Exceptional service & worth every cent spent!!

We used OSS to relocate our 4 bedroom, 2 Lounges worth of household goods and a camping trailer from Melbourne, Australia to New Zealand and their service was amazing. They made the whole process from start to finish so easy and stress free. What an amazing bunch of woman they have working in their Dandenong office and their removal team, everyone of them were all so wonderful, patient and willing to help with what ever queries I had. They came out to the home for the consult we got the quote via email, chose to use OSS to move our things, set the date and their awesome crew turned up and packed up our home over 2 days, treated our things respectfully, were very efficient, professional and even had a great sense of humour which made the whole experience less stressful and pleasant. OSS took the worry out of everything, and guided us every step of the way with paper work for customs etc, helped organise insurance and even organised a 3rd party company to assist with relocating our dog also. I totally recommend OSS for their services and high level performance.

Amazing service

OSS moved all our wordly goods from Melbourne to Ireland. Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. From the initial visit and quote right down to the delivery crew and everyone in between I have nothing but the highest praise for OSS. Nothing was a problem, everyone was so friendly and efficient and most of all they were assuredly professional. I honestly can't recommend them enough. No hidden costs or charges they really exceeded our expectations

Professional and Supportive

We have recently moved to Australia from Saudi Arabia after spending sometime there for work purposes. We had to move our 3 bedroom house in full and OSS just did a super excellent job by ensuring the items arrive to their final destination in a perfect condition and as smooth as anybody can possibly imagine. The team who unloaded the shipment were extremely careful, polite and hard working.
I highly recommend OSS to anybody plans a move to Australia from overseas.

NZ to Aus, Sea Frieght, 10/10

Moved to Australia from New Zealand but my desktop computers were too big for cary-on, so had to ship 'em. Cost to move was about 1/10th the cost of buying new ones, so was a pretty good deal for 700 bucks. Pick up was a breeze, organised entirely by email. Some minor miscommunications, but even though I think that was mostly my fault it was taken care of without fuss. Wait time was excruciating being that at least half of it my goods were already in the country, just going through customs... But OSS were prompt in updating me with progress and even called me to let me know the exact delivery time when it was ready. There was some weirdness from the lady I was corresponding with while my shipment was with customs and I was asked to fill out a form with my credit card details based on the fact my goods might need to be sprayed for something, and that that would come as an extra cost to me should it be required, but I mostly ignored that and everything turned out okay. I don't think that part was specifically from OSS but rather whoever was managing my shipment through customs - can't really be sure.

The delivery dudes were my favourite. They were super polite and friendly guys, got the job done pleasantly and professionally.

Tl;dr 10/10 for effort and execution. Couldn't find a cheaper deal anywhere, and the service was exactly as advertised.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Great Service throughout

Our move was 42 cartons 25% of a house-worth, from London to Melbourne. OSS handled the Melbourne end 30km. Everything from initial contact to final delivery was as quoted, on-time and truly great service.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Arrived in Finland in one piece!

We've found that dealing with OSS has been a great experience from start to finish. We dealt with Colleen and Joanne in the Sydney office, as well as local partners Niemi here in Finland. The removal crew (Fred and Neil) who came to our house in Sydney were very efficient, professional and friendly and everything was packed with masses of paper and wrapping to make sure it was all protected. As a result, out of the whole house of goods, only a single glass broke. (And it wasn't even a glass we really liked!). OSS were able to store our goods while we waited for the Finnish immigration to get their act together and provide our residence permits and almost as soon as we had them, OSS were able to send our container on. They provided a container number so we could track the shipment all the way from Oz to Helsinki. Their local partners were also very good and even came back to collect the wrapping materials. Overall a great experience.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Perfect move of furniture and personal stuff from Australia to Germany

Last Friday all my stuff, furniture, china, glasses etc. arrived here in Werne, Germany and over the weekend I unpacked. OSS World Wide Movers thank you so much. Everything was in mint condition despite of the very long journey. Nothing damaged. Nothing lost. I am very pleased in using your company and in future would recommend you people any time.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Perfect choice if your e moving your stuffs from NZ to Aussie

Had a lovely experience with the company. From the paperwork, our non stop email communication as well as the delivery was perfect. I packed most of the goods except for the furnitures and we got it all in excellent condition. They have been so professional with everything and I recommend you to choose Transworld/OSS world wide movers..

