Made what seemed almost impossible, comparatively easy!

We retired to the opposite side of the world! What started as a wonderful dream, became overwhelming very quickly once we finally got to making it happen. OSS made every step manageable. They moved our whole household from Melbourne, Australia, to rural Florida. Everything arrived intact and on time. Each person we dealt with during the process was ever helpful and understanding. The communication was always good, with every query answered quickly and thoroughly. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone considering a big overseas move. I found them by reading good reviews on this site, and wanted to add our praise to the record. I was amazed to unwrap my delicate family heirlooms after having them delivered here, all safe and intact on the other side of the globe, with comparatively minimal effort on my part! Thank you OSS for ensuring we survived our move!


I had 12 plastic containers to go from Australia to Canada, only 7 containers were delivered, THEY LOST 5 CRATES and have given up looking for them. That is almost half of my delivery just left somewhere in the world. I should at least be getting a refund seeing as what they delivered was far less than I had paid for! I am REALLY disappointed as it was family momentos that are never going to come back to my family. My warning is : It doesn't matter how cheap their quote is, OSS do not deliver with service and reliability.

Hi Serenna, To enable us to follow up on your comments please could you confirm your surname or shipment reference number. Regards792409Hi Serenna, Thank you for providing your reference number and we note that your shipment dates back to June 2018. Reviewing your shipment we are confused by your comments as our staff, our records, and our documentation indicate that the consignment was delivered in full. I have attached the signed copies for your record. The shipment was arranged by you in Melbourne to send your son’s effects to him as he was already living in Canada. The uplift of the consignment took place on the 7th June 2018 with 9 items (the majority of which were packed by you) being collected from your residence in Keysborough, an inventory was produced and signed and dated by you. Later that same day you delivered in an additional tub of effects to be added to the consignment making a total of 10 items. On the 23rd June 2018 you emailed our office requesting the addition of effects to the consignment. " Hi Emily, I'm sure this is a strange request but I wonder if Andrew's boxes are full weight. You see I'm wondering (fingers crossed) if a small tub could be added to the shipment without extra cost. I would deliver it to your office as I've found about 6 kg more of things. Grr this is stressing me and I apologise for taking extra time. With thanks" On the 17th July 2018 you requested that the consignment be held in Melbourne as the proposed shipping date would arrive too soon in Canada. This was actioned. On the 28th September 2018 you emailed advising that you had delivered the last item into our warehouse. Our records and documentation recorded 11 items being received, shipped and delivered intact. The corresponding documentation confirms the same being signed by you in Australia and your son on receipt in Canada. These documents also show the items being individually ticked off at destination. You later contacted us and advised that your son could not locate family mementos which you felt were in the shipment. As is standard procedure, we then conducted a review in both Melbourne and Canada but that review failed to reveal anything other than the 11 items received, had been shipped and delivered. We do sympathise if you are unable to locate family mementos, as these items no doubt hold value to you greater than their material worth. However we are satisfied that we shipped and delivered all items that were presented to us. Sometimes we find that items believed to be missing later are discovered either at the original residence or at destination in locations that were initially discounted. Perhaps this may have occurred in this instance. We are sorry we cannot be of any more assistance. Regards


I had 20 boxes of personal belonging that need to be shipped to Spain, After 3 months the shipping partners they teamed up with told me my belonging arrived in the Spanish ports. I would take another 3 months of me waiting and complaining for me to receive my boxes. When I did they lost 2 of the boxes. They found 1 box a month later and then I had to pay the Spanish authorities importing taxes and I had to go and pick up the box as well. After complaining to OSS that I couldn't because I was assisting my (late) husband with cancer treatment they organised DHL to send me the box after I paid it and they reimburse me the cost . The other box was never found and they pretty much abandoned looking for it.

shipment took 5 months only to find damaged TV.

What an inefficient company. Firstly was misquoted for our stuff and made to pay extra after goods were picked up in December. Supposed to be shipped 5-10 weeks as they advertise or quote. But was then told that’s an estimate. Kept getting bumped from ship to ship. Then once it arrived in Singapore more delays. Only after numerous emails did we finally get our things. If you don’t have a full containers worth -don’t use this company.
Our TV was damaged due to the incompetence of the packing company. We were promised it will be put in a box. But when it arrived it was only wrapped in thin cardboard and a bit of bubble wrap. No surprise it was damaged. Now we had to pay over $2000 to get it repaired. Promised by insurance to pay us as soon as possible but have not received the reimbursement. Yet again have to wait.

