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Oz-Pet Animal Litter

Oz-Pet Animal Litter

3.8 from 55 reviews

Love it! Won't buy anything else :)

I am extremely impressed with this cat litter. The litter tray smell is one of my pet hates so to get a litter that controls and eliminates the smell is massive. I have used other expensive products and was hit with the smell every time I walked in the door. After complaining about the smell a friend recommended oz-pet litter and thought I should give it a go. I was so happy I couldn't smell anything! Even when I'm changing the litter. Extremely happy that I have found something that doesn't make my house smell like a kennel.

Purchased in January 2019 at PetBarn for $20.00.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Odour Absoprtion

Best litter and tray ever

Litter tray easy to keep clean, There is no odour at all. I put a kitty litter plastic bag on the lower level tray so then easy to toss and keeps tray clean.

Smell is dreadful

I've used the two tray system for some time and really like it but usually use Kitter Litter which is pine and smells nice and absorbs any odour. I purchased the Oz Pet litter when I was in a hurry and my usual litter was not in stock. Wow, big mistake. The smell when urine gets on it is dreadful, the odour throughout the house. I've just thrown out the rest of the the unused bag after getting my Kitter Litter and seriously could not recommend the Oz Pet one as it currently is to anyone. Sorry Oz Pet, but you really need to improve your product.

Good option to consider

I've been using Oz-Pet litter for 9 years now since it was recommended by my first cat's rescue carer. The initial purchase of 2 sets of stacked trays was expensive but considering they've lasted 9 years and I now have 3 cats, I consider it value for money. Not everyone likes the smell of pine, but to me it's a "clean" scent and a more pleasant version than other wood pellet litters that I've tried (and they all work well with the trays).

The litter itself is made from waste wood and can be put back into the garden so the environmentally-friendly aspect is a big factor for me. Cats tend to prefer litters that are more amenable to digging so if you have a particularly fussy cat then it may not be for you. I do keep a small tray of crystal litter simply because the large Oz-Pet tray doesn't fit in that spot - it's huge! And I curse under my breath every time I step on a stray crystal. The wood pellets never seem to make their way out of the trays so that's another plus.

For those having issues with the litter disintegrating and turning black in the top tray - use a thinner layer of pellets. The urine needs to be able to filter through quickly, with the litter absorbing the residual moisture. Thinner is better and just top up the litter as needed but remember to empty or change the bottom tray every few days.

Have now changed my mind completely (as well as my flower pic) after receiving new litter sample fro

I contacted Oz-pet because I was so unhappy with the deterioration in the performance of this product with which I'd previously been completely happy. They sent me some bags to try of newer formulation with pellets now comprised of a small amount of some added pine as well as the eucalyptus waste from mills.

Well - talk about chalk and cheese!! In all fairness to Oz-pet, I have to update my review. The new litter was a lovely surprise in contrast to my most recent bags. I set up two trays side by side (one Oz-pet and one Kitter) and switched the position daily to ensure the cats were using them equally. The cats showed no preference for either litter, so assume each was just as comfortable under paw and to scratch around in.

This latest Oz-pet litter breaks down very well and my view is that it's now very much an equal to the Kitter brand though they have some difference. The Kitter wood breaks down a little faster so you end up with a drier, slightly fluffier sawdust in the bottom tray while the Oz-Pet still broke down completely (hooray!) but a little slower to be a little more damp sawdust but less bulk (so I think a bag may last a little longer) and end sawdust was neither wet nor smelly. End result: perfectly happy to buy Oz-pet again! I particularly like the idea that it's sourced predominantly from mill waste.

I noticed that my previous bags were 15kg, while the bags sent out to me were 10kg - not sure if that will help to ensure buying newer formulation instead of older, but have put that question to the company.

Great product

I have used this over a year now. Reading reviews by others, I am surprised that people don’t read instructions and try an use it like normal litter. It is so much better than normal litter if used properly. The cost of the tray set up is easily recouped by the cheapness if the litter which you don’t have to replace as often as clumping or crystal litter. The cats feet stay dry even if you forget to change it properly as the urine falls through to the bottom tray. I change the bottom tray every couple of days, throw the used litter in a corner of the yard where I am researching it’s effect on a lemon tree (!).,and replace the litter in the top tray once a month when I thoroughly was the whole set up in soap and water. The used top litter goes in the compost. A big bag of litter $16 at last purchase gives at least three months supply as you need to use a handful or two each change of bottom tray. Remove droppings daily and flush. as to smell, I am noticing a bit in our very hot summer weather as the tray is outside in the catio during the day and heats up a bit. I figure if this weather keeps up I will need to decrease the time between full cleaning sessions.