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

I had exceptional service

We moved from Melbourne to Singapore from a 3 bedroom house and before i chose OSS , did lots of research, i was highly impressed by the initial quote and visit and didnt regret it. Price was competitive and no compromise to the service. My container arrived on same date as was given and had been updated with all dates of departure from Melb and arrival in Singapore etc. Services at both end were very professional & no damage to any of items(very professional packing). Our move included heavy items like sofa and bed etc and was impressed with how quick they did the packing & unpacking at both ends. there was one point of contact at each location so was convenient.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Professional service, makes moving much less stressful.

I recently used OSS Worldwide movers to move all my furniture from 2 bedroom apartment from Brisbane, Australia to Vancouver, Canada.

The process was very smooth and surprisingly quick. All of my furniture was packed really thoroughly and is in the same condition as it left.

I’m really happy with the service, the paperwork I needed to complete was made really clear from the get-go which limited the stress around customs. The packing was great, the delivery guys efficient and friendly, and the entire team from start to end was really communicative.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Fantastic service. Very fast and efficient.

We recently moved from NSW to Poland. OSS packed a 20ft sole use container for us with approximately 18m3.
The two packing guys arrived onsite on time and ready to go. They packed 71 boxes in four hours. Everything was packed extremely well in solid boxes and well inventoried. Upon arrival in Poland there was not a single squashed box or damaged item. Even the unpacking guys commented how well it was packed.
I would definitely use OSS again and recommend them to anyone who plans to move long distances.
Overall fantastic experience.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Very professional, friendly and pain free service

We had a 40ft container coming from overseas. Had a chat with Chris, the director, late Friday afternoon and an email arrived shortly after our conversation contained all we needed to do. we followed the instructions and everything else was done by their team - Very professional, friendly and pain free service- Highly recommended.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

OSS World Wide Movers are Awesome!

My wife and I couldn't be happier with the recent shipping of our goods. We have used other 'big name' companies in the past, and have been sadly disappointed. However, from the very start OSS have been excellent, corresponding regularly to keep us up to date, and their service has always been friendly, professional and of the highest level. If I ever had an email query, it was answered the same day or first thing the day after.
When I called by phone, the service was first class. And despite all this, their price was much less than other 'brand name' companies. They were honest and always gave good advice. This level of service was also evident in the 'receiving company' associated with OSS in the county to which our goods were shipped.
All our things arrived on time, safe and sound. No problems whatsoever. I wouldn't go with any other company. My wife and I highly recommend OSS World Wide movers to anyone who has to ship goods overseas. We extend our thanks to all the staff at OSS. Thanks again for a job well done. Kind regards

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Find another option! Do not use! Misinformation and LONG LONG time to send goods

Packed our belongings in August - unprofessional packing to say the least - boxes not full and employees don’t wait to see wait to see what you want packed - no packaging materials in between bikes when they pulled apart - had to pay extra when the people packing said we would be under the cubed feet allocated!
Paid more only to wait longer - packed August, our stuff sat in Sydney until Nov 19 - we were told it would be leaving end of September. Now there is finally a date to land in Vancouver we are told it is now weeks later as it is being sent by train across the country to Toronto only to be sent back by truck to Alberta!
I am terrified of how everything is going g to arrive! I am expecting a lot of breakages now!
Use anyone other than this company! They talk a good talk but fail to deliver!!!

