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Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa

Pipa Klik and Pipa
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Best ISOFIX - easiest and quickest installation!

It’s all about safety when it comes to choosing a capsule. The best feature about the Nuna Pipa Klik is the rigid Isofix. You can literally install the capsule in less than 5 minutes. Also, the design is incredible!

Purchased in April 2019 at Bubs n Grubs Online store for $473.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Carrying
Pram TypeBugaboo Fox

Took a bit of getting used to

We purchased this at the PBC expo and waited for it to become available before collecting it from the store. Initial thoughts, not all authorised installers are familiar with the Nuna Pipa in fact the first installer couldn't figure it out. We had to call the supplier (baby direct) for suggestions on where we could get it fitted. As first time parents we took a little while to get used to figuring out how to fit it into the car, how to put the baby in and comfortably. Main reason for the purchase was the safety ratings. We're used to it now however certainly took a few trips in order to be comfy with it. Takes up a lot of space, front seat is pushed all the way to the front and no longer comfortable to sit in.

Purchased in October 2018 at Baby-Direct for $399.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Ease of Carrying
Car ModelMazda 3
Pram TypeBabyZen Yoyo

Good car seat

We used this car seat until our bub was 7 months. I liked that it was light and easy to click the baby in and out of the car base. The attachment to the pram was fiddly but easy enough. The magnet attachment for the dream drape didn't stay attached and the hood of the capsule didn't stay extended.

Purchased in October 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Installation
Pram TypeNuna Mixx

So comfy and convenient

We brought this for baby number 3 because I do a lot of driving older kids to activities and I honestly couldn't live without it.
We use the isofix installation but it can also be the seatbelt installation.
My son is so comfy and sleeps really well in it when we're on the go. The hood is really useful and the drape/sunshade is a great help with sleep and keeping prying eyes out.
I have a redsbaby jive pram and the nuna clicks on very easily using the maxi cosi adapters.
My son is nearly 6 months old and average sized and he still has plenty of growing room in this seat plus its super light so I can still carry him easily from the car to the house if he's fallen asleep in the car.

Nuna Pipa - Fantastic Capsule loving it

I am so confused with the bad reviews some have nothing to do with the Capsule but rather installation.
This capsule has met all of my expectations, my daughter is in the 95th % for height and 97th for weight and this capsule saw her through to 9months she has always fitter in the capsule properly and securely (must have infant insert).

Light weight 3.4kg, easy to install and works perfect with my Nuna Ivvi. The dream drapes are fantastic always staying in place and tucking away out of sight. I love the hood/sun shield how it has an extra part to really protect bubs eyes. The covers, pads, inserts wash up brilliantly every time. Easy and straight forward to readjust straps pretty much just like any other car seat/capsule. Well padded.
Once again styling and design from Europe wins again. I would recommend this capsule over and over again.
Readers should be aware that some reviews seem bad due to human error on installation, it isn't Nuna 's fault if the seat installer isn't available that is the consumers responsibility. Most baby capsules get warm because they are enclosed as do baby car seats.
Highly recommended.

Perfect Capsule

This capsule is the best item we purchased for our new baby.
It is super lightweight easy to carry and clicks straight onto our Pram. Easy to install and remove from car. Comfortable and secure for new baby with easy to adjust belt. The large hood is incredible with a extra shade hidden by a zip in the hood.

Compact, so safe, lighter than the rest

Compact meets excellent safety. Great when you have to fit seats for 3 kids in the car! No idea why one reviewer thought it was a hot capsule, it is only the same as all capsules in that respect. Just don’t overdress them and get the air con through to the back (any capsule!). Also, my bub was in it happily til 8.5 months, and he is 97th percentile for height - granted his long legs had to bend a bit when in the car in it, but babies don’t mind that! Stop using at 6-7 months if you wish!
Significantly lighter to carry than other capsules yet has top safety rating.

Had high expectations, but...

