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Ombra (Aldi) 50 SPF Sunscreen

Ombra (Aldi) 50 SPF Sunscreen

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Felt like acid on my face

Used this once and would never use it or recommend ever. Face felt like i had acid on it. My face was red and burned for hours after. Very very itchy.

Dreadful and criminal

The Ombra 50+ spray is horrendous. I reapplied twice and was in the sun for a few hours at most (I am very pale) and I got absolutely roasted. It’s criminal to sell this product with the intensity of the Australian sun!!

Scalded with this despite heaviest application and reapplication

Scalded with this for the second time..first time I thought I didn’t use enough and blamed lack of reapplying
Covered myself and partner head to toe in this today, extra thick layer, went to beach for 2-3 hours and came back burnt +++ despite reapplying.
Very stingy on the eyes too when you go in the sea.
The only nice thing is that it dries in and doesn’t look greasy..but the pro is completely outweighed by the fact that it doesn’t do it’s job at protecting against the sun..it’s almost like it, as others suggest, acts like an oil and encourages burning! Had bought 2 tins of this and had to dump to prevent future burns

A magnifying glass would have better SPF protection than this crap.

I bought a bottle of this for a friend. She's very pale, very Redhead. It should have worked for her. She applied it regularly, heavily, and still burnt to a crisp. It didn't provide any kind of protection at all, and she's currently immobilized in severe pain, needing medical treatment.


I applied this product to myself, my partner and my children and we all ended up with severe sunburn. I reapplied it several times during the course of our time at the beach. This product should be removed from the shelves. I have quite olive skin and have never been burnt yet using this product was basically like oiling a roast pork for crackling. My children can’t sleep, they have severe blisters, swelling and are in constant pain. I am totally disgusted that this can pass as being 50plys sunscreen, it should be more appropriately named basting oil.

Great. I recommend it.

I’ve been using this sunscreen for the past several months. It feels good on your skin and I haven’t burnt after spending up to three hours swimming sea water. I recommend it. I recently switched to the fragrance free variety and it’s great as I hate the smell of sunscreen.


I rarely ever wear sunscreen as I do not burn but I did this one day and I burnt severely ! My eldest daughter and I were the only ones who wore it and we were the only ones who burnt to a crisp ! I never burn with no sunscreen and after wearing this for 2 hours I was bright red and peeled badly to the point I couldn't even swim it was so sore ! This sunscreen should be illegal!!!

Do not use!

We applied and reapplied this sunscreen and still got burnt. Will he throwing this out. Unacceptable with the intensity of the sun here.

Great if you want severe sunburn!

Applied to myself and my family before going into the sun, reapplied and we are all severely sunburnt now. I will never purchase again and do not recommend that anyone uses this.

Fantastic, not greasy feels good and works

Fantastic, not greasy, feels good and works. Easy to apply and doesn’t smell like chemicals. Plus I don’t end up with acne breaking out so my skin must like it.

Kids got badly sunburnt

I know how to use sunscreen as I have had a few skin cancers removed. This product is no good. Kids got badly sun burnt. I put it on my kids and reapplied the sunscreen.

Best sun protection ever!

I've used this Sunblock for a few years now, I've used anti cancer council Sunblock and I still get burnt (however I only apply once a day), I work on a farm and am in the sun all day, this Sunblock even though I only apply once a day, I do not get burnt even if I've been in the sun for a full ten hours. I see lots of negative reviews here, but my personal experience it has incredible sun protection. Maybe my skin is not as sensitive as others, but I've never had any reactions to it (obviously with basically any sunscreen if you get it in your eyes it will Sting. At first it does seem like it doesn't rub in very well, but you apply it to an area roughly, then apply to another area, come back to the first area and it will rub in fairly quickly then once it has started to dry slightly.

Eye reaction

Worst product ever! I can’t believe Aldi would stock something so poor. Stings eyes like hell, wish i can upload photos to show you chemical burn this cream created to me. My whole family got sunburned after 3h spent at the beach and reapplied twice! Hope this product goes of the market forever

A fine cheap sunscreen

it's a lot thicker than cancer council sunscreens so it does take more work to rub in but true to it's word it doesn't feel greasy and I can't detect and fragrance. As with all sunscreens do make sure you do a patch test to see if you have a reaction to the ingredients but if you apply it properly it works just as well as more expensive products. I wouldn't recommend this one for swimming however as it does sting a bit more than others I have tried if it gets in your eyes, so it's more suitable for just everyday wear.