Office LocationNSW, Sydney
Hi Dan, Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry if you are now waiting on your effects. The transit time you are quoting does seem longer than we would usually expect even if it was a shared container service where the timeframe is variable and not guaranteed. So we can investigate further, please can you advise your move reference number or the surname it was booked under. RegardsSo after speaking with the moving company in Ontario - the rest of the container was not only going to Ontario! There are other belongings gong to Edmonton Alberta. Why on earth does the container need to go from Vancouver to Toronto - other than your company is not aware where Toronto is in Canada in relation to Vancouver! Now after waiting 5 months for our belongings to arrive in Canada - we now are looking at at least another 3-4 weeks making it 6 months since you collected it! If anyone is reading this - use another company that will give you all the facts!!! This is insane! When we moved to Sydney - it took 12 weeks total with all clearance to arrive! That is acceptable - not over 25 weeks!!!! Last name Clement - I am sure you can look up the reference number!Hi Danielle, Thank you for your feedback on the service you have received to date from OSS. We understand that you are keen to receive your effects but we are surprised that you feel that there has been a short fall in service and communication from us. The reason that we are somewhat surprised by your feedback is that it is entirely normal for a consignment sent via a shared container service to take some time to be consolidated prior to departure and this is built into the estimated timeframe given to you prior to acceptance. We have outlined this to you in conversation and I can see that we advised an estimated transit time of 19 to 23 weeks via email in the several volume option quotations we provided to you. The variance in the time frame allows for the time taken to consolidate your effects with other clients’ effects. Our quotation to you stated “The standard transit time for a shared container service to Canada is approximately 19 to 23 weeks depending on volumes at the time your goods are delivered to our depot / collected from your residence. Your goods will be held in our secure bonded warehouse until we have enough to fill the shared container. Please note the transit time quoted is neither a minimum nor a maximum period, but our best estimate so while our shared container service is the most cost effective option for you, if you have specific transit time requirements e.g. you require a specific delivery date, then please let us know as an alternative shipping method may be better (although will be more expensive).” To explain this further a shared container service is where your consignment is loaded with other clients’ effects also travelling to the same destination. This is a very cost effective service for smaller consignments (such as yours) as you are paying only a portion of the full container costs. This service does require the timely availability of other consignments to “share” the container with you and based on this we provide an estimated transit time. The reason for the variance in time is that consignments are consolidated over a period of time as they are collected and containers filled. Those collected last will always experience a shorter transit time than those that are waiting to be sent. Containers are shipped faster during high demand periods and less frequently when fewer people are making their moves. Again a number of factors can influence this and we are always making a calculated guess of future demand. Containers are loaded more frequently to larger population centres. We have also reviewed the correspondence on your file and note that your shipment was collected on the 2nd August. We have notes on file regarding the discussions you had with our sales team regarding departure dates of containers. We had a container leave for Canada on the actual day of your uplift but your effects could not be included in this container as your presence is required in Canada for Customs Clearance and this container would have arrived too early, as your acceptance form stated you only arrived at destination on the 6th October. On every job we do we ask our clients to complete a performance report to enable us to monitor feedback and performance. On the quality performance report you completed on the day of packing you marked excellent to all questions and made the additional comment “awesome job thanks”. I can see that later, when the final packed volume was confirmed at 34 items and 5 cubic meters, we received feedback from you that you felt the items were not packed properly. Upon receipt of your feedback we had our operations manager open, inspect, and photograph the packing of your cartons. Having done this we were satisfied that our crew had done a professional job of packing your effects and had used an appropriate quantity of packaging material. Our original quotation to you had options for 4.5 cbm and 9 cbm, then this was then revised to 4.5 cbm only, and then you requested further revisions of volume to 6 cbm and 3 cbm. You initially accepted the quotation 3cbm however upon receipt of our confirmation of service email on the 23rd July along with our insurance form you adjusted this to include further items and we received a final acceptance from yourself based on 32 items @ 4.5cbm. Upon collection at your residence we collected 34 items @ 5 cbm and this was the final volume on which you were charged. The next part of the process is difficult as we are waiting to consolidate your effects with other people’s effects to enable us to dispatch a container. There isn’t much to report whilst this is occurring but we did make contact on a number of occasions advising we are still awaiting further consignments before being able to send the container or upon your request for information. It is worth noting that to ensure timely departure of containers we will, and did, move consignments from our interstate branches at our expense to help reduce the overall waiting times for all parties. As I am sure you appreciate Canada is a big place and delivery logistics can be complex. Shipments to Canada are sent either to Vancouver or Toronto. More often than not they will be sent to Vancouver as there are usually more customers moving to the West Coast (Vancouver and surrounds) than moving towards Toronto and the East Coast. On this occasion the mix of clients were mostly Toronto and East Coast destinations, which is why the container was booked with the shipping line to arrive in Toronto. It is the shipping line that then dispatches the container, and work’s out the logistics of getting it to Toronto. The irony here being that it came via Vancouver before being railed to Toronto. Our shared container/ groupage timeframe given for Canada is 19-23 weeks and from the date of uplift 2nd August, 19 weeks is the 20th December with 23 weeks being the 17th January. We have had close communication with our destination partner regarding your delivery and we have asked for this to be expedited for you and delivery made as soon as possible. We understand delivery is very close and believe that your effects will be delivered within the 19 to 23 weeks advised initially. You have told us you are unhappy with your experience to date, but hopefully the details provided here will assist in clarifying further, the circumstances surrounding this type of shipping method which we were engaged to perform. We hope your view of the service will also change once you receive your shipment in the Canada shortly. Thank you again for your feedback and if there is anything further you wish to discuss please feel free to contact us. Kind Regards, OSS World Wide Movers

