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Nappies don’t hold wee. Customer service disgraceful.

As a first time mum I foolishly trusted that Pea Pods would sell appropriate start up packs. I spent $400, only to find I needed half that amount of nappies, but I did need many more inserts. Spent around $600 all up to have my poor son leak through constantly. Had to change him every 1.5 hours to stop the leakage. I enquired with Pea Pods, only to be told he must be a ‘heavy wetter’. I was also schooled on how to use the product even though I’d followed the care instructions and sizing guide to the letter.
I have been in tears so many times over these nappies with horrible guilt and frustration and sadness. Until I finally realised it is not my fault. It is Pea Pods fault. I look back and note the incredibly negative impact this company had on me as a new mum.
Pea Pods responded once (to tell me what I might be doing wrong) and didn’t even bother to reply to my last email.
I also noticed that since making my purchase that Pea Pods ratings have plummeted.
I would advise any new parent to stay away fro Pea Pods. Don’t let this company waste your money, take advantage of you and burden you with the guilt and frustration that no parent needs.

Purchased in June 2018.


The first 9 months of using pea pods was pretty good. I made sure I washed the liners 7 times to ensure absorbency and a liner required at night. In addition to this they are very easy to use. Unfortunately since then snaps have ripped off and the elastane in the adjustable Legs have disintegrated and require replacement. Over half of my full time collection is unusable. The warranty of these only lasts 90 days after purchase so make sure to do your research as these haven’t lasted for the use of one child.

Pea pods are amazing !

I have used these cloths for over 8 months now! I would never go another brand especially the cheap China brands that just leak. My pea pods can be on for 4-5 hours and 12 at night! Please learn how to use them before giving them a bad rating.
I put the booster on top instead of inside and that will give you the most hours when wearing. Also learn to wash them properly and you’ll never have an issue.
Best cloth nappies ever and so comfortable because of the bamboo style! Super easy to use as well not time consuming one bit.
Yes they are expensive but sooo worth it!

Thanks pea pods. Please make more advertising for your nappies so more people will turn to cloth ❤️

Not a great intro to cloth

These were the first cloth nappies I bought and being enthusiastic to start I bought far too many! (My word of advice is buy a couple of lots of different brands and see what works best! I could easily have given up on cloth had I not given another brand a go).
The inserts are great - can’t fault them - I use them all the time in other shells. It’s the shell that is the problem - I washed them and cared for them as it said on their website and within months every single nappy’s elastic had become stretched out the point of being unusable. I must point out this is the OSFM adjustable elastic type. I was given a size small and washing to CCNDU’s guidelines it is still as good as it was many washes after.
Buy the inserts - great value for around $10, but avoid the OSFM shells!

Things you need to know about them

Firstly, don’t do what I did & think you needed them before your buns is born. There are plenty of nappy libraries you can access to find the best fit for your bins. I personally think they should stop selling them as OSFM from birth - they are too bulky for most bins until at least 4-8 weeks. I also have a side sleeper so I can’t use them at night. Plus she is also a lean baby so I do have to be extra careful with the fit or they can leak.

Now this goes for all nappies. Soak the inserts in cold water for 24 hours & then do a wash to prepare them (so you don’t have to wash them a gazillion times first to get them to maximum absorbency). If you have a front loader, use the prewash setting. If you have a top loader do a short wash with a little detergent first & then a heavy hot wash with full detergent & they will be super clean. I dry pail them but poo soiled bits get a quick wash with detergent & a toothbrush.

at 15 months they’re still going strong for daytime use. She decided before 12 months that she hated lying down for changes & they are super easy to change sitting up in your lap.

I got a full time pack (24 nappies, some boosters & bamboo breat pads) at a baby expo for $300 so for the price I’m not complaining


As a child minding Grandmother I thought I'd try alternative to "landfill' disposable nappies. Should have chosen the terry towelling old fashioned nappies I used on my '70/'80s children.
Pea Pods leaked from the very beginning and seemed very 'heavy' on my 1yo granddaughter. The design of the insert is also not user friendly. Very disappointing all round and frankly just not a good enough for disposable alternative. A waste of $80.

Fabulous product horrendous shipping

Love the pea pods pilcher pants they are excellent. No leaks. I'm using them with terry cloth flat nappies. But 2 weeks shipping from nsw to Perth for ten bucks is crazy. Auspost is faster lol. Don't buy online, go in store to a stockist til they stop using fastaway couriers.

Won't be ordering from them again

Placed an order for nappies and bulk wet wipes only to be informed one week later they are out of stock. Ordered from 5 brands MCN and this was the slowest processing. Very disappointed. I was happy to wait for restock but this was not an option. Refund was issued promptly.

The worst MCN I've tried!

Pea pods are the worst nappy I've tried unfortinately. They always leak, no matter what I do. They aren't good quality. The white inserts turn grey very quickly & this doesn't happen with any other nappy insert brands I've tried. The night boosters aren't terrible quality as well, some ripped after only a few uses.

The prints are pretty and they're affordable, otherwise I would give a 1 out of 5!

Sadly a complete waste of money

I really tried to persevere with these one-size fits all nappies, following all the tips and tricks provided (correct detergent, washing several times before use, using the dryer, tutorials for correct fitting procedure) and attempting to use them over several months to give them a fair chance but unfortunately I could never stop them leaking. Sometimes bub would have only worn them for an hour before a leak would occur. I could never rely on Pea Pods, especially if I wanted to leave the house and go out for the day.
I also found that it was difficult to get the nappy to fit sug in all areas of bub- when you tighten the leg elastic sufficiently it pulls at the waist so then that area doesn't sit firmly. The bamboo liner is very bulky.
Gave up on Pea Pods and found a much better, easier to use, less expensive, Australian brand re-usable bamboo nappy.

