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Payment options

Wanting to buy a IPhone XS Max . I wanted to pay using gift vouchers $800 , cash $600 and rest on zippay but office works is so basic with there method of payments online and instore I can’t spilt the payment up like that . Other department stores are able to . For a big company this is very disappointing I hope one day they see the bigger picture and give customers more options. It will definitely help increase sales .

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Stylish home office solution

The Otto 'Willow' desk has made a perfect addition to my home office.

I found it simple to assemble, and it feels very strong.

It has a cable management feature along the back which I use to run the PC power cable and an extension cube through.

Officework forgot to deliver my order - what a joke

Place my order and paid for same day delivery service before 11.30am as instructed . 5pm no order , ring them up and told me they forgot my order . Really messed up my plan as I have a flight booked the next day .Very unreliable , Wouldn’t not recommend people to use officework or this service .

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Online printing

Untrackable postage, untrackable files, damaged in transit, lost, unhelpful staff and very very frustrating. That's how this 'service' has been for me. Over and over again. I surrender after persevering for years!

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Perfect for stationary

Although I have been to officeworks a couple of times and I have only found stationary products to be worth the money. The laptops and other electronics were above par and I had received better deals from other shops. Moreover, the shop gave some negative vibes.

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Poor customer service

I spoke to Ollie from Osborne Park store looking for a product that I was advised would be always available - which is not available.I asked what do I do now as it is important that I get this product.
The best advice Ollie could give me is you can take your problems to the Today Tonight show. I advised Ollie his customer service training needed some work - he advised he was an expert.
How do people like Ollie retain employment amazes me, it can only reflect on Officeworks customer attitudes if he does.

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Online prints are over due and the web-tracking does not work, help-desk have no idea what is happening.

Ordered three framed prints. Delivery 6 days plus, okay.
Nice email with order tracking but it does not work
After 10 days check the order tracking again and it still does not work?
Check my web-account and the order does not show.
Given them a ring and they have no idea, offer to call back within 48 hours.
No call.
Call them again, still no idea.
Pressure them to tell me what is going on.
They tell me it is with a third party and are unable to know what is going on.
What a waste of time.
Apparently delivery time is 16 working days, perhaps I should have read the fine print.
I will log another review if it fails to arrive by the latest delivery date.


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Customer service

Hi there, I visited the Milton store today and asked for some help regarding stationary for my home office . The young man Aaron who was attending to my query was very very helpful and very polite . He went out of his way to find the solutions to my request . Thanks Aaron, you made my day better . Keep up the good work

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No receipt No help

Bought a Burrows mouse, (they are useless) i don't know why they sell them. At $8 something i didn't keep the receipt cause it was cheap. I took it back to the store to exchange it but no, no receipt can't help, it's your product, c'mon. It's not a big deal, you could have changed it, wouldn't have made a difference, cause they're all crap. Tried to write a review on their site, no way, if it was positive, i'm sure they would have. I will always buy logitech best mouse keyboard. It's just frustration to turn me away for a pitiful amount. I advise stay away from Burrows products. PS The hello greeting at the door is not enough, service and understanding matters a lot.

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Online convenient

Easy way to order but they keep on getting it wrong! I got 6 pairs of scissors instead of a binder folder..... how is this even possible!?! At least I have scissors

Great service and advice

Staff was super helpful and although they didn't have the product I needed for my exact needs they were very knowledgeable about what I needed and told me exactly where to get it.

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Printing at Officework such a disappointing experience.

I always go to office work to buy my office stationaries very satisfied. But when I go into the officework for printing at any stores it’s such a disappointing experience everytime when I have to print something from Officework. For example, when I went into the store the other day, I was trying print some photos, but the machine malfunctioned, I was there for 1 hour got no photo printed. The people at the store stated they can’t help me due to this issue. The self-serve machine was terrible.

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Very comprehensive range of office equipment and it accessories

Needed to buy a new computer keyboard and external hard drive and after doing some online research we went to Officeworks to buy them. They had a very good range of both and certainly the ones we had seen online and wanted. The staff were very helpful and advised which external hard drive would serve my purpose best.

Ended up buying a couple of extra items because they were so well priced and clearly displayed.

All in all great prices, good extensive range and very helpful staff

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could have done better

Had large photo copies done which were done of originals which were cut to size (as office works could not do it any other way) and given to them with space on the bottom and top for overlapping when we stick them together to make it up to the original was. Picked them up and did not look if photocopies were ok and paid for them, at home stuck the original one back together then when we started on the copies found they left a lot of blank space on the top and the last bit on the bottom could not be read what a disappointment when every thing was cut to size and plenty of space bottom and top for overlapping. As the original one was stuck back again could not go back and ask them to copy them again so had to fill the bottom line in our self and on important documents was very disappointed when we paid for good copies all I ask is why could they not look and make sure they had placed them in the photo copier properly. what a shame and disappointment for the receivers of the documents.