Never use , didn’t wrap our belongings and damaged a lot and now won’t pay

We moved from Australia to New Zealand. Our belongings were in storage as we had been living overseas, the contract stated re packing all our belongings to ship to New Zealand and they didn’t . Because they didn’t we have had lots of breakages and damaged goods. They have been wanting to claim with our insurance but I believe we shouldn’t be claiming insurance and that OSS should be replacing everything that was damaged. Please note we have moved 2 shipments from Spain to New Zealand including glass tables and lots of valuable belongings and we have had everything arrived safely with no damage at all. The person we have been dealing with we have had very rude emails with incorrect facts, he said we obviously didn’t care about our belongings as they were not important enough to have in our lives in NSW!!!! We were living overseas not in NSW. This company has made our life hell for months why we try amd sort things out. Some of the things they were to get fix was expensive frames of our children and they painted over the silver frames and now they are grey.
I have tried contacting the head of the company but he has not even got the decency to reply to emails .all they are doing is passing the buck


Office LocationNSW, Sydney
Dear Shelley, Thank you for your feedback, however we feel is not an accurate or a fair assessment of the service that we have provided. Our dealings with you have been extensive and ongoing so they are somewhat summarised below. You contacted OSS on the 8th February 2018 in regards to your stored effects with a removal storage company in Bowral. You requested that a consultant visit the storage location to quote you based on the effects being stored and then shipped to Christchurch, New Zealand. On the 13th February 2018 an OSS consultant visited the storage facility where your effects had been stored since 2013. Our consultant viewed the 4 storage modules from which our consultant determined your effects were 24 cubic metres and could be sent via a 20ft sole use container. Our consultant noted at the time of survey that the items in storage were poorly stowed/stacked in the modules and extremely dirty with cobwebs and dust throughout. Our consultant took photos of all of the modules with one in particular showing the load had collapsed. Our quotation was provided to you on the 15th February 2018. Subsequently we proposed collection from Bowral on the 20th February. On the 16th February you accepted our proposal. On the 19th February we contacted your husband Neil via email confirming the service; we also contacted the storage company to advise we would be collecting your effects the following day. We received an email from yourself on the 19th confirming the insurance amount and you advised that your friend would be making payment on your behalf for the move and insurance costs which was received on the 20th February. On the 20th February our crews travelled to Bowral to collect your effects, they unloaded the 4 storage modules given to them by the storage company and proceeded to pack and wrap all of the items presented to them. During this process our crews dusted off your effects, cleaned the items of cobwebs and packed and wrapped all raw items of furniture. The crew did not repack some of the items that were in original packaging as they were deemed to be packed sufficiently for international transit. Our inventory created on the day totals 93 packages were packed/wrapped with 14 items noted as badly worn and soiled. Your items were loaded directly into the shipping container on site in Bowral and subsequently that container was delivered to the wharf on the 27th February 2018. On the 21st of February we received an email from Neil with the storage documents from the Bowral storage company and the final insurance application, with the final insured amount increasing from the initial indicated insured amount. Neil also commented in this email he was unsure of what items were at the facility in Bowral, we acknowledged this email and confirmed we would send through the final packing list once received from our operations team. On the 26th of February a confirmation email was sent with the sailing schedule and estimated arrival time into New Zealand along with the invoice for the additional insurance premium of A$31.72 which was acknowledged by yourself and indicated the you would pay via credit card. Our coordinator sent you the link to our payment page on our website, however to date this amount has never been paid to OSS. On the 3rd March 2018 your container departed Sydney and arrived in New Zealand on the 15th March, due to the port strike in Lyttelton the container was discharged in Timaru. Neil was advised that due to this an additional cost would be payable for the required transport from Timaru to Christchurch. On the 3rd of April 2018 your effects were delivered by our New Zealand partners. Upon delivery you contacted our office and theirs as you had discovered items were missing – you had 10 wrought iron chairs and we had only packed 5, you had received all the cushions but no sofas (these were never on the packing list). On the 3rd April our New Zealand partner contacted you via email following your contact via email regarding missing items. Our partner advised you the following: Good Morning, Our truck has just returned to the depot. Please find attached a copy of the delivery docs from this morning. When your container was unloaded on arrival to New Zealand we unloaded directly into our container that was bought to your home this morning for delivery. There was no Quarantine inspection ordered upon your goods so nothing came in via our warehouse. On the inventory attached the first row of black ticks are when we checked everything out of the container. The second row of blue ticks are the ticks into your home this morning. Everything has been sighted on both unloading and delivery and there were no extra packaged out-turn from the shipping container that weren't listed on the inventory. There are two couches on the inventory (#'s 9 and 10) which Horis has said were placed in the lounge. The dining chairs listed on the inventory are #'s 73 and 74 based on the inventory each package should have 