Makes changing the litter enjoyable

I bought this upon recommendation. This product is very easy to use and clean. In conjunction with a sieve tray this product ensures you're not throwing out the unused litter with the used. I like that I'm not throwing my money in the bin but getting full use of the litter. It has a sawdust smell that isn't unpleasant at all. Would much rather that then ammonia. I clean poops out regulary through out the day and once a day ill empty the saw dust contents from the bottom tray. This is no longer a annoying task in my life- but strangely enjoyable. I will continue to buy this oz pet litter.

A good product

I started using this because a friend recommeded it and it works well enough. Depending on your cats waste your results may vary. But it worked for me without much odour

Winner Of My 12mth Litter Analysis!

We have 3x 5kg cats (Bonkers Nuts & Fruitcake!!) and despite loving them dearly we grew really tired of spending our holiday fund on cat litter, so I conducted a year long experiment with different types of cat litter, recording: Number of days per bag; Changes per bag; Days between changes; Tracking characteristics and most importantly cost per day.

The one thing to acknowledge here is that everybody's odour threshold differs. This is of little consequence to the experiment however, because any given person's Odour Threshold applies equally over all litter types. This means that the number of days per bag may reduce or increase for some people depending on their Odour Threshold, but relative economy across all cat litters remains roughly identical to this experiment.

My personal Odour Threshold is 3.0, given the following (newly invented) scale:
1 = Uptight: "Anything but the smell of pure new cat litter offends my delicate rose petal-like sensibilities."
2 = OCD: "I change the litter every (x) days just because (...the voices tell me to; I fear bugs, disease, God's brutal judgement etc.)"
3 = [word removed]: "When I open the door the smell hits me square in the face like a punch from Mike Tyson and I lose power to my knees. Then I change the litter."
4 = FERAL: "I live in a cattery and hose it down with recycled water once per month, which may be too often."

Test Results (for 3x 5kg cats):

1 / CRYSTALS / 11x days between changes / 22x days per 6.4kg bag / COST PER DAY: $1.27 / tracking: good
2 / Recyc Paper Pellets / 4x days between changes / 21x days per 30L bag / COST PER DAY: $1.09 / smelly ALL the time / tracking: poor-average
3 / Softwood Flakes / 4x days between changes / 36x days per 30L bag / COST PER DAY: $0.83 / tracking: poor
4 / Clumping Clay Granules / 4x days between changes / 17x days per 8kg bag / COST PER DAY: $0.84 / tracking: extremely poor
5 / OZ PET PELLETS / used with sieve tray / 6x days between changes / 89x days per 10kg bag / COST PER DAY: $0.20 / tracking: good

I got THREE MONTHS' use out of a single 10kg bag! (...remember, with 3x cats)
By extension, I save $390 per year using Oz Pet over crystals.
For me, THAT is why this experiment was worth conducting.
If you can swallow the price of the sieve tray (actually I got a larger sieve tray cheaper online - search "Oz Pet Compatible Tray") then this cat litter is the bomb. I have read others complain that the sieved matter forms a "horrible black sludge." I was initially put off by that report, but actually I never found it an issue. I really don't know what colour & consistency people expect cat-urine-soaked-sawdust to be, but dark brown and moist is fine by me. If you don't like it get a fish. My year long experiment is over. Obviously I acknowledge that individual expectations and style of use will differ, and I apologise for this long-winded review. I simply wrote the type of review that would have saved me a lot of time and money a year ago, should I have found it then.

I hope this helps your decision making process. Cheers, Damon.