1 comment
Hi Lisa, Thank you for your feedback and we do apologise that your consignment took longer than we would have liked to have it dispatched. We wanted to ship your effects as early as possible and we understand the inconvenience of you not having your effects as correspondingly we incur the expense of storing your effects prior to export, so it is certainly not in our interests for the shipment to be delayed. Our quotation does disclose that when shipping your effects via a shared container we cannot guarantee the timeframe. The exact wording is below: Your goods will be held in our secure bonded warehouse until we have enough to fill the shared container. Please note the transit time quoted is neither a minimum nor a maximum period, but our best estimate so while our shared container service is the most cost effective option for you, if you have specific transit time requirements e.g. you require a specific delivery date, then please let us know as an alternative shipping method may be better (although will be more expensive). To explain this further a shared container service is where your consignment is loaded with other clients’ effects also travelling to the same destination. This is a very cost effective service for smaller consignments (such as yours) as you are paying only a portion of the full container costs. This service does require the timely availability of other consignments to “share” the container with you and based on this we provide an estimated transit time. The reason for the variance in time is that consignments are consolidated over a period of time as they are collected and containers filled. Those collected last will always experience a shorter transit time than those that are waiting to be sent. Containers are shipped faster during high demand periods and less frequently when fewer people are making their moves. Again a number of factors can influence this and we are always making a calculated guess of future demand. Containers are loaded more frequently to larger population centres. I would note that the transit time quoted to you has subsequently been revised upwardly as transit times to Singapore have increased over recent times. Once the effects were shipped the clearance time in Singapore was not delayed, it was actually prioritised. The delivery took place on the 03/05/19 (brought forward from the 07/05/19) after arriving into port on the 23/04/19, clearing customs and being transferred from the wharf to our associates warehouse for deconsolidation on the 26/04/19. I understand this does not seem fast when you are already waiting on your effects but there was no delay and this was a normal clearance and delivery timeframe. We were disappointed to learn that your TV arrived damaged and apologise for this. Notification of the damage was received on the 03/05/19 and claim paperwork sent to you on the same day. Your completed claim paperwork along with a repair cost was received on the 08/05/19. Your claim was accepted and it was submitted for payment on the 10/05/19. As the payment of funds was requested to be made in Singaporean Dollars there was a slight delay making the international transfer with the funds were transferred on the 17/05/19, so in all a total of 14 days from the time you first notified us of the damage until insurers settlement payment. We take your criticism on board and would have liked to have performed better. We apologise for the delay and thank you for your patience throughout the process. Moving forward we will be looking to make adjustments to our service in light of your experience. Regards

Stress Free Move

We moved a 6 bedroom home from Sydney to Auckland, including 2 cars and one dog. To complicate things, we sold our home 6 months prior to departure and moved to a smaller home in Sydney before departing Sydney for Auckland. OSS split the contents, stored most of it and moved the remainder to the temporary Sydney home for us. They then came back 6 months later, moved us out of the temporary home, aggregated all of our contents and shipped them to NZ for us. The packing and moving crews in Sydney were great people and did a good job for us. OSS hit all of their time frames in Sydney and no damage was done to the homes. We arrived in Auckland very close to Xmas and the Auckland team weren't as good as hitting their time frames and we had a bit of damage but the insurance recovery process was very professional and effortless.

Excellent service

Moved from a 4 bed house in Cleveland, Queensland to Europe (Netherlands). Everything was very well organized. Two pleasant guys came to pack everything; they did a great job. All my belongings were well protected and treated with respect. On the other end everything came out of the container intact. This is the 4th time I have moved from Australia to Europe or the other way, and this was the first time there were no issues with breakage, lost items or trouble with customs. No problems at all, and all that for a competitive price. Totally happy.

Fantastic Service!

This was a five bedroom house move with two living areas over a very long distance - Melbourne, Australia to Accra, Ghana. Everything worked according to plan and communication was great both from Australia and Ghana.

Very professional

International move between the Gold Coast and Scotland was handled very professionally by all members of the team. Would have no hesitation in recommending or using this company’s services again.

10/10 from Start too Finish

Moved 2 different Consignments with OSS from Sydney too New Zealand over the last 2 Years, in a nutshell they were both as perfect as you can get.

Right from the initial contact, the on going communication, the estimates, the on time arrival too pack goods, the WAY your goods are professionally internationally Wrapped bye experienced staff, the careful loading of your goods and the way they leave everything tidy when leaving.

My goods arrived today in Nz not 1 Scratch on ANY of my goods that were wrapped bye the OSS team, everything arrived safely all accounted for, 100% would recommend too anyone who’s wanting a professional, reliable, honest and ongoing informative company Jessica and the team there @ OSS are fantastic.