2 chairs. If there are items missing there is a chance they weren't picked up in Australia, just strange that everything on the inventory is accounted for. On the same day they further advised: Hi Shelley, I referred to not having a carbon copy of the inventory when you said Neil didn’t get left a copy. I said that once the truck got back to the depot I would email a copy of the delivery docs through. We did have a copy of the initial inventory however as that copy doesn’t have the checks from unloading the container or delivery so we needed to check the actual final delivery paperwork. This is why I was advising I was waiting for the truck to get back to the warehouse so I could check the paperwork and discuss with the delivery team. When we booked in the delivery date with Neil I run through our delivery process and how it works in regards to unpack and unwrap. Our delivery crew has advised that he didn’t want anything unwrapped which is why this wasn’t done. I’ve just spoken with Neil and he’s confirmed this. I have offered to send staff back around to do this but he’s happy to carry on as he is. I believe Colleen is looking into the missing items and will be advising outcome of that. She will also be able to advise the process of claiming upon your insurance cover if you have taken this with them. On the 3rd of April we received a further email from Neil with photos of the sofas that didn’t arrive (and were not on the packing list or handed to us). On the 11th April we received an email from you advising the following: Hi Colleen Thanks for your email. I have sent a very detailed email to Will (Bowral Storage Company) as it seems the rest of our belongings weren’t picked up. He had sent me an email saying couches are there and I am waiting to hear back from him re the rest of our belongings. I have in writing that we had 4 modules of furniture and that is what we have been paying for. He has said the sofas were with our outside dining table but that’s a complete lie as we have it. We have cushions for sofas, 3 out of 6 dining chairs. The 3 we have are broken and like I said coffee table glass tops but not the tables. Our turntable we got but broken and cannot be fixed and this is because it wasn’t packed properly as were glasses and some serving plates. We are not happy with Will at all and he is trying to cover himself. I have asked for packing list, yet to receive told me he didn’t have one as he said I didn’t want one. This is untrue as it is standard practice they do this once picked up and stored. Very unprofessional. Please email once you have heard from Will. I too am awaiting a response. I will email you more details later re problems like your company did not repack everything some things were still in bowral packaging boxes. One rug your company packed has had to be burnt as was damp and full of moths. If they had packed it they would have realised, lucky it was not checked by quarantine. I fly back to Sydney end of next week and want all this sorted before I get there. Regards Shelley 4th May our Customer Service Manager reached out to you to advise the process to claim for the damaged items. 11th May Neil sent through the claim documents of which you were claiming damage to 13 items out of the 93 packages sent to New Zealand, in Neil’s email he had advised photos were to follow. 30th May you have written an email of complaint regarding the progress of your claim our response to your email was as follows: Dear Shelley We were surprised to receive your email regarding the lack of progress on your insurance claim. The reason it has not progressed further is that we still appear to be waiting for photos of the damages you are claiming for. Yes, we received the forms within the time limit so that is fine, but Neil was going to follow-up with some photos as the Insurers require them to progress the claim further – please refer his email below. So far they do not appear to have been received so if you would email them to me we can make some progress. Many thanks and regards On the 31st May we received the pictures we had been waiting to receive from you. On the same day our New Zealand partner sent us a concerning email in relation to a phone call received regarding the missing items (which were never on a packing list, never collected by OSS and never given to OSS by your storage company – which you were aware of at this stage) Hi, I’m aware of the items supposedly missing she rung me from Spain literally screaming down the phone at me wanting to know where her missing couches and chairs were, I’d asked her to let me to get back to her once the crew and the truck got back to the depot and she just lost it saying they’re not on the truck so I don’t have to wait for them to get back, she couldn’t quite understand that I needed to check over the paperwork that the crew had with them. She ended up hanging up on me. There was no inspection on these goods so everything came direct out of the shipping container into our container that went to residence for delivery. Nothing came via store. I’ve attached our out-turn report, devann inventory and delivery docs and the email correspondence with Shelley after delivery. On the 6th June we were asked by you to collect outstanding items that your storage company had subsequently located and not given to us on the day of collection. We reached out to them to organise shipment of these items on your behalf, however they were still struggling to locate the missing items. On the 25th July our Sydney Branch Manager was made aware of your shipment issues and the Bowral storage problems you advised to him via email the following: Hi Michael Thank you for your quick response. Yes this has been an absolute total nightmare they have lost misplaced about $10,000 of our belongings. They initially tried to put the blame on you but after going through inventory these things were never picked up. How our sofas got left behind is another question. Could I ask that these be checked before you send them to check that they are in very good condition? There was absolutely nothing wrong with them and they are very good leather sofas. Kind Regards Shelley Caswell 26th July the Bowral storage company delivered two missing sofas to OSS and OSS organised these to be sent to New