1. Don't shake both trays together (sieve tray and catchment tray) as any liquid in the catchment tray splashes back up onto the litter material and makes it stink. Pick up the sieve tray and shake it gently over the catchment tray, or do what I do: Invert a clean plastic produce bag over your hand, agitate the litter material and pick up solids in one go - voila!
2. Never discard sieve tray contents. Just keep topping it up. If you give it a vigorous rub when removing solids then the semi-moist litter granulates and falls through, and the smell of the remaining dry litter is acceptable.
3. Rinse out catchment tray really easily in the laundry sink. The sawdust (or whatever it is) has never caused a sink blockage for me. I don't even bother washing or drying the catchment tray, I just rinse and slip it back under the sieve tray. This process takes all of 30 seconds.
4. Don't overfill sieve tray. If you fill the sieve higher than about 3cm the pee soaks into the litter material and does not migrate down into the catchment tray.

I hate it

What a waste of money. It requires so much more work than the standard litter, and the smell is ridiculous. The pee just turns into black sludge (yes, I put pellets in the bottom tray yada yada) and smells so bad, and the poo is just terrible. The minute he goes, the whole apartment is full of the aroma. I even changed his food (which he hated) to see if that solved it, but no. Back to the normal litter. Don't waste you money. Honestly.

Works great, even without the tray system.

I found Oz Pet litter far more economical than any other 'eco-friendly' litter and to work really well, even without the Oz Pet tray system. $100 for a cat litter tray?! No way!

I have to share a bathroom with a *really big* cat in a very tiny studio apartment. I use a plastic storage tub for his litter so I can put the lid on when I shower. I like that he doesn't track the pellets all over the place and any sawdust on his paws gets walked off in the shower where it's easy to clean. I have a white bath mat, so it would show if he was getting a lot of sawdust on his paws.

He likes to leave his poos on display rather thsn cover them but anyway I pick them out and flush them asap. The litter is great in terms of odour control - when moisture hits the pellets it gets absorbed and they disintegrate to sawdust. Sometimes I can notice a faint sawdust smell that I don't find unpleasant. Further use of the litter turns the sawdust darker, like coffee grounds. If this isn't covered by fresher litter it can be whiffy. But I don't think that's a bad thing - I think it's designed to form layers as it's used, with the unused pellets on top, a layer of light coloured sawdust underneath and darker, used litter down the bottom.

Taking away the spent litter from underneath without wasting usable litter on top is key. For this I tilt the tub, push the 'good' litter out of the way and scoop out the dark litter with an old plastic cup measure - not a litter scoop with holes in it because the dirty litter would just fall through. I always ensure there's a thick layer of pellets on top and I think this is what stops him getting sawdust in his feet. Plus it maintains two layers over the most used litter, killing any smell. In my tiny place any smell would be unbearable - I tried Breeder's Choice for a few weeks but the smell was disgusting and the only way to cope was to constantly change the litter - irritating and expensive! Last thing I do when cleaning the litter is give the tub a bit of a shake to help the 'layers' form. I only need to do this clean up every other day so it's quick and doesn't create a huge mountain of stinking litter to dispose of.

I suspect that if you used a shallow tray Oz Pet wouldn't work as well. Using the tub enables me to keep the litter quite deep - about 10cms.

This litter has turned out to be the most economical, no smell, no tracking litter all over the place solution for me and it takes the least amount of effort of any litter I've used.

Find okay, but still a bit dusty- brown dust over blinds

Our cat kingdom is now down to five cats. I have been using this product for some time now, have six of these litter trays, some people say it is not dusty but I have found it to be dusty, had to clean all the brown dust off the blinds and windows. Creates a lot of work in cleaning out, I put newspaper in bottom tray to collect the wet litter and place in a plastic bag, and do a complete clean job Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Leaves a stain on bottom of tray and won't come off. However, the wood pellets do last a long time and less expensive than other types of litter, but seem to be a bit hard of the feet of our cats. Some just leave their poops on the top of the litter.

Buying these tray sets in PetBarn is too expensive, I purchased six of them online from a shop in Sydney.

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I now have given up buying OzPet cat litter, now using Catlux Clumbing and now the house does not smell.

works great!

I have just got a kitten after many years, the breeder put me onto this product and I couldn't be happier, you need the tray that goes with the kitty litter to work properly. It doesn't have odour, I would totally recommend this and I'm fussy when it comes to pets and cleanliness in the house. Some people would say the tray is expensive but it is well worth it!

