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Pine O Cleen All In 1 Disinfectant Wipes

Pine O Cleen All In 1 Disinfectant Wipes

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12 reviews

A a male that does the grocery shopping.


As a male that does the grocery shopping I will avoid your products as the Tv ad involving a filthy bar coaster ,is disgusting.If the same ad was made involving a woman it would have to be withdrawn. I find your ad offencive ,sexist and horrible.

Purchased in July 1985.



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Never Buying These Wipes Again


At first I thought these wipes are great and I didn't mind the scent of them.The scent became so strong and overpowering it made me feel sick.It lingers around for days afterwards but then it stinks like nothing I've ever experienced before.It's like musty old socks and off milk.I had to put them in a bag and secure them but the scent is still pervasive.Tomorrow I'm throwing them in the bin.They are disgusting.They are absolutely drenched in this liquid whatever it is and way to strong.I can't believe they produced these.Some people seem to like them though.Just goes to show people have different reactions and tolerance levels.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for A$4.00.


MrsThriftySouth East Queensland, QLD

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Essential item for holidays. Especially for beach resorts!


Purchased in March 2017 at Woolworths Physical store.

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Fantastic- Cuts through grease like nothing else


I must admit I am not a fan of the ones in the container as I find they dry out, however I like the resealable packet version . They are fantastic for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom bench tops, stainless steel stove top and Rangehood, nothing cuts through the grease like these wipes. Used them recently to clean the top of my kitchen cupboards and they did an amazing job. I keep a packet in my kitchen and in my bathroom they aren’t too wet, I would prefer them to be wet than dry. I find they are perfect and that is why I rate them Excellent.

m s

m smid north coast nsw australia

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I bought a packet last week and have been slowly using them around the house. I have found them good to use, but slightly too wet. I have to dry off the surfaces after each wipe. The smell is not so great either. But its ok. They are expensive so I probably won't buy them again.



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I want Lavender fragrance, the lemon lime stinks like pet urine.


Hate the New Packaging of Pine-o clean wipes


I feel the product is great but hate the new packaging as the Seal doesn't stay closed. Prefer the old container better. Be even better if the seal had a lid you can seal shut, like the Johnson's Baby wipes. They work well. The glue will eventually wear out on your current packaging & not stick & stay shut. I am a big fan of the Lemon smelling ones.



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Effortless cleaning but doesn’t really stand tall


With so many cleaning products on the market, these wipes are a simple, nice smelling and easy-to-use option for benchtops and the like. Beyond that, however, they are let down by a couple major shortcomings, including: packaging design that makes it hard to tear off just one wipe at a time; and a price that makes it hard to justify these over regular surface cleaner and paper towel. Not only would that provide an option to dry down the surface, but it would be cheaper and last longer too.


MrsEdPO Box 874, SA

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a great idea


Despite the bad reviews for this product, I like them! I keep a container in my nursery, and they are very handy to clean up unexpected messes on the change table, when you need something a bit more germ killing than a baby wipe :) I don't use them anywhere else in the house, as they would become expensive to use all the time, so I just keep them in the nursery, and a container lasts a long time. They are not overly damp, so the surface you wipe doesn't stay wet for long. Very handy product.
Handy product, nice fragrances, not too overpowering.
The price, some wipes can feel a bit dry

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I tried these out a little while ago because they were new on the market and I trust Pine O Cleen. I was left dissapointed. Luckily I got these cheap but the rrp of these were $8+. Not a budget friendly option at all. I found the did an 'ok' job but they weren't worth the money. I like the packaging of the product and I think there advertising campaigns work well to lure customers in. But that's about it. I usually like Pine O Cleen and there products but with this one I couldn't see how it was worth paying all that money




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These wipes are a wonderful idea, but they're just too expensive for me to use regularly. I'd much rather spray some pine o'cleen on the bench and wipe it wipe a chux or paper towel - much cheaper!
Easy and convenient
Very expensive.



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I gave these a try but haven't purchased since until they improve the packaging and maybe bring the cost down. They are really convenient and a great idea but just too expensive.
These are great for cleaning benchtops - so convenient not to have to grab your spray and cloths/paper towel. The scent is not too bad.
Super expensive - I'm sure these were about 7 or 8 dollars a pack !
Worst problem is the container - when you try to pull one out it's impossible -we often had 5 come out in one go . They do not tear off as intended. And being so expensive - it matters.

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How environmentally friendly are these wipes?

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Why do you continue to show ads that make me want to vomit. I'm being turned off pine o clean

2 answers

Your Pine o Clean ads are sexist,disgusting and make the fathers of Australia look like filthy morons,if the ad was done using women and mothers they wouldn’t be seen on TV.


What he said



Are the Pineo clean disinfecting wipes pet friendly ?

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m s
m s

no they are not........it also says on the packet not to allow access to children.........hands must be rinsed after use.

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