Zealand for you in the next available groupage container. The Sydney Branch Manager given the situation offered to oversees the receipt and the condition of your sofas as they arrived, once they arrived you were promptly sent photos of the sofas and the following: Hi Shelly, See attached photos of the lounges, they have just arrived in our warehouse (amazingly during hours) As you can see from the photos I wouldn’t say they are in pristine condition, marks here and there and a lot of folding of the leather - I will send through the unmarked photos so you can zoom into the unmarked photos and see for yourself but in this lot I have tried to circle as many as the marks as I could find. There are a few hand prints on them which should come off easily but not knowing the original condition I have tried to find as many marks as possible in the pics. Thanks Michael Again in good faith these were shipped to New Zealand at no cost to you (but a cost of OSS of $700-$800), you were simply asked to cover the destination expenses incurred on arrival (NZD300). During this period there were several exchanges with our insurance team and we had a restorer visit your premise in New Zealand to assess the alleged damage. From this report we organised restoration of several of the items and summarised your claim as follows: Dear Shelley Sorry for the delay I have had a number of phone calls and emails today and have also spent some time in the Warehouse monitoring container movements so not at my desk all the time. Anyway its best to put these things in writing, that way there can be no confusion as to what has been denied or agreed. Having discussed this claim with the Insurers, OSS Sydney and other parties acquainted with your move we advise as follows (in order of your original claim form): PAINTING not covered for mould/mildew but as a goodwill gesture we stand by our offer to either repair it or cash settle at NZ$550. TURNTABLE: not covered for internal electricals/mechanical issues. ZERO SOFA CUSHIONS: Bellamys upholsters attending to and will bill us direct. CAKE MIXER/VARIOUS GLASSES: Not insured. ZERO STATUE BROKEN TAIL: repaired by Portobello and will bill us direct. DINING CHAIRS: repaired by Bellamys and will bill us direct. PLATE/BOWL/CANDLE HOLDERS: Not insured. ZERO PICTURE FRAMES: repaired by Bellamys and will bill us direct. RUG: not insured, pre-existing damage noted, mould etc ZERO All other items were beyond the time limit for claims (30 days from date of delivery, later extended to 30 days from when you received the claim paperwork from us for completion) including the damaged edge to the mirror that has only recently been brought to our attention. If you wish Bellamys can take the mirror to Portobello to see if they can repair it and quote you direct to do so. The above is our final position and agreed after discussions with our Insurers and OSS Management in Sydney. Due to your insurance application only having selective cover (you have only insured certain items and not the entire shipment) there were parts of your claim denied due to this and we are sorry you feel that you have received a satisfactory outcome although we believe given the circumstances and your limited insurance we OSS have come to the party on several aspects of this insurance claim as stated in the above email and done the right thing by yourself as our customer. A further email was sent regarding your claim on the 16th November following a restorer no longer wishing to do the restoration for you so our email to you was our final insurance settlement Hi Shelley Yesterday we were advised that the art restorer in CHCH who quoted to restore your artwork is now overseas and is no longer available to do it nor wishes to do so apparently. That being the case it will be cash settled at NZ$550 which was the mid-point of the quote that was previously provided to us and Steve Bellamy will return it to you unrestored. We have also been advised that your mirror cannot be restored and Steve Bellamy will return that to you too. Attached is the Release Form for the cash settlement part of your claim NZ$550. As a goodwill gesture apart from the NZ$550 above we have absorbed the AUD200 excess that would normally be applied to the final settlement as has been agreed with Michael Dunstan in Sydney. Neil needs to sign the form Shelley but you or anyone else can witness it and it can be emailed back for payment. Please include on the form the bank account details you would like the settlement paid into, either in AUS or NZ. You can ignore the references to routing number and swift codes as they are not required for AUS/NZ bank accounts. But please supply your bank branch’s street address. The address we have for you in CHCH on the attached form should match the address your bank has for you: if your bank has a different address for you, please advise and we will amend the form and resend. Upon receipt of the completed form we will arrange payment. Shelley we feel that the major of issues raised here relate to the storage of your effects with the Storage Company in Bowral. If a comment was made that as you had lived without your effects for 5 years that that somehow diminished their importance to you, that should not have been made, and we unreservedly apologise. We always regret when damages occur however we believe your insurance claim has been processed fairly and in accordance with the policy choices you made. We await the receipt of your completed release form so we can finalise your claim. Regards, OSS WORLD WIDE MOVERSWhat a complete joke!!!!!As per your contract you were to go to our storage and repack everything to be shipped. This has nothing to do with the things that Bowral Removals have lost. This is all about you not packing our belongings and the things that have broken is because you did not do your job as stated in the contract. Belongings in storage are not packed to be shipped. You seem to have missed out quite a bit. We have never asked to claim on anything that was related to storage this is about our belongings that you never packed that were just taken in the existing packing. Examples are our turntable that was not repacked and then turned in its side therefore breaking it. My kitchenaid which is dented scratched and broken because