Three cat scrap

What a bunch of idiots. I've used this stuff for ages and it works perfectly if you use it properly. The pellets are meant to go black, that's how you know when to change the litter liner. The fact that the litter turns to powder is because that is precisely what it is meant to do. You only have to change the liner every now and then and the stuff on the top should last for a couple of weeks with a little top-up now and then. Grow up morons and use the product properly. By the way I've got three cats and three trays. This stuff is the best, and in the long run cheapest, I've found. As regards licking it off their paws...bollocks!

Oz-Pet Cat Loo Kit and Litter

This litter should be used with the Oz-Pet Cat Loo, included in the kit is a 3kg starter pack of Oz-Pet litter. The top tray sieve system works very well as the litter breaks down very easily when it's wet and I give the sieve tray a good shake. I save on cleaning and on litter by placing newspaper on the bottom tray then placing a plastic bin liner on top (I snip the bottom off the bin liner then flatten it out to fit the tray) I then add another layer of newspaper on top of the liner, then place the sieve tray with the litter on top.
You really don't need to add any litter to the bottom tray unless you want to throw the waste onto your garden.
The urine goes through the sieve and is absorbed by the newspaper which I just roll up and throw away then replace the paper. I then wipe underneath the sieve tray with an antibacterial wipe. I do this daily and top up the sieve tray with new litter once a week or when necessary. I remove solid waste daily.
Although the kit is quite expensive at $98, I bought mine on special for $79, in the long run it saves me money as I'm not throwing out a complete tray of soiled litter every day. I wash all the trays thoroughly every couple of weeks and have never had an odour problem. I would never buy the $6 single trays ever again.


I was sold this product without been told about the importance of the very over priced tray. When I rang the company and explained how the pet shop had sold me this product with incorrect instructions (said it would last 3-4 weeks without the tray, clumped and took away the smell) they told me they can't help what people in the shop say. I asked if they would call the shop and correct them, and they weren't interested. I brought a 15kg bag and had to use it in a week, as once your cat urinates, it turns to saw dust and goes through out all the litter. It smells terrible, drove my cat crazy, kept trying to cover up the smell. Don't buy the expensive tray and don't bother trying it without the tray. I do question if breathing in the saw dust when they use the kitty litter and licking the saw dust off their paws is good for their health.

Just great!

Absolutely loving this system! My baby girl British shorthair kitten arrived on Thursday and from the first day she went straight to the litter box with no problems. I hate wee smell, so I filled the top tray with just a couple of scoops of litter just so urine can sink to the bottom and be absorbed in there. I filled the bottom tray very well (about 2cm deep) for this purpose. It is a day three now and there is NO smell whatsoever and I didn't touch the litter box as yet, except of removing some poops. I am going to scoop out some spots from the bottom tray this afternoon and re fill a little bit.
Fantastic product. Very happy! Would highly recommend it to everyone.

OZ Pet Litter Hood

I purchased the complete set including the sieve trays and hood. I thought for the price it would be a well considered design but after using it I discovered this is not the case. My cat used it as she should but when she was inside and urinated toward the back wall, the urine spilled out onto the floor. There is no lip/extended edge around the handle area and this allows the urine to run out along the tray ledge making it completely ineffective. This should have been a basic consideration in the design.

Not as good as it used to be.

Previously I was very happy but recently I find it smells really unpleasant and litter is black after use. Cats have had
No change in diet. Unless things change I think I will have to find another litter.

Fantastic product

Use to use the recycled paper product, used a bag per month. With the oz pet product one bag lasts six months ( saves a lot of money ).
You have to place a scoop in the lower tray to absorb the urine to reduce the smell and change and wash the tray every three days. The poop I clean our every day ( which smells )

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Questions & Answers

How long can you use the Oz pet litter once the pellets have broken down?
1 answer
I wouldn’t use the litter once the pellets break down, that means that they have been used and start to smell.

Can this waste be flushed down toilet?
1 answer
No, it is not suitable to be flushed down the toilet. I have stopped using OzPet litter as it stunk the house out using the twin trays. I now have gone to Catlux clumping litter as the house does not stink anymore, however, it does not fully clump and I have to be careful in separating the good litter from the lump of wet litter.

can you flush the litter when you pick up the poos down the toilet ?
1 answer
Yes you can flush the solids down the loo, I do and I have 5 cats inside

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