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Penrite Oil HPR 40 25W-70 (Mineral)

Penrite Oil HPR 40 25W-70 (Mineral)

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Totally satisfied

I switched to Penrite synthetic oils back in 2006 after reading a lab test published in the Commodores magazine reviewing 18 different oils available in Australia . On the strength of its reputation I had been using Mobil 1 since starting to do super sprints back in 1997. By 2005, however, I had twice experienced oil or compression ring problems in my Skyline R33 so went researching oils. The review I refer to above suggested that Mobil 1 was in fact one of the poorer performing oils in the stress tests carried out while Penrite was number two on the list of 18 and the difference in quantified results between the best and poorest at that time was huge. Since changing over I have always had great performance and engine reliability from Penrite though I did find that the higher viscosity ratings (say, 10-W70) could produce a bit of piston slap for a couple of seconds during cold starts in my modified Nissan Stagea. This prompted a bit of experimentation and of the viscosity ratings I tried, the 05-W40 solved the issue. Nowadays I use Penrite in both my MY12.5 Calais and my E46 330Ci BMW - I have had nothing but quiet, smooth performance in both cars.

CarSkyline R33, Stagea WGCN 34, BMW E46 330Ci
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I changed to this oil recently from the synthetic Valvoline 5-40 I had previously had in the car. I have to admit that my car is quieter on Penrite.I couldn't believe the difference. I have always been sceptical about oil companies claims. This one has changed my mind. As for the longer term I will have to wait and see .

Car2014 FG Falcon
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Good drop but

Changed over from the castrol edge 5-30 normally purchased as the price savings seemed a little too good to ignore. Oil stays clean and all the performance is still there but does run about 10c hotter in both my xt forester with 90k and hsv senator ls3? Is this somthing that I should worry about??

Car2009 senator and 2010 turbo petrol forester
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Hi Anthony, Thanks for taking the time to review us, you are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any issues you are having with our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com

Lasts longer than most other oils

I have found this oil last longer before it breaks down. As i have an oil pressure gauge i can notice as soon as the oil starts to break down. Most other oils only last approx 5000kms this stuff will last 10000+kms. I also notice that my fuel consumption is effected once the oil breaks down in other brands. With the HPR5 it doesnt change through the life of the oil.
Good life span and fuel economy
Costs a little more, not too much though

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Questions & Answers

2017 everest 4x4 ua 3.2l. getting a mid service schedule oil change as i wish to keep the car for 20 years. 5w 30 penrite (non enviro) has been recommended to me and researching this i think thats the shot. going to do it every 7500ks. any Another everest ranger 3.2l auto users out there?
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Hi Matt, The Full Synthetic 5W-30 is fine for this vehicle. It can also use Enviro+ C2 0W-30 if needed. Both products meet the Ford specifications asked for this vehicle.

Hi Guys. Today I went to 3 stores looking for a 1 litre top up 5w-30 as the car manual recommends . Although I couldn't find anything was all sold out. The lady at Super Cheap suggested Penrite and said it was a great Oil if not better than Castrol Edge . So after driving around for so long I just grabbed it and went to the counter. Only to realise it was 5w-40. Will this Oil be ok for my car?. It does state on the bottle it can be used for 5w-30 but some extra validation would be great. It's a new car but used , and I'm a little nervous to against what the manual says. Thanks
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Hi Rick, I can only guess what car you drive from the type of oil it recommends (I'd say a European car, maybe a Volkswagen or something of the like??). From then it's a question of where you live. If you live somewhere cold (say NSW or further south), I'd recommend sticking with the w30. If you live in a hot area like WA, NT or QLD, the w40 should be ok. If the car is under warranty, use only what the book says. HoorooIf it makes any difference the car is a 2010 Hyundai i45 in very very good condition with only 23,000 km on it. The engine is in immaculate condition still looks brand new.Hi Rick, You are welcome to talk to our Technical Team about any questions you have about our products, they can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or tech@penriteoil.com.

What would you recommend for a non turbo territory with 370k - long time user of HPR5? thanks John
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Is your Territory a petrol or diesel and are you using HPR 5 Diesel oil or HPR 5 full synthetic?Petrol - normal Hpr 5no mate not burning any oil at all - just thought a heavy grade for the extra clearances it probably has at 370k ?


HPR 40 25W-70 (Mineral)
Release dateJan 2011
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