Can't live without this!

Aldi are known for cheap bargains. I shop there coz I am on a lower income, so every penny counts. I have had several melanomas and really loathe sunscreen at the best of times. Many on the market are thick and gluggy and leave that horrible Frosty The Snowman appearance on your skin.
THIS doesn't! this is lovely and creamy and goes on to a lovely soft touch feel when it dries. I burn in around 2 minutes so times the 50 gives me around 1 and half hours of protection.
100 mls in a tube and it is easy to flip the lid open and then close and chuck it in your bag. Of course, I use it all up as I regularly apply liberally (as you should!) all over.
Has a slight perfume but nothing over the top. I am sensitive to scent and this is perfectly ok for me.
Highy recommended.
Get out in the summer and enjoy, but whack a ton of this on first!

WARNINNG !Do not use this OMBRA 50+ SUNSCREEN from ALDI!

WARNINNG !Do not use this OMBRA 50+ SUNSCREEN from ALDI!I It cause severe allergenic reaction on my eyes. for 3 weeks,in and out dr with all test, finally I did test on my lower body under rib area with small test left for 4hrs it was reaction and redness appeared in the area.I have been using all sorts of sunscreen for 30 years never seen some thing like this.Aldi immediately must recall this product from the shelf!Burning etch and swelling is the symptoms. Bedir SYDNEY


Are you bringing back the cooling ombra sun screen lotion
I am in brisbane
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho please reply i have nothing else to say


I can’t believe this is even still available
For sale. My son and daughter burnt so bad my sons eyes is red raw and swollen, I had to go
To emergency as he started red blotchy patches all
Over his face. Both kids complained when sunscreen was on it was burning and stinging. Never ever ever again. You pay for what you get I’ve learnt my lesson. Shame in Aldi. Recall the product!!!


I can’t believe this is available for sale in a country like Australia where skin cancer is a certainty!! I bought for the 50+ factor we applied and reapplied religiously and have been dangerously burnt while overseas. Also the chemical smell in this sunscreen is so potent, I’m not sure it’s safe to use on any level.

Chemicals cause terrible rash

A warning - follow the advice here and do not use this sunscreen if your skin is even remotely sensitive. A friend had a new bottle of this which I slathered on my arms, back of my hands and back of my neck and a day later I was covered in red, itchy blotches that, a week later, are still there. I checked the ingredients and yep, most of them are known to cause itchy breakouts. From what I have read here, it sounds like this product is a total dud and dangerous.

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I purchased Ombra 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Daily Defence light tinted feel moisturising lotion. Used it twice but not in sun and looked like I had been scalded with boiling water. Going to try and get money back. Disaster. Aldi Bundoora had it, but like all those things only comes on special occasionally. THANK GOODNESS.
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The one you are referring to is not the one I reviewed. The one I reviewed is in the green larger bottle. The one you mention is a smaller bottle with a light tan colour to it. I'd say you have a reaction to one of the ingredients. I do use the tinted one and it is rather irritating to me too. Obviously not good for sensitive skin but the one I reviewed is not tinted and actually I have no issues on my skin. Hopefully you can read the ingredients on the tan coloured one and see if anything there is the culprit. Cheers.In Australia the law doesn't require sunscreens to list all ingredients. Only actives and preservatives. Check out USA ones. They include "other ingredients" as well.It is in a tube not a bottle at all. As I said it is tinted moisturiser.

Are you bringing back ombra sunscreen cooling? I have no problems with this i sit in the sun all day Love the cooling one
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I don't understand your question. I don't make Ombra, I just use it. I'm not sure what Ombra cooling is, it's not here in Australia as far as I know.

I am having trouble buying OMBRA 50+ Daily Defence tinted light feel moisturising lotion. Have tried my local Aldi stores Carrum and Mordialloc but no-one has. Can you please tell me where I can buy? kind Regards Gaye McArtney
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Hi Gaye, I’m not sure if you read my review but it’s not a good one for Aldi ombra 50 +. I could never recommend anyone to buy this product. I’m not an Aldi member of staff just a customer. If it would assist you I will check my local store in Lilydale for you but please be cautious of the ombra products.I love this product and have been using it for a few years now but, like you, I find it difficult to source. Aldi don't have it on a regular basis so when I do see it I buy 4 at a time!Was only available on special.

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