it was not packed it was just loose in a storage box. Your excuse for that was it was old! I have had that kitchenaid mixer fir years and it was like new in perfect condition without a scratch. I am happy to attach your extremely rude emails stating that we obviously don’t care about our belongings because they were not in our everyday lives while living in NSW? We were living in Europe didn’t even have that right. I have emails stating things were to be repaired your guy came to pick up 4 very large frames of photos of my children that were all badly scratched gevtook them to be repaired they were expensive frames we had done in Sydney Wood with silver he has painted them grey ! Absolutely disgusting I am happy to attach photos they are Completely ruined. There was many frames that were badly scratched because they were not packed. Leather sofa cushions were not wrapped and therefore they had tape all around them that has stripped the colour we were told they were going to take these and dye them that has not been done. Painting we had been told was to be repaired it hasn’t we agree that this painting has mould from storage but if you had done your job correctly and repacked it we would have known before it left. We gave one off statues again worth a lot of money that were broken they have been repaired but you can see where so obviously not the same and certainly not worth the same.There is more My grandmothers platws and cup and saucer broken again not wrapped expensive glasses most broken again not wrapped shall I post photos and lists happy to. Your company has caused me endless stress trying to sort this out from overseas. I have from the beginning said that OSS should be paying for all repairs not insurance because all damages and breakages are simply because you did not do your job and pack our belongings. My complaint has nothing to do with the schedule it’s about you trying to go around and around in circles hoping we will back down. You have broken things that are irreplaceable simple. all you are doing is trying to make excuses. As I said nothing about the schedule or when we paid or how. It is simply you broke and damaged our belongings and there fire you should be replacing and fixing them proper. PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE SHIPPED 2 DIFFERENT CONTAINERS AND BOXES OF OUR BELONGINGS BACK FROM EUROPE THIS YEAR AND IT ALL ARRIVED SAFELY WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE OR BREAKAGE SO FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD ARRIVES SAFELY PERFECTLY PACKED. BUT FROM AUSTRALIA TO NZ NOTHING BUT A NIGHTMARE. YOU DIDNT DO YOUR JOBHi Shelley, We understand and empathise with your distress at receiving your effects in poor condition. Even with the best packing and handling your effects can incur some level of damage in transit. In your case, it appears that the majority of the damage was pre-existing. At the time of survey we were concerned with the general state of your effects (after 5 years in storage) and advised you that their condition was poor. This was highlighted to you again at the time of preparing a quote and further reiterated during the move process. The process of identifying what was to be sent and their condition was complicated by your absence at the time of collection. Had you been present you would have been able to witness the condition of your effects and ensure everything you wanted was included. In your absence, the condition was recorded on the packing list and we packed the items presented to us. Examples of noted condition were; rug # 14 soiled and badly worn, mirror # 25 and pictures # 26 scratched and soiled. All items were recorded as packed and wrapped. Cartons would have been checked and repacked as required. The signed delivery documents confirmed the condition and your receipt of all the packed items. Your insurance claim includes items that were fairly clearly damaged prior to collection and packing by us. The photos you supplied of your damaged Kitchen Aid (Kitchen Aid advised that your model claimed was discontinued in 2005) did show a number of scratches. However all of these scratches are significantly corroded suggesting the scratches are not new or related to the transit of your effects. The photos of the damaged Le Cassoulet pot were even further corroded and you were advised the same: The exact dialogue between yourself and our Claims Manager is below: Shelley - Mike sorry missed this one has big chunk out of bottom French brand casserole dish. Mike - Hi Shelley, I cannot see the Insurers accepting that one: it is rusty so that hasn't happened in the most recent move. Shelley - It is not rusty at all it has a big chunk out of it Mike - Sorry Shelley, No. The enamel has been chipped off exposing the cast iron beneath it. We have one at home: I am very familiar with Le Creuset products and even if the enamel is chipped it does not go like that in a matter of months! It has happened a long time ago and in the meantime the iron has oxidised and rusted. Perhaps it happened whilst in storage way before we shipped it but there is no way it would have got to this stage between Feb when we packed it and April when we delivered it. And not even until now in Oct (which is irrelevant as it is now far beyond the date to add extra items). The condition of your sofas was recorded prior to export with multiple abrasions, marks, and scratches. These photos were also supplied to you. If the sofa cushions were in poor condition that is consistent with how your effects were handled whilst in storage with your selected provider. Our relocation consultant, move managers, and packing crew took reasonable steps to advise you of the condition of your effects. Whilst we are making good on your damaged painting, it is also likely that the damage was not actually related to the export of your consignment. There are areas of your move which we could have handled better. Insisting on your presence (or your representative other than the storage company) at origin would have been an obvious starting point. However we believe we have acted fairly and our company has contributed to your claim and shipped your additional effects at our expense. Your claim can be finalised on receipt of your signed release document. Regards