I purchased this for baby 2 after having a different capsule for baby 1. I liked this because it was lighter, had better crash test results on CREP, had the dream drape and fits Maxi Cosi adapters. I’m disappointed with it though. The dream drape NEVER stays in place, baby seems at an odd angle with her chin dangerously close to sitting on her chest (suffocation risk, so I avoid longer drives for now), the fabric is hot and pulls easily, the strap height can’t easily be adjusted - straps need to be pulled apart and re-threaded.

I like that the base has a seat belt lock off built in, but I found when pulling the belt tight, it made the seat belt bunch up. A call to the distributor confirmed the bunching is still safe, but I’m not 100% comfortable with this and spent a lot of time on the install to minimise the bunching.

I’m not sure that there is a perfect capsule, but excluding the above, this is ok. I think my expectations when I “upgraded” were quite high, so they have not been met.

Loving it!

I never had a capsule with Baby #1 but thought it would be useful to have one when Baby #2 came along. I was drawn to the Nuna Pipa because it looks good compared to other capsules but is also lighter in weight and has the handy "dream drape" built in to the hood. My little one is currently 4.5 months old, weighing 7.5 kg and still has plenty of room to stay in the capsule for a while. The capsule was easily compatible with our Bugaboo Buffalo using adapters making it easy to just take out of the car, click in and go. When originally going to purchase this product - the store display stock was the older style of a detachable anchor strap. I didn't realise until I had unboxed my new capsule that there had been an update and the anchor strap now stayed in the car and to be honest, I find it very awkward putting the strap back on every time by having to loop it over the hood. Quite often I can have a delightfully sleeping baby but as soon as I need to do that strap - without a doubt baby will wake, which is a shame as it slightly ruins the point of having a capsule.

The best!

Not only is this super safe. Our Daughter is still in this at 6months and she is pretty long! It's so light and easy to carry, and the dream shade is in fact - a dream!
I would recommend to get this professionally installed as we had a lot of lateral movement, but once we had it checked by Kids Safe there was no issues.
Our daughter litterally falls asleep just when we put her in this, so must be very comfortable. We live in Perth and she didn't even get too hot in the heat!
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend

Great capsule

We used this capsule because of its safety rating. It also has great features; the carry handle adds extra safety in an accident, the hood has a roll down sun shade hidden inside and it was Maxi Cosy compatible for our pram. We didn't need to carry a cover, just unzip and ready for bubs to snooze. Loved this capsule!

Excellent all-round. So glad I went with a capsule.

I chose this capsule as it had both the highest safety rating and the lightest weight. I have new mum friends who've had to move their bub out of the capsule as it was getting too heavy. My bub is always so happy to be in the capsule, it's nicely padded and comfy (including the straps). The dream drape is brilliant. Very easy to get in and out of the car. I bought an adaptor to use the capsule with my Thule stroller and the combo has worked really well.

Great capsule

We purchased this capsule to go with our Nuna Mixx stroller. We installed the capsule as per instructions, we had lateral movement but we went to Kidsafe (ACT) for them to check the installation and they fixed up the installation, they showed us how to install it in a more secure way, and now there is no movement whatsoever and is sturdy. The padding is quite good, and there is an extra wedge in the infant insert that can be removed if baby is average sized.

Perfect. Have bought two!

I'm confused by the negative reviews! Our daughter is almost 10 months old, 86th percentile for height and still fits in the Nuna Pipa. The only reason we are switching to a convertible seat now is because she is getting too heavy to carry in the capsule and we have to climb a flight of stairs to our front door. I wonder if the customers who say their three month olds have outgrown it have not realised the straps can be adjusted to three different heights?

Love how this capsule adapts to click onto my Bugaboo bee, is safely installed with a base and can also be installed with a seatbelt only making t perfect for travel. We have also done long haul flights with this seat and our daughter sleeps soundly in it meaning we don't have to hold her he entire time and can get some rest ourselves.

All fabric parts wash easily.

Highly recommend the Nuna Pipa!

Great safety rating, looks good and bub is comfortable.

