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Optimum 400

Optimum 400

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Plastic parts keep breaking

I use this juicer on daily basis for nearly 5 years now, only for juicing vegetables. I make about three glasses a day from carrots, greens, beetroot, cucumber etc. Whilst I am satisfied with the quality of the juice, I don't think that it matches some other brands in this price range that I have tried- i.e. the juice is not as smooth and as thick as it could be. My biggest remark, however, is that when you are using it on regular basis plastic parts just don't cope, even though I do cut veggies into quite small pieces. I have basically replaced the whole plastic body now and some of the individual parts (the strainer , the bowl) few times already. It is adding up to be an expensive juicer, but more than that, I hate the fact that I am adding plastic to the landfill. Also, the motor broke around 4 year mark and whilst it was ( still is) under warranty and I do appreciate quick local service that I got through Froothie, I 'm finding it all to be a lot of hustle. My regret is that I didn't look into buying a stainless steel juicer to begin with.

Purchased in November 2014 for $280.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Hey Alex! The Optimum 400 is the first ever juicer launched by Optimum 5 years ago and significant improvements were made since (we are even including a lifetime warranty with some models!), however you should not be having so many issues and I would like to personally investigate the matter for you. Please email me to roy@froothie.com.au and I will attend to it ASAP (First thing I do every day when I wake up is check customer emails :-) ) Kindly awaiting your reply, and thank you immensely for sharing your feedback Alex!Hi, although I have followed the link for the review provided to me after the purchase, my review ended up in Optimum 400 section - it should be for Optimum 600. Thanks for your quick response

Great juicer (with some idiosyncrasies)!

I also own an optimum 9400 blender which I use almost daily to make smoothies, and I'm very happy with this machine and the customer service I've received from Froothie. So when it came to purchasing a juicer I wanted to stick to the same company again. Froothie occasionally sells 'factory reconditioned' items, which usually are ex-demo models, at a great discounted price and with the same warranty and 30 day return policy as its new items. So it's worth asking, or checking out their website and ebay store (seller location Vermont) to see what's currently available. I bought the Optimum 400 and absolutely love this machine. Initially I struggled with it, especially when juicing celery and leafy greens, as the fibres would completely clog the pulp chute and also the grinder inside. I think the many youtube videos about the Optimum 400 (by Rory Bland etc.) slightly misrepresent the capabilities of this machine, as in the videos large pieces are inserted, implying that this is how the machine works best. Some veggies / fruits work well in bigger size bites, e.g. carrots, apples, anything that's not stringy inside, but especially celery or kale and other 'stringy' fruits and veggies need to be cut quite small (think salad size bites) to not block the pulp chute. If you follow this one advice, your juicer will work perfectly, no problems at all. I haven't tried the optimum 600 or 700, but reading reviews people still complain about the pulp chute getting blocked and looking at videos on youtube they are still cutting their fruits and veggies relatively small - this is despite all the hype from froothie which implies one can insert whole celery stalks without any problems. Anyway, just be aware that you may need to cut your veggies small, no matter what juicer you buy. For me, the optimum 400 is a good solution.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Wouldn't settle for less

Although this is my first ever juicer I'm sure it's the best on the market. I've seen friends use different ones and there's just no comparison. It is quiet, no mess and easy to clean. Initially I struggled to take it apart for cleaning and the instructions manual wasn't quite clear enough but when I rang them they were very helpful. After I got used to it the whole process is a breeze. There are many parts but with the brush provided it only takes a few minutes.
The little red stopper under the cup is quite flimsy and mine broke after a short time. But I just keep using it with no problems. There are also spares that came with the machine so it's not a big worry.
All in all a great juicer and it's not one that you'd put away just because you can't be bothered to clean it.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Best juice ever

I use my juicer at least once a week even after having it for over a year. Other juicers just end up in storage after a month or 2 but this makes such good fruit/veg juice it is additive for the whole family. Cleaning takes a few minutes but still better than other juicers we have tried

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Excellent value cold press juicer!

I love how quiet this machine is, just purrs along extracting juice in a clean, efficient way.
Once I got used to using it it became quite easy. The instructions were simple and the support team have been very quick in responding to my emails - very impressed with that!
The jugs it comes with are great for pouring too.

I'd prefer a bigger chute but Froothie do have juicers with bigger chutes so the option is there and well worth considering.

Occasionally it's hard removing the bowl after juicing, it's like there's a vacuum/pressure that forms, but a wiggle and firm pressure gets it off.

Love that it keeps the enzymes intact.

Washing up is not that hard once you're used to it, it disassembles easily enough and there are just a few parts to wash.
The little brushes etc that come with it are very useful in cleaning everything.

All in all a great product that does it's job well, quietly and efficiently.

Thanks for a great product Team Froothie.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Great cold pressed juicer and affordable price.

Produces quite a lot of juice for a cold pressed juicer. It is fairly quiet compared to other juices I've had in the past. It is a bit difficult to clean just because there are quite a few parts that need to be washed up, but once you get the hang of it, it's fine. Great company as well, always had amazing service by them.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Happy Juicer

I'm very happy with my juicer it has exceeded my expectations.

