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Honouring of warranty

Our white kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities turned yellow. After contacting the company they came and inspected and advised that all would be replaced. All work has now been finished and cannot fault their professionalism and workmanship, we now have a sparkling white kitchen again. I congratulate the company on honouring their warranty as the kitchen had been in for 6 years (but gradually turning yellow of the past 3 years).

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi Sue, Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review! We are glad to hear you are happy with the service and your new cabinetry.

Polytec maintenance issue

Our quite new white kitchen and bathroom cupboards had become a horrible cream colour. Polytec came and check measured all affected areas and replaced with lovely bright white doors etc. There were two drawers, 1 cupboard which were not included in the order (due to a mistake) and 1 bench end had a scratch on it. The tradesmen who installed the new doors etc. have promised to return and fix these items. The workmen were polite, clean, tidy and did their work very well. We look forward to getting the repairs completed as soon as possible.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
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Hey there! We are glad to hear your doors and drawers are getting replaced, and we apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you for taking the time to review!

Cannot repair minor damage in benchtop

Small chip (<1cm) in new matera benchtop and was advised by Polytec no product to repair and they only recommend to replace the benchtop. Matera benchtop seems to scratch and damage easily. No service in regards to repair of their own product.

Hi Lisa, Did you contact our warranty team and put in a claim? Please let us know if the chip occurred during installation - it is not easy to repair a chip in a laminate bench top, which is why they would have suggested a replacement. Look forward to hearing from you, polytecI am unsure how it happened as I have had many trades in my house and am not in a position to redo kitchen bench for a small chip.Hi Lisa, please let us know if you have contacted our warranty team, otherwise we won't be able to find a solution. Regards, polytec

Matera laminate is not a good product

Have just installed a new Freedom kitchen with a matera laminate on the island bench. Within 3 weeks a scratch has marked the matera permanately. Advised it is not a warranty issue. What is the point of having a surface in a kitchen that cannot cope with wear and tear. So disappointed with the product and the company. Such a waste of money. Do not deal with this product. Both companies have full payment for their products but leave a very unhappy customer. I do intend to take it higher and go to consumer affairs.

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Good morning, Have you contacted polytec directly, or were you advised this through Freedom Kitchens? Regards, polytec

Warranty panel replacement

Great warranty service, exceptional personell and workmanship .New kitchen exceeds expectations with quality and attention to detail. These tradesmen should be paid a lot more than installers.

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Hi Brian, Thank you for your great review - we are glad you received such exceptional service!

Beyond expected customer service

I recently went through a warranty claim with Polytec regarding the discolouration of my kitchen cupboards (white to yellowish). Immediately they were aware of the defective batch, claimed responsibility, remeasured the kitchen and made an appointment to replace everything under warranty. The whole process was quick and easy. Defective items are sold daily, it happens, its how the company reacts that decides how people will perceive them and I personally believe Polytec handled this matter in an upmost professional manor.

A Polytec tradesman came out and replaced all defective items in my kitchen and the result is amazing. It wasn't a "quick job" it was done with attention to detail, could not find one bad thing about it. Being a Carpenter myself you appreciate this kind of work. I was working during the new installation and had washing on the line, the tradesman before he finished for the day noticed it was about to rain and took the clothes off the line for me. How can you beat that?

I will definitely use them again and highly recommend Polytec as they stand by their name and product.

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Hi there, What a great review - thank you! It's refreshing to hear that our staff took your washing off the line in addition to replacing your cabinetry, and we are happy you received such great service.

Fantastic service

We had a gloss white kitchen installed 3 or 4 years ago which started to go yellow. We contacted the Company as our installers had retired. Upon sending a copy of receipt they promptly sent a representative to check it out. ( note we live North Coast NSW ) He measured up and we made a time to redo the kitchen. We were very concerned that it would be pulled apart and redone ok, however the two young tradesmen were fantastic and two days of work later ( its a large kitchen) we were thrilled with the job and the professional and friendly way in which it was done, the kitchen and outside work area was left spotless.
Polytec obviously had a production issue with this product, however its so refreshing to find a company that stands by its product so well in this day and age

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Hi Geoff, We are so happy to hear this issue was resolved and you're pleased with the service!

