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Philips Avent Nipple Protectors

Philips Avent Nipple Protectors

SCF156/00 and SCF156/01
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Get the Medela, don't waste your money.

Thin silicone? No. It's twice the thickness of the Medela and so much more bulky. It falls off due to the shape if the flange, unlike the Medela which stays put. Honestly if I had tried these first I would have thought all nipple shields were awful. But no. It's just the Avent ones. Get the Medela ones, most people are medium. Don't waste your money on this pathetic attempt of a product.

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Hey there, Lauren. Thanks for your honest review. We're sorry to hear the product hasn't been able to provide you with the expected results. But we do appreciate your feedback, and please consider this noted. If there's anything we could do for you, please feel free to contact us on 1300 363 391. Take care, and all the best to you and your family. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Life saver when in pain

I used these shields on and off for the first weeks of breast feeding as we all go through cracked nipples and tenderness they were great but just a tad slippery once the milk flow gets going i found my daughter would latch and she would suck them right off

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Hi there, Sarah. Thank you so much for leaving your review behind here. It’s great to read that the nipple protectors have been a life saver for you. We can imagine that having you daughter suck them off is not really convenient though. Our product specialists would like to see how they can help out with this. If you’d like, you can reach them on 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


My milk came in late after the birth of my baby so I have been supplementing with formula and she has been on the breast mostly for her comfort and for me to build up my milk supply, which is low. She is now used to bottles for a satisfying feed and is extremely impatient and fussy at the breast. I have been to midwives, a lactation consultant and on Youtube so I know how she should latch but I can't seem to get her to co-operate. The first time using the nipple protector is the first time I have been able to get a proper latch. I can already take the nipple protector off and she can latch properly without it most of the time. I will keep alternating until I don't need the protector.

I have read some other reviews and many people said the protector keeps falling off. I found that rinsing the protector under some warm water before use keeps it adhered to the breast. Also expressing some milk and putting it inside the protector gets my baby interested right away.

I wish I knew about this sooner.

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Hi there Karolina, thank you so much for your review here! Great to hear the nipple protectors work so well for you. Thanks for also sharing some suggestions to help the nipple protectors stay on, we hope others will also benefit from this. All the best for you and your little one! Kind regards, the Philips Australia team.

You get what you pay for

These drive me crazy with falling off & make breast feeding stressful (but i need to use them due to flat nipples)... Worth spending more on other brands which stay on a lot better (but still aren't great). Seems they lose their suction within a few uses.

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Hello Ingam. Thanks for your review and feedback on the nipple protectors. Sorry you feel this way about the product :( . If you ever feel like discussing the topic some more, please find us 24/7 on Facebook or Twitter.

Saved my nipples and breastfeeding hopes!

Day 3 and had only been able to breastfeed twice as my nipples are quite small and bub couldn't latch properly creating bad cracks between my nipple and aeriola, was worried she wasn't getting what she needed and midwife suggested a shield as I was determined to breastfeed.
First use and she latched immediately with some expressed milk over the shield and drank like a champion - and I haven't looked back. She is feeding more and more each feed and all my worries have gone. I should add my milk supply is abundant and flowing quickly, and bub has a very strong suck but a small tongue so needed a bigger nipple to make it work - so this model really worked for me. I don't have any issue with slippage but that may be due to her strong suck. I like that it is clear and more streamlined than other options which gives bub more opportunity to access my skin and means it isn't visible when I breastfeed in public or with others around. Plus it was much cheaper.

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Hi Pippa. Nice to hear that you're happy with the product. Thanks for the feedback :) .

Genius now pain free would highly recommend it

Bubs and I had thrush my nipples got so cracked I nearly gave up feeding. I persisted for 9 wks before i was given this shield by my mchn I used to cry when he latched on now I am pain free and feeding is more comfortable. My don easily latched on with it on
Comfortable small easy storage
Easily lost due to clear colour

Absolutely genius invention

I am a first time mum and within a couple days of bub learning to feed my nipple become cracked and made feeding him unbearable. Using the shield allowed me to continue breast feeding pain free while my nipple also had the chance to heal while using them. They would stay in place, not leak and not slide off. I still cringed when he would first latch but it was for no reason as there was zero pain anymore and within a week of using the shield I was able to breast feed again without them.
Painfree, stayed in place, inexpensive, able to continue breast feeding, allowed nipple to heal within days.
Need to be a little persistent getting bub to latch on as they r a different size and texture to the nipple.

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Thank you for your feedback TruckerChick, We are so glad that the Philips AVENT Nipple Protectors helped you overcome an incredibly painful feeding experience and that they enabled you to continue breastfeeding your newborn baby. Wonderful news!

Worked perfectly for me!!

Just as I was about to give up breast feeding I tried these and miraculously everything worked wonderfully. My baby, who would previously not latch on well to my flat nipples, latched instantly after I had expressed a drop into the shield and began feeding like she had been starved. I had tried these earlier with no luck and thought the same as the rest of these bad reviewers until my midwife showed me how to use correctly- I was wearing them horizontally instead of vertically and it made so much difference to us. The adhesive is more than enough. Every 5 minutes you may need just to flatten the sheiks back against your breast, but I did so with ease and baby did not even notice.

These saved my sanity and my money. I was going to start formula feeding the very next day if these did not work. And luckily for my bank account and my pride they are fantastic! Don't need to bother buying the more expensive medela brand. These are half the price and do a wonderfully effective job.
Very easy to use once correctly shown how. Cheap!

Life Saver!

