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Onga Hammerhead

Latest review: Really quiet. Our previous barracuda could be heard in some of our bedrooms and always at poolside. The hammerhead is silent unless some leaves get caught in the pressure adjusting intake in the

Pentair Rebel

Latest review: Bought the Pentair Rebel over 12 months ago, first one had to be replaced due to a bearing issue with the wheels. Replacement worked great for a few months, now it just cleans in one area of the

The PoolCleaner 2 Wheel

Latest review: Most people complaining about the cleaner coming up out of the pool have obviously not read the instructions. If it is going too fast and coming out of the water you need to turn the dial on the

Zodiac G2

Latest review: I would give it a zero rating but the site doesn't accept anything less than one star! I spend more time repositioning the cleaner away from the steps and shallow end of the pool than the cleaner

Zodiac MX6

Latest review: Ok for bottom cleaning but I have had to use my old aqua buddy to keep the walls clean in My pebblecrete pool. Also gets caught up in corners. Mx8 with reverse would have been a better buy. Now I

Hy-Clor Poseidon MK2 Automatic

Latest review: I have had my hy chlor mark 2 for about two years. I did write a review shortly after I purchased it and it was very positive. I failed to acknowledge the great response from the help area of the

Zodiac AX10 Activ

Latest review: After 4 years of total frustration with a polaris 280 pressure cleaner, I purchased one of these a few months ago. Super impressed so far, completely cleans the entire pool, including all silt and

Zodiac MX8

Latest review: I've used it now for two weeks and my pool has never looked cleaner. Doesn't miss any areas like previous suction cleaners and cleans around the top perimeter also. Two minor issues, it beached

Zodiac T3 Suction

Latest review: Diaphragms in the zodiac T3 have to be replace about every six months. The quality is so bad I wonder how they ever made it to the market. Mine is a few years old and has had probably six replacement

Onga Pool Shark

Latest review: Purchased an in-ground fiberglass pool and was recommend Onga. The leader hose ripped on day 5. Tapped up and waited for the replacement. During this time it went from average speed to slow coach.

Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo

Latest review: The instruction manual is a joke both supplied and online. I had to watch YouTube video and the thing still isn't working properly after hours of tinkering. My relatively new Zodiac pump has to be on

Baracuda Manta

Latest review: We have mostly palms around the pool and the strands fall in dried up and fresh. We have a few smaller leaves that come from the neighbouring tree and small seeds etc. took a few months to finally

Kreepy Krauly VTX-7

Latest review: Had a Kreepy Krawly before and made the mistake of getting a robotic cleaner after being told it was great. Was disappointed that I went from something automatic to a cleaner that I had to take in

AstralPool S5

Latest review: I have had 2 Zodiac G2 suction cleaners over the past five and a half years my pool is in ground 7 X 3 m,usual replacement of parts required and noisey, often needing to adjust and move when stuck

Zodiac Baracuda G3

Latest review: My pool is 15mx3.5m with two skimmers and a 3-level pump. I have been using two extra pipes, running the pump at the top suction level and using one skimming box (close the other one) to make the

Pool Rover ST

Latest review: I have had a Pool Rover ST for around 10 years on a pebblecrete pool, not perfect but it works well, tried many before but none work as well

Kreepy Krauly VTX-3

Latest review: Had this cleaner for 4 years and haven’t had to replace anything on it yet. We only have a small fibreglass pool, but it hasn’t skipped a beat. Have followed the pool shop’s recommendation to take out

Hayward Navigator / Navigator Pro

Latest review: Since day one and I have emails to prove it, my Navigator Pro has not worked and when it did, the plastic wings on the side scratched the hell out of the bottom of my pool - just the bottom because

Kreepy Krauly Sprinta Plus

Latest review: We have this product part of the new pool package. It works well but this product with a very short life cycle. The Konnector between the head and hose is just a very thin plastic material. It

Bestway Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Latest review: This is a great item. I've used it for a month now, and really does a great job! I would definitely recommend this to anyone! I am really happy, thank

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