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Pascoe's Gas, Water & Electrical

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Pascoes Electrical cannot be trusted!!!!

I called them out to fit a light on a property we are selling. The first electrician came out & before doing any work took a look around. He advised that our 10 year old property was dangerously unsafe, the meter box was live, 2 x smoke detectors were out of date & the earth stake was corroded. I was then coerced with, pay now to receive a discounted quote & safety inspection. Stupidly from a sense of urgency & responsibility I agreed to the work. Two new electricians arrived later on the same day & the work was completed in a couple of hours. The price seemed very high for the work that was done so i contacted our builder who said the price charged was ludicrous. I since researched the work done with several other electrical contractors. It now seems that we were indeed charged 3 - 4 times more that what would have been reasonable.

I contacted Pascoes to query the work done & their charges. A week later their response was "You agreed to the work & have paid the bill, too bad"

The sting in the tail is that our Property Manager had the property inspected by a legitimate electrician in October last year. The meter box was upgraded with 2 x RCD's, the earth stake was checked, 2 x new smoke alarms installed & a full safety inspection was carried out.

I have passed on copies of the original work done, together with photos & Safety Inspection from October last year to Pascoes.

Not only were we severely ripped off, the situation has now escalated to what we think is bordering on criminal behaviour. It would have been very obvious to Pascoes technicians that our home was in fact completely safe & compliant. The work Pascoes had done was a duplication of work done only 9 months ago & was simply not necessary.

Job Satisfaction

Vastly Overquotes

I recently called Pascoes to investigate an RCD tripping when it rained. They sent around a guy who told me that it would cost me $4000 for them to investigate. $1800 to check all the wiring and $2200 to replace some circuit breakers with RCDS because since January 2019 it was now illegal for them to do any work if the RCDs needed adding to the circuit board. I already have 3 RCDs on the board and according to the Safety Law I only have to do anything if I'm selling the house. The RCDs themselves cost $30 from Bunnings so I presume Pascoes charge you $700 for replacing each one. The job itself takes 30 minutes for each RCD I've been told. When I queried the fact that it was very expensive he told me that it was my safety at stake. I've managed to find the cause of the problem now. I also wonder about the positive reviews here as my experience mirrors the negatives one. I'm a pensioner so I expect they probably thought I would agree to the quote and not argue.

Customer Service
Job Satisfaction
Rates and Fees


So plumber comes for a “no call out fee” to our blocked toilet. Two people arrive? The plumber gets his plunger and tries for around 30 seconds to clear the toilet and stated that “ it isn’t going to work so we’lol need to look at other options”
He writes a quote for what he thinks might be the problem
Toilet is still blocked.......
He charges $165 for attending and trying to solve the problem by plunging the toilet and not fixing it ( credit card details had to be provided prior to attendance)
Toilet is still blocked...,,,,,
So for “no call out fee” and my toilet still being blocked and not able to be used

I have been charged $165

I called the office and they’re getting back to me ....................,................::......not

Anyway we’re off to Consumer Protection tomorrow

Was agonising to have to give one star
No stars should be an option


Customer Service
Job Satisfaction
Rates and Fees

beware of these scammers

totally dissatisfied with the (NO) service, said they would be out at 3pm, no-one so I rang again, be there by 7pm, waited, no one came, I rang twice and left a message, NO response. Next day no contact until I rang them at 12 noon...be there soon, will call u back, didnt call back, came at 3pm and quoted $605, I needed the sink fixed so put it on Credit card as they wanted $$ up front....said someone would be back soon...3 hours later I rang them again, sorry another emergency, told them to shove it up you know where :).....next day I rang another plumber, within 2 hours he came, fixed the problem, bill was $147....compared to $605 from Pascoes.....total scammers ....dont let them near elderly folk who are easily conned ....shame on them

not even worth a single star

This week I called Pascoes to install an oven for me. The quote over the phone was $220.00 which seemed competitive. When the Electrician came to my house he informs me under the new Regs, I need to have installed a RCBO- some safety switch. He quoted me $462.00 for the RCBO alone, ontop of install fee.
Little does he realize I've been married to an Electirician so while 'Mr Junior Pascoes' was waiting, i called my ex husband. My ex sends me a link to the RCBO which had its whole sale costing of $21.00...... dont do it my ex said. Thats rediculous. The job itself including the oven install is not more than 35 minutes work, which was according to Mr Junior Pascoe.
I then contacted another Electirician in my area and after he was asking some smart questions about what is in my metre box and the specs of the oven, he informs me i dont require a RCBO. he also informed me if i wanted one he would have charged $140.00 for it. I booked him to do the work, without the RCBO. Unhappy Jan ....

