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Pigeon PP Wide Neck

Pigeon PP Wide Neck

4.5 from 73 reviews

excessively breast feed 3 month old wasn’t taking any other bottle but this , life saving.RECCOMENED !

Son is almost 3 months got the wide neck 3 month flow it’s perfect .
I never leave reviews on anything but had to for this. Amazing satisfied with everything n

Purchased in March 2019 at Cincotta Chemist.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Breastfed Child Yes
Bottle LeakageNo

Great bottle which my baby eventually took

So I brought this bottle over 6weeks ago as my exclusively breastfed 4 month old baby was now refusing a bottle. It took several attempts over the weeks but finally I am happy so say she has taken the bottle. This has now given mummy a new found sense of relief I can leave her with family for a few hours and now she will be fed.
I found that although she refused it to bring with I let her play with an empty bottle and she would attempt to pick it up and drink from it. I let her do this over several days and then when I gave it to her she began to latch and feed from it. I hope this will work for other parents who face themselves with fussy little bubs

Good customer service

We were using this bottle for our first boy and now, more than 4 years later, my daughter can still use it. Good quality. The other thing I'd like to share is the excellent customer service I had from Pigeon Austrlia (or Pigeon's distributor in AU). I dropped one of my bottle and it fell on the stairs and rolling downstairs, the bottle is fine but the plastic ring holds the teat was broken. I emailed Pigeon, asking the place to by a spare, they send me the replacement for free! Really appreciated.

Hands down the best.

The only bottle I can use with not a fast flow & also using formula thickener in my babies formula, I’ve tried many many different bottles and spent so much money and finally found this one! Easy to clean, wide neck so easy to add the formula, small and compact enough for nappy bags!

Only bottle he will use

We have both Plastic and glass wide neck bottles and he only takes Pigeon narrow neck/wide neck bottles.. We tried Avast, tommee tippee but no luck with them. Pigeon bottles are little more expensive then others, but every good product. I am going to buy more Pigeon Glass bottles to stop using any plastic bottles for baby, because glass is always safer than plastic.

Try this bottle if nothing else worked

I don’t usually write a review but I needed to say this bottle is amazing!! My daughter was drinking formula 1 or 2 times a day but suddenly she started to refuse the bottle I was using for her and tried a couple different bottles to feed her but nothing was accepted I tried pigeon bottle for the last resort and without any fuss she stated drinking fomula that I was amazed big time! Highly recommend for people struggling to find the right bottle for your baby It will surely work on any fussy baby

Absolute beauty!

I'm new to motherhood, and as we're all aware of - things never go to plan!
I planned on breastfeeding my baby boy, but turns out my boobies don't produce very much at all, so I had to turn to formula.
I had been gifted Tommee Tippee (TT) bottles so I used them initially, but my lactation advisor recommended me trying out the Pigeon Wide Neck bottles as the teat is the most similar to my nipples - I was a little hesitant to start with as I thought my bubs was already used to the TT bottles, but man was I glad that I persisted in using the Pigeon! He latches so well to them, and he hasn't had any blistering on the inside of his lips like the TT bottles gave him. I have been only using the pigeons for a few weeks now, and just yesterday I used a TT bottle and my boy did not like it at all!
I was pretty shocked, but very happy I found something that keeps my boy happy.

I absolutely recommend them :D

Perfect for breastfed babies

This bottle is a life saver as a mother of three, With my first baby, I had so much trouble to get him into bottle feeding. Tried so many types of bottles no luck. Finally found Pigeon wide neck. It’s amazing as it uses same technique for breast feeding. No mess, no fuss. Loved it and of course used it again with my other 2 children still a success to transfer from breastfeeding to bottle.

Only bottle my colicky/refluxy 7 week old would take to!

I never write reviews but I had to once I tried this bottle on my 7 week old son.
Since birth he had issues with mild colic and reflux. He wasn’t breastfed as my milk didn’t come through. I have tried avent, tomee tippee ultra, mam anti-colic. All which had a terrible seal, would leak or the flow was way too fast.
After every feed my poor boy would scream and throw up most of the bottle. Wouldn’t take day naps as he would wake every 5-10minutes to vomit.
I noticed a difference in the first feed! The flow was perfect! Unlike the mam bottles which he would finish his feed in 3 minutes! The seal was great, no leaking. He was able to be burped with ease and also only had small spit ups!
The bottles are easy to clean and the teats are so soft for bubs gums.
So glad I found these bottles!

Perfect for Mix feeding

We have been mix feeding breast and bottle since 2 weeks.
We have had no issues with nipple confusion. We love out pidgeon wide neck bottles.

The wide neck gives a similar latch as breastfeeding which helps eliminate nipple confusion.

These bottles Are more expensive than some other brands but well worth the money.

Finally a bottle my baby would take

After 3 weeks of trying different bottles and a baby screaming in protest at each one I was desperate and emotionally exhausted. This bottle was immediately accepted by my 6 week old baby without a fuss. Absolutely recommend this product especially for breastfed babies who struggle with transitioning to bottle.

