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The best pram/stroller I've ever had!

I have 3 boys so had 3 totally different prams. The last one was this Phil & Teds Smart Buggy. It was by far the best prams/stroller I've ever had and even tested out few others that my friends had. So lightweight, easy to maneuver even with just with one hand esp through the shopping malls, quick easy fold and caught a lot of attention (stylish). We had it from newborn til my son is around 3yrs old and even survived through dirt road lol. My only complaint is the handle wasn't long enough for my 6"4 husband (which I'm hoping they fix in the newer models). Over 6yrs later we're finally having a girl and I'm in search for this same one but it seemed hard to get it in Australia again.

I hate it!

I loved the look and compactness of the stroller at first sight, I even have had many people comment on what a cute and good looking stroller it is. Unfortunately it doesn’t deliver with practicality. It is almost impossible to manoeuvre and requires constant effort, adjustment and thought. The separate handles add a flimsiness and unreliability to each movement and a unnatural hand position. It only has two reclines which are almost the same, and is a impossible stroller for baby to have a nap in. My daughter tantrumed non-stop in this stroller so it must’ve been as uncomfortable for her as it was for me to push!

Smart 2016 model

This was my first pram purchase ever, so I have nothing to compare my experience to, but I can offer my thoughts after using this pram wth a newborn for a few weeks (when I don't use a baby carrier).

Pros: was easy to assemble, with illustrated booklet and video on the website. The live customer support on the site was great when I struggled with the foot fold. The sunhood extends more than most prams, and I like the clear panel in the top so you can keep an eye on your little one. I have also purchased a storm cover and sun cover as extras.

Cons: Weighs about 10kg, an issue for me because I live on the top floor of a building with no lifts. Not an issue if you live on the ground floor or own a car.

Easy and light

Easy to fold and carry around. I kept this one in the back of the car for shopping mall visits as our other pram was too large and bulky. It’s light and easy to push. Turning circle is average. It survived 4 years with my little girls and more than served its purpose.

My fav stroller'

Researched a lot of prams but absolutely loving this one! It's light and the wheels maneuver great!! It's easy to fold, nice padding inside for baby, the quality has been amazing! I would purchase again in a heartbeat, I bought the pink colour, it's very cute not cheap looking. Recommend to all new mothers!

Could be better

We bought it for our son. Just after 8 months the handle became little bit loose. The tyres could be better. When we bought it, it looked sturdy but just after 7-8 months of light use, it looked very frail. We bought it at $500 from toys r us. Not so happy with this stroller. Won't buy again. Only good thing is it has a lot of riding options.

Best buggy ever

big basket for shopping,really reliable must say it's great ! Minimalistic design so it doesn't look like a tank . travelled to London where is very busy and it was and still is pleasure to push . it's growing with a child easy , to change multiple positions . I absolutely love it . pumped the tyres only once but even when flat was slightly flat I didn't have problems with pushing this buggy. Also went abroad with it (no problem at the airport ) where was cold and it was snowing , again pushing and maneuvering lux smart in really extreme weather conditions (slippery pavements,and snow ) was ok . I strongly recommend lux smart my son is 7 months now and he loves it very much . hopefully it will last another 2-3 years
ps . if you hear clicking just unscrew small part on the wire where back wheels are and it will work fine easy !

Perfect lightweight and versatile travel system

I bought this for my 2nd baby, with juggling two kids in mind, and it's perfect! As a travel system for the capsule it's so lightweight - I haven't seen any other pram that does this without the stroller seat still attached - and quick and easy to use. I can also swap out the parts (seat, peanut bassinet, or capsule) in only a few seconds, so easy!
Mine is the v2 (handlebars are connected, not separated, and the seat is softer plastic), and I think they've fixed a lot of the problems others have mentioned. I've had no problems at all and use it daily.

Perfect pram

I was on the hunt for ages to find the right pram, like every other mum too.
Most of the prams I looked at had either a very steep seat,which I personally didn't like for my newborn baby or a separate bassinet, which comes at an extra cost. I wanted something easy and fussfree. I figured I had enough to carry around with me anyways.
I ran into a friend who had a Phil&Teds and she was really happy with it.
The big plus for me is that the seat converts from the bassinet into a seat! It is so easy to convert too.
What a fantastic feature!
My little one is 3 1/2 months now and she loves to sit up sometimes, so I pop up the back and she can have a look at the world.I love that the seat faces both ways.
The basket holds more than I would have thought and is great for quick shopping trips.
The pram is very easy to manoeuvre and fits easily through aisles and narrow spaces.
I couldn't be happier and would always recommend this pram.

