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4.5 from 1,300 reviews

Great money saver

Great way to save money on dental. The whole family benefits and makes you go more regularly for checkups and work knowing you are going to save. Easy to find dentists that participate

Great service

I have never had a problem using my smile card at my dentist. The savings you receive are worth being a member of the smile group. I have no hesitation in recommending the service.

Good discount if you can find a dentist that uses the scheme with an available appointment.

Limited dentist choices and often hard to get an appointment when needed so often end up using a non discounted dentist. It does give reasonable discounts when you are able to get in to the clinic.

Smile Dental

We saved the cost of membership on our first visit to the Dentist, highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't have private health cover. So glad I joined as this will enable us to afford the dental care we need now as we head towards retirement.

Fabulous alternative to extras health cover. Much better value

This works so well. Saves me money and means I look after my health better. I use this for dental and I’m not sure if it exists for other practitioners but would be great if it did.

Very cost effective

Found myself in a situation where I needed root canal work. The savings was incredible. Easy to arrange and accepted with no problems. I highly recommend and on showing my sister the savings she joined as well.

Saves me a lot of money and I’m very happy with this product

Excellent service and customer communication will definitely recommend this to my family and friends I find this very helpful and easy to use thank you very much for your great work

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Thank you so much for your amazing feedback, Brett! It’s fantastic to hear that you'll share smile.com.au with your family and friends! You can help your family and friends save on their dental with our amazing Member Referral Program! They will save 20% when they start their smile.com.au cover and you will receive 3 additional free months added to your own cover, simply by sending them the Unique Referral Link which can be found on your Member Dashboard. Have a fantastic day, Brett!

Easy, fast and worth getting!

Your website is very informative. I was able to set up my account with ease, no hassle! Within a couple of days, I made my appointment, and off I toddled to tje dentist! Your savings are super so thank you, I am most certainly happy to Smile!

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Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, Sonja! It’s wonderful to hear that you were able to start benefiting as soon as you set up your cover. One of the best things about smile.com.au is that there are no waiting periods whatsoever! We hope you are enjoying your day, Sonja!

Meet with a smile... left with a smile!

Professional outfit at the Warrnambool smile my partner was absolutely satisfied. Had a fear of dentists until her appointment and now has made her next with no hesitation. Thank you Warrnambool smile!

That’s awesome, is useful for me.

It’s really good to have the member card and i can use it in different place that was easy for me to go nearby. I would intro to my friends.

Makes it so more affordable

The dentist is dreaded in our house because it costs so much. We can’t afford private healthcover. With Smile it feels much more accessible and actually affordable. It’s great being able to look up price estimates also do you can check what services should cost.

Smile Discount

Love Smile have only just joined Smile receive discounted price at participating Dentist then get usual refund from private health fund. So beneficial less I have to pay dollars better off in my pocket

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Thank you for your great feedback, Sheryl! You can use smile.com.au dental cover to top up your extras insurance! Unlike health insurance, smile.com.au dental cover has absolutely no waiting periods, benefit limits or treatment exclusions! This means that you will certainly benefit with smile.com.au in situations where your insurance will not cover you, such as if you are restricted by waiting periods or have exceeded your benefit limits! Keep smiling, Sheryl!

Great service, affordable and worth the money you save :)

Found out about Smile through a family member and it has already saved me so much money on my dental bills. Definitely worth the investment and I would recommend the service to everyone!

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Thank you for your kind words, Jamie! We’re on a mission to make quality dental care more accessible for the people of Australia. It’s always fantastic to hear that we’re helping wonderful members such as you! Have a fantastic day, Jamie!

Simple. Get what paid for.

Smile discount at dentist is automatically applied to those with regular private health insurance. I am going to look into other non smile dentist options to see if cheaper, but I paid for two years membership and got the discount.

Great pricing....great dentists.

My family and I have now been members of Smile for many years and would not consider leaving.
The pricing and benefits are very worthwhile. The dentists we have used as part of the Smile program have all been fantastic. Would recommend to anyone and have done so previously.


its quite handy to have smile membership specially if u foresee issues with your teeth. I have found the membership to be really helpful as it provided me with quite a good discount

Dental cover vs. private health insurance

When my dentist recommended Smile to me, I was excited that there was a dental-only insurance option. With 3 children beginning orthodontic treatment, it was exactly what I needed. Annual cover that is affordable and useful, with no exclusions, and clear pricing - perfect!

Great benefits!

I have used Smile on a couple of occasions and have been very pleasantly surprised with the low out of pocket costs compared to previous. I paid $106 for 2 years couple's membership and saved approximately $500 on the cost of my new denture. Very happy!


The dentist is wonderful and I received a huge reduction.I am receiving the best treatment.Every appointment and all the work my dentist are doing for new dentures.Even the impressions visits are great.

Reduced-cost dental care

I needed quite extensive and expensive dental work undertaken and looked around for a way to lower my overall cost. I found Smile on-line and decided to give it a try. I am happy with the outcome, finding the system quite transparent, and believe I saved a significant sum by using a Smile-affiliated dentist. Aside from the cost, I was very happy with the dentist who treated me - he was warm, friendly and prepared to explain procedures, etc., in detail to me. Over and above that, he appeared to be extremely capable and I have had no problems with the treatment he provided.

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Questions & Answers

Do Smile cover full or partial dentures?
3 answers
https://www.smile.com.au/dental-treatments/dentures#7 Check out the website. CheersHi Char, Thank you for your question. We hope you're well! Dentures are definitely covered by smile.com.au! One of the best things about smile.com.au is that there are absolutely no treatment exclusions. With smile.com.au, you'll save at least 15% and up to 40% off every dental treatment, every time you visit a smile.com.au approved dentist. Rest assured, you are certainly guaranteed to benefit with smile.com.au on all dental treatments performed by a smile.com.au approved dentist - including dentures! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 238 648 or at contact@smile.com.au. Have a wonderful day Char!How about adult Invisalign?

Hello, Does this cover work on top of the private health insurance with dental extras? Thanks.
2 answers
Yes. You can’t swipe the Smile card at clinic but a cheaper rate applies. You pay it first and claim it through online of your health fund.Hi Mandar, You can certainly use your smile.com.au cover in conjunction with private health insurance to benefit twice, stretch out your dental extras, and even reduce your gap! It's as easy as showing your smile.com.au card at your appointment with an approved dentist to reduce your treatment fees on the spot. You can then swipe your private health insurance card through HICAPS to claim your rebate to benefit twice over! That's great news! If you visit a smile.com.au dentist who is also your private health fund's preferred provider dentist, in many cases, you will still benefit more by using smile.com.au and then claiming your rebate. Simply present both cards at the practice and ask to be charged the lower of the two options, then swipe your health fund card through HICAPS. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Member Team on 1300 238 648 or at contact@smile.com.au. Keep smiling!

How do I get a quote for dental work? I need 2 teeth removed and 2 bridges to fill 3 missing teeth on each bridge. Can I get time payment plan and still receive discount?
1 answer
I had put off going to the dentist as I knew I had a lot of work to be done. Finally faced up to it and went and discussed options with my dentist who gave me a quote for what we agreed on. I am paying as I go. So far I have had 2 extractions, my 6 front teeth veneered and about to get a partial denture. Am in a private health fund but the Smile discount is on the dentist bill and doesn't affect the health fund rebate. Have more than recouped my membership with Smile.