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World First

World First

3.7 from 6 reviews

Great rates & Service

Had a great experience making an FX transfer with WorldFirst. The staff were helpful and understanding and ensured that I got a great rate. Thanks WorldFirst

Great exchange rates

Competitive exchange rates and I love the convenience of being able to complete transfers on an app when it suits me

Great local service

Great exchange rates and they charged no fees. They have a big Sydney office where you can speak to real people too.

Too hard to set up an account

After 5 days I have given up trying to transfer money with World First.
In order to set up an account, they feel the need to "understand the transaction"
This involves identifying where you earn the money to pay for the transfer and whether the receiver of the money is acceptable to World first and whether or not you will use the purchased materials for the purpose that you have stated. So as a contractor you need to show them a copy of the contract that you have where you are using the materials that you want to purchase with the money transfer. What do they do with this information? Is it sold on?
In all honesty, the slightly better rates are not worth the huge waste of time trying setting up an account with World First.

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Thank you for your feedback. We try to make the on boarding process as quick and easy as possible. The regulation of our licencing requires us to ask questions around the purpose of transfer, and gather some supporting documents. We apologise if this caused too much a delay getting your account up and running.

FAIL World First - customer last FAIL

I paid WF 21 March 2018, WF paid the beneficiary 3 April 2018. I had to chase them to get the transfer completed.
They did not communicate with me or offer an explanation or apology after the very poor service. Previous experience had been good, but this was a business transaction and credibility is vital. We lost more than 10 days in production time, suffered daily emails 'where's the money?' and will pay more in freight to make up for lost time. That's a FAIL.

Ethical and Flexible

I first came across WorldFirst from a currency transfer comparison site looking for a way to transfer funds to the US. The registration was straight forward, secure and very quick with the site requesting copies of the 100 points and approval forthcoming in a few hours. The registration of the beneficiaries (receiver) was uncomplicated, straight forward and complete in the details that they required. This shows good security and a well thought out process.
My initial transfer was to be small so I could confirm that the details I had put in were correct and that WorldFirst were trustworthy. Unfortunately, the lower transfer amount was high so I lodged a complaint with WorldFirst.
WorldFirst responded within 4 hrs with a real person that I could discuss the issue with and they changed the lower limit for the initial transfer and remainder of the transaction. This is what customer service is about.
The fact that WorldFirst bothered to contact me and discuss the issue with a successful resolution make them a star. Whilst they may not be the cheapest at the lower end of the market, they are trustworthy and obviously care.

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