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Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

4.1 from 45 reviews

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Grippy, but not overly quiet

Have recently replaced original Bridgestone Dueler H/T 684II on 2017 Ranger Wildtrack with Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season in 265/60/18 size. Initial feeling was they were very jittery, however, checked tyre pressure and they were well and truly over inflated at 46psi (recommenced 35-38psi as per placard) I dropped pressure to 37psi and it has made a world of difference. It feels as though it is cornering slightly better than before, however they do seem a little louder on all types of bitumen than OEM tyres. At less than 1000km driven perhaps they will become a little quieter with a little more wear? On sale at Bob Jane.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 1,000 km
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Couldn't be happier.

Have had them on my 2015 evoque since new and i drive it hard. Ive now done 78,000 km and changing them next week. Complete even wear on all tyres and they stick like glue on corners wet or dry. I'm sold on them.

Purchased in January 2015.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 78,000 km
Car ModelLand Rover Range Rover Evoque
Tyre Pressure Used34 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Very noisy sounds like snow tires

The tires are good except, I hate the noise. They work good in snow and rain and the ride is not harsh the only problem I have is the noise drives me crazy.

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Sticks like crap to a blanket

2012 Holden Captiva 5

Replaced the dunlop LM704 with these as they were getting a little tired. I drove to the Tyre shop in the rain and it was like skating on ice (these Dunlop’s have been horrible). Waited and drove back out on the pirelli’s and it was a dream to get around the roundabouts in the rain without nearly having to come to a stop to prevent understeer.
They are a great Tyre (I run the ATR on my V6 Amarok).
I bought them without any promotional incentive. Jaxx Tyres wanted $1060 fitted with wheel alignment and a free $300 gift from pirelli, but I ended up getting budget Tyre and auto in Oxenford to fit them with wheel alignment for $840... and no free nights or gifts.
These are a beautiful Tyre, and for the extra $$$ over a cheaper Tyre, is it really worth it to keep your family safe?

Purchased in March 2019 at Budget Tyre & Auto Oxenford for $840.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 2,000 km
Car ModelHolden Captiva CG Series II
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Disappointed in date Stamps

4 x new Pirelli Scorpin Verde Tyres fitted to Jeep 1/03/2019, 265/60R18, date stamps 3x4918 & 1x2016, nearly 3years old, we have experienced stores in SA not repairing tyres after 5 years. Very poor stock control!

Purchased in March 2019.

Misleading Pirelli Road Trip Promotion

If you're considering buying Pirelli tyres to get the 'free' nights accomodation in a 4 star motel, don't bother. I chose Pirelli tyres over another brand thinking that a night away at Blue Mountains or Tasmania or Noosa would be nice. Eight weeks later after following all instructions & filling out forms rigorously, I was offered a night in a caravan park in Tewantin 'near' Noosa on a date two months after preferred date and mid week. Very disappointing and very misleading by a major brand just to sell more tyres.

Purchased in January 2019.

Love these tyres

Have found Pirelli scorpion tyres the best tyres on the market that give quality products. Still have great tread after 3 years of plenty of kilometres. Would highly recommend these to anyone who wants quality & reliability.

Purchased in July 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Tyre Mileage 10,000 km
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Pirelli - good grip and road holding

I replaced my NItto tyres after 2 years with Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Seasons in November 2018. I chose these tyres base on the overwhelming positive comments on Product Review. So far the tyres are displaying really good road holding in varying road conditions (city and country road travel). The tyres are currently low noise however I have noticed some slight harmonics on certain road surfaces (especially around the city).

The only complaint so far is that I was hoping for better fuel economy given they are promoted as such - I just returned from a 2200 KM round trip on country highways (A and B roads) and the fuel economy was disappointing (actually higher than the previous Nittos which I was disappointed in). I suspect the tyres are reacting to temperatures exceeding 32 degrees (the days were between 34-40 degrees on the trip).

Rain was scarce, I am looking forward to seeing some rain and see how they perform in the wet. Likewise I will be monitoring the longevity of the tyres to see if they deliver on the various reviews. I will update asap.

CarSubaru Forester 2013

Only Pirelli for my Chrysler 300c

Two years ago I fitted Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season tyres to my Chrysler 300c and I have driven 90,000+ ks and they still have about 20% tread left. The Chrysler 300c weighs two tonnes and has a powerfull 5.7lt v8 which I drive hard. Very little wheel spin with full acceleration, excellent road holding at high speed and very comfortable when crusing. Reassuring and reliable in the wet, has never slid or skidded. I drive through a steep and winding gorge 500 times a year and with all that heavy braking and hard cornering the edges of the tyres aren't worn. I've had two nail punctuers and kept driving for weeks befor having the time to repair them. When I push the Chrysler to its limits the Pirellis handle the abuse. In a few months I'll replace them but I won't wast my time looking at other brands.

CarChrysler 300c 5.7lt

Best tyre ever!

