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Hose Purchase Disaster

I originally purchased this 9mtr Explore Flat Hose Reel “Ideal for Caravans, RV’s and Boats” from Outback Equipment Australia Pty Ltd in July of 2018 for $68.99. In September 2018 I embarked on a trip across Australia staying each of 7 nights in caravan parks along the way and using the hose overnight connected to my RV. Upon reaching the destination the hose was then used for a further 3 days before it burst. (So total use 10 days) These hoses cannot be repaired so off to a local hardware for an emergency replacement (cost $36.00).
Upon returning home I emailed Outback Equipment regarding the failure and after sending photos and repacking and sending back, they sent me a replacement hose which was received late in October 2018. The replacement hose was then used on a few small trips, 2 nights, 4 nights then 3 nights. Then off on another bigger trip planned to be 15 nights in August 2019, well on the 4th night the replacement hose also burst. (So total use 13 days).
At this point I am 400klms from the nearest hardware store, but luckily I was still carrying the emergency hose I had to purchase previously which avoided considerable further inconvenience.
Upon returning home I have emailed Outback Equipment again regarding the second failure. Well after a week without response I emailed them again and did receive a response, although unsatisfactory to say the least.
I have been told that they will not replace the second burst hose because it is greater than 12 months since I purchased the first hose that burst. Yes correct 13 months to be more exact but only 10 months after receiving the second faulty hose. If I had been charged for the replacement hose and credited for the original one, then it would have been within 12 months and this appears to be a poor excuse for customer service.
I was also informed that “A lot of the reasons for these hoses busting ranges from the pressure being pushed through them, not unreeling them completely when using etc”.
I use a hose bag for storage not the reel it came on and always fully unwind the hose before use. Not sure about the water pressure in caravan parks but that it exactly what this hose is sold for – to connect to caravans and RV’s – so is it fit for purpose? Perhaps I just got two from a bad batch, I don’t know!
However, the response from the seller is appalling; needless to say I will never buy from them again.
So off to Consumer Protection I go and trusting that they will inform the seller that the product has to be fit for the intended purpose and that regardless of any warranty period, the item should last a “reasonable period of time” and that just 10-13 days of use before bursting is not reasonable.

Product Quality
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False Advertising

I purchased a reversing camera kit online from Outback Equipment with delivery "3-5 days" it arrived five weeks later, first bit of bullXXXX!
Secondly their website states; "When not being used, the monitor can be used as a normal rearview mirror"!!! This is total BULLXXXX as the box it came in had more reflection capability than the mirror....
The customer service staff when you finally get through being on hold, said its a monitor first then an mirror, its not a mirror is just black glass, not a "Normal mirror"
I paid $100 for an Auto Electrician installation and once fitted couldn't see behind when using their monitor. After many phone calls and two visits to their warehouse, eventually got a partial refund because there was a scratch on the camera bracket.
Its cost me $195 for nothing and all because of their false statements and promises.

Stay away from this dodgy importing outfit.

Product Quality
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No communication

I ordered a caravan cover 17 days ago (estimated delivery was 4 days at the time of purchase) and there is still no tracking available through my membership login. I emailed the company several days ago; no response. I emailed again 2 days ago; no response. Payment has been taken from my account however I have no idea if or when I will receive delivery.

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Hi Glenn, Our apologies. This does seem to be an oversight on our behalf and someone will be in touch with you today to clear up this error. Thank you for informing us. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Terrible Customer Service and false expectations

Just ordered a Sphere 3.3kg Automatic Mini RV Washing Machine - 240v. I chose a Brisbane based company even though it was $30 cheaper elsewhere. I should have gone for the cheaper option as loyalty is not rewarded.
The website estimation of shipping said one day on the day of order (it now says 2 days) and it only has to come across Brisbane so one would think that was the case??? However, my order was placed on hold to check it was a legitimate order - isn't that what my bank does when I pay. I called them and had it approved. It then spent a good day on pick before moving to pack. Finally 2 days later it went to dispatch. Joy of Joys, they then posted it Auspost which now means 3 days to ship - not one day and not 2 days!
I called the company to see what their customer service might do to rectify this and was basically told they had done what their website said. They did not care.
So now we have to drive back to our collection point as we are moving sites to collect the washing machine, could have got a better deal if we had not been loyal to a local company and will never use this company again.