So frustrating

Such a bad pram. I loved it when I was using the capsule for the first 8 months because its just the frame and so compact but it all went down hill. First the brakes started clicking, i wasn't too fussed but it got louder and was embarrassing. then after it was out of warranty (typical) they would get stuck on and the pram was unusable >< I pulled it apart and found the brake system is over complicating a simple task I could fix it but two months on they have started clicking again >< Don't get me started on the sun shade. it gets loose after a couple of uses and you have to use a screw driver to tightener it or it falls down or worse pops off and bolts and springs go flying into the street. So after 2 short years of minimal use I now have a pram with no sun shade and no brakes... I have ran into other mums in the street with the same pram and they have had the same problem. Would never recommend this pram, the worst part is I stupidly read these reviews and bought the pram anyway.

Regretful purchase

I decided this was my dream pram and I just had to have it for my 1 year old. After trying and disliking two others I loved the simplicity of it. I did a lot of research on it, read countless reviews and watched many videos, I decided to get it as it seemed to get the OK all round. I spent around $400 getting it from the phil and teds website (UHHH!) and when it arrived I was annoyed as I brought and extra convertor thing to make it rear facing, I didn't realise it came with it already. That's probably my fault though..
Anyways the pram itself is okay, My son constantly moves the sunshade and I end up not using it. the basket is a decent size length and width wise but not deep so it doesn't hold much at all. I think the seat was comfy but always found it hard to get my LO to sleep in it. Even with the front facing mode extra recline.
Also every time I try and move the seat forward or recline the seat in the forward facing mode, I'd jam my finger in it and I ended up with a nasty bruise underneath my nail, I don't bother touching it anymore because I always seem to jam it in there no matter how I do it.

I wouldn't buy this pram as they have now updated it and people seem to enjoy that. My Smart pram is currently used as a spare, I would sell it but don't think I could do that to somebody.

Really disappointed

Have had many phil & teds products over the years with 4 kids and at first I loved this stroller that we brought for our last, that is until the bolts sprung free from the hood. I was sent replacement bolts only for the same thing to happen again! This time was also offered replacement bolts only they were never sent. It has been months And I am still waiting for a reply from them. I have also read other reveiws and have known people this has happened to. A second set should be provided with the stroller and they should be made available to purchase online. Because in total I have had this stroller for just over a year now my boy is very big for his age I fear that by the time I do get the hood fixed he will no longer be able to fit in it!

I did try to write a review on their website only to have it removed so it makes you wonder do they remove every review that doesn't give their products 5 stars?

Very very disappointed that I have a near new stroller that I have hardly been able to use and not happy at all with their customer service.
At first I did like how you can change the seat colour
Hood bolts come lose and fall off

Looks wonderful, average performance.

I purchased the Smart because I wanted something small & zippy to take in the supermarket etc, so I didn't have to use my other larger pram for small trips (we have a Steelcraft Strider 4 that I love, but it's huge). This looked like it would fit that criteria, and it's a great looking stroller, but after owning it for a month we found the Smart wasn't all it seemed.

The mesh basket is fairly pointless, as if you put anything heavier than a wallet in there it drops quite low.. if I put a small bag of groceries in there it touches the ground, but the pram's so light that I can't hang anything off the handles either or it tips back. It's just really awkward if you have to carry anything like a handbag/nappy bag/groceries. The sunshade is a good idea in theory (it isn't fixed, and can swing to follow the sun) but it doesn't have a lock position so my 11 month old treats it like a toy... drives me crazy.

I purchased the Verso Adaptors ($40 AUD) so that I could have my daughter face me and recline. The downside is that if you want the reverse option you have to take the Verso adaptors with you everywhere, and it's annoying to have to cart them about (they're not small) just so bub has the option to recline an extra 2 inches. I was told you can't attach the P&T cup holder to this stroller, and to have a padded insert (or "Cushy Ride") costs an additional $38+. Even though it's tagged as an "extra", you really do need it or bub is sitting on hard moulded plastic.

On the plus side it's attractive (but that doesn't count for much), light and compact, and it seems comfortable.

For a $300 stroller - I expected better.

