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Amazing money transfer service

We have been using Orbit for over 7 years now. It is so easy to use, they give great exchange rates and pay the money very quickly. My whole family uses it now as we are spread across the globe :)

Beware - not able to delete account or turn off email notifications

I opened an account with OrbitRemit to get a better idea of how it worked and to view their user interface. The days following opening the account I received countless unsolicited emails from them. I went into to account settings to find that notifications cannot be amended and that there is no way to completely delete my account!!...... I therefore wrote to OrbitRemit support who informed me 'Please be advised that we are unable to delete your account, what we will do however is suspend it. Kind Regards, Ethan, OrbitRemit'.......This is completely unsatisfactory that once opening an account that it cannot be deleted or notifications turned off without having to write to support. There is now absolutely no chance that I would use OrbitRemit in the future, I have no confidence in their product / company. Do yourself a favour and try TransferWise instead.

Do not try sending money through orbit remit

I successfully transferred money 2x except with the 3rd. They took my money straight away then later on informed me that my bank details doesnt match with my account, on the third transfer. I called them and sorted everything out when I did my 2nd transfer so I don't understand why they did not put it on my record - meaning I have to call them and explain, send my identifications every time I send money? Why take my money then tell me that my bank account doesn't match? I called them many many times but no luck at all!! I sent an email but no reply to this date. They informed me that my money has been returned to my bank on the 20th Dec. It's already January 2019 but I haven't received my money back!!!

Is anyone there????

I have been trying all day to call someone on the phone. I have called and left messages on the UK, NZ and Australia phones. No-one home. My recipients in the UK have now dropped 3000 pounds while I have been waiting to transfer money to them.

Very happy

First time use and is very happy with the transactions ,very quick process and now make me so easy for transfer money to Indonesia

Great service. Great pricing

Been using Orbit for a couple of years now to send money on a regular basis to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. On each and every occasion the transactions have gone smoothly and with no issues. Great world class product and backup service.

Great value

Transferred proceeds of a house sale. Huge savings. Lots of documentation, which I know is a legal requirement (I was more annoyed with the lawyers, as I had used them before, and they already had so many documents).

Good service

First time send money to Philippine bank account received less than twenty four hours. I will use Orbitremit again to send money overseas..

Nervous first time

Being a first time user I’m starting to get worried as the reviews iv read is quite shocking.my address identification doesn’t seem to be processing and iv received a email saying my transfer to intended destination is void(canceled?)after the fact iv already sent money to Orbitremit account.i know it’s still early days but should I be worried?this was supposed to be easy and fast but not so sure now

Take Your Money & Then Take Weeks To Return It

OrbitRemit immediately took our money when we attempted our first transfer.
Then came a continual barrage of requests for more and more documentation about our business and me personally.
Eventually we gave up and asked for our money back.
Then came a continual barrage of requests for more and more documentation about our business and me personally.
Yes, they'll take your money with very limited information BUT once they have it you can't get your money transferred or even get your money back without jumping through hoops.
It took weeks for us to get our money back.

Great service with smooth transaction

First time used Orbit remit to send money to Sri Lanka. Funds were transferred in one working day with excellent customer service.
Great exchange rate . Definitely use again and highly recommend !

Referral reward not transferred yet

I referred orbit remit to 3 of my friends and they have transferred money too but its been almost 2 months and orbit remit has not transferred me the referral reward of $150 yet. Not so happy...

Transfer Problem. Where's my money?

I did transfer request to OrbitRemit with transfer number 2404965. I already transferred my money to OrbitRemit. But I got the email from OrbitRemit that explained that my transfer request has been cancelled. What should I do? Where’s my money? I already sent email, used chat feature in the application, and called the phone number of OrbitRemit in Australia, but it’s nothing. They didn’t reply or answered it.

Pathetic with support and takes ages- slow, holds your money and terrible customer service

Such a pathetic company to deal with, i have been giving them all the documents and they keep on saying we need to check and review. I have initiated transfer on 11th May and they don't seem to respond in time, no calls no proper correspondence. I think all these fund transfer companies including orbitremit, instarem are terrible at customer service and keeps the money with them harassing customers to spend endless times with no outcome. My money is stuck with them and i hope some regulation can stop them from operating until they get the process right.
ORBIT Remit the name you should avoid and beware!

Great Service!!

My friend recommended this to me to send money to Philippines. I've got problems with my transaction due to my own mistakes and their support team was guiding me how to get back on track. I'm really thankful that they were so active to follow up my request and answer my question. Security and low fees are not only the good things that they have. I will recommend this to my family, relatives and friends. Thank you Orbit Remit Team.

Best remittance service on the Internet!!

Fantastic company!!! I have been using them for some time and it never fails me! Jess is the best person to contact when it comes to their service. Bravo!!!

Great service and low fee.

I've used OrbitRemit four times to send money to Vietnam. The first two transfers had money received in the VN account the next business day. The third and forth required further proof for the large sum transferred, therefore, took a day longer. Other than that, the fees were outstanding. I highly recommend this service if you are in no rush to get money in a foreign account within the same business day.

I've noticed previous customers had trouble reaching the OrbitRemit team on phone. From my experience, I was able to reach them and they've requested if they could call me back most of the time. On all occasions, they did contact me back as promised. Thank you.

Poor customer service, slow response and processing

Last Dec 2017, i transferred money going to USA. I requested for refund but until today 24/02/2018, the money hasn't sent back to me. Tried calling their phone but no one is answering. No answer for 7 days from them (and still counting) in their website support messaging.

good rate ever

Good exchange rate. AU to PhP. I always use orbitremit to send money. Low fee and your money is secure and 100% receive by your love ones.

Payment stuck

Sending money first time to Nepal and it's been 3 days with the app stuck at "awaiting payment from user", I suppose it’s natural for the first time

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Questions & Answers

Hi.. I transfered a sum of money yesterday to the ORBIT remit account to pay the funds to nz account but i check my orbit remit and its saying payment void ??? Why is this when I transfered the $$ straight away. Im very worried. Please has this happened to any one before ???
2 answers
I have the same problem. Have they solved your problem?It is probably your Australian Bank? When I transfer money online from Westpac to another Westpac account, or St George to another St George account, it disappears for a few days. I assume a number of other banks are the same. From one bank to another in NZ is (usually) there by the time you log in.

Is orbit remit suitable and secure for transferring large amounts of money 100,000 +?
4 answers
I only transfer smaller amounts, I would refer you to their web site and ask themThanks for the adviceIcdub66, As you could see from my review they just stole my NZ$1900 in December, now is May..I got nothing back.

Im just wondering how long does it takes the processing after i transfer the money to their orbitremit bank account...i just did my first transfer payment to philippines cash pick up and ive done it paying to there orbitremit bank account this morning and now am still waiting for there aproval of my payments...any idea guyz?..cheers
2 answers
I transfer Thursday morning and money is in NZ account Friday night! BrilliantIt is normally 24 hours after the payment is cleared (normally two days for me to the Philippines). Their service number is also good if you have problems.

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