Great first impression but started to go downhill after goods taken away.

We have moved internationally a few times due to work so we got a few high quality companies to quote. OSS lady was very good and sold her company well in Melbourne.
Quote came in $1500 cheaper than most with another company only $200 more.
We needed a 40ft container and had sole use.
We were fully honest about volume and had a 3x2 cubic metre storage unit to be added though prior to packing day we had got rid of half that to charity.
We were told packing a 40ft container would be done in one day, internationally wrapped too and as all other moves were two days packing at least with one loading we were very cautious but the team arrived and they were great.
The foreman said our volume was what the agent had quoted and away they left.
A few days later we got an email stating our volume differed to the quote and we said we have sole use of a 40ft container so what is the issue.
The issue is that the packers and loaders are a sub contractor and get paid by volume not the job and so they needed more money. They wear OSS logos but aren't OSS employees.
I was given an invoice for an additional sum which made them more expensive than other quotes so in the end the regional manager stepped in after numerous calls and emails, and as they had us by the short and curlies, we had to pay half or I don't think our goods would arrive.
When the goods finally arrived the company in UK handling it sent a truck to get the container that was such a heap it broke down en route to our house.
Eventually it arrived almost 6hrs late with just two people to unload the 40ft container.
Now we are a few days into our unpacking and we understand why they can load in one day including packing as there are numerous cracks and chips on furniture. Broken feet on sofas, boxes spilling out their contents as crammed in yet others packed with so much wrapping that you understand why the packers charge by volume as they are coining it in.
Overall one star is all I'm giving them.
Emails to OSS about this so far ignored!

