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Parlux 385 PowerLight

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Love my hairdryer

Love this hairdryer! so easy to use, just the right size and drys my hair really well. Is also super nice looking and looks great in my bath room. Love it

Purchased in March 2018.

Best quality

My girl thinks this is the best dryer she’s used so far and the pressure is just perfect and do convenient and not too noisy and dry her hair perfectly.

Purchased in June 2018.

Great temperature, Great Speed, Long Cord!

Purchased this hairdryer after reading the reviews from this site. This hairdryer has great temperature control, fantastic air speed and the cord is super long! The best part is that with all these features it is still quiet compared to other hairdryers we have owned.

Purchased in April 2018 at myhaircare.com.au for $180.00.

Worst hair dryer ever - massive waste of money

The worst hair dryer I have ever used (and I've used $10 ones before). It made my hair so frizzy - literally worse then the $10 one! Biggest waste of money ever!!
I tried to return it as I thought it could have been faulty (surely a product that was top of the price range couldn't be such poor quality). And noone wanted a bar of it, not even the company's quality control area. I ended up selling it at a loss just to get rid of it and went back to using a cheap hair dryer (and my hair is better off for it). I couldn't believe how inferior the quality of the product is!

Purchased in December 2018 at Hairhouse Warehouse for $200.00.

Fast and effective!

My partner was shopping for a new hair straightener and he spent days researching the best hairdryers. I thought it was crazy that he was willing to spend over $100 on a hair dryer, but the first time I tried it I was sold! It was so so easy to use and dried my hair in half the time of my other hair dryer.

Purchased in June 2018 for $185.00.

Great hairdryer & power

The hair dryer is on the expensive end but its worth the money as it lasts for decent amount of years. i had to replace my old one, which lasted at least 8-10 years. i like the fact that it is made in italy, its ionic and blow dries my hair straight. I have also taken it for travel overseas with me as it is light, compact and easy to pack in my suitcase. It can be slightly noisy but I can put up with the noise. i haven't had any issues with it.

Purchased in September 2018 for $160.00.

This is amazing

I love this product it is sleek elegant and simply amazing it blows my hair dry in about 10 minutes way better than i expected i also really like the colours of the Parlux 385

Purchased in December 2018.

Confusing control switches!

I've had this dryer for over a year now and am still just as confused by the controls as when I first got it. The dryer dries fast and is light enough to hold. However I can't make head or tail of the switches! I don't know how to combine heat and speed, and can never actually get a hot temperature. It's also a problem getting a slow speed combined with a reasonable heat.

I now just push the switches randomly, having no idea how they work and I'm no dummy! I woudldn't buy this dryer again - considering the high price I expect predicable and usable controls, and a decent "How to" leaflet included in the package.

work well

The electric wind blows well, the design is good, it's light and easy to hold in your hand. It is very convenient to store, the sound when used is very small, very quiet, it is windy enough, even the long hair is easy to blow dry.

Worlds best hair dryer

I use mine everyday and it’s the best hair dryer I’ve ever come across , I absolutely can not live without it.
I will never ever buy another brand or dryer :)

Great customer service

Loved everything about this hairdryer until it stopped working after 2 years. BUT I contacted them and sent it back to the importer and they are replacing it! Going back to using a cheapie hairdryer whilst my Parlux is out of action has made me realise just how good the Parlux is. Thanks Parlux for such great customer service!

Can’t live without it!

This hair dryer is lightweight, compact and powerful! It has cut my hair drying time by up to ten minutes and straightens as well so I no longer need a straightener.

Great for professional!

This is a great hairdryer for professional hairdressers and barbers. I've been doing hair for 10+ Years and have always used Parlux brand. And have only been through 2! They last forever and is the brand I always recommend to family and friends.

Great quality

Was sceptical on paying so much for a hairdryer, but it's well worth the money. Have had it for 12 months now and it's as good as day one. Very light and compact which makes it a great addition to travelling. Doesn't heat up the concentrator which has been an issue with previous hairdryers

I could never live without

Great hair dryer! I noticed that my hair dries quicker with Parlux compared to other hairdryers on the market. Also, the shape makes it easy to grip and hold. Will definitely recommend.

Love This Hair Dryer

This was a little present for myself and I love it! It is so nice to use and lives up to my expectations very well. It is compact and absolutely a breeze to maneuver around in the morning. Its compact so I travel with it but I like it more than the one we have at home. Really good quality hair dryer.

powerful and light

great blowdryer. its light and powerful. has multiple settings depending on your need. very good at shaping the hair. the grip is also very comfortable. i am very happy with it

Parlux is the brand I am sticking with, until I can buy a Dyson

I switched to Parlux about three years ago and this is my second hairdryer, since my old Parlux 3800 suddenly stopped one day (only used every second day.) I like to use high fan and low heat and Parlux hairdryers do not burn my hair but dry it fast. Also good that I do not have to clean the filter like I used to with other brands. I would have liked to have bought a coloured model, not my usual black though.

GF loves it.

Bought this as a gift for my girl friend.
She absolutely loves it, she even recommended her brother purchase his girl friend one after she used hers and loved it.

Okay... but the hype?

My hairdresser suggested I buy - and reading all the reviews I thought this could be worth a shot for my thick hair. It’s definitely lightweight, and the fast speed dries hair fast, but as for the amazzzzxing results everyone keeps mentioning, it’s a hairdryer, and the no frizz factor is only slightly better than my old 25 buck cheapie. It’s good, but not 195 dollars good.

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Questions & Answers

Is the PaRlux interior supposed to gradually become bright orange? I’m afraid it’s overheating or about to blow? It’s never gotten as hot as it is currently reaching to where I cannot hold the dryers body because It will burn me.
1 answer
I wish someone at Parlux would address this. I bought mine two years ago and it’s doing this exact thing. It’s bright orange inside now I can only use medium heat on high to get a decent blowout. It also destroyed my YSPark diffuser with how hot it gets!!! I’m afraid it’s goibg to explode on me. My co workers parlux once blew up on him while styling a client. Flames actually came out the front luckily it was a long time client of his I’m afraid mine is going to do the same. I love my parlux but they’re proving they o Ky last two years and I don’t feel that’s what a hairstylist wants to purchase every other year

What is the best setting to dry short fine hair to create a style full of volume but not frizz. I find the 2 switches very confusing. I first like to 'rough dry' my hair, fast flow heat, then to style, medium flow heat, but often the temperature feels too hot and potentially damaging. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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My hair is very thick, I use the highest setting because my hair is so thick and coarse, it does get very hot but it smooths my frizz better. Never use the high setting on fine hair even the medium setting can get very hot. I would definitely use the lowest setting with full power for your hair, you could potentially damage your hair on a higher heat setting. I don't know much about the settings really or hair but there is a customer service phone number you can call 1800 251 215 not sure if they will be much help but it's worth a shot. Good luck :)

which parlux should i buy I am trying to decide between 3800 model and 385 ? I have very thick chin length hair
3 answers
Hi, thanks for your question. Both models are similar, except the 385 is a lighter hairdryer (in weight). It's lighter to hold. They both have the same power output. The 385 is a bit more expensive as it's the newer model. As for your hair type, the parlux heat will help to dry your hair faster.Neither! I would highly recommend the newest model just released the Parlux "Advance Light" I believe it is available from hairhouse warehouse, I've got one now and it's easily the best parlux But out of those two you listed, definitely the 385 it's faster and lighter than the 3800Thank you

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