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Incompetent Management

Rang Taren Point Store to check OK to bring in bulk shredding. Told yes, come on in we will do it. When I got there told the Shredder was not available until some time next week.

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Printing Que's are ridiculously long....ALWAYS!

Officeworks Taylors Lakes - Is a newly opened store, and the 3 times I have visited to print there has been at least 5 people in the queue. Normally this would be ok, however I often see staff confused and unsure how to process the print orders! (I wait approx 10 mins then leave) Other staff in the shop spend a whole lot of time asking " How am I doing today" - I always tell them, leave because I cant get a simple print job done, because the queue is ridiculous. They always smile and say yeah 'I know" - so not only do I not get anything done, I get insulted by an American style Greeter sending me good cheer - WAKE UP officeworks - I am looking forward to some competition in this space!

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Won't shop with them anymore

Worst customer services online and in physical stores, worse products! Don't waste your time and money. My device was faulty and they did not offer me any option to resolve the issue.

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Cranbourne Homemaker Center location

Rude staff and no idea what he was talking about.
Was trying to return a product and a staff told me to return to where I got it from next time. However, return and refund policy stated that I can return to any store. Before telling customer to do, please read your return policy, NEXT TIME!

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Zero stars - woeful experience. Shop online anywhere else you can.

My mistake. I didn't think to look at reviews for Officeworks online, given their stores are quite good. It was quite a shock to find they only just scrape 1 star. But now I see why.

Like the other reviewers, Ive had to battle the "online security to ensure our customers are protected".

After previous successful orders through the same registered account, my "protection" consisted of a debit to my account, an email then rejecting my order, a lengthy phone call where I was assured I cannot talk to "online security" and that even if I repeat the online order it will be rejected. The advice was to "go to a local store" to make my purchase.

How completely ridiculous. Imagine if Wollies, Coles or even eBay online shopping was like that, and your order was one day mysteriously cancelled and you then could not make any more online orders?

Worse still the debit went on my card within the hour. The credit is still not there. Takes days apparently.

After a second phone call they are "reviewing the situation" and assure me my refund will be with me "in a few days". I cant wait. Ill be straight down to JB HiFi to order the exact same goods, and likely with a discount to boot.

Do yourself a favour. Read the reviews here. Look at the overwhelming presence of one star reviews. Shop online anywhere else you can.

Update: just to complete the story. Escalating through management I finally got the mysterious "customer protection" team to call me. They claimed the problem was my email address being invalid. However when we cross checked it was recorded correctly. I also pointed out they sent the rejection/cancellation notice to the very same email address. At that point I was told they did not know why "the system" had rejected me. I was also advised that it's incorrect I could not place another order. Conversely the customer service "assistant" was adamant I could not. Who knows who is right. I've simply purchased from JB HiFi instead.

The management escalation and "customer protection" people were polite and as helpful as they could be. However the systems they have to run and adhere to stubbornly remain inexplicably ridiculous.

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Super disappointed....

Super disappointed in Officeworks. I was really impressed with their fast shipping of this item and have generally had good experiences with them in the past.
I ordered something with drawers and some of the drawers came cracked. No problem I can just exchange it right? Nope! They said they can have someone come and collect the item (sounds good), and they'll process a new order for me (ok great). But the catch is, first they'll come collect it, bring it back to the warehouse and look over it or something and then after 5 - 10 business days I'll get my money back. If I want another one/replacement, I'll have to pay for it again or wait for the refund. No way of just exchanging which is what I thought would happen. So if I decided to order a new one I'll be out around $200 , $100 while I wait for the refund and $100 for the new one. Not to mention the 30+ minutes it took me to assemble the whole thing, when really I only need a new drawer. (+ quality of the product feels very cheap for something that cost $100)
Overall a waste of time and money.
I know company's have different ways of doing returns but this just seems ridiculous. Really unhappy with this service. I know I could just return to a physical store but I don't have a car so it's just not really possible. I'm stuck waiting potentially 2 weeks for my money back. That is if they'll actually give it back within that time frame.
I guess I just don't understand why they can't process the refund right after it's been picked up, or use that money to send through a new one, and not have to start it as a whole seperate order.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Does anyone here have a mobile phone bought from Officeworks?? I bought j2 pro galaxy and was faulty. Then when I returned to store to repair it, they did not because the IMEI no on the device did not match there records. Have anyone been in a such situation with them?? They keep refusing that the device is theirs and that a problem might have occured when the product was packed or put on the system at first place. Reported to fair trading. But can anyone plz check their IMEI no on device bought from officeworks and its box plz to see if this problem had occured before... Thanks
No answers

Why is officewworks still selling hp deskjet inkjet mfc printer 2620 that hp says is discontinued?
2 answers
have you asked at an office works store?HP have answered my question. It is because Officeworks sells it at their stores. HP don't sell it from themselves. It is a deal done with HP.

How do I make a complaint online about a staff member? Please.
1 answer
I find that the usual way is the best way

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