Return Claim MadeNo

False and misleading advertising

Beware: This company advertises bonuses to get you to buy and then don't follow through with what their add clearly says.
I bought an air compressor from Outback Equipment with the promise of a free gift at checkout if I purchased that day. I paid for the compressor only to be told that the add was a mistake and I wont be receiving the promised bonus.
After follow up emails I was finally offered a refund but no free gift.
Would not recommend buying anything from this company especially when offering apparent free/bonus items.

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Hi Travis, As we have tried to explain through email and over the phone and in response to your Google review, the "ad" was a system generated notice that was automatically posted to each individual item without taking the terms and conditions into account. Marketing material was emailed to our customers with clearly outlined conditions, but our website's automation was not correctly programmed to properly reflect the promotion. As soon as this came to our attention we attempted to remedy the situation by editing the promotional message, but have since decided that it would be best to remove product listing notices altogether for this and all future promotions. We have offered you a refund as well as the option of price matching a discount code on eBay you claimed to have as we had no desire to mislead you into making the purchase. You have refused both options but unfortunately we would be hard pressed to provide you the free gift due to the value of the items involved and for that we apologise again for the error. Thank you for compelling us to reassess the measures required in executing these kinds of promotions so we can avoid repeating such mistakes in future Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Diggin the Diggar

My purchase experience with Outback Equipment was easy and excellent, the fact that it was post free made my purchase even sweeter and it was efficiently delivered within 2 days. Their communication was excellent. The Diggar Shovel is an excellent product. Made of solid acrylic the handles screw on and off easily and are both strong when attached. The spade of the shovel is a great size and sturdy steel with turned edges. The size appeals to me as we tow an off road van and the Diggar stowes away nicely in the front hatch of the van, in its carry bag ready for use.

Hi Weiry, Glad to hear the shovel is working out so well. Thanks a bunch for the positive feedback! Best regards, The Outback Equipment TeamNo worries happy to give credit were it’s due. Nothing better than to buy from a business that is run so efficiently. regards Weiry

Could be the difference between a good road trip and a bad experience.

Just fitted these and then completed over 2500 kms through mostly outback country - no kangaroos challenged my car, nor any other critters. Choice or chance? Who knows but I am happy with the real trial

Skipping Skippy

I started using the plain black version in Central Australia - (no joke intended) - & had only one hit
at very much under the recommended speed for them to work . So after 8 years of them being cooked &sand blasted I've replaced them with these flash looking chrome ones

Good products, fast delivery and good customer service!

I ordered on Outback Equipment after reading a lot of reviews online about the equipment I wanted to buy (Maxtraxx and a air compressor). Outback equipment offered the best price.

For the air compressor, I chose the Mean Mother Adventurer 3. We previously used a cheap small compressor and what a difference! I've used it 4 or 5 times now and I am really satisfied with it. The compressor did not heat up too much, it was fast and the remote is convenient.

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Hi Tristan, Thanks for the great review! Good to hear the air compressor is working out for you. We use the Adventurer ourselves and it has always served us well. Thanks again for the feedback! Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Perfect customer service

Thank you the snorkel was easy to fit and looks really good and great price and communication was really good fast delivery

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Hi Nigel, Thanks for the great review. We're happy we could be of service and glad to hear the snorkel has worked out well. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team


I purchased Dr Air Compressor online on 22nd October,2018. 2 days later I recieved an email stating that if I buy a Dr Air Compressor I will recieve a tyre gauge and bypass controller for free. The email was dated 24/10/18.
I rang the store inquiring about this deal and spoke to Dave, a sales assistant.He said he would ask his manager. Being on hold for 5 minutes, he returned and said the manager could meet me half way and sell me the "Freebies" for $30. I asked to speak to the manager and Dave's reply was that his manager does not take calls. I said that is part of his job, to speak to his customers. Dave said he was too busy.I persisted with the matter and finally the manager took my call. He stated that he could send out the "Freebies" to me but postage would be $30 and that they retailed at $60 .On the email RRP was $180.This is totally different to what Dave had told me minutes earlier.
ANYWAY I have money to spend but I DEFINITELY WILL NOT be spending it at this store. Very unprofessional and untrained staff members. Shame on you for your POOR service. Your loss!!!