My 2 month old boy would constantly cry if I tried to Breast feed and would only take breast milk if I expressed and bottle fed. This upset me, so I decided to try nipple shields, as they may feel similar to the bottles teets. He took to them straight away, and it felt as if he was breast feeding like normal. He didn't cry at all! I suppose if u were looking for a nipple shield to be exactly like a nipple these aren't it, but nothing will ever be exactly like a nipple. They worked for me because it was bigger then a nipple and he could attach easier. They saved me!!
Cheap, flexible where it needs to be, works
If you have a big let down the nipple area can fill up with milk and therefore can get messy

Best nipple sheild!

I had to use these for the two months that I breastfed. My sins latch was fine but he hated breatsfeeding!
I tried all other brands but the holes in others were too small and my son hates that he couldn't get milk out fast enough.
These things were a life saver for me!!
Fast flow, gave this mummy heaps of relief
It fell off easily if my son wasn't feeding straight away.

Too rigid & doesn't stick to skin

I'd been looking at the Medela Contact Nipple Shields but bought these as half the price. Mistake. I ended up buying them too so could have saved my money by buying them to begin with! My baby did not like the feel of the 'nipple' in her mouth at all, and gagged each time I tried. It seemed rather large and long (compared to others I'd seen) and was rather rigid so not sure how natural it would have felt in her mouth.. Slipped off my skin too easily and my baby pulled it off with her mouth a couple of times too, so was worried about choking hazard. Also seemed to press in to my skin, almost encouraging my baby to suck only on the end of my nipple! It actually hurt more with this shield on.
The price
Didn't work! Rigid, too large for my baby's mouth, came away from my skin too easily


These nipple protectors are a handy little product to have around if you are having any issues breastfeeding baby. They are very portable and come in a good container. Quite cost effective as they do last a while. But can be a bit fiddly and are easily lost.
Easy to find this product in chemists and department stores selling baby products. They last for a while if you look after them. Not too expensive, usually sold in double packs. Very easy to use once you work them out.
Sometimes it is very easy to lose them and you can be forever looking for that nipple protector.


Not much to like about this product. I've gone through three different types of nipple shields and these were a little below average when it comes to effectiveness. The only thing to do to keep them on for longer was to use paper tape across the top and bottom ends to secure the sheilds to the skin. Once they lost their suction ability, you had to stop using them.
not much. The material that the nipple shield is made from is soft and flexible, so when attached correctly over the nipple area with good suction, they fitted well.
A combination of breast milk and baby saliva reduces the suction against the skin. Once the suction effect was gone, you had to remove and wash, which often happened too quickly. The lack of suction also became a hazzard as it would sometimes become tangles in my baby's mouth.


As another reviewer posted, there can be issues with saliva/milk getting in behind the shield and affect the seal, causing them to slip, but I found just removing them and giving my breast and the back of the shield a quick wipe was easy and made them stick again. Because of the good amount of contact you get between baby and breast, they're less likely to affect your milk supply than some other brands that have the shield covering the entire nipple area. Using these shields my daughter and I had our attachment issues sorted out within a week, and no cracked or sore nipples!
Easy to use, soft, mouldable silicon, easy to find and relatively cheap, good contact between babies chin and your breast
can get a little leaky


they were great to use, when I first started breast feeding & I was very sore with cracked nipples, these protectors helped me & my baby heaps. Main problem was milk would get behind the shield then it would fall off. After giving it a quick wash, it would go on again fine. These shields were a life saver. I would recommend these to other new mums if you have some nipple pain. if it mean you can continue to breast feed it all worth it.
very comfortable to wear
like others have mention, milk builds up behind them & then they fall off.


As soon as any liquid gets near these shields, milk or saliva, they just slide everywhere. The first time I used these my bub squirmed and the shield slid right off and into his mouth. He started spluttering and I frantically pulled it out. It scared me so much! Even though I was trying to hold it in place it just kept sliding everywhere which frustrated by hungry bub. I tried at another feed, giving them the benefit of the doubt, but the same thing happened. I will never use them again.
Price was cheaper than others.
They CONSTANTLY slip off!


trusted brand (everything i use for the children from dummies, sterilisers, botttles, teats etc are all avent) and very well known, qffordable and easy to use, this item is an absolute godsend for new mothers who are finding that initial latching stage a bit difficult
very easy to locate as you can find the avent range almost everywhere, quite cheaply priced and very easy to use, we used these upon the birth of our first born as she was having trouble latching on and they worked fine for us
they should come in a bigger pack as with infants they need to be sterilised between uses and its difficult to find the time (or energy) to do this between feeds, they only come in 2 packs so i think making a 6 or even 10 pack would be a much better idea.


Tried to use these when I had cracked and sore nipples from first time feeding and they weren't of any use. The nipple part on the shield seemed too hard for my son to be able to get good suction so it didn't work for me.

Did not allow my son to latch on so did not work for me.


They were a waste of money for us, I could not get them to stay in place long enough to have bub latch on correctly. He would get frustreated with all the mucking around. I didn't end up using them as it was just to hard in the end.
Like all Avent products you can find them in most stores
I couldn't get them to stay in place and baby could not latch on.


I thought Id go with some Avent shields as I have an IQ pump and IQ warmer thet have both been FANTASTIC. Additionally I was told to buy some sillicone shields. So with little time to spend shopping around due to a new baby... I sent out the poor husband to get some.... MISTAKE. Waste of money. Have a rubber Pigeon one that is a MILLION times better.

Perhaps im doing something wrong with them, however there are no concise instructions on the packet or the website. Another poor effort on Avents Behalf
Nothing. They dont work
GARBAGE. Dont waste your money.

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How to choose the correct size? Small or standard?
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If you have a small nipple go for a small one if you have a larger sized nipple go for standard I have the standard


Philips Avent Nipple Protectors SCF156/00Philips Avent Nipple Protectors SCF156/01
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