Hi Phil, Thank you for your feedback and we do regret that you have experienced some issues with your relocation. It is positive that some aspects of the move went well but we will try to address those aspects that have not. On reviewing your file, I can see your effects were surveyed on the 11/12/18 for relocation to Exeter in the UK and a quotation was submitted to you on the 13/12/18. The quotation was based on your advice as to the effects that were to be relocated and consequently a survey list was produced and submitted to you along with our quotation. This is an important part of the process as we ask that you review the inventory for accuracy and highlight any omissions. Experience has told us that if the list of items is correct and accurate it is very difficult to later run into a point of dispute. It appears that the move progressed smoothly through to the point of packing. Our expectation of what was required at the time of packing was outlined in the inventory produced, that being 144 items as listed plus approximately 3 cubic metres of effects said to be in a storage unit that was not sighted. Your advice was that some items in the storage unit would be disposed of and the balance would be placed in your garage for packing. This is important, the time and resources required to pack and prepare your effects is calculated based on the list of items supplied to you. If we were estimating less time than other providers it is a clue that there may be some variance in the information conveyed to the movers who quoted. The consignment was estimated at 144 items plus the 3 cubic metres in a storage unit and you were quoted for these items to be sent via a sole use 40ft container. A 40ft sole use container means that only your effects will be placed in that 40ft container, what it does not mean is that the cost of sending a 40ft container fully loaded is the same as the cost of sending a 40ft container two thirds full. The reason for this is that packing, handling, labelling, numbering and loading additional volume requires additional packing materials, manpower, and time, time not factored into that days scheduling. The day following uplift everything still appeared on track and you sent the following very nice email to our office: Hi, I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and praise the team who packed and loaded our belongings yesterday. After three international moves previously and the negative impact they had on us we were nervous for our fourth packing date so much so that my wife spent the day being anywhere but at home. When the truck arrived and we saw it was only a 20' I panicked and thought no wonder they think they can do it in a day but that lad who introduced himself (beard I think) put my mind at ease and told me the second 20' is arriving shortly. Well the packing was seamless by your team. They were professional and efficient and even by midday I knew they'd be finished before 5pm. The packing of furniture was some of the best I'd seen. Thanks for the move. Kind regards Phil Johnson The first issue appeared when following uplift we advised you that the volume of your effects was much more than you had been quoted for. The surveyed inventory had been 144 items plus the 3cbm of effects in your storage unit, whereas the final packed inventory had 290 items. This equated to an extra 12 cubic metres of effects or a 30 percent increase the volume and 100% increase in the package numbers that required packing, handling, and transportation. It appeared to us that there were considerably more items in your storage unit than had been initially conveyed. This can happen often innocently in the hustle and bustle of planning a move overseas. Obviously this creates an issue for all parties and we completely understand your reaction at unwanted additional charges. The reality though is that additional items incur additional costs to be included in the shipment and the simple fact is there were considerably more volume and items than anticipated or quoted for. Initially we confirmed the additional volume and invoiced you based on a revised quotation of A$12,610 for 51 cubic metres, a 30% increase in volume and a 13% increase in cost. On receipt of your response and listening to your concern that this was more than you had initially been quoted by other companies those proposals received were reviewed. What was apparent was that the alternative quotes you received were all based on different volumes and had different charges. The volume of your collected shipment was 51m3 which is 1m3 more that the highest quote you received being 50m3 @ $12,770.00. The revised quote from OSS supplied following the increase was $12,610.00 for 51m3 which is still comparable with the other quote you received. Despite our quote outlining that we had based it on the attached list of inspected items together with the fact the list was provided to you with the quote, we understood that you were in a difficult situation and we wanted to resolve the situation as fairly as possible to everybody given that we had already uplifted your effects and you have left the country. Based on this OSS absorbed 50% the additional charges for the increase in volume which meant even allowing for the increase your move with OSS was still more competitive than the other quotation received. This was then agreed by all parties and finalised. In relation to your other comments. The haulage of shipping containers from the wharf to residence in the UK is controlled by the shipping lines not individual moving companies. So the truck you refer to was not our partners. Our partners who are FAIM FIDI accredited have their quality system including their fleet management monitored and audited by Ernest & Young on a regular basis. Paul and the team that packed your effects are permanent contractors to OSS. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that allows additional flexibility to clients that otherwise would not exist. The majority of staff at OSS, upward of 90 percent are direct permanent employees. The permanent contractors we have are tried and tested long term relationships. Your final comment in relation to communication is somewhat confusing as there is a volume of communication on file and advice and responses always appear to have been prompt. I understand our team is reviewing your comments with our UK partners in your last email to us and will respond accordingly. We do not like to hear of any consignments arriving with transit damage and can appreciate your concern. Your effects have travelled a long distance and your comments that some items in your opinion were excessively wrapped may well mean the goods avoided a potentially worse outcome. We note your intention to lodge a claim and if you need any information to support your claim please let us know. Regards OSS World Wide MoversThere are a few issues that still needed to be addressed. Why did Paul and the team state quite clearly that what we had on the day was what they expected and were aware of. I had a 3 cubic metre storage unit half filled and I culled over 1.5 cubic metres to charity thus your quote measurements were well below. Reminds me of corporate tenders, undercut others but end up charging more once you are awarded the contract. Why were so many boxes packed with so much packing materials (large box with three plates yet a few hundred sheets of paper) which packs out the volume if you look at the fact we had dozens of boxes with excessive amounts of packing yet many items of furniture with little protection or DVDs etc with none at all (photos of damage are available) When you quote to pack a 40ft container then that's all it should be. Your quote should be clearly in cubic metres not for sole use 40ft container! As for communication I've not had any replies since arriving. All emails pretty much stopped after you got your final payment.Hi Phil, Thank you for your comments. It isn't uncommon for items to change between survey and uplift as people finalise in their own minds what is being shipped and it isn't necessarily a problem. Our packing team would no doubt have been referring to the listed items in your home from the survey list, which did not vary. The storage unit items appear to be where the volume fluctuated.. I think you may have the volume of the storage unit that was not sighted slightly confused and this may have been where the discrepancy in the volume originated. Here you are saying the storage unit was 3 cubic metres and you got rid of (half) 1.5 cubic metres of effects to charity. However earlier you are saying that the storage unit was 3 x 2. If the storage unit was 3 metre wide by 2 metres deep by say 3 metres high, which a pretty standard sized storage unit, and that would equate to 18 cubic metres not 3. If you got rid of about half of the volume that would leave roughly the additional volume presented on uplift and collected. All our quotations are submitted with a complete list (inventory) of the effects being moved. If this list is accurate, and we ask that you review and confirm that it is, variances in volumes rarely occur. I do understand how it can appear that excessive packing was used when your boxes are unpacked and the paper is collected. It can look like a lounge room after Christmas morning, with paper everywhere. I would only say that ultimately more packaging material is good for your effects and the paper itself makes a negligible difference to the overall packed volume. If you need documents to support your claim please let us know. Regards OSS World Wide Movers

OSS World Wide Movers - Right Choice

I moved my stuff from oversea and their teams are so organize . I have most updated information by email and phone call. I did have details updated information when vessel arrived Melbourne until delivery to my door step . Their crew from office to delivery team are just fantastic. Great job and well done, especially the delivery crew, they handle our piano well . Really appreciate for their professional service. Thank you very very much !!

Excellent Service

OSS has provided me an excellent service with my effects that was shipped from NZ to Brisbane. All the information was correct and the time frame given was accurate.

The team that delivered my effects was very efficient and helpful.

