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PC Medic

2.7 from 21 reviews

Great Quality Service

Very happy with the repair work done on my laptop which had screen issues. Kirk was very professional and explained what he did clearly. The assessment and repair work price was very reasonable and the turnaround time was fast. Treated like valued customer.

Great! Fixed Macbook Pro with no issues

Was really happy with their service. I was particularly impressed with their clear communication. They gave me good and clear time lines and fixed it all perfectly. Lovely business owner too. Friendly, informative and helpful. Will be going back their if I need repairs in the future.

Highly recommended

I highly recommend PC Medic for fast and reliable service. I had my laptop repaired by them recently and will definitely go back if the need arises.

Excellent service.

I dealt with the friendly business owner Kirk.
My mums hard drive needed updating.
Kirk explained the situation clearly & got the job done promptly.
It’s like we have a brand new hard drive.

Fabulous customer service - highly recommended

I contacted PC Medic to repair a cracked LCD screen on my laptop. Their communication was excellent. Everything was fully explained to me and quoted before the repair and during the process they kept me up to date with regular phone calls to explain where things were at and about sourcing the part. Their prices are very fair and customer service impeccable. Highly recommended!

Old fashioned service

Very helpful and obliging willing to spend time and explain issues. Not frightened off by grey haired customers . Thoroughly recommend.

Great computer repair store

They have repaired several of my computers and laptops and have always done excellent work. I now recommend them to all my family and friends without hesitation.

Excellent service. Repaired my Macbook Pro perfectly

A friend referred me to PC Medic and I'm glad they did. My Macbook Pro wasn't booting to the desktop. I tried everything I could myself to fix however I had to enlist professional help to get this sorted. PC Medic promptly fixed my computer and managed to save all my pictures that I had no backup of. A big thank you!

Avast remote access repair

Remote access from Avast was very helpful to fix my computer ! I used it 3 times now to fix my Computer and they did !!
Cost for a year was around $200.-. I think money well spend. Sometimes a bit hard to understand the Technician but they take there time and all my problems solved. Remember when they tell you the price for there Service it is in US $ . When I wasn't sure in the beginning they dropped the price as well to get your business.

My advice is to stay away...

I took my phone in to get deleted photos recovered. They asked me whether the deleted photos were on my SD card or phone, and I replied I though phone. I asked whether they recover from phone and he replied yes. So I paid $135 to get phone looked at, and after a week went in to be told by another man that they only ever check the SD card, and that they don't have the equipment to look at recovery from phone - they took my money knowing that they were never going to look at my phone...and no refund given. Complete crooks!! And a waste of time...

Absolute scam of a place

Paid a $44 deposit fee for the "technicians" to look at and diagnose my MacBook. Next day they call me and load me up with a whole lot of computer jargon and tell me it will be $600 to repair. Luckily enough I asked them not to continue before I got a second opinion, and to put the diagnosis in writing. No deposit back and no diagnosis in writing. Came home, googled the issue and could fix my computer by holding down three keys.... Doesn't sound like a $600 job to me. Wish I read the reviews earlier, do NOT recommend this place at all!

Never Use This Store

This store is an absolute joke my computer cannot be accounted for after 6 weeks of unreturned calls and no explanation. The computer will now be reported as stolen.


This business is nothing but a sham and DO NOT USE FOR IPAD REPAIRS
After spending $139 to repair a broken Ipad mini screen my wife was back & forth for further repairs
Poor and bad fitting of the new, below average screen, then broken and loose moving menu button and bad lifting of the screen on the top left and right edges
After the 5/ 6 times back to the Ringwood store my son used the Ipad mini for 2 hours when the new refitted sub standard screen cracked. This was in no way caused by miss use- as they claimed
I went to the store with my wife to show the cracked screen and all Marty the store Rep could offer was for us to spend another $59 to have the screen again replaced- absolutely poor customer relations
I spoke to their St Kilda store and all I got was the same parroting story- spend another $59, there is no warranty and nothing more they could do?
I refused and told them their use of low quality screen caused the crack and with all the other problems I was taking it to another Repair company in Burwood
The repair co in Burwood gave me a report stating a low quality replacement screen was used, two backing plates were missing and internal screws had not been replaced. This Burwood full repair only cost $119 and I also have the cracked screen as evidence
The Ipad mini now is repaired as it should have been done by PC Medic Ringwood and has been used for 3 weeks without issue.
I have emailed them since and they have not responded to my further 2nd email
I am now going LEGAL to seek full compensation for the original $139 they charged and am going to recover further legal expenses

Crap service I ever had 0.0% rating

Unexperience technician.
Poor service.
Never ever answer the phone or if do then never call back.
Kept my laptop for a month but can't figure out the problem even I paid full amount but later refund me half amount.
Not suggest to anyone go over there.

Don't bother

I booked in to have my machine looked at and was told there would be a 2-3 business day turn around. 2 weeks later they called me to say they needed a part and it would take another 2 weeks. it has been over 2 months with no update. I called again today and was told there is another delay and could not tell me an ETA. no apology, rude service, very very unprofessional.

poor service, overpriced

Was quoted an exorbitant amount of money for a minor service, service was over a day late, no notification, apology or compensation. Go somewhere else.

Worst computer place EVER!!!

I would not recommend taking your computer here.
I took my hp which needed a new screen that cost 680$! I was willing to pay the money so I did. 4 days later it was fixed. GREAT! Picked it up got it home, screen didn't work!!! Took it back and they said they would order another part and it would be done by Monday, this was on a Friday I took it back. Come Tuesday hadn't hear a thing, called still waiting on the part. This went on for another 3 weeks!!! They wouldn't communicate with me, didn't return my phone calls. In the end I ended up asking for a refund and they said they would but I would be returned a computer with no top!
Pc medic you are terrible and your customer service is shocking!
Clean your act up.

What a rip off!

Seriously $44 dollars just to look at your computer then tell you almost $800 to fix it when you ask to just take the data off yeah but you don't get your $44 DEPOSIT back because that was something different ( don't tell you that at the start they just tell you it's a deposit!
Then the price to get the data off - wow unbelievable could not get my lap top out of there fast enough.
Took it to Bayswater and the was charged a third of what of medic were going to charge me!

Absolute joke

Paid the $44 up front service fee waited a week and a half to still not have computer fixed. After I called them 3 times was told it would be $220 to fix it waited another 3 days still not fixed. I went and picked computer up had it fixed for $80 in 2 days. They're a joke.

Don't let them rob you

after you pay them $44 to take 4 days just to look at your laptop they come back with a quote that is at least twice as much as the next competitor!
they quoted me $289 to fix the DC jack on my laptop. I smelt something fishy about this sum and the next business i called 'Melbourne Laptop Repair Centre' quoted me $130 to fix it! not to mention they would have the job done within 24 hours!!
im quite disappointed at the nerve of these mongrels and am going to do everything in my power to get the $44 fee back.
Do yourself a favour and stay away from the PC medic. they are a bloody disgrace.

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