Oh, and to top it off, the brakes failed 6 weeks in. After some internet research I found out it's a fairly common problem (!!) I'll be asking for a refund, not a repair.
It looks great, the easy-wipe seat, nice steering feel and it's light/compact when folded.
I expected better for $300, the sunshade isn't practical once your kid figures it out, BRAKE FAILURE is more common than I'd like!

Best stroller I ever owned!

I have 3 kids and between them I have purchased a total of 7 prams / strollers / buggy .... I have used everything.... 4 wheels, 3 wheels , double 4 wheels , forward facing, rear facing, double strollers, single buggy . I always end up using at least 2 , when I go out with hubby we take the huge 3 wheeler as it is so roomy and plenty of space to hold the shopping bags. When I'm alone I take the simple stroller you know the ones you get from Big W or Target about $25 each, where you can put under one arm while carrying your 1 year old under the other arm. When I had my third bub I didn't want to buy any of the big items, car seat, stroller, crib etc as this is my last bub. Plus I still have them all from my other two. Everything was 'reusable ' .... Until I try this stroller. And I have no regrets buying it, the only regret I have is that I wish it came out in 2006 ( I got the new version the single handle ) with my first baby , I would have saved a lot of money. It is the BEST !! This is all I take now. It's all I need. Simple, easy and affordable. I can use it on my own , hubby pushes it comfortably. My 6 month old loves it, it must be comfortable as he ends up falling asleep not long after I put him in it. I added the bassinet so he been using that since birth, and the car seat adaptor too . Just a few negative things , very minor. The shopping basket , it's small compare to the other strollers ... Or maybe I just pack my nappy bag like I have 10 babies instead of one, I am the 'what if I need it' packer . Otherwise you can just fit in a happy bag and abit of shopping. Also since I have my baby facing me it does recline enough in this position ..... I have try the forward facing recline and agree that it is not much of a recline at all. And the sun canopy doesn't attached to the seat , great cause it can move where the sun shines in bub....bad when bub starts to pull it and when it's a bit windy the wind comes in underneath onto baby's head , but you can get a cover to fix that. Overall very very happy with this stroller, no problems with brakes or anything so far.
Light, compact, easy to push, comfortable , affordable and adaptable!
As above very minor, small shopping basket , recline in forward position and sometimes the problem of the sun canopy not attached to the seat.....so far I like it not attached as most of my walks the sun hits baby straight on and I just move the canopy into position easily.

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Hi i thought of myself when I read your review. I am everything like you and am looking at this stroller to purchase. I have to fit a 15 month old and at times my 3.5 year old (tall at 90th percentile) as well. Do you have Any of your older children having a ride and whether the stroller is much harder to push and steer? Also would you reccomend the seat insert as i felt the seat in store and its quite firm, not sure if that's uncomfortable. Also i read that the upright position isnt very upright and the child can get annoyed trying to sit up. Would love ur feedback and whether u still reccomend this stroller. Thanks :-)

Love this pram!

I bought this pram for its compact size and adaptability after we trialed my sister in laws beema q for 3 months. Ive had it for 2 years and used it every time i had a chance. Its compact easy stylish and very affordable.
I had problems with the brakes clicking whichis a very quick fix -it clicks because the brakes are too tight. And tge sunshade became loose because my son loved playing with it. Customer service sent screw replacement immediately.
I love it because i squeeze in isles other prams dont fit in, extremely light compared yo other prams and it works with a travel system i regret not investing in with first baby. Were expecting again and will make sure to buy yge adapter and safe and sound unity for bub.
It doesn't recline but first year if bubs life its eitger in reverse (in recline) or capsule again in recline so its really not that big of a deal
compact and travel system adaptable

Breaks are faulty

In the first 3months, the breaks locked up several times. It then proceeded to make a clicking noise when being pushed along. I know 4 other people who have experienced the same issue, after contacting phil&teds they offered no exchange, no repair or any other form of compensation. One year after purchasing the pram I rarely use it as the clicking break is just too annoying. It's a real shame as it is an easy to use pram for everyday around town use. Definitely not recommended for walking or long distance use.
Easy to use and easy to clean.
The breaks are faulty

Great compact stroller

I borrowed the smart to take on holiday because I wanted something compact and light. The smart was great because it fitted easily into our tiny rental car boot and was easy to transport. The seat is a good height which is important when you have a 2 yo who is tall for his age. He was comfy and happily sat while we cruised the shops. The stroller is narrow which makes dodging people in crowded spaces easy. I loved the generous hood to keep the sun out. I like that you can get the smart in different colours. It's definitely a stroller that you feel proud to push. You wouldn't get it for bush walking but great for urban areas.
Compact and light
Not all terrain