The juicer keeps me very healthy and I believe it gives me a positive mindset.

I juice mostly green vegetables and minimal fruit. I use it twice a week and I juice as a meal replacement. This saves me money too.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Great Juicer

I have had this juicer for a few years now. At first I didn't like it as it kept leaking when I was juicing. After contacting Froothie Support (who are absolutely fantastic !!) I was advised that I was not chopping the vegetables small enough - yes I was leaving them rather chunky, and they also gave me lots of other great advice. They also emailed me thru a copy of the manual and a recipe book which did not come initially with the machine. Once I started doing this no problems what so ever. I love the juice it delivers as there is still some substance / body to it as it lets some of the fibre come thru depending on which strainer you choose to utilise. Also easy to clean. Overall great product and great company :)
I owned an Oscar prior to this and prefer my Optimum so much more !


I am so over my optimum 400,
That little red rubber on the back of the bowl keeps coming out,
The bowl itself wobles and comes of the gearing system,
Very annoying .
Having to put one hand on the top of the juicer with pressure just too juice a few pieces of fruit.

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Hello Michael, I am sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing with your Optimum 400. Based on the feedback you have provided it is very likely there is a fault with the juicer. Please contact me directly at francois@froothie.com.au or by calling +61 3 8609 2210 and I will attend to the matter ASAP. You can also contact our 24x7 Warranty and Support team at www.froothiesupport.com Kind regards :-) Francois Froothie Support

Great juice - design fault with chamber bowl attachment

I'm only about 5 sessions in (carrot juice junkie) and see some fundamental issues with the design of how the juicing chamber bowl connects with the Optimum 400's base motor, specifically when juicing hard vegetables.

It produces great juice but this is what I experienced from the beginning. The bowl does not affix securely to the base motor but rather kind of clips onto three raised ridges. I noticed a very gentle wobble when the unit is turned on despite everything in the right place. The wobble increases when juicing carrots, requiring me to place downward pressure on the top to have it sit back down on those three raised ridges. Left unchecked, it will displace itself and leak juice as it breaks the seal of the central crushing screw and place pressure on the hopper holding the chamber together. Even when not turned on, the chamber pops off on its own, like a shallow inserted cork out of bottle of champagne. This is not a robust way to stay attached over the long term.

I can't see any manufacturing defect, it was assembled with care but despite that, I had one wobbling session left unchecked, the chamber lifting up a few mm, the hopper lid getting too much pressure from the crushing screw and carrot (it was not overstuffed) and it was too much for the plastic grooves of the hopper/top of the chamber bowl and the unit's safety kicked in (thankfully).

Really wanted to like this, but can't get past the design of the how the bowl attaches, it would seem it needs a screw in design or metal arm to hold down the entire chamber together securely.

Reading up on the unit, I think the unit is actually a Korean model Hurom HU-500 which might explain the woeful assembly instructions on the manual. They are not in any way associated with the clarity of the marketing material which is all produced by an agency. Seriously, one graphic of the assembly is pointless without referring to ridges that need to line up inside the chamber or properly explaining how to know the screw is affixed correctly (does it turn or not when the machine is off?).

I'm not being deliberately negative. This juicer has convinced me of how great cold press juicing can be. I also own a Breville juice fountain which I never use as it sounds like I'm destroying a small forest. If I consider another unit, I will have to scrutinise how the parts assemble/hold together.

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Hello Pixel, the wobble you are experiencing with the Optimum 400 is unusual, please contact me directly at francois@froothie.com.au and I would like to personally investigate this matter and have it resolved ASAP :-) You can also email me at francois@froothie.com.au or call me on +61 3 8609 2210 Kind regards Francois Froothie Support

no more fruit and vegetable wastage

I have owned the Optimum 400 Cold Press Juicer for a few months now, after my breville high speed bit the dust.
After some careful research on product review and youtube, the Optimum 400 seemed like the smart choice.
Its amazing the flavours i get from my juice now, i had no idea how much of the fruit and vegetables i was wasting with the high speed juicer. We use the juicer everyday to make fresh juices. I highly recommend the Optimum ."

Great juicer for the price

I came across froothie UK when looking for a blender, then a friend told me about how Masticating slow juicers were the best option and I saw the optimum 400 juicer on the site and after reading reviews, decided to order it. I received the juicer within 72 hours and have had it just over a week now. I also bought the 9400 blender.

It's an superb juicer and I have also used it for almond milk, the almond milk had some fine pulp in it but I was using it for a smoothie so this didn't really matter. The yield is outstanding, a medium sized pyrex dish full of chopped fruit and veg makes exactly a litre. Today for example this comprised of two small oranges, four small apples, two celery sticks, one small cos lettuce, one small beetroot, four carrots, a mini cucumber and a small piece of ginger. In a centrifrugal juicer that amount would just about make 500ml, in my experience.

