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Onga Pool Shark

Onga Pool Shark

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Slow coach ~ Stuck In One Spot - Defective piece of rubbish!

Purchased an in-ground fiberglass pool and was recommend Onga. The leader hose ripped on day 5. Tapped up and waited for the replacement. During this time it went from average speed to slow coach. Thought this was due to the DIY repair. A replacement arrived we connected it back together again, but its still moving at a snails pace.

-Lines,basket, filter clear,
-full pressure,
-Hoses pulling water in (until connected to shark)
-Shark clear of debris

Therefore the root cause appears to be a defective slow moving piece of plastic rubbish!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Served well but eventually became too expensive to fix

I bought this one back in 2009 and has been going well. Every 3 years or so I had to replace the rubber components which wasn't too bad. However now it seems to be stuck in one spot and really needs to be totally replaced. So I am considering something else. But it did serve it's time well.

Date PurchasedJul 2009

13 Years and still going

Purchased the Shark pool cleaner when i bought the house 13 years ago and its still cleaning, it is a bit worse for wear now but then again it has been in the pool for all that time but hasn't needed any repairs. It cleans quickly, and has made maintaining the pool very easy.

Date PurchasedJan 2004

The Pentair Sand Shark gets the job done

I have been using my Pentair Pool Sand Shark ( not the Onga Pool Shark) for 3 years with good results. I tried the Kreepy Crawleys, Barracuda and other pool cleaners but they all got stuck in the corners and around the ladder ( I have an above ground pool). The Sand Shark has a turning gear that slowly maneuvers it out of dead end positions.Providing your pump pressure is good the Sand Shark will keep doing its thing. It is not maintenance free though. Once or twice a year I have to replace one or two of the gear sets (about $80 a pop) inside the cleaner as they are made out of relatively fragile in plastic and are prone to wear and breakage - an acceptable cost as I run my cleaner 12 months of the year. The best of what can be an average bunch of cleaners and at around $350 is good value I think.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

I call it stupid

Is there a swivel connection available for this cleaner? Maybe that would solve the problem.
It's easier for me to manually clean the pool than twist the hoses every 3 mins because the shark is stuck.
Think I'll buy a second hand zodiac instead.
I don't like to knock someone's invention but no choice with this item.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great pool cleaner.

I've had the same "Shark" for almost 10 years. We had a pool person repair it once. The pool surface is always clean. It's great in areas that have lots of leaves as the large suction inlet does not get plugged. When this one dies I will most definitely be getting another.

Date PurchasedSep 2006


We have a large house with a large pool surrounded by trees. We had a Polaris robotic cleaner that we spent $500 just getting a new kit put in, what with that and buying new bits of hose and connectors, we must have spent $800 on a cleaner we already had that cost about $1600 a few years back. We tried a Kreepy Crawly it just got stuck. Our pool shop delivered us a $3500 Robotic cleaner to try free for a week, it was absolutely useless. My wife ordered a Pool Shark without my knowledge, when it arrived I almost burst out laughing, I thought does she really think this little toy is going to do Anything in this pool! Well how wrong I was this little Pool Shark is the best pool cleaner I have ever seen and the best $260 dollars we have ever spent it picks up everything, we used to spend hours at the weekends getting leaves out of our pool, Not now, I have put an in line leaf catcher as well But the pool shark still has to pick everything up and it does. Apart from emptying the skimmer and the leaf catcher we hardly touch the pool, I would happily recommend the pool shark to anyone.


Pool Shark was provided with the inground pool in December 2015. From day one it tended to only clean one end of the pool, now it just goes until it hits the wall then stops. Tried all flow setting nothing helps. My pool is rectangular and this cleaner has never been able to get out of a corner. I have spent the past 3 months of a hot summer hand cleaning the pool as often as I can. I will be requesting a refund from the pool builder, they can then take it up with Onga.

Pool Ornament

I paid $495 for a pool shark on the recomendation of the pool company, not that I was presented with any other options. After about 5 visits to my house the distributor was still unable to fix it. It just sat in the same spot rarely moving. 2 friends whom also had pool sharks had the exact same same problem. All 3 of us replaced them with a zodiac mx8 which unlike the pool shark works as it should moving around the pool the whole time without any human intervention.
After so many phone calls and frustration and the pool company trying to make me feel as though I was the first person ever to have problems with their beloved pool sharks, the pool company finally conceded after many months and gave me a $200 refund. So I guess it's now an ornament in the deep end of someone else's pool

Onga pool shark

Selected this auto pool cleaner as it was suggested that most builders place these into new houses with pools being less hassle free than most of the cleaners in its class level.
What a disappointment it just keeps twisting itself up and very rarely cleans our small 25,000lt fiberglass in ground pool i guess it's what you pay for is what you get easier and much quicker to do with the manual alloy handle floor cleaner so don't waste your money on a crap box.

