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Peters Classic Vanilla No Added Sugar

Peters Classic Vanilla No Added Sugar

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Guaranteed diarrhoea- great for a bowel cleanse.

Sorbitol plus polydextrose- just four teaspoons of this ice cream and my stomach started churning. Thirty minutes later, I was glued to the toilet bowl, seeing food I had only eaten 45 minutes earlier.

Only eat if you want to cleanse your colon or perhaps you’re constipated.

Purchased in July 2019 at Piedimontes for $7.99.


Tastes great! I love it!
Very smooth and creamy.
Great low sugar and low carb option so perfect for diabetics.
Would love more low sugar flavours in this range.
Is a bit expensive though.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $8.00.

Nice icecream, shame there is little fat in it

I love the sugar free option, but I want the fat. I eat this icecream and I feel hungry still, I do not get that feeling when I eat full fat icecream. Since the 1950s we have all been told fat is bad for us...never was true. Erythritol is a natural sweetener ie sugar alcohol which is a safe option, would prefer to see that than the ones used here.


I’m on the Keto diet. So I’m on no sugar and very low carb. To Have this amazing low sugar option is such a relief when cravings get bad!! Love love love! Taste exactly the same as the full sugar one!

Finally a sugar free option so good its like original

Please make more flavours this is amazing!
Yummy low carb alternative! Wished more grocery stores stocked this.
Keto / phase 1 atkins compliant! I eat this even when not dieting!!!

great option

awesome tasting super creamy option that is much lighter on calories and sugar. yes it has artifcial sweetners, but anyone with any form of a brain knows all research has proven the safety of them and that there is nothing to fear. a whole tub is barely over 700 calories in total

honestly its hard to tell the difference between it and regular icecream. the only issue is the price, its usually $7 a tub at woolies and coles, where as a regular 2L tub of icecream is about $4

Has artificial sweeteners

I thought all my prayers had been answered and ice cream that was sugar free! This also means the carbs are very low. Sometimes on Keto or a Low Carb diet you'd like to pig out on some ice cream but rarely do you get that chance. I thought that this ice cream would solve that. Turns out this stuff is pretty terrible and should be ignored IF you don't want to put poisons into your body as it contains artificial sweeteners. Those are Sweeteners 955 (sucralose) & 950 (Acesulphame K )..These should be avoided at all costs if on Keto. It'd be great if Peter's looked into sweetening their stuff with Stevia.

Great low sugar ice-cream

Good stuff, I like it because it's low in carbs due to the no added sugar. Tastes pretty close to real ice-cream.


It's really lovely. However it is twice, the price, or thereabouts, and I don't understand why people with different needs are always extra penalised. It's hardly reasonable. I have also noticed that I lost more weight when I elimated it from my diet regime. Don't understand that one, given the nutrition panel. It Peters monitors in here, perhaps they could answer!

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Seems they either do not monitor, or don't want to answer the questions.

Not suitable for low carbers/lchf

Unfortunately all of the goodness has been removed (natural healthy fats) and has been replaced with some nasties including soy. Be wary.

Why others manufacturers don't follow suit is beyond me

This stuff is great. I can't really tell the difference between this and the high carb and sugar varieties. Only problem is Coles and Woollies keeping up with demand. It often runs out.

I love it

I've been doing low carb and looking for ready to eat ice cream is not an easy feat living where I live. So when finally I found this and tasted it and checked the carbs amount, I flipped.

No added sugar!!

You may not add refined sugar but has artificial sweeteners such as Splenda... Just as bad for you if not worse! Big companies pulling the wool over consumers eyes

Great low calorie ice cream

When I first tried it I thought I had bought the original ice cream by mistake.
Considering its low carb the taste is amazing.

great low carb ice cream

I didn't know this existed. Bought it, it was creamy, sweet and didn't make me feel ill at all. Very good. Love it. I had been missing ice cream since going low carb.

Best Ice Cream Ever

You would never know that this is a no sugar low fat Ice Cream, well done Peters, Great taste without the calories...Surely there has to be a catch, but no... It is what it says it is, but with all the taste of normal ice cream. Price is a bit higher, but for those who don't want to give up their Ice Cream fix while dieting.. This is the perfect solution.
Low Fat, No Sugar, Great Taste.
Little bit more expensive.

Too good to be true!

This icecream is delicious! It's soft, creamy, low carb and 97% fat free. I'm still trying to find the catch! My husband who hates diet food even likes it. It's a little pricier than the full fat icecream, but I'm happy to pay if it means less time working out. It would be great if it came in other flavours besides Vanilla.
Taste, texture, availability

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Hi i like this ice cream to but do you know what thectotal carbs per 100g is?


im on no sugar low carb diet i find this ice cream perfect. thankyou! hopefully it is what it says on the pack
low sugar and carbs
i want to eat more but im on a diet

I love this icecream with fresh strawberries... Low carb, low fat and yummy. I would like recipes for flavouring this icecream or some other flavours.hi where can I buy this from?? thanks

Still tastes good

This ice cream still tastes as good as the real thing but without the extra sugary or creamy over load. i dont get a 'sickening' feeling after eating it like with some other full fat full sugar ice creams
Still tastes like good ice cream - dont feel as guilty eating it - kills the ice cream cravings
More expensive than regular ice cream - only comes in small container

Questions & Answers

Is it ok for diabetic?
1 answer
cant really answer that. there is still some sugar in it. Assuming the person knows how manage their blood sugars and diabetes it should not be an issue. the nutrional information is listed on the back of it. i would suggest having a look at it

Is this the lowest calorie ice cream Peters make?
2 answers
No ideaYes.

Is Peter ice cream gluten free?
2 answers
Hi Lorriane, I'm sorry but I'm not sure if the ice cream is gluten free but I suggest you write to Peters. Regards PamYes it is gluten free http://www.bakeridi.edu.au/Assets/Files/Gluten%20Free%20Shopping%20Guide%20June%202014%20pdf.pdf


Peters Classic Vanilla No Added Sugar
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