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Oral-B ProfessionalCare 500

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 500

MPN: PC500
4.1 from 40 reviews

DONt like this at all

Super strong vibrating so that my whole head is moving, causes sensitivity from too much power. Not simple to work the settings and also feels quite heavy to hold which is annoying

Bought for Kids

Purchased 2 for the kids who now don't mind brushing their teeth. Easy to replace heads make it easy to keep clean and up to date.
Product still going strong after 12 months so appears to be robust and set for a long journey.

Had it for years

Works well even though I've probably had it for 7 years now or more. The battery needs constant charging now but that is fine considering its age. Brushes are a bit expensive.

My teeth have never felt so smooth

I never realized the difference an electric toothbrush could make. This toothbrush leaves my teeth feeling so much cleaner than my previous manually toothbrush. I also purchased more for the kids as they are great for my son who hates brushing his teeth and just holds it in his mouth without moving it. My only issue would be I thought they would hold charge longer than a couple of uses, however they are easy enough to charge with the charger

Never go back to manual

This toothbrush is fantastic. I spent 20 years of my life using a manual toothbrush and since I switched to electric I’m not going back! the brush head is a great size, nice and small to get into all the hard to reach places, and the intensity of the movement of the brush is perfect to get a thorough clean. The vibrating timer is a nice touch because I never realised how long it took to properly clean my teeth! Battery life is also great. My only issue is that the charging dock (although it’s been super handy) always gets dirty and gross from the toothbrush moisture, no matter how careful I am when docking. I’d recommend letting the brush completely dry before docking.

Very Efficient

This is a great purchase because it gives a really good scrub of your teeth, it also has an inbuilt timer so the toothbrush vibrates when you have been brushing for more than 2 minutes so you know you've used it long enough. My husband and I have the same brush but he has had his little bit longer and so the charge doesn't hold as long as it used too that being said it still last a few brushes.

Good quality

I like this product and use for more than 20 years. This is one of best electronic teeth brush which made from German. Good quality and last long for 10 years.

Way over advertised but gets the job done

I believe they way over advertise this electric tooth brush as being the top best out there. I got it to get that so called sparkling results but my normal electric brush would have done the same apart from it does and got this one. It may clean a little more better but can't see the difference really!

Very good toothbrush!

Definitely using an electric toothbrush has improved my gum health and removed more plaque from my teeth. This product has been excellent to use holds its charge for a long time Easy to store highly recommend it

Great cleaner teeth

This product has been excellent to use holds its charge for a long time and comfortable in hand, bristles are a perfect height , they are not too hard nor too soft. Kind on your gums and a thourough clean.
Highly recommended

Cleaner teeth

My toothbrush really makes my teeth feel cleaner than if I use a regular tooth brush. My gums and mouth feel healthier as well. I also feel I have fresher breath cause my teeth are no longer rotting. Thanks oral b.

Best and cheapest electric toothbrush.

Definitely using an electric toothbrush has improved my gum health and removed more plaque from my teeth. I like the fact that the toothbrush has a 2 minute timer already preinstalled and the fact that you can just charge it instead of replacing batteries. It's easy to store and I can usually go 3-4 days without charging it but I usually do it in between as well. This particular toothbrush is cheaper than others and has many different heads you can choose from when needing to replace it.

thorough job

The electric action does make cleaning more efficient and thorough. We've been using oral B for years now - very happy. The battery lasts forever. It's very user friendly, having been designed especially for this purpose - is as gentle as desired.


had this one for a long time. this is the 2nd one i m using. the 1st one lasted abt 3 yrs then battery went too weak that i had to charge it every 3 or 4 days. so now the 2nd one, working great. dont need to charge for abt 2 weeks.

Clean teeth

This product cleans my teeth much better then a normal toothbrush. I like that it has different toothbrush heads to choose from. It's easy to store does not take a lot of space and charges up really quick. Can use it up to few days without charging. The whole family has one.

Great Toothbrush Happy With It

Kids gave me this for Christmas and I have been using it since. It does a fine job with its pulsating action and although I was indifferent at first, I now thing it does do a much better job of cleaning the old teeth. Replacement heads are a little dear but they often go on special. I am happy with it

Cant live without it

Brushing my teeth has never been easier, its quick and simple.
The charge lasts for about 2 days, but after every use I place it back on the charger so im never running out of charge!

My teeth couldn't be any more clean!

I have had this toothbrush for quite for some time and it has been fantastic! There is no electric toothbrush which has lasted me so much time.This toothbrush is capable of allowing you to brush your teeth in a minimum amount of time with the finishing product of clean white teeth.


Compared with Colgate, I found that Oral-B is much better. The head rotates, and also moves a bit sideways, so I can clean my teeth within one or two minutes!

Best one I’ve had

My teeth feel very clean after use. I like everything about it. It’s very easy to store and use also easy to keep clean. I do wish the brushes weren’t so expensive.
For me the charge will last for at least 3 days

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ProfessionalCare 500
Price (RRP)$79
Release dateOct 2011

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  • MPN: PC500

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