I did look at the self motorised very expensive cleaners but i guess they too have problems although impressed by them. I am not willing to spend the $700 upwards plus most require another pump chewing up more electricity adding more out of pocket.
Dave Armstrong

Also Stuck In One Spot

Had a Kreepy Krauly for 20 years but due to high cost of replacement parts thought I would try this. Have had for nearly a year and I am back to vacuuming manually. It goes to the deep end and stays there. The pool is dirty and unusable unless I do it and I am sick of it. False economy and I have learnt my lesson. Have spent hours and hours adjusting and readjusting. Terrible, terrible, terrible!

Good Cleaner

First Shark - 4-stars: Had ours for about 5 years before it needed parts, and then died a year later (taking the pump with it, damn!) so 6 years was pretty good; did the job well enough to have a good clean pool. Wasn't always perfect, very random around the pool and it never did climb the walls (not that they needed cleaning). Overall, it did the job and a good cleaner and suited our rectangle fibreglass pool. Time to get a new one and only $250, it's a good deal.

Second Shark - 3 stars (review updated 2018): As per above, did us proud and bought another one which sadly needed parts within 1 year and only lasted 3 years, and like other comments, it got stuck in the deep end and maybe it's behaviour had something to do with the new pump but hard to say. I have kept it and used it by pushing it around the pool like a vacuum but time to get a totally different pool cleaner. And yes, parts are expensive.

So we had 2 of these over 10 years, which is good I suppose.

Date PurchasedJan 2008

Always stuck

The spots it goes to are clean but it spends 99% of its time in one spot. i have done every imaginable thing to make it work, pump motors, different hoses different pressures, weights, turbine hose twister. Nothing has worked. Within ten minutes of starting it has found a spot to stop and thats where it stays. Sometimes a corner sometimes the side sometimes a step. Mechanically it has been serviced etc.. All to no avail. Its just my ego and the challenge to finally tame it, that stops me from shooting it.

No problems with it al all! Very efficient!

We had the Onga Great White for our first pool cleaner and it was great other than getting stuck in one spot occasionally. We replaced it with the Onga Pool shark and are equally happy. We have a lot of trees that drop leaves directly into the pool and it manages them very well. I have no hesitation in recommending it.

awfully disappointing!

This is our third Pool Shark and definitely our LAST! Always "hovers" in one spot, usually on a wall or the steps until you take pity on it and move it, and does not pick up any debris unless you manually guide it there! Totally hopeless and a waste of $! Have written to the manufacturers but no reply...


Supposedly "set and forget" but I spend all my time moving it around the pool as it is unable to move itself. We have cleaned the filter and run it on high but still it moves as fast as a snail. It appears to avoid all leaves and gets stuck sitting there vibrating until you release it. It came as part of a pool package when I was a novice. Currently we are hand vacuuming until we buy a better model. Don't be fooled into getting one.

Best Pool Cleaner Ever

Mine has lasted 7 years. Buying another because it has been faultless in that time. Fully adjustable, can make it climb walls a little or a lot. My pool has a very high leaf problem but the pool shark is completely random in its motion - love it. 7 years ago I tried all the big brands in my pool (peanut shape), non we're random, they just did figure 8's and left the rest. You will not find a better cleaner for even 5 times higher price.
It will randomly reverse and change direction - awesome - cleans every inch of the pool.
Nothing - best ever.

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we have had ours 6 years and love it been in the pool 24/7/365 but it now needs replacing..... cant ask for much more, they are only a few hundred bucks. We have a small pool only 20,000ltrs not sure why Ian4328 ones havent worked.

Selling it

Second pool shark i have had and will be the last, only had them as they were given to us when we have had new pools installed. When you get it to work it only goes in a straight line and i have never seen one go up the side of a pool.

Questions & Answers

My grey Pool Shark operates in a saltwater pool. The rubbers on the bumper handle keep splitting in only a few months. The chlorine is sometimes over 3 ppm but only occasionally when there is no swimming. Is this product fault? I know of one where the splitting occured where the chlorinator was faulty and no chlorine was being added to the pool. What happens in a chlorine pool?
No answers

My pool shark only travels three quarters of the pool then turns back. Any ideas?
1 answer
How long is the pipe? If it is too short it will go back, needs some slack to reach the other end.

My pool Shark keeps getting stuck on the side of the pool and will not turn ? Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Scott try twisting the joints of pipe near the shark head and the next couple along . This changes the direction the pool cleaner travels, it might help.


Pool Shark
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