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Nutrition Warehouse

Nutrition Warehouse

3.4 from 45 reviews

Couldn’t care less

Service at Jindalee is awful. Returned a product with sharp broken plastic bits in it that I al ost swallowed, and was only given in-store credit rather than a refund.Staff (if they bother to talk) often try and talk you into Genetix products, claiming superiority that is unsubstantiated and always too sweet. Heavy markup makes it more expensive than other places.

Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationJindalee

Great service

Very easy to work out the online store, always great specials, lots of range of products and fast delivery. I've ordered from Nutrition Warehouse several times now as so reliable.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationOnline

Easy, cheap, fast delivery.

All the info you need on the site or in store and competitive pricing. Delivery is quick. I always shop around and end up buying from here. Cheers ya mofos!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationKawana

Thank you Charissa!

Thank you so much to Charissa who provided me with prompt customer service and went above and beyond for my needs. This girl deserves a promotion, so excellent! Thanks again. Gemma A.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store Locationonline

Protein shakes and health products

Absolutely fantastic service very honest, can be trusted with advice, do not give sales pitch, very careful advice, highly recommend.

Too Expensive

Why don't they just have the cheapest price? Warehouse prices right? Chemist warehouse sell the Same C4 pre work out but 60 serves for the same price these guys do for 30 serves . Rippoff

Fast Delivery

I've made one order online and had a great experience.
I found what I was looking for really easy and the delivery was super quick as well.

Outstanding service

Very friendly and professional customer attention; always helpful and offering the most suitable and best priced products

Chris in Hurstville shop is not only listening to what you are after, but recommends the products that are best value and give you the desired outcome

Great range and interesting varieties with always appealing special offerings for those seeking a bit of a deal

Ultimately, nothing beats a remarkable service and value for your $$$ - and Hurstville Nutrition Warehouse is hard to beat


This guys uses worst courier service FAST WAY who never buzz door bell and leaves a note ...WE MISSED YOU. and they do tries another delivery after 3-4 days and again leaves same letter WE MISSED YOU. I purchased some supplement form these guys 10 days ago and hasn't got yet. due to lack of time, i did online but i am feeling big regret now. and ridiculous part is neither their driver are allowed to give call to us or they can leave to local post office. They can only leave leaflet without buzzing door bell.

Amazing customer service, knowledgeable staff!

We have purchased all our pre workouts, proteins and recovery shakes from the Rowville store from the day they opened. I decided to try something new and I had an allergic reaction to one of the shakes so called up yesterday to speak to someone. Michael from Rowville was the sales guy and told me it was no problem and to pop in. He went above and beyond to help me. Customer service is amazing (always has been). It’s often hard to find good service and knowledgeable staff but the Rowville store honestly have the best, caring, non pushy staff I’ve ever come across in any store. Thanks so much!

Only interested in selling own brand products

90% of everything they sell is own brand or house products. They are pushy and rude. Be really careful what you buy from this mob. I'll stick to mainstream brands.

Terrible service and they sell faulty products

I ordered 1 x 30 servings tub of Cellucor Beta (lime lemonade). When I went to the Ravenhall store they only have the tropical splash flavour and claimed that I had already picked it up from the store on a day I am not even in the country. This is ridiculous!!
Also don’t buy any of their drink bottles at the front of the store as they are cheap faulty products. The store assistant told me that they can crack so I ask her why ate they still selling defective products? She declined to comment.

Will be ordering again!

Super fast delivery! I have placed two orders over the last 3 weeks and both orders have arrived before lunch the next day. I have received freebies with my orders too which is amazing!

Got my product the next day!

I ordered something late yesterday and it was on my door step early this morning.. very happy with the online service!

Fast Delivery

Good selection, Good Specials and they offer afterpay even better !!
Always fast delivery with them very happy customer
Marsden 4132

The fastest delivery I've seen in Australia

Great selection of products, great customer service and communication, unbelievably low prices (can't find cheaper in most cases), and the fastest delivery time possible.

I have ordered various products more than once and I have received it under 24 hours each time. Living in Melbourne.


Nutrition Warehouse are the best! Order online and get my products literally the next day ALWAYS! Even get freebies now and then... when i've had the chance to go into the shop always been greeted nicely and never been pushed into anything, infact i've always gone in there unsure what to buy and always get great advice and offered a range of products of all brands...

Great online service

No issues with ordering online, great products to choose from, easy to navigate and find products. Overall great service online. Fast delivery.

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Ordered recently, excellent service recieved again great purchase, received in 2 days 5.5.18

Excellent experience in the Browns Plains store

Went into the Browns Plains store today with only 5 minutes until the store was closing.
Michael was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about his products and gave me awesome service.
Will definitely be heading back in to buy from him and wont be buying online anymore.

He is an asset to the company and I hope this message gets passed on to him.

Great website with lots of stock

Been buying my protein powder for the past 12 months, no complaints so far. Every delivery has been delivered and with the one time being late due to courier error.

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