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Phil & Teds Poppy

Phil & Teds Poppy

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Do not buy this high chair

The liner/cover for the high chair has come off on one side after only one month of use with a small 6 month old baby. The liner/cover is very difficult to clean as it is roughened enough for the food to stick in and not come out. The straps are flimsy and hard to work and clean. There are many other more affordable and better options.

Purchased in December 2018 for $150.00.

Definitely better and cheaper highchairs

Pro's- looks good, comfy for baby to sit in, the tray is really easy to clean.
Cons- legs are major trip hazard, Hard to clean- the seat material has little pattern mean food gets stuck and in the front section there is a hole for food to fall in and never be seen again unless you pull it apart and hose it down outside which you unfortunately have to do regularly. Straps are useless and get in the way and hard to clean, so we don't use them.

Some of these would be so easy to fix if Phil and Ted's made a fabric/plastic washable seat cover for it that covered the hole. But alas i have only seen my friend make one herself- none to be purchased.

Definitely should have listened to others advice and just bought the cheap IKEA chair...

Do not buy this product

I would not recommend this high chair at all.

Looks good

1. Dangerous - everyone trips over the legs they stick out really badly. My mother in law actually hurt herself Christmas Day tripping over it.

2. Hard to clean - the straps get covered in food and food gets caught all throughout the seat and almost impossible to get it all out

3. The straps do not work at all. They are at the tightest setting and they just fall off. Does not seem secure at all.

4. Uncomfortable - my daughter seems very uncomfortable in this chair. She arches her back and cries. At my mothers house she has the ikea high chair and my daughter will happily sit in it for ages playing watching us eat and laughing

5. Really hard to get in and out - my mother can not get her in and out of this high chair if the table is still on. If my mother is over at mine looking after her she has to feed her in the pram.

This is my personal view. We actually bought it because my sister in law had it for her son and could not say a bad word about it so I guess it really depends on the individual. I do love most of the Phil and Ted brand and feel like they can make some amazing products. This high chair is not ideal for my daughter and I. The main thing that really gets me is the tripping over you just don’t see how stuck out the legs are and I just keep tripping. In a constant tired state it is so easy to do lol!

Mostly good, but safety issue and tray could be better

Overall I find the chair pretty good, and I'd probably buy one again.

It's moderately easy to clean, but the textured surface makes it a bit more difficult. The straps are somewhat difficult to clean, usually they have to go into the sink for a good wash and dry.

The shoulder straps are next to useless. They're anchored at the base, they slip off as soon as they're put on. You might as well not bother with them. The leg straps are fine, but a really energetic baby can get out of them. Between the tray and leg straps most babys won't be able to escape easily, but as they get a bit older I suspect some or many will be able to get out.

They tray's good, but because it's curved across almost its entire surface it's difficult to get suction things to attach. You can get a bowl to suck down in the middle, but near the edges where we wanted to put a suction toy it just wouldn't stay on.

wish I hadn't wasted my money

So I got this chair because it looked easy to clean and had a nice look to it...... boy was I wrong.

Where do I start!
.The straps never stay on my babies shoulders
.the chair has a pattern through the foam meaning if you don't wipe it straight away everything sticks to it
. Straps are a nightmare to remove and clean.
Baby's arms can get trapped between the chair and tray when putting the tray on
. Legs are a tripping hazard
.food gets caught in the gap for the tray/leg strap

Seriously save yourself some dollars and get the $30 high chair from IKEA, It is 100 times better than this high chair if you want somethig user friendly and easy to clean.

Good product but it could be better

We have two of these for our twins. Not the best high chair to start introducing solids but, it is easy to clean on the spot and its design is simple. Its legs are a tripping hazard though. If you really want to get it clean, removing its cover and straps can a be a pain. Other than that, is a high chair that would last as it can be use as a chair later on.

Not safe

Even with the straps firmly fastened, my 16 month old can slip off the shoulder straps and stand up in the chair! It would be safer if the shoulder straps were located above the shoulders. Very disappointing considering the price. Straps aren't easy to clean either. I would not recommend this chair.

Great chair with some flaws

Great design for my petite daughter. She looks comfortable sitting in an upright position and the chair has an attractive sleek look with a large tray. It is easy to wipe over but food gets under the seat skin and I need to wash the chair in the dishwasher once a week. In comparison, I found that other high chairs with padding were also difficult to clean and many were far too large for my daughter and still quite bulky.
The over shoulder straps are useless but the lap straps are ok. The chair legs are wide and best situated in low traffic areas to avoid tripping over them, however the wide legs prevent the chair from tipping (my daughter pushes her feet against the dining table). I also like that the chair can convert to a small chair when the high chair is no longer needed. I recommend this chair but consider the pros and cons to ensure it meets your needs as it did mine.