Just replaced my pirelli scorpion all season verde on my VW amarok with another set. Great value for money-cost$ vs kms traveled.
79000k from the first set was amazing.
Terrific grip in all conditions & a cushy quiet ride. Pirelli sure know how to make a great tyre.
Cannot rate these tyres more highly.
Buy them,You won’t be disappointed!

CarVW Amarok Highline

Can’t go wrong with this

Needless to say the name said it all
Changed from Cheapies (wanli)which were horrendous to these for territory
What a difference it made
Grip in wet,economy you name it these tyres are worth the money
Still haven’t done a whole late kms but you know when you got good tyres instantly but still can’t comment on how they wear over the period
But so far very happy and satisfied

CarFord territory

My go to tyre

These tyres have been great on our Outback. They have high silicon content, last very well - Bob Jane confidently gives them 60,000 Ks. I drive mostly on road, but drive on gravel once or twice a week, and they perform great either way. Their noisiness I would rate as a medium; they're not extremely quiet.

CarSubaru Outback

Great SUV tyres

These tyres have a good grip and work well on-road as well as off-road.
They are not the cheapest tyres around but you get what you pay for.

You will not not be disappointed with the low road noise and good grip in all weather.

They are also long wearing as opposed to some other brands I have used.

Car2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Road noise is invasive on open country roads

The tyres are fine around town but as soon as you undertake freeways, highways or open country bitumen roads turn off the radio as you can barely hear it. The noise level is invasive and intrusive and does not cease until you enter close smooth bitumen surfaces. Most disappointing especially if you happen to live in the country. As we do not do many miles we will have to put with this excessive noise for many years [ only completed 5000 kms so far)

CarToyota Rav 4 2015

All OK so far

I replaced the Bridgestone Duellers on my ASX with these tyres after only 10,000 klm due to the awful wet weather performance of the Bridgestone’s (see seperate review). The first thing I noticed about the Pirelli’s were how much quieter they were than the OEM tyres. As they were fitted at the start of our Far North Qld wet season the superior wet weather cornering and braking was noticed straight away. I was originally going to put Michelin Primacy 3ST on the vehicle but Jax had a sale on and I got a good deal and I don’t think I have lost much (if anything) by buying the Pirellis. For the last 15 years I have only had Michelin or Pirelli on my cars. You can’t beat them. So far I have only done 3000 klms on the Pirelli’s so can’t really report on the wear but I am expecting at least 60,000 out of them if previous Pirelli’s are anything to go by.

Car2017 Mitsubishi ASX XC DiD

So Far So Good

Had them for 6 weeks now and going well. Tyres are quiet on the road and well balanced. Cornering is good with no squealing. They hug the road as good as my old ones. Haven't had much rain to see how they go in the wet weather yet. Would buy them again.

CarHyundai ix35

Best tyre for suv so far

Tyres so smooth
Better than oem which ia broudheatone dueler hp sport
Car feels solid on any road surface
Been googling so far this is the best tyres for suv people said.
Got from tempe tyres find so fat the cheapest in sydney.
Treadwear astonishing but we’ll see how it goes

Car2015 Subaru Outback

Quiet and comfortable

Ever since I bought the pirelli-scorpion-verde-all-season tyres November last year, I have noticed that there has been much less noise when driving the car especially on the freeway. I feel the driving experience more comfortable and smoother. In rainy days, I feel much easier to control the car and not slippery any more. Also I find the brakes can be easily applied even in short distances.

Car2014 Land Rover discovery 4

Responsive, quiet and comfortable.

While not the cheapest tyres out there (but certainly not the dearest either), these Pirelli's perform superbly.

As the title says, they are quiet, responsive and ride very well.

I bought them because they have a good treadwear rating, so hopefully they will last longer then my previous tyres (Bridgestone Dueler HT) - although only time will tell.

Car2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Already done 54,000 Km on RR Evoque and still going well.

Tyres came as original on new Range Rover Evoque. In three years have done over 54,000 Km mainly on tarmac. Very happy with performance in wet and dry. No problem with noise. Very surprised with excellent wear - rear have more than 50% tread however front are about down to last 20%. Just rotated - should have done earlier !

CarRange Rover Evoque - Diesel

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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Pirelli Scorpion A/S and a Pirelli Scorpion All Season Plus?
1 answer
Hi Don, I have tried to copy a link but it's not working. Apparently they are the exact same tyre with the "plus" indicating that there are a few specific sizes that are for the OEM market. Certain sizes for the Amarok with 19 inch alloys, Land Rover Evoque and Volvo XC60. So I'm thinking as I replaced with Pirelli's that aren't an OEM size, I have just received the standard "All Season" variety. I got this information from tirerack.com. hope this helps.

I have a Holden Colorado 4X4 crew cab ute. I do approximately 300kms of highway driving per week and often go beach driving so need a tyre that is suited to both. Just wondering how people far with this tyre or if anyone knows of a tyre more suited to my needs. Any info/advice is greatly appreciated!
No answers

Are these tyres quiet
2 answers
YesYes very happy with them

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