Quality Service from OSS

Our move from our apartment in Auckland to Mackay was seamless and stressfree - largely due to the excellent service we received from OSS Brisbane. Their initial quotation was highly competitive and everyone we dealt with was friendly and professional. Our goods arrived in perfect condition within the time frame we had been given. They kept us informed every step of the way and we would confidently recommend them for an international move. Thank you OSS Brisbane!

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Professional Moving Services

We moved to Australia from Colorado USA after living in our home for over 25 years. OSS packers in Canberra treated our belongings as they would their own. As it became apparent some goods were damaged during transit, OSS employees and consultants treated us with compassion and supported efforts to file the proper paperwork. Whenever I called OSS with a question during the entire move, I was always provided a prompt and detailed response.

Office LocationNSW, Sydney

Excellent service from all at OSS

Personal belongings are being moved to the UK. Everyone we had dealings with at OSS Brisbane had a friendly and professional manner which made the whole process a lot easier than initially expected. They are a pleasure to deal with and we would certainly recommend this company.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Great service

I needed to move a one bedroom house lot of furniture from Brisbane to Auckland. From the get go OSS were very helpful, very knowledgeable and pleasnt to work with. I would definitely recommend them.

Office LocationQLD, Brisbane

Excellent service throughout

We moved from Melbourne to the UK in a 40ft container plus our car. OSS World Wide Movers were fantastic throughout the whole process; they gave a competitive quote at the start and kept us fully informed along the way. The packers were quick and efficient and Fox Movers equally good the other end. I highly recommend them, we were very pleased with their professionalism and knowledge. Job well done, thanks!

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

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Questions & Answers

Do you provide service to move from Melbourne to Singapore? Thank you Angela
1 answer
Hi Angie, Yes we certainly do. If you call our Melbourne office on 03 9799 5800 they will be happy to assist. Regards

We used you about 8 years ago to come from Sydney to UK, and would like to get a quote to return, please can you advise on a UK number to call so I can make contact? Thank you.
1 answer
Hi Fiona, Lovely to here from you and we can manage the entire process for you. If you contact jessica.hawkins@ossworldwide.com she will be happy to assist. Regards

Hi OSS, I am planning to relocate from Sydney to Geelong,VIC with furnitures and Computer. How long it takes to arrive and how much will be the total cost. Please contact me through email via: [email removed] Thanks
1 answer
Hi Brian< Your email address has been removed so please call our office 02 8825 9300 to discuss. Regards

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