Rates and Fees

Don't back up on faulty service

Told the Hot water unit we had was no longer available ( not true )sold a unit that doesn't supply hot water to the quoted temp .will not answer emails would not recommend to my worst enemy

High prices/quotes

Overpriced and excessive quotes for plumbing and electrical. Quoted $430 (ex GST) to supply and install a new Main earth Stake. Also once a product they have supplied installed is faulty they don't want to know anything about it. They keep saying it is a manufacturer's responsibility to replace. But according to WA Government Department -Consumer Protection , traders are responsible for supplying products fit for purpose in good working order.

Avoid this company!!!!

We had someone out for a “free” quote told us we had a leak in our external wall and needed a leak detection pack! Quoted for taps and a tempering valve. Pressured us to go ahead otherwise we had to pay $165 inspection fee he put prices on each item, but then write a second which he just did a total price. Wrote the quote out gave us a 20% discount. After work was done and leak was in shower I requested a refund for $990 leak repair package. He then change his story and said that he never charged us for 990 and that our invoice was for two taps a tempering valve and a blocked drain for almost $2000. I have taken it further but after reading reviews this seems common practice and I don’t want anyone else to be ripped if! Oh and one of the taps are faulty

Total Dishonesty

Pascoe's Gas, Water & Electrical is the most unethical service provider ever. Inflated charges, quotes that do not comply with consumer law, misleading advice and zero cooperation once you find that you have been ripped off. Avoid them like the plague.

Excellent seevuce

We were very pleased by the service provided and have had no further water leaks from our reticulation. A job well done. We would highly recommend Pascoes to family and friends.

plumbing problem excellent service

dishwasher won't work had repair man who couldn't fix it said i needed a plummer phoned pascoes who came out and fixed it also checked other plumbing to make sure i would be okay very extremely nice young man would not hesitate to use pascoes again

Do not use this company

Unfortunately I also experience a con by this company.
Told no call out fee. A pleasant but incompetent young man spent quite a bit of time writing a complex quote for works he believe needed to be done. I had a circuit of rooms where the lights would not turn on. For $165 he could investigate further. Upon further investigation he was unable to find fault.
For over $1000 he would send out an expert fault finder.
To shorten the saga I paid the $165 and said I was unable to afford the extra money. After he has left I found the manhole had been left very dirty. Although promised it would be cleaned. After phone calls and emails it did not get done.
An independent person came to visit asked me about my switches, discovered it was a dirty switch. I now have lights. Need to get my bank to get my money back.
Once again I’m an elderly pensioner

Very professional.

Your worker arrived on time as arranged. He was neat & tidy. His work was completed very satisfactory & work area was left neat, tidy & any water was mopped up. He was very professional & polit at all times. Would recommend this service to anyone.

Good initial service, sounded great. work done but ongoing problems. not returning my calls

Had them come around to quote for a new circuit. price seemed high. Said I would also need a switchboard upgrade. They give you a 'discount' if you book on the same day. doesn't give you time to get competitive quotes!
The sent out a CONTRACTOR not a direct employee. (had thought all 'their' workers were directly employed)
Am now having frequent issues with one circuit, but they wont return my calls. Still have not received all info I was told I would get. ! DO NOT RECOMMEND !

Do Not Use This Company

We have had nothing but problems with Pascoes electrical. They have been unreliable, done some dodgy work and left things unfinished. They lost a $5000 payment that we made and wanted to be paid again. Will not be using this company again.


We called pascoe’s plumbing on a Friday, they were there the very next day. The plumber explained my options which was very helpful. Very prompt service, and quality work,

These guys use incompetent plumbers who rip off little old ladies

Rather than re-hash the story to this point, let me just cut and past an email I sent them which covers our recent experience with Pascoe's Gas, Water and Electrical.

On 28 May 2019 my mum called you (Pascoe's) to book a plumber to attend. The reported fault was "no hot water". Pascoe's installed the electric Rheem HWS originally about 2 years ago.

Your plumber attended. My mum told him that she could hear water running in the pipes with all the taps turned off. Your plumber diagnosed the fault within a minute or two as "faulty thermostat and element". He provided a written quote to repair the HWS $670 minus pensioner discount. My mum handed him $600 cash. Your plumber said he was not electrics qualified and an electrician would attend later that day to repair the HWS.

My mum is an overly trusting frail aged pensioner and she relies on tradesmen to be competent and do the right thing.

When I (her son) found out about the HWS problem and looked at your quote I was suspicious something was not quite right. I ran the hot water tap closest to the HWS and the water was luke warm, certainly not ambient cold. I then rang Rheem, the HWS manufacturer. I said your plumber had diagnosed a faulty thermostat and element, and asked if they would be prepared to quote on the repair based on your plumber diagnosis.