Invaluable purchase

Of all our baby purchases, this has been the one item we could not have lived without. Baby has safely slept in the peanut, saving us from buying a separate bassinet. Our Safe n Sound capsule clicks into the stroller straight from the car, making shopping trips a breeze. The infant insert from our capsule adapts perfectly to the stroller seat, combined with the verso adapters our newborn is snug & cosy.
An adaptation or attachment for every baby transport need you could think of
The handles are a little low for me, making long walks uncomfortable on my back

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Does anyone know which buggy board fits to the smart stroller? I cant find this online anywhere. Also does anyone have experience of a buggy board and whether your feet catch it while walking and u have to walk funny or to the side? Thanks

Love My Smart

I bought the Smart and Peanut Bundle 2.5yrs ago. I have had so much use out of it as I used the peanut as my bassinet. I love the stylish look of this pram. I was always stopped and asked about my smart with the peanut and smart seat. I also have the travel system adaptor and verso clips, all the sun and rain covers for the peanut and smart seat and I have used them all! As the Smart is so light and small it is easy to travel with, lift in and out of the car, maneuver inside shops, I still surprise myself when I fit through tight spots I never thought I'd get through with the pram.
I love it si much I talked my sister in law into getting one when her daughter was born and she loves hers too!
I just had my second baby 11wks ago and I am loving getting to use the peanut and travel system again.
I have also just bought a double pram but still use my Smart as well. It is the best!
Stylish and trendy yet affordable. Easy to maneuver. Light. Easy to clean. Lots of accessories and options, especially with the new range.
The only gripe I have is that the nuts and cogs came loose from lifting the sun hood up and down.

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Hi Elizabeth, Can you please tell me what travel system you use with this pram? Thanks.

I love this little stroller

I purchased this stroller when I was in Singapore as I was using public transport and needed something light and compact for taking on buses. I tried a lot of umbrella strollers but my son always seemed to slouch and they often seemed too reclined in the upright position. He has always seemed very comfortable in this stroller. In fact my niece, who is the same age as my son, is always climbing into it when we are out together. When using the verso it is quite reclined and great for sleeps. My son is now too old for the verso so is always facing out. It does not recline too much facing out but my son always sleeps happily in the stroller.

It is very easy to push and easy to put up and down ( when you know how). Only issue with the fold is when you are trying to hold a child or have one in a carrier.

It is very stable. I usually have a nappy bag tied to the back, a hand bag and a drink on one handle and shopping on the other handle and it has never tipped. (Nb. The new version does not have the split handle). The split handles do make it a little difficult to push one handed. The basket is quite small but I have found I don't use stroller baskets that much so it doesn't matter too much as I carry every thing on the handles.

I use the Smart as my mall stroller and when I travel. It's compactness is great for small shops and public transport and it is light which is important for public transport systems that require you to fold your stroller. It is not designed for rough terrain and can be a bit of a rough ride for the passenger and on your hands when it is very uneven. It is only a problem for me in urban places with old cobbles which can be very uneven. It's great over curbs, up and down stairs and on escalators.

It folds quite flat and we hang it on the wall to store.

It is impossible to talk about this stroller without mentioning the looks. It is a really stylish stroller that is also a practical lightweight stroller. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced, small, lightweight, comfortable urban stroller.
Light and stylish. Easy to push. Foot break Comfortable for toddler. Split handles on stroller make storing bags really easy. Option to have young child face me.
Small basket, does not recline much. Not great on uneven surfaces.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I just bought a second hand smart buggy and when I attempted to fold it up the lever on the basket come off completely. How do I put it on?
2 answers
lever? that aluminium bar at the back between two back wheels ? or the top little little one which is on the top of the buggy?Hi thanks for your reply. It is the actual foot fold that collapses the pram. I put my foot on it and. It fell off the pram there was also a spring inside the mechanism that came out of it, I now have a pram I can't fold and am unable to attach the foot fold mechanism.

Is the single style handle bar height adjustable?
1 answer
No, it is not height adjustable.

Can this have an additional seat added for a second baby?
2 answers
No not that I know of.No you can't it is a single


Phil & Teds Smart
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $449.00
Seating Type Tandem
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationReversible
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight11 kg
Folded Dimensions30 x 57 x 83 cm

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