My 2 month old seems comfortable in this capsule. It makes me feel good knowing it has a great CREP safety rating and is really easy to use.
I love that it can click directly in to the Maxi Cosi stroller adapters. I also regularly use it on my Mountain Buggy Nano stroller.
I had the Babylove capsule for my first child (also a good safety rating) but it only lasted 3 months before he grew out of it. The Nuna Pipa still has plenty of room to grow and it is really light to carry.

Fabric too hot for an Australian summer

Bubs got uncomfortably hot and sweaty over the warmer months, we had to take out the liner earlier than required to alleviate the problem. As the other poster has written, I too have had concerns about the lateral movement, doesn't seem right to me...it's saving grace is the dream drape which is a life saver. Probably wouldn't recommend it to someone.

My husband refuses to put our daughter in it

How this car seat even passed Aust standards is beyond me. We have a Brttax car seat and wanted a capsule. The amount of lateral movement is very concerning and I have to wait 10 days for someone to check the seat because "the fitter is on holidays". So what the hell am i supposed to do till then?? I will be seeking a refund

Much better than the maxi cosi

Shorter so fits easier behind the drivers seat (we have twins plus a 6 year old). Our boys are still in them at 10.5 months so they have been great value. Quite lightweight and snap right on top of our bugaboo donkey (with adaptor) so can transfer twins without waking

Screaming babies

We purchased 2 pipas for our twins boys. They were so uncomfortable in the capsule, really curled over, and by 9 weeks their shoulders were higher then the straps. They were premie twins. Took capsules back to bubs in the valley Brisbane and they told us to buy new seats . We were told they would last til 12months and didn't last 3. Also the boys heads were not supported and we had to buy extra head support.

Overpriced and bad design

Yet again with Nuna their stuff looks good but it's far from everything else.
This capsule retails for over $500 so as if I was going to pay that for a car seat my baby was going to be in for only 3 months, I also chose this seat because it was compatible with my Joolz pram, we found the Pipa 2nd hand online near new for $80 thankfully.
My baby got so hot in this capsule especially once the newborn liner was out, the material is horrible, not breathable almost like a neoprene fabric and hardly any comfort padding like the maxi cosi ones on the market and the curved shape for baby seems so uncomfortable for them, we ended up buying another car seat and spent $500 it that she can grow with until she's is 8, seemed like a heaps better investment, as soon as she moved her into this seat there were no more tears in the car.
Another big one is it never felt safe, even installed professionally there was a lot of movement.
I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone and I'm not even selling this to anyone as I don't trust it.

Questions & Answers

Where can you get this seat in australia?
4 answers
I got it from baby direct but a few online places have it toohow do you get it direct? When I search NUNA website and try to find Aus store. There is noneBanana Baby is where we got ours

Do you have a list of strollers that the Nuna Pipa can be adapted to?
2 answers
Hi Ros, I don't have a list, but when I was in discussion with the sales person at Banana Baby in Sydney, she said that the Pipa can be attached to maxi cosi adaptors, so I assume that strollers that can use maxi cosi capsules can be used. Though I haven't tried it. You could probably give banana baby a call cause they were very helpful when I had enquiries.The Pipa uses Maxi Cosy araptors so fits a big range of prams. We also used Banana Baby in Sydney, they had an onsite fitter and were very knowledgable on matching prams

Can the capsule be installed in a car without the base?
4 answers
No you need the base as the seatbelt has to go through the bsseThanks Tracie!Tracie's answer is incorrect; the capsule can indeed be installed in a car without the base. See this video for how to perform the baseless "European installation": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXH2YXblNaE edit: this functionality only appears on newer versions of the Pipa.


Pipa KlikPipa
Price (RRP) $599.00
Minimum Age Newborn
Maximum Age 6 months
Dimensions 680 x 450 x 740 mm
Colour / Finish Black
Weight10.22 kg
ISOFIX CompatibleYes
Release dateNov 2016
Discontinuation dateNov 2016
Replaced byNuna Pipa Klik

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