Very unique product

Excellent, the best on the market in comparison with other cloth nappies and the drawstring pouch that comes with it can be used for the wet nappies and you just put it in and wash when you go home. Easy to wash and very absorbent. Another good thing is I saved so much money because I didn't have to buy disposable which arnt good for the environment either.

Ditch disposable and use these! I love them!

These are so easy to use and are so super soft so much more comfortable for baby. They don't leak (just make sure all of the absorbent pad is tucked into liner.. which is easy) and no big deal washing them. I am using the liners too which makes it easy for number two changes. Highly recommended.. wish I used them for my first child!

Only Good For 9 Months

I loved them at first but now the outer liner is no longer water proof. They only lasted 9 months before they started one at a time leaking. I have emailed them. They told me how to wash them and suggested I wasn't doing it right. I beg to differ I own a laundromat not a self service one either I spend 10 hours a day 6 days a week doing people's washing.... I think I know how to follow instructions on laundry washing by now.


I have just started using cotton nappies- stupidly I read reviews on peapods so didnt want people to buy them for me as I heard they were terrible.. so I had 2 in my collection and about 15 of brand "x". Turns out the pea pods are SO MUCH BETTER!! No leakage, super absorbent, kept bubs skin dry as all urine was absorbed away from her. adjustable leg straps are the absolute best idea ever, my girl has skinny little legs so I love that I can adjust to fit her! Also they are slimmer than my other nappies and come in their own little bags so easy to store!
I am currently kicking myself for wasting all my money on the more pricey brand because they have failed me every time. Could not recommend Pea pods enough!

Absorbent nappy

These are very absorbent nappies which I really love as my bub's been wetting heavily in the past months. Its natural bamboo material are more tougher than I expect and fits well. I have yet to see an incident of leaks as it really absorbs well compared to commercial ones. They also store well in any nappy bag and looks slimmer and can fit perfectly even in my regular purse. i find this the best transition diaper if you would want to start using cloth diapers.

Great nappies! Love them!

Super absorbent (my baby is a HEAVY wetter)... love how u can adjust the legs, love the absorbent insert, love the way it clips in.
Honestly had no problems at all with these nappies, they are amazing. If u are thinking of switching to cloth I highly recommend using these first.
(YouTube video how to put on a cloth nappy by the way, u have to change the way u put nappies on- I had no idea until I saw a YouTube vid explaining what u have to do different to achieve a snug fit).
All in all 5 stars!

Great basic nappy.

I was gifted a few sized PP when I was pregnant with my first. They were absorbent from the get go and the sizes were a great fit. I invested in some OSFM, both new and 2nd hand when I had bub number 2. The bamboo inserts are great but do take a bit longer to dry than a cotton insert or a microfibre one. I can get 4 hours out of a nappy with no issues. I have found the trick with cloth nappies is not the absorbancy of the nappy itself but how you fit it that can cause leaks, such a compression leaks at the top and sides. That is of course unless you leave it on too long or have an insert that does not absorb much! My only gripe with my much loved PP workhorses is that the elastic is shot on a few of my OSFM which means they are useless now.
Overall I am very happy with these nappies.

If I had my time again I wouldn't buy them

Similar to another reviewer, I have had two nappies where the studs have broken off with only 6 months of use making the nappies unusable as it is the main studs on the flap that holds the nappy together. I only use these nappies at home as I find I have to replace them every two hours otherwise they leak (despite fitting tightly around the legs), unlike my Baby Bee Hinds that last 3-4 hours. They are easy to use and fold however and slimmer than other cloth nappies. The liners you can buy from them are great too.

Great nappies

I have used the sized and OSFM adjustable nappie since my son was 3 months old. They have all been fantastic!
Like most MCNs they do need to be changed ever couple of hours, I do have a heavy wetter as well. Absorbency increases the more they are used.
Only leaked from the sides when I have left on for too long and if I had them on the wron adjustment around the waist.
I had some given to me from a friend also, they lasted for children and my son also... So well worth the money if they are taken care of, will last for years!
I am now using the training pants also I like the brand so much.

Leaks every single time DO NOT BUY

These nappies are a complete waste of money! I got them when I was pregnant last year in the expo, and they are horrible quality! They leak every single time, I have washed them so many times to try to get them to be more absorbent and they are just shocking quality! $150 for the deal to get 10 nappies + 1 free at the show, biggest waste of money! I will be making a complaint to consumer affairs asap, this product is beyond horrible!

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Questions & Answers

Hi guys, I’m about to start using my peapods. Baby is 3 weeks. I only washed the inserts once, is this ok? Do It need to wash more times? Also, what’s the difference between the peapods nappies and pilchers? Can I use the insert to s in the pilchers or donI need to buy special ones? Thank you.
No answers

How old / what size is the largest the one size fits all suitable for? My granddaughter was wearing a different brand of reusable nappies as an infant but she grew out of them. She is now 18 months old. I'm hoping these will be ok to fit her.
1 answer
My son is 13 months old now and is not yet at the medium marker. He has fat little legs too. He will definitely see these out until toilet training. Having said that nappies can fit differently from one kiddo to the next.


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