Rheem said it would be most unusual for a thermostat and element to fail in a 2 year old HWS (that had not run dry). They quoted $33 for the replacement thermostat, $44 for the replacement element, and $143 call out fee. They said this job is a quick fix, about 15 minutes maximum and it would be easily covered by 30 minutes work allowed for in their call-out fee.

I then called Pascoe's to say that the water was now slightly warm so "maybe intermittent fault" and cancelled the appointment for your electrician to attend (Pascoe's had been paid in full for the repair at that point).

An hour or so later the Rheem electrician attended and quickly came to the conclusion that there was nothing electrically wrong with the HWS. The main water meter was slowly turning over with all taps off, indicating water was leaking somewhere. He turned off the water outlet for the HWS, 5 minutes later turned it back on and hot water flowed from the HWS. Your plumber did none of these simple checks, even after my mum told him she could hear water running in the pipes with all taps off. The Rheem electrician diagnosed a water leak in a pipe downstream of the HWS. He said my mum would have to hire a specialist plumber with water leak detecting equipment.

My mum had to pay the $143 call out fee for the Rheem electrician.

Later in the day your plumber returned to see my mum. He offered her a full refund, on the condition that she give back the written quote he'd given her earlier that day.

We are not happy about the competence of your plumber. The way I see it, my mum was ripped off $600 to repair a non-existent fault (bearing in mind, had the HWS been faulty as per described by your plumber, $600 for (less than) $100 worth of parts and 15 minutes labor is a rip off). And she is needlessly out-of-pocket for $143 Rheem electrician call out fee due to the incompetence of the Pascoe's plumber.


We had a competent plumber from a different company attend the following day and he found the leaking hot water pipe and fixed it for less than half the price of the bogus diagnosis Pascoe's quote. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the HWS that Pascoe's quoted $600 to fix.

Rip Off

Would never use these people again, they are a total rip off! Came to my house and replaced an RCD (took 10 minutes) and charged me $396.00. Then wouldn't explain why it cost that much.

Rip off!!

Whatever you do, do NOT use this company. Choose plumbers that are members of the Master Plumbers Association of WA and get three quotes.

When my water pipes started making a noise in the roof I made the mistake of calling Pascoe’s. I described the noise to the plumber who diagnosed the problem without getting into the roof or running any diagnostic tests on our hot water system. He told me the whole system was failing and that the pipes were in danger of bursting, causing water damage through the house. With my first baby on the way the prospect of water pouring through the ceiling was enough to get me to sign up for the installation of a new system on the spot. I then spent a total of 5 days waiting at home for various Pascoe’s employees to turn up. They smashed a window getting the old tank out but it turned out that one of their plumber used to be a ‘skilled glazier’ so he came to replace the glass. He seems to have lost his skills as a few weeks later the seal fell out and, despite my stated request for a proper glazier, he turned up again with glue to fix the job he had botched first time. When the new system began making a clicking noise I called Pascoe’s. This time the plumber told me that he could try a ‘fix’ that would cost $330 and if that didn’t work he could try another for around $150. This time I had the sense not to sign up for anything and began googling. I discovered that the hws that I had paid Pascoe’s $3960 for costs around $700 in Bunnings. I spoke to Rheem who sent a plumber to check it out for me and I discovered that had that plumber done the job it would have cost me $1295. I have done some calling and this unprincipled company and their unscrupulous scare tactics are well-known in the industry but no-one warns Joe Public. It’s time some official organisation took action to put them out of business and if they are not breaking any laws then it’s time to enact some.

So friendly but big rip off.

They con you by being so lovely and charming. I got told I needed to replace a whole hot water system 10k or get instantaneous (which was already there) 3.3k. Had a second opinion and there was a cord he would’ve seen and had completely snapped in half. No mention of it from the pacoe guy. Didn’t even have to pay 1k to get it fixed completely

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Questions & Answers

do you do RCD testing
2 answers
Do You do RCD testingCheck their reviews... I wouldn't use them. They charged me $400 to replace an RCD worth $30 - $90.

Hi there, Question please. I have a blocked sewer pipe which needs unblocking. When Pascoes quote for doing a plumbing repair job, do they charge by the hour or do they charge by the job in question ? Im a pensioner so checking around first, before i call the plumber out. thanks.
2 answers
Hi, i would still be interested in an answer to my question above please. 7th Dec 2017Don't use Pascoe's get a quote from a local independent Plumber. They are way to expensive.

we recently had a new gas hot water system installed and although it is advertised in the Little Aussie Directories we never received the $50 coles myer gift voucher. WHY ?
1 answer
Hi there, Thank you for your query and choosing Pascoe's to install your new hot water system. In order to claim your voucher, please ring the office on 1300 072 726 and I'll be more than happy to resolve this for you. Kind regards, Diane.

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