Bottle and breastfeeding is possible

I didn't plan on doing a lot of bottle feeding with my baby, just one a day or night for my husband to experience it as well. But as things didn't go to plan I ended up doing more bottle feeding than anticipated.
The bottles have been excellent. My baby will still go on the breast even with multiple feeds from a bottle. I was concerened he wouldn't do both and only want the bottle once he got on it but nope, happy with either.
I also found he was A LOT less gassy after a bottle feed and would settle for his nap easier than he would after breast feeding.
I started with the 0+ size teat and 160ml bottle. He quickly outgrew the 160ml bottle and needed a larger feed so my advice would be to skip the small bottle and go for the larger size straight away to save a bit of money.
My baby also didn't progress as quickly from one teat size to the next as Pigeon recommends. When he was old enough I switched him on to the next teat size up and he practically choked on the milk because the flow was way too fast for him. I changed him to the next size up when I noticed he would bite the teat and took that as the sign he was ready to move up.
The bottles DON'T leak, I know this because I too thought they were dodgy and leaked from the rim of the teat, turns out I wasn't putting them on properly.
I did have a problem with some 3+ month teats that split at the opening after about a weeks worth of use, that was disappointing but I've replaced them and haven't had anymore split after a couple months of use.
All in all very happy with this product. Was great knowing bubby would go down for his nap easier after a bottle feed.

Fantastic Bottle!

My baby was exclusively breastfeed and at 4.5 months I decided to start bottle feeding him. He didn't take to any of the bottles I had including the Tommee Tippee brand, he would just play around with the teats in his mouth and then eventually cry. He also never liked a pacifier. When trying to feed baby using my Pigeon Mag Mag sippy cup with the teat top, baby didn't reject it straight away like he did with the bottles and my husband commented that the teat looks similar to a mother's nipple. So I searched the Pigeon website to see what bottles and teats they had and saw that this one is designed similar to a mother's nipple and are of good quality silicone. Bought it the next day and tried it with baby. He didn't reject it and after a few tries he started drinking!!! I cannot recommend this bottle highly enough, it is worth every cent!

perfect and worth it

I bought avent bottles because it is widely commercialized but when I fed using avent my baby choked every time and nipple drips fastly. Then I switched to pigeon & my baby loved it. The nipple is the softest and made of silicone, it only drips when my baby sucked, shape mimics natural nipple so I had no problem mixing breast and bottle feeding. Even if it is expensive, it is durable that I could still use it for my next baby.

Pricy but highly recommend this one

Bub was struggling to feed and was almost gagging with the Avent bottles we decided to give this brand a go. Extremely happy with the bottle and the wide neck teat. The quality of the plastic is high grade which makes these bottles expensive but it is worth every penny!

Only 4/5 because of price.

I can't believe why I waited so long to try these bottles. Bub is mainly breast fed but I would give her ebm from time to time. I used Avent Natural bottles and the teats collapse and she would have milk dribbling from the sides of her mouth. The Pigeon wide neck teat fits the Avent Natural bottle a bit loosely but will not move once it is screwed in place. Only complaint is that it is expensive.


After not being able to breastfeed for more then 4 weeks due to lack of supply my midwife suggested that I was to put my baby on formula as she was losing weight. I started off with the avent classic and She seemed to go alright on these bottles and same with the closer to nature bottles but she made a clicking sound every time she fed and was taking 40 minutes to drink 100mls. We Tried the pigeon bottles and haven't looked back. My baby now finishes her bottles in 15 minutes 20 minutes max. The only bad thing about the bottle is that you have to buy the teats separate so it ends up being costly but definitely worth it.

Wonderful teats, work perfectly with Avent bottles

My son had trouble latching onto Avent teats so after spending a bit of time on Google, I decided to give the Pigeon PP Wide Necks a try. What a difference it made! Baby latches easily and effectively each time. He now completes an entire 150ml feed instead of giving up after 60-70ml. Expensive at full price, I managed to get them on sale at the Chemist Warehouse. They've been worth every penny for us.

Great stuff for my baby

My bub used tomee tippee before but seems like she just play with the teats and drink no more than 50 ml. I tried to buy this pigeon, she likes it. So soft, no spill out from her mouth ,no rejection so far, no play with the teats. Will keep continue to using it to my bub

Worked perfectly with my breastfed baby!

I used this product with my breastfed baby from 3 weeks old. It worked perfectly. He had no problem taking the bottle and there has been no interference with breastfeeding. I express for my husband to give a bottle a day. Based on my experience I would recommend this product.

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Questions & Answers

Which Wide neck soft touch teat is best for use with thickener? I find it gets stuck in some tests. The thickener states medium flow but I’m not sure which Pigeon Teat that would be. Thanks for your help.
1 answer
Im not sure as I have never used thickener before. I would assume a medium flow teat aimed for a slightly older baby say 4-6months with slow flow being newborns and fast flow for 8month plus. Sorry I cannot be more helpful

Do all the pigeon range aid in reducing colic/wind or only certain bottles?
No answers

What is the difference between slim and wide neck bottles? Is that just baby's preference or convenience in shape/size?
1 answer
Wide neck bottles claimed to be mimicking the breast, make it easier for transition between breastfeed and bottle feeding as some babies tend to be rejecting breastfeed/bottle depending on which way they are comfortable with.


PP Wide Neck
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