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Penrite Oil HPR Diesel 10 10W-40 (Semi Synthetic)

Penrite Oil HPR Diesel 10 10W-40 (Semi Synthetic)

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Its ok

I think its ok im not complaining but i think i with go back to nulon 5w -30 as my fuel milage has dropped a bit from 8 ltrs per hundred to 9.4 ltrs per 100 but otherwise its ok i just dont like how its dropped in fuel miiage

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Thanks for leaving us a review Tommy, it's unfortunate that your seeing a difference between the oils in your vehicle. Your more than welcome to call our Tech Team to see if they can help to find out why this is the case. They can be contacted on 1300 736 748 or lubetech@penriteoil.com.au

Top Quality Australian made Oil

Been using the HPR 15 15W-50 in my 96 Range Rover, which are known for their high oil consumption and found the HPR 15 reduce this consumption condsiderably. The oil also goes the distance in our extreme climate by not breaking down in viscosity to soon. Engine runs quieter, more economically, & keeps the engine clean free of carbon.

Another reason I chose Penrite for more important reasons are that they're based in Bayswater Melbourne, which means if you have any questions or concerns, they're only a local call away and not an overseas one. Plus they are a local Australian manufacturing company, and am a big supporter of Australian made products despite the fact that the oil itself is most likely imported. And before anyone starts on me owning a British 4x4, if Australia had as good & capable off roader like a Range Rover, I'd own one by now. Don't say Holden Colorado 7, cause it doesn't even come close, LOL.
Excellent quality, quiet engine running, doesn't break down to soon, Australian made
Little pricey, can be complicated to choose for the inexperienced.

Car1996 Land Rover Range Rover
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Hi Andrew, Thanks for the kind review

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