I would rate the juicer as excellent but with just a couple of minor quibbles. Firstly, sometimes the auger can get very firmly stuck inside the bowl after juicing and it is quite a task to get it to loosen so everything else can be disassembled for washing. It happens maybe one out of three occasions but it's frustrating when it does. Secondly the plastic used for the clear bowl is quite soft and easily scratched just by pulp and even by the cleaning brush included, even if great care is taken. I was expecting the bowl to be of a similar hardness and durability to the 9400 blender jug. If the clear bowl was available cheaply as a spare part this wouldn't be so bad, but so far it hasn't been added to the accessories page of the store. Thirdly the tamper isn't well sealed and gets water inside when washed but it's impossible to open and clean inside. Lastly though it's nothing to do with the juicer itself, the cleaning brush has snapped in two already. I have contacted froothie just now about this and am awaiting a response.
excellent price, great customer service, juicer works exactly as is claimed
sometimes tricky to disassemble after use, bowl material could be better, cleaning brush not durable enough for the job

great product

Initial slight hiccup caused by trying to juice in reverse - should have realised an australian product would have the switches upside down! Otherwise excellent
practically everything
would prefer switches the right way up

Awesome stuff

It has been an eye opening experience just how good juicing is and this machine in particular. I never write reviews but this is such a life saving juicer that I had to.
It is simple, effective and does the job with no fuss. It is always going to be a hassle to clean a juicer but with a little practice you can get this done in three to four minutes entirely. It's best if you don't rejuice the pulp but some stuff is better off rejuiced and you have to clean a little harder.
Its well worth the money and I hope it lasts!
Simple, effective, quiet, relatively easy to clean.
Can be a bit fiddly to put together until you have some practice at it.

Luv it!!!!

I've found the perfect juicer for my budget and my requirements. Fresh juice daily, frozen desserts, almond milk for my shakes, you name it! I've even made Tofu!!! I now couldn't be without it and the kids find it simple to use too they love making real fruit juice ice poles!

Absolutely love my Optimum 400 Juicer

I just love my Optimum 400 Juicer. The whole juicing process is so easy. The pulp is amazing too, we freeze it and use in cooking so nothing is wasted and we still get all the fibre. I have had other juicers in the past, but honestly, this is just top quality and I recommend to anyone that wants to make great juices! The service at Froothie is also top quality.

High quality machine

Quiet, efficient, easy to clean, sits neatly on bench for easy access, able to juice all types of veggies hard, soft, stringy. Very impressive machine - love it.

The Best

I love this juicer. I've had a Breville juicer in the past and very rarely used it because of the noise and unbelievably difficult and messy process of cleaning the 'thing'.. The Optimum 400 is amazingly quiet, gives me a higher yield of juice from my produce than my old Breville.. and a quick rinse and its clean. The way it quietly chomps & grinds through even the hardest carrots or beetroot and gives up a smooth, lump free juice always makes using it a real pleasure.

Highly recommended!

I've had the Optimum 400 for a month now and absolutely love it! It's become an easy routine to make vegetable and fruit juices. I usually do not like to use things that requires much assembly and cleaning but this was really easy! It is one of the best investments I've made so far as it is exceptional value for the price I paid. Customer service at Froothie was fantastic as the online chat support team answered my queries very promptly.

The King of Juicers

The Optimum 400 is a great invention. I make juice every morning for myself and my wife, and it's the best start to our day. I like how it separates the pulp, and I find it a breeze to clean with minimal water. Compared to our last juicer (centrifugal), this is heaven. We feel healthier, and our glowing complexions are living proof.

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Questions & Answers

How much is the 400 Juicer in Australia? Is is cheaper than the 600 Juicer? And is postage free? I live in Launceston Tasmania
1 answer
Hello Rineke, thank you for your question. You can find all the necessary price information directly on this link https://www.froothie.com.au/store/optimum-juicer together with shipping prices if applicable. You can contact us directly at support@froothie.com.au if you have any questions :)

How much is it. Where is it made from?
2 answers
It is made in PRC, which means China. I got it on special at around $250, but you might want to check their website for current price and specials.Hello Nguyet, better late than never :) Optimum© is an Australian-owned company, based in Melbourne and sold globally. The Optimum blenders and juicers are manufactured in Taiwan, Korea and China and assembled at an ISO9000 and ISO9001 certified factories. All parts and appliances by Optimum are manufactured with remarkable precision using the highest quality materials. Optimum conducts extensive testing to achieve full product certification and accreditation to meet the industry’s Quality Control Standards. More details about the Quality Control standards available here: http://optimumappliances.com/quality-standard Froothie is an Australian company with branches around the world, see froothieinternational.com and froothie.com.au/aboutus, having sold tens of thousands of machines worldwide with great reviews. All products are covered by a 24 x 7 Warranty team and nation-wide service centers. Hope that helps!

I need spares on it. Where must I get it from?
2 answers
Froothie should has it. If not, just email the support guys and ask. http://www.froothie.com.au/store/product-accessories/Hello Willie, Please contact our 24/7 Support and Warranty team at www.froothiesupport.com and they will be able to assist you with spare parts for your OIptimum 400 juicer. Have a lovely day :) Froothie Support Team


Optimum 400
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