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Nova Employment

Nova Employment

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Feels like you're still doing all the work on your own, don't seem too motivated to offer much help and support, promise more than they ever deliver, don't listen to you, often dismissive when contacting them, offer inappropriate job options, seem to mainly offer a one size fits all approach, relying on them has been more harmful than helpful.


Fantastic and Excellent agency that help people who have disability's look for work .they are very positive and supportive with the work that they offer and provide for there clients

Shocking employment service provider

This organisation did nothing to get me a job. Just a waste of time with boring chit chat. It was the equivalent of going to a pub and chatting with someone over a meal or a drink. I didn't get a positive result from this place

Amazing Employment Service

I have been with Nova for awhile and am now working. I felt like I was heard and they were so understanding and made me feel valued. I cannot fault them!

Terrible service

Had been a client for a while. When I had arrived to a few of my many scheduled appointments my consultant wasn't even in the office and I never got notified that my consultant wouldn't be there so basically showed up for nothing. Jobs that I was interested in they apparently couldn't get so all they could offer me was minimum wage jobs.

I was with a different nova as a client at a different location a few years ago. One time i arrived to get some documents looked at i and about 3 other clients had to wait due to all the staff members were too busy eating their lunch and talking. I would never go back again as it seems they prefer to talk among each other (the staff) rather than help those seeking work.

In my opinion terrible service if I could rate it (0) stars I would.

Unexpected Result

We signed up our daughter late in 2016 so that she could attend the interview/introduction sessions. In early 2017 we finally received confirmation that she had been allocated to the interview/information sessions. Over the space of the next 6 months we attended various meetings and workshops, filled in paperwork and worksheets and made all of the workshops except the last one, and that was because of mix up with email communications. Since then we have heard nothing, despite leaving 2-3 phone messages with the person who conducted the workshops, and her supervisor. We have also sent several emails as well, but no response. Our daughter who has an intellectual disability is distraught, and she simply thinks that NOVA no longer wants anything to do with her.

I had heard so many good things about NOVA, but this is no way to treat anyone, let alone someone with a disability!

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