/6/17 10:30a.m.
This is only for an annual check-ups, I do not have any dental issues.
The dentist performed the following services on me:
3 X Xrays
Oral Examination
Remove Calculus
Topical Agent
Photographic Records
Total Bill is $545.00
HICAP payment $247
Gap Discount $122
I was charged $175.00 out of pocket.

When I asked why do I pay for out of pocket, I was told that if I have exceed my limit on my private health fund, No Gap Dental do not cover the gap.
I'm like what? but you call yourself a No Gap Dental.
This is the reason why I use No Gap Dental but instead I have to pay out of pocket of $175.00.

Why is it that I need 4 different x-rays? I feel that the dentists were made to upsell even if the patient does not require it. Same as the dentist's recommendation for wisdom tooth extraction. If it doesn't hurt me why do I have to extract them.

It is well and good if the patient has credit card / cash to pay for the out of pocket expenses, what if the patient can't afford it? I still don't understand how a bi-annual checkup without any major problem can result to a bill of $545. This is definitely a daylight robbery despite the name is No Gap Dental.

I went to their website where it is stated that they only cover the gap discount up till your dental limit. I don't see this anywhere.

Do not go to them if you can help it. The dentists are salesperson trying to get as much as possible from you, suggesting treatments that you don't necessarily need. Shame on them the professionals!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst Dentist

Not Happy with the service. Charges a lot. I had second best cover, but had to pay in full for two items. Whole process did not take more than 10 min, charged well over $600 in total.

Insurance claim madeNo

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