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Inaccurate Data

Property value much less than independent and bank valuations. Am not sure where core logic is getting data from. Definitely don’t use this as any price guide when purchasing. Think a reputable agent has much more idea of market value.


Crazy and so incorrect, not just my home but previous family homes. It's beyond crazy really.

I am still looking for the 4th bedroom, (which isn't existing by sight), now wondering if there is an underground room no one knows about. Then telling me my house is older than in reality. Really need to check facts!!


false and misleading

neighbours house sold less than a year ago for $1.1million. on the house said value then was $1.2million. core logic data clearly says values have gone up in area 11%. On the house now says property is valued at $865k... go figure!
how misleading can you get.


Fantastic site to annoy deluded and greedy vendors.

This site is hilarious. So many errors! They regularly overvalue properties in my neighbourhood by over 10% (as at June 2019).

OnTheHouse estimated 8 Shady Grove, Nunawading was worth $855,000. It sold on the weekend for $767,000.

18 Heather Grove, Nunawading was valued at $1.2m. It sold for under $900k.

But I'm not sure what is funnier - the bad valuations or the reviews here from people who believe their house is somehow worth significantly more than land value. Houses are a depreciating asset, no different to a car. And although land normally appreciates, this hasn't happened since late 2017. Your house and land have both tanked and neither are going up for few years to come.

And by the way, interest rates going down are not a good sign for the property market. They are a sign that the economy is going backwards. I hope you all still have your jobs once the recession hits. It will be the first since the 1980s, but it is coming.


Misleading & deceptive conduct

This website is very misleading, very unprofessional, very difficult to deal with.
Without available to the public details about the property, they provide users with utterly false information without any approval from the owners. They refuse to remove false details when asked by the owners of the property. They don't even apologise for the frustration they cause to the owners. I can see, that I am not the only one, dissatisfied with this website. The world would be much better place if the websites like this one, were run by reliable and trustworthy people, and most of all better trained to run the business.

Unbelievable - Baseless changes in prices

This week auctions have been more successful and reserves beaten in my area. So what has on the house done overnight? It has dropped the estimated value of houses in my area by 10% to 15%.

Unbelievable - in every sense.


Very inaccurate and manipulated

Prior to being contacted by on the house team, they listed value of my property around 700k after i explained we spent over 200k with extensions etc, they said it would be higher in value. But when i decided not to sell at this time, the value posted was posted at the same price i paid 8 years ago. A recent official valuation came in at 950k plus. On the house 400k out. I tried to contact them but they didn't reply. I had planned to use them but wont now.


Totally incorrect

I found our new build on here.
271m2 4 bed 2 bath

Mmmmmm not sure where they get their info but seruously WRONG!!

We have 380m2 including outdoor living, which in Qld is a must have
5 bedroom, master has retreat and dressing room (guest room is located near rumpus so seperate from others)
3 living areas
2.5 baths as there is a loo in the laundry (laundry is off rumpus so partys and guests)

9ft celings, floor to ceiling tiled feature walls and half walls in wet areas, security screens all round, stacker doors the entire back of house, free standing bath, 1500x1200 showers, free standing oven with gas cook top and canopy range hood, stone benchtops through out 40mm to kitchen, wip, large bedrooms all with full wall built ins, fans to all rooms and patios, aircons in family and master, quality wide 5mm vinyl planks and carpet on 10mm underlay throughout the home.

They clearly have no idea!!!!!!

P.S i am NOT uploading my proof of purchase to your website. That is personal, if you want confirmation you know where i live...


Don't trust them

House valued $1.89M last month. This month down to $1.1M. Our friends place a few streets away is now worth less then what they paid for 7 years ago. Cant trust them


This site is very damaging. They don't realise they are dealing with people's financial future. Details are incorrect. Nothing if right. If people look at this site and match to a property the estimate that On the house gives is so misleading, so low and all of the details are incorrect.

Complete rubbish... should complain to ACCC

Zero stars. Incorrect "data", ridiculous estimates of value, lists comparable sales that are not comparable. Now the site is listing my house as for sale (which it is not), with an agent who does not even do house sales! Multiple emails asking for this to be removed... either no response, or assurances that they have fixed it when they have not. Currently talking to Fair Trade about them...should make a complaint to the ACCC


More damaging than useful !

I contacted Onthehouse a few times to inquire about properties and giving them specifics, as their 'algorithm' only factors in the size of the block and the number of rooms, which is - obviously - anything but sufficient to estimate the value of a property.
The response we got was: 'Thank you for submitting your enquiry. We have received your message and will endeavour to respond within three business days. We appreciate your feedback.'
And then a generic e-mail along the lines: 'The Calculated Estimate is mathematically calculated using vast array of data sourced from government agencies, real estate industry and other 3rd party data agencies. etc etc' - This is absolutely useless. I have seen estimates going up and down 150k for a 900k property within a few months, with no reason provided and nothing changing at the properties and in the neighbourhood or suburb.

