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Police Health

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Outstanding experience with Police Health. Highly Recommended.

I switched over from BUPA in March 2018 after they made some changes to their policies that reduced the value and coverage. After comparing the various funds on Choice magazine comparison tool, I selected Police Health which was the highest rated restricted entry fund for my criteria. As an ex NSW police officer, I was fortunate to be eligible to join Police Health, which was not available to NSW police until 2015.

A month after switching, I tore my meniscus and had to have arthroscopic surgery on my knee, Police Health paid $3k out of my $5k surgery and hospital stay - it would have been $500 cheaper except I was still in a waiting period for excess-free hospital admission. Prior to the surgery, my specialist asked which health fund I was with and when I told him it was police health, he remarked: "they're one of the better funds." I guess he would know.

A couple of months later, my teenage daughter was unexpectedly admitted to a one-month in-patient program due to a mental health issue. Police Health picked up the $16k tab and we were not a cent out of pocket, they paid promptly and without hassle, which I was extremely impressed about, given our short time with the fund.

While my daughter was in the program, I attended one of the information sessions for parents where the doctors outlined the program; which for some patients would involve a 12 month out-patient program after the initial in-patient program, the staff asked which health funds families were with, and commented that BUPA and one other health fund (I can't recall which) would not cover a cent of the outpatient program. I checked with Police Health and we would have been fully covered. if needed My daughter did not need the out-patient program as it turns out, but it was reassuring to know that we would have been covered if required.

I just had a look at my family's claims history and in less than 12 months, Police Health has paid out nearly $20k. Obviously, my daughter's treatment and my knee operation account for the bulk of that, and last year was not a typical year for us, but I feel extremely lucky to have chosen Police Health as my insurer. Compared to my previous insurers, BUPA and HCF before that, the claims process has been seamless and the cover provided is excellent. I highly recommend Police Health if you are eligible to join.

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Excellent customer service and product

I was with defence health and since transferring to police health I have had 100% support from them. The claim back service and their products are way better than my previous fund or any other health fund that I have compared.

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Very impressed

We change over to Police Health about 9 months ago. In this time I have found them very easy to deal with whether over the phone or using their online claiming. The benefits they pay are excellent and you actually feel you are getting something in return for the premiums you pay. Yes they are more expensive than others we had looked at, but I think their service and benefits paid more than make up for that. Before changing to Police Health, we were seriously considering dropping private health insurance due to cost and lack of benefits, however, since moving to Police Health we will definitely be keeping our private health insurance.

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Best Insurance Ever

I have been with Police Health for 4 years and I cannot fault them. I work for a Dental Surgery and the benefits I receive from Police are by far more than any other health fund I have seen come through my practice. Claiming is super easy and I would recommend Police Health to anyone who is eligible.

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My review

Policy is definately good value. Would like to endorse some options to make it cheaper. For retirees though. I don't have doctors fees or prescription fees because of remote location.
Other than that I am happy with service.

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Great Health fund

Policy is real value. Been a member for many years.
Customer support is terrific. My dear wife Gill passed away with Cancer in 2017
She fought for over 4 years. The support from Police Health was so supportive all the way through. Thank you for the wonderful years of support.

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I should have joined years ago.

The Policy is excellent value compared to the previous fund I was with. It was very easy to set up and the Customer support was brilliant in every detail & nothing seemed a problem.

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I wish this Health Insurance was available to us old timers (retired in 1998), Can you explain why us ex-members have been left out? We were all in the same job!

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Health fund to beat all

Pretty good value, easy to set up & customer service is brilliant, every single interaction has been very professional and positive and better than any health fund I’ve been in before.

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Best decision we ever made!

We joined Police Health in February 2016, so wish we had known this fund was available to NSW Police from 2010. Changing funds was all done by Police Health professionally & swiftly. We have found the Customer Support exceptional & the entire staff delightful to deal with. We definitely urge ALL Police families both past, (2001 separation) & present to do themselves a favour & ‘get on board’. Our providers are amazed with the amount of refund we receive. Thank you Police Health.

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Health Insurance at its best

We have been members of Police Health for 7 years. Transferring health funds was one of the best things we have ever done. The premiums are competitive with other funds however the benefits far exceeded our expectations.
Although the choices in cover are few, it is something I appreciate - we know exactly what we are covered for with no surprises at claim time. Other funds have too many options and confusion entails ... Its easy to be convinced to reduce the cost by going to another (cheaper) cover however I know many customers find they are not covered for the essentials when it comes time to claim.
Our Policy was very easy to set up .... Completed our details and organised a clearance certificate from our previous health fund and we were covered immediately.
On occasion I have had to make enquiries over the phone regarding our cover - It is lovely to have a staff member answer the phone and resolve my query immediately. It is refreshing the staff know all aspects of the product.
I use the app to make claims ... my colleagues were amazed (and jealous) that claiming is so easy for me for claims from providers who do not use Hicaps.
To anyone who is considering Police Health - do as we did and make the change. You will not regret it.

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Brilliant - affordable

. Policy is great value especially as I got older.
. Setting it up was sooo much easier than other health benefits.
. Customer support are so helpful especially when you do get older and actually need the services you've paid for.

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Health insurance by Police for police!

I've had top flight Platinum health since QPS were offered this product, originally included my family but now single. Recently used to obtain 2 x pairs of $299 glasses (my cost $37) & presently having major dental work. ($8,000+) Called to query policy re dental n massively supported by cover for more than half the costs!

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I don't know where I would be without Police Health. They are excellent with payment of claims and a

1. Yes its tops. Very happy with refunds. Staff very helpful should I have a query.
2. Yes no problems. Easy to read on web page and they cover everything I needed.
3. 10 out of 10.

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Relieving to have cover that you can rely on when you need it

Platinum hospital and extras cover is great for parents who want peace and mind of having kids covered until they’re 25. Also love the Nil excess for hospital visits and just knowing that when we needed cover this year, two trips to hospital for surgery, we could go to the best private hospital without worrying about our out of pocket expenses. Thanks Police Health.

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Questions & Answers

Is this fund available for everyone including retired UK police officers?.
1 answer
From their web site: Police Health is restricted access private health insurer exclusive for: 1. Current Australian police officers and police employees of state, territory or federal police departments, police unions and associations. 2. Retired and former police officers, and employees of police departments, unions and associations in Australia who resigned on or retired after 1 January 2001 (or any time for South Australia). 3. In addition, eligibility also extends to the families of the above: partners, including spouse or defacto former partners dependent and adult children (including the partners and dependent children of the adult children)

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