Great high chair

This is a very good high chair. I like the design (we have the green one), I think it's quite elegant in its simplicity. It is really easy to clean.
The only con I can think of are the legs - they are really wide. If your space is not huge, you may end up tripping over it.

stylish but flawed

My main problem with this chair is that if you put the baby in the seat and then put the plastic tray on, it is possible to trap their hands or arms between the seat and the tray if they have their arms hanging down the sides of the chair. I have done this on several occasions. I have also pinched my baby's legs once when pushing the tray on to the white part that projects from the middle of the chair. Now we put the tray on first then put the baby in to avoid these issues.

In addition, the legs are splayed out at such an angle that they are a trip hazard.

Like other reviewers I purchased this chair over other chairs with soft covers thinking that it would be easier to clean, like the plastic Ikea ones that are so popular. Unfortunately food tends to fall into the holes that the straps come out of and gets stuck under the silicone cover where it then festers until you have time to remove the cover to clean it.

I was seduced by this chair's good looks, but in hindsight I should have just gone with something like the Ikea chair.

I would not buy this seat again or recommend it to a friend!

I purchased this seat when my Bub was 6 months old, so I didn't need all the bells and whistles of a fully reclining, thickly padded, multi tray, can almost wash the dishes for you high/low chair that would take up the space of 2 regular chairs.
I opted for the (more expensive!) Phil & Teds Poppy because it was promoted as 'easy use, easy care and easy clean' and of course it didn't look as 'baby' like and it would last my child much longer because it converts to a small chair...
Boy was I mislead! This chair is terrible and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone! The shoulder straps come up from the child's bottom and cross over the back (so they aren't attached to the back of the chair to hold the child back). They're always twisted and the wrong length (so they are an absolute pain in the rear to put on in the first place) and then they have to be extremely tight to prevent them sliding off the child's shoulders. I ended up removing mine completely and only use the 3 point lap belt.
Of course the legs are a draw back too (didn't notice them in the shop, and don't notice them at home until I trip over them!). The chair itself takes up about 30cm of space, but the legs stick out over 70+cm square! Even my 3yo asked why the legs stick out so far lol
But the biggest issue I have is keeping it clean. Every meal little crumbs/slithers of cheese/chunks of meat/pieces of cereal/fruit/vegetables are dropped and always slip down under the silicon cover and into a maze of small crevasses that is virtually impossible to clean without a high pressure washer! (I keep a squirt bottle handy because running tap water and/or a cloth just can't clean it out).

If your still thinking of purchasing, make sure you have an extensive look at the shop. Put your baby in, take your baby out, go for a walk and put Bub in again. Take off the meal tray and the silicone cover and have a look at what you are going to have to clean after each meal and have a think about what happens if Bub spills a cup of milk or a bowl of spaghetti Bol all over the straps.

I'm sure this chair suits some people. But it's not for me. I wish I got a different chair, especially for the price.

Terrible - I got rid of it and bought a $30 Ikea one instead!

I bought this highchair as I thought it would be easy to clean, but a bit more comfy and stylish than the cheap Ikea one. The tray is very easy to wipe over, but the texture of the seat means that food really needs to be scrubbed to get it off. However the big issue is that food and water easily gets down the crevice where the between the legs part of the seat belt and the seat post are. To get into this area you need to remove the silicone seat and underneath this there is all sorts of ridiculous moulding which is a festy breeding ground for ick. Please do yourself a favour and if you are thinking of buying this chair, pull the silicone seat up in the shop and have a look at where you are going to be scrubbing food out of. We've relegated this chair to infrequent use at Nanna's and bought the $30 Ikea one for use at home now. Should have just bought the cheapie in the first place!

Otherwise, yes the legs stick out quite a bit, but this hasn't bothered us much. The shoulder straps of the seatbelt are fairly useless as they don't actually pass through the seat back, so don't hold your baby into or against the seat. Because of this we've only been using the belt in three point mode. But seriously, the difficulties in cleaning this seat adequately are ridiculous for a seat which I think appeals to lots of people because of it's seemingly easy to clean design!! DONT BUY IT!!!


I love this chair; I really do but I have two issues. One: the seat belt is entirely useless. Two: How wide the legs are on the floor. I read the reviews and thought, 'how bad can it really be?' But I'm here to tell you that it can be pretty unpleasant watching your four year old trip over it multiple times a day. Then you do it yourself. The your hubby does it. The you get annoyed and go to IKEA and buy the cheap restaurant style one. (we actually converted it to a toddler seat early and threw away the table top and legs in frustration and I must admit I feel stupid now. The seat was great - I just got so tired of tripping over all the time plus you couldn't place it up close to a wall because of the legs). It's probably great for a big dining room or wide kitchen but in small spaces I wouldn't recommend it.

Practical and beautiful!

practicality is very important to us so I love that this high chair converts to a normal chair and the material of the chair is easy to clean as is the tray. Initially I could not remove the tray with one hand but have now gotten the hang of it. Baby is now 1yo and I can easily get her in and out without having to remove the tray table.