Thank you

A great alternative to regular air or sea freight

I only required the transportation of corporate gifts, purchased from a vendor in the UK, to my head office in North Geelong, Australia, as air freight was exorbitant, and other sea freight companies also very expensive, so a move/relocation company became my most cost effective option to get my gifts from A to B. OSS handled the arrival and delivery of my goods in Australia, with Rosie being my point of contact. I was always kept informed and Rosie's customer service was prompt and friendly, which I really appreciated. I wasn't at my office the day of the delivery but my staff said that the delivery guys were great. There is a bit of paperwork involved but Rosie was always helpful and patient so it became a straightforward process. I would definitely look at using OSS again should the need arise. Keep up the great work!

A+ Service from beginning to end

I would have no hesitation in recommending OSS for any international move. From the initial survey if what needed to be uplifted with Craig, to the communication with Amy, the actual uplift with Sam and Fii. The service was impeccable.

Top class professionalism with clear communication

OSS was the agent in Brisbane handling our shipment from NZ. From first contact with Kim through to delivery we had clear communication all the way with efficiency and professionalism from everyone. Kim was always prompt in returning emails or phone calls.
Although the shipment was held up with customs for 2 weeks before being examined we were always being informed of its progress. Very happy with the delivery guys they did a top job. All goods were in tact and accounted for, [searched boxes were repacked correctly by customs].
Great job happy to recommend to others.

The best moving experience you can have

We are moving from Newcastle to Singapore, OSS were so professional and helpful right from the first call. Their team who travelled up and packed everything were amazing. Recommend it!!

Excellent communication and service.

I had originally planned to move overseas but had a last minute change of plans. OSS were able to accommodate the re-directing of my belongings as requested and were very pleasant to deal with all the way. My goods were delivered on the designated day and at the expected time. There were no breakages or damaged goods and it was such a relief to have everything unpacked by OSS staff.
I would happily recommend this company for your next move.

BEST I have experienced. Best service & Best Price - rare combo!!

Moved from Melbourne to Netherlands with a single use 40ft container. Timing, value for money and customer service were outstanding. I have travelled internationally many times and OSS were clearly the best. I do not say that lightly at all. Things always go wrong in a big more but the key thing (1) that they are not major and (2) how a company handles these issues. OSS had no major issues and dealt wth the minor issue really well. I have never given a reference like this before. Huge thanks to Michelle, Jackie & Mike. Cheers, Peter

Thorough, professional, helpful throughout the process

We recently finished a major move from the Gold Coast of Australia to Florida in the US using OSS. We had a big house with lots of additional items in storage. We required a 40 foot high top container. This was our 6th international move. We had used OSS successfully before, so we decided to go with them again.

This turned out to be a GREAT move! Of our 6 international moves, this one was the smoothest. The estimator's initial estimate and quote was spot on. Despite some skepticism by others, everything fit into the container he specified. The shipping date was also spot on, estimated over two months in advance. The port arrival was delayed by a just a few days due to a problem at one of the ports, but was quickly remedied as the container was delivered to our new home about when we had expected it.

The packers were very thorough and professional. They advised us not to include certain items in the container as this would risk US customs opening and inspecting it in detail due to recent changes. Their advice was excellent, as customs did not even open the container, helping it to arrive on time. The packers were also very careful, and there was minimal damage of any items despite the large number of items (about 500 packages).

The people at the OSS front office were very responsive and supportive throughout the entire process, always returning phone calls and emails promptly with helpful and supportive messages. They were also friendly and personal, which made a big difference!

As previously noted, overall this was our best move ever! We would wholeheartedly recommend using OSS for your next move.

No Stress

Used OSS Movers for our move from NZ to Brisbane which was the best thing we did. Absolutely no problems, totally stress free.
Great communication throughout the move, kept us up to date through all steps.
Delivery guys were friendly, fast and great at what they did.
We would recommend this company to anyone who needs items shipped.

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Questions & Answers

Do you provide a service from Adelaide (Barossa) to NZ?
1 answer
Hi Chris, Moves out of Adelaide would be managed by our Melbourne office they can be contacted on 03 9799 5800. Regards

Do you provide service to move from Melbourne to Singapore? Thank you Angela
1 answer
Hi Angie, Yes we certainly do. If you call our Melbourne office on 03 9799 5800 they will be happy to assist. Regards

We used you about 8 years ago to come from Sydney to UK, and would like to get a quote to return, please can you advise on a UK number to call so I can make contact? Thank you.
1 answer
Hi Fiona, Lovely to here from you and we can manage the entire process for you. If you contact jessica.hawkins@ossworldwide.com she will be happy to assist. Regards

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