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Nurofen Zavance

Nurofen Zavance

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It helps

I've found taking the Nurofen liquid capsules much easier to swallow.
Kept buying the liquid capsules because they are easy to use, easy to consume and price is
excellent to.
It does work most of the times for my headaches but not 100% full proof and still good enough
for pain relief.
I've had no side effects at all so i'll keep on using the Nurofen Zavance as I was recommended by a friend.
Highly recommended for mild pain to moderate.

Purchased in April 2019 for $21.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Pain TypeChronic
Effective Within 15 minutes
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Hi Shane, We really appreciate your feedback with regards to the Nurofen Liquid Capsules. It is great to hear positive feedback from our consumers. Thank you very much Kind Regards, Nurofen Australia

Still in pain!

Suffering from a really terrible migraine. Only thing I could find is Nurofen zavance.
After two hours, still in alot of pain, will be sticking to Advil for a headache. Nurofen zavance is good for a toothache or back pain, that's about it

1 comment
Dear Sir/Madam Thank you for your message and we are very sorry to hear about this. Please kindly give our Consumer Relations Team a call on 1800 022 046 so we can assist you further. Thank you. Regards, Nurofen Consumer Relations

Effective relief.

I have chronic back pain due to a number of car related accidents. Nurofen savance taken before bedtime allows me a good nights sleep. I had tried a number of pain relief products. I finally chose nurofen zavance because it provides consistent results.

Great pain reliever

Great pain reliever. I took it every four hours which allowed me not to feel the pain after dental surgery.

This also helped with swelling after surgery and reduced quite severe swelling within two days.

Perfect Pain relief

Great, quick pain relief for migrane headaches. Couldnt live without this savior in times of intense pain. This surely works n personally my favorite, I ensure I have it handy at home.

great for all pain

When I take these tablets my pain goes away within 30mins it really works for chest pains, period pains and headaches but you can’t take these tablets on an empty stomach I love these tablets

omg help..dental pain now feel like im suffocating

i consumed 2 panadeine forte and two nurogen zavance x 2 over few hours and within 15 minutes exp..
extreme heart burn
congestion blocked nose
bringing up alot of fizzy salavia..near choking
could not breath properly
bad chest pain
pain like swallowed air n topped with water
very hot
passd out
nose bleed
now is comeing BACK after JUST wakeing up

Tens syndrome and nurofen zavance

I used to use the tablet all the time for really bad headaches and pain in my side for sleeping. Now I will not touch the tablet as we found out through my husband taking for a headache that you can develop TENS SYNDROME from this drug and find yourself struggling for your life in intensive care unit and later in the burns unit after your body blisters all over.

From our experiance WOULD NOT RECOMMEND> live in australia

Amazing period pain relief!!!

This works amazingly well for my immense period pains and lower back pain. It is long lasting and almost instant pain relief. I Highly recommend and I wouldn't change to anything else. Great product!

Bad option for period pain relief.

I suffer from bad period pains to the extent that I keel over in pain and often vomit due to the intensity of the pain. I purchased Nurofen Zavance in the hope that it would quickly and effectively relieve me of my pain. I took two tablets 75 minutes ago and am still waiting for this product to relieve the pain. My household heat pack is more effective than this product. From now on I'll be sticking to trusty panadol.
Very disappointed.

Only thing that works!

So I've had a toothache for a while, I had tried Panadol, antibiotics - yet nothing seemed to work. So I tried nurophen zavance and it actually worked!
After crying from pain from my toothache, nurophen helped ease the pain and help me sleep easier at night!

Fast acting, extremely effective for severe pain.

I usually avoid any medications preferring to use alternative.
However, this has been effective for severe pain - especially neck or back pain.
I have found this to be fast acting with no side effects- it appears to "target" the pain, allowing you to function normally again.

Does the trick – headache, be gone!

For headaches or migraines, this is my go-to medicine. On the plus side, the tablets are very easy to swallow, and don’t have a ‘rough’ aftertaste like some others. Meanwhile, it generally kicks in within half an hour, and if taken shortly before bed, can help you fall asleep – but be sure to take with food. One negative is that it’s a little on the pricey side – then again, you’re paying for quality and it’s hard to put a price on one’s own comfort.

Great but expensive painkiller

I used Nurofen Zavance recently when suffering from one of my usual headaches and found it worked surprisingly well. It is more expensive than some of the other brands and unfortunately I it's not as gentle on your body as some of the other pain relievers so I try not to take it too much. I will buy it again, the trick is just to use it only when you have to!

Much Better Than Panadol

2 of these and half a litre after a good night out = no hang over. These also work great with that nagging head ache. Awesome product!!

Amazing. Better than panadol!

I had a horrible flu virus for over a week. Super achy back, head, legs and shoulders! Panadol cold and flu tablets barely helped Much to my disappointment. I tried Nurofen Zavance-after noticing an add on tv and noticed a change almost instantly after taking one. 10/10 would recommend.

Fast working

I try not to take too many painkillers, so when I do I really want them to work. I currently have an unexplained dental pain that hasn't been diagnosed and in order to sleep I take 2 tablets when the pain is really bad. I find they work within 15 minutes and usually last about 5 hours.
Fast working
Cannot take them for long periods of time or too many in 24 hours

best anti-inflammatory pain killer - good after dental (root canal)

I had root canal done last week ,and the only drug that worked was nurofen because it contains anti-inflammatory stuff to decrease swelling. you can google it, only pain killers with ibuprofen ingredients will work. so you can forget about panadol or panadine .
make sure you have food before you take it, because nurofen is bad on an empty stomach.
drink lots of water to decrease pressure on your kidney.

nurofen also works like within 30 minutes so i was very surprised how fast it started to have an effect. I only take 2 per day (single dose), and it enough to last me the whole day and night.
fast acting. make sure you take it with food !
you will need to drink a lot of water or it will cause kidney problems. and take it with food


overall the tablets themselves are great for people who cant swallow capsules, they are so tiny and slide down really well. I dont think they work any quicker than normal nurofen
about the same price as normal nurofen, easy to swallow, nice sugar coating
doesnt work any faster than normal nurofen


nurofen is highly effective. nurofen zavance is one of the only pain relievers i can take with my medication and its perfect. nearly instant relief from pain. i only need to take it a cupple of times a month and it works far better than any other pain reliever i have ever tried.
I can take it with my medication, very fast and effective, easy to swallow

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How much nurofen and how much ibuprofen in tablets
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Where is Nurofen Zavance made?
2 answers
Dear Lyn Thank you for your message. Nurofen Zavance is made in the UK. Regards, Nurofen Consumer RelationsThank you for letting me know! I couldn’t find it written on the packet.

I’ve got a toothache and I took more nurofen zacance then I usually do I woke up feel sick
1 answer
Dear Kelly. Thank you for your message. We are sorry to hear about this. Could you please kindly give our Consumer Relations team a call on 1800 022 046 so we can assist you further. Thank you. Regards, Nurofen Consumer Relations


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