Love it!

after much searching to find a chair that suited my daughters needs, our space, budget and style I stumbled upon the poppy high chair.

I have had the poppy for a while now and my daughter and I absolutely love it.

its stylish, functional and budget friendly. easy to clean and use and unlike alot of other chairs, its able to grow with my Daughter by converting into the my chair.

the tray is a great large size as my daughter loves to moosh and swoosh food around the tray, it cleans very easy, just a wipe down with a cloth or pop it in the dish washer.

the legs are easily removed and fit nicely into the seat for storage in my kitchen cupboard.

very happy with my purchase.

Stylish high chair, not easy to clean

Review update - having had this chair for quite a while now I would have to say that the seat is not as easy to clean as I first thought. Over time more and more food gets stuck in the texture of the seat piece and it's so difficult to get out. A smooth surface would be much better.

Love this highchair! The seat is just one piece and so easy to clean, as is the large tray. I particularly wanted a chair that didn't have cushions or any places for food to get stuck. It looks great too and actually matches our other dining chairs which are a red molded plastic! I don't bother using the shoulder harness straps, and in fact I can't see how a baby could get out with the table in place. We are often tripping over the legs however, and I don't think that they are wider than other high chairs, but compared to the top the legs stick out wider than you expect.
stylish, easy to clean, converts to a chair when not required as a high chair any more, baby looks comfortable and secure, excellent price
often tripping over legs

Beautiful look but terrible design

I bought this highchair because it looked so easy to clean. I thought with a smooth seat like that the sponge would just glide over and if worst comes to worst it should survive a good hose down reasonably well. Boy was I wrong. Sure it looks beautiful but that cover has just the right amount of texture to store a lil of last nights bolognese. Not only that, but the only way to remove the lower harness straps for washing is with a screwdriver. Then, if you have a child who is inclined to create an impressionist masterpiece with this mornings oatmeal, and decide "yes, I think it is time for a good ol' hose down", you will find that the chair leaks fluero orange juice for weeks, because under the beautiful minimalist facade is a freakin labyrinth of plastic to catch water/food/disgusting goop. Also the spot where you click the hollow metal legs into is wide open so all of that water makes it's way down to the feet and waits until you go to store the chair away, removing the legs and whoooosh big rusty puddles across your floor. Don't bother....go to ikea, at least they're cheap.

Not that great

I found that for a young baby this was no good as it would position bub too far forward. No recline. My friends 1 year old sat in it and he looked like a giant in it. I don't think it would last very long. The back could also be a be higher for better back support. legs are wide and yep I also tripped in them. I ended up taking it back


I just received this chair today after purchasing on sale from Toys'r'Us and I have to say I think it's love at first sight! I bought this chair to replace our big padded Steelcraft highchair which has great for our daughter for the past 12 months however I m grew tired of having to clean out the padding and lining so thoroughly after each use as food would get into every nook and cranny! This Poppy highchair though was a breeze to clean! And I dont think it even got as messy to start with as my daughter was able to sit more upright and closer to the tray than she was in her previous highchair. So I think it's brilliant! The legs are nice and sturdy so I have no concerns of safety at all. Some people have complained of the leg span however I have measured it and it is exactly the same as our old traditional highchair, so no issues for me there. I also love the look of this chair, it blends in nicely with our decor. Oh and I see no issue with the harness straps which other people seem to. So no complaints from me! Very happy with this purchase!

I tried to like it, but could not every time I tripped over the legs. Aaagh...

Looks great but such a hazard, the legs are way out there that its not funny any more. Specially when carrying your child and tripping. Would not recommend in small spaces.

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Questions & Answers

Could I thread the straps through the back of the high chair and through the hole of the seat?
1 answer
The straps are anchored to the base of the seat. You could possibly thread the strap between the base of the seat and the cover (the coloured part) and through the handle at the top of the backrest. I don't have my straps available to check if they are long enough.

I thought the chair had a five point harness, but when I put it together it didn't have any shoulder straps, just the three point harness for baby's thighs. Is this how it's supposed to be? Thanks.
1 answer
Hi, it comes with an extra 2 long removable straps (seperate to the 3 point harness) which you clip to the 3 point harness where the harness connects to the chair, these straps X over the babies back and clip into the black plastic D ring on the buckle of the 3 point harness at the front. if you didnt receive these straps with the chair it might be worth contacting the store you purchased it through or phil and teds directly. -Jessie

is this chair big enough for child to rest head on? Is foot rest sturdy enough?
1 answer
Hi! My daughter was too tall by the time I started using this chair for her to rest her head on it. However I don't know that it would be terribly suitable for that purpose anyway. It doesn't recline like a traditional chair so is purely made for kids that can hold their own heads and for the business of sitting up and eating. As far as the foot rest goes I actually don't use it. She's never in it long enough to be bothered with it and I just didn't feel the need for it personally. I sat it in the draw thinking I might attach it one day but many months later of using the chair I haven't felt the need :)


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