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Hi Debo, It is unfortunate that we were yet to release our special offer at the time you purchased your air compressor. Your order was processed last week and you only called this morning to enquire about the deal on the air compressor that you have already received. As you made your purchase outside of the deal period, we are not obligated to honour it. This is why we offered to meet you halfway by selling you the items at cost as well as shipping. We're sorry that you have taken aversion to our customer service team trying to explain all of this to you. Please also note, the RRP you're referring to in the email was in relation to how much the minimum spend must be in order to get the free gifts and not the value of the gifts. Again, our apologies for being unable to meet your demands. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Very happy with product

Adjustable towbar was very easy to fit. Easy to change height of tongue for different trailers 3.5 tonne capacity ideal for caravan

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Hi BRM, Thanks for the positive feedback! We're happy to hear the adjustable towbar is working a treat. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Experts in the field

Excellent product range and very knowledgeable.everything you need for camping and caravaning.competitive pricing and availability.i would recommend highly.great service given.

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Hi Robo, Thanks for singing our praises! We're stoked to hear you had a positive experience with us. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Good price and delivery service

I have just started caravaning and needed extended mirrors to see whats behind. I would buy from them again. Thanks

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Hi Phil, Thanks for the positive review! Best of luck with the caravanning adventures and let us know if we can be of any assistance to you again. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Car Cover

Extremely happy with the quality of the cover as well as with Outback Equipment. I would certainly use Outback Equipment again.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for the glowing review! We're glad to hear the cover has worked out well for you. We look forward to hopefully being of service to you again. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Zero service

Like other poster I ordered and paid for goods and was then contacted to call a 1300 number to confirm order or goods would not be shipped. After trying 6 times over 2 days I called a mobile no. contained in an email and was told that if they were busy the phone would ring out and they do not get notification of my call. In the meantime they are sat on my money. I’ve requested a refund which I have been told will be actioned today. Time will tell but no further interest in ordering from this company

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Hi Chris, We apologise that you felt the ordering process did not go smoothly for you. We did call and email you for confirmation - due to the amount spent on your credit card as per our policy - the same afternoon you placed your order and then when you got a hold of us first thing the following morning you cancelled your order. From the moment you placed your order, to the moment you cancelled, 5 business hours had lapsed. Our accounts department was informed the following day and as you said, the refund was actioned today. Based on the fact that you ordered 2.5 hours before close of business, your order would still only have started getting processed the following day due to the hundreds of other customers we serve in a day and the courier pick-up times we must work within. It seems we were always bound to fail in this scenario, but we thank you for your feedback. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team


The de-flappers fitted perfectly with the added curved awning support bar made the whole plan of stopping the awning from moving around in the wind ,thanks again.

Hi Douglas, Thanks a bunch for the positive review! Glad to hear the de-flappers and roof rafter are working a treat! Best regards, The Outback Equipment TeamGlad to help out .

Great product - great service

Very helpful customer service after ordering the wrong style car dash mat but was changed quickly before despatch. Delivery was quick. Extremely happy with product. Great quality.

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Hi Jake, Thanks for such a positive review. We're happy to hear it all worked out in the end. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Does what it says on the packet

It does what it says on the packet, a functional dash mat that fits the proton jumbuck well. My only criticism is the holes around the delisted don't match perfectly..

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Hi ArgyBargy, Thanks for the constructive review. We'll be sure to pass on that point of information to the manufacturer. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

Great dash matt

This dash matt fitted perfectly and is finnished off very well, looks great and does the job very well that it was intended for.

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Hi Jobbo, Thanks a bunch for the great review. Glad to hear the dashmat is serving you well. Best regards, The Outback Equipment Team

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Interested in towing mirrors for my Isuzu D-max ,any reviews? thanks
2 answers
Hi Ivan, I tow with a Mazda BT50 and my van is 2.5m wide. Initially I purchased the Milenco removable tow mirrors they were ok but not legal because you need to see down along the side of your van to be legal, and they shake and a pain to take on and off. I then purchased the quality Clearview towing mirrors, they are fantastic not that hard to install, they replace your original mirrors and don’t shake they are adjustable electronically and extend out so you can clearly see down the side of your van and clearly see trucks approaching etc. A tip - you can go onto Clearview website and purchase pre loved mirrors to suite your model much cheaper, which is what I did. You just need to check the website everyday they sell quick.Great answer thanks .

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