This is highly disturbing. The Ombudsman should look into the practices of 'Onthehouse' - this is an awful and highly inaccurate way to assess what others own.

What right do you have to display my home on your site, complete with photos we paid for?

Most inaccurate reflection of a seller's home. No consent sought to display photos we purchased of our home. This is a real invasion of privacy and does not even reflect our banks evaluation of the property, which is a conservative estimate. Onthehouse.com.au does not appear to be accountable in anyway for their inaccurate estimates, nor for invading a family's privacy. Despicable you!

Totally inaccurate and misleading.

Call an agent to give you an estimate as this company is not worth the time it takes to click onto a link. They are totally inaccurate and misleading to buyers and sellers. They should be removed from the internet for this.

Absolutely terrible

Inaccurate data and very unfair to sellers. You are ruining our livelihoods with yr disgraceful low valuations. This should be illegal as you are giving buyers false information and preventing reasonable offers.

Automated sewage

This company imposes alleged automated data which is neither requested, approved nor correct, only creating misinformation and increasing their exposure to a class action libel lawsuit for publishing falsehoods which causes lost sales and financial losses to homeowners. My irrational shown $685K "off-market" value (?) counters the $2.7M appraisals and asking prices by the shown several open agent listings!! Simply stated, no one can value a property they haven't seen, are unaware of additions or improvements and their relevant costs, or unfamiliar with its location benefits or a non-urban market. Alleging all is based on logarithims reminds me of the saying, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t", which is what their alleged "product" is worth. Trying now to demand they delete publishing any info on my property, which should be my recognised legal right, otherwise will consult with a solicitor.

Completely inaccurate and not up to date

Our house is on this site with the incorrect number of bedrooms, carports and date built. They do not know any of the renovations or work that has been done, but even disregarding that they have listed it for less than absolute dumps with smaller land sizes. I have tried to rectify this by updating information and sending it to them but the price does not change. I think this is terrible because if we ever decide to sell and people actually believe the false data on the site they will think the house is overpriced, but the site is not up to date at all and I think it is a scam for people to contact real estate agents, valuers and home lenders. They don't care about the inaccurate data and the fact that some people may be affected

The Worst

They valued the property at $1,715,000 in March 2018....March 2019 $1,000,000....and that's after Solar installed and a $50,000 upgrade....go figure ?? Taking any notice of this totally inaccurate nonsense is a waste of time.

this is absolutely inaccurate!

Compare Neighbours! As per sold history, looks like the property growing is much lower than neighbour! i dont know why??? and this month compare last month, there are 1 million different!! unbelivable! but neighbours property price stay same!!!

False Information cost us a sale

False and misleading information at its finest - as a vendor this has cost us a sale due to an incorrect sales history listing. You would think as a product of RP Data they’d be accurate. Purchased the property for $400k in 09’ and apparently we sold it in the 15’ for $578k... we still live there and now we’re on the market at market value and buyers think the property has decreased in value!

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Questions & Answers

why all the customer reviewing are so bad. your agent should closing now cause you are misleading many other customers. ACCC should involved this .
2 answers
I fully agree ! Onthehouse should not be allowed to disseminate misleading information and sell it as 'accurate'. They even do not rectify when they are alerted nor do they provide a satisfying response. Even their response seems to be 'written' by an algorithm. I am not sure of what the legal implications of their practices are.The reviews are bad because this people are unprofessional, with zero knewlege and zero respect to the property owners. They don't know anything about the properties, they copy some details from the legit realestate companies and do the guess work for the information they can't obtain. They do whatever they like. You can ask them several times to delete false and misleading information about your property, but they will ignore you completely. This website should be removed from the web completely. It takes time for the property owners to go through the legal process, that's why most people just ignore this website. You can't trust them at all. They will ruin your property value. Some action must be taken to stop this website from misleading the public.

Hi the house on the profile has been replaced by a new home so when is it going to get updated?
No answers

Has anyone managed to get their property completely off this site?
2 answers
We tried. Technically they could argue they obliged our request to remove the house from their website because they took photo of the house off the site. They now show only the block with a description of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and dbl garage-on an "empty" block!. The price quoted (<$320K) was the original price asked for the block only by the agents selling it in 2006. The fact that their initial description of the house (in spite of the street photo they used - probably from Google Earth) was so out of whack does not inspire any confidence in their "estimates". The potential collateral damage for sellers and purchasers is that poorly informed estimates generate certain unrealistic expectations for both. Our experience does not appear to be isolated; perhaps the industry should be regulated to ensure transparency and accountability. In that context, it is appropriate that we declare that neither I nor my partner is in the industry and that we have no links with the industry other than thru normal purchasing/selling as individuals.Not yet. They will supress the estimated value if you request that via email but the sales history will still show the prices that the property has sold for and the photos remain. A similar company told me they will remove the sold price if I can get Landata (a Vic goverment business that sells the information to these companies) to supress the sale price. I rang Landata today, didn't get any empathy and was told I had to email my request to Landata.enquiries@delwp.vic.gov.au Will see if that works!

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