Never Buy Polytec

As owner/builders it was our intention to create a key feature wall of floor to ceiling cupboards and the particular colour was chosen to enhance this overall affect. The overall concept works well however the laminate product we chose has never been able to be cleaned effectively to achieve a streak free finish. This detracts from the intention of the design and upsets me greatly because I spend so much time trying clean it. The kitchen island is white and there are no issues with cleaning this laminate finish, as it does not leave any streaks. (same way I clean the cupboard doors)
On advise from my cabinet installer I use mild soap and water, microfibers cloths, chamois, diluted vinegar, and a window cleaner wiper in an attempt to obtain an all over streak free clean finish but nothing has worked. If you attempt to wipe any small mark especially when opening the doors or even touch with clean fingertips or hand it leaves an imprint and wipe marks are clearly visible.
A rep recently came to my home and took further photos. He asked if I had ever used any ammonia based product, gumption or steel wool, which I informed that I had not. He spent some considerable time cleaning a small 20cm diameter using a spray product he had brought with him and a microfibre cloth. I indicated that it was unrealistic to take that amount of time to clean a small portion of the cupboard and as soon as I touched the spot it absorbed my fingerprints and was marked once again. I was told by this rep to expect a response by the warranty manager within a couple of weeks. Last Wednesday I received a phone call from the newly appointed national manager that polytec would not be replacing my cupboard doors under my warranty given the rep had informed him I had not been using the correct cleaning product and I should have been aware of any issues with the product when choosing from the original sample. Very unhappy with this response and wanted the reps feedback and manager's decision in writing and a senior contact person within polytec I could discuss this complaint with further. To date still no response.

Hi, I apologise for the late response. Have you heard anything further regarding this?My matter is still being resolved.Hi, I will follow this up with our warranty team. Thank you.

Stay away from this product

We had a new kitchen installed using polytec cabinet doors, on the understanding that we were paying for a quality product. This is not the case.
The laminate covering over doors and panels started falling off, just after the warranty period lapsed.
We would have been much better off painting the cabinets of an older solid timber kitchen, rather than purchasing this product.
Extremely disappointed.

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Good Day Emily. I am sorry that this has occurred, if you would like to email warranty@polytec.com.au with your details we will happily investigate further. Regards Warranty Team

Service excellence

Instilled polytec ultra white kitchen 3years ago and all cabinets turned an awful yellow.

Our kitchen installer contacted polytec who contacted us then promptly inspected the cabinets and accepted responsible and offered to replaced our kitchen

Four weeks later today the kitchen was replaced and now looks awesome again

The service has been outstanding. They attended when promised and carried out the work in a professional manner. Our home was left immaculatly clean and the replacement work took only one day to complete

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Thank you for the feedback and taking the time to write this review. As a business polytec is continually striving to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. We hope that you enjoy your kitchen. Regards, Polytec Warranty Team

Awesome service

I did write previously about my "yellowing" white kitchen. They were great in accepting liability of a faulty batch and replaced my kitchen without issues at all. Michael was an awesome rep. For the company and was impeccable and efficient in doing the job. So glad I read the forums and realised warranty still covered the replacement. I now have an amazing new kitchen which is what I originally paid for but never got.

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Thank you Kat for taking the time to write this review. polytec and its warranty team appreciate the feedback and continually strive to ensure a high level of customer service. We are glad that you are loving your new kitchen.

Please Avoid

Laminate began to lift from the bench top after a month or so. WA rep promised resolution but nothing. My messages are now being ignored and head office will only speak with the cabinet maker. What a joke. Please take your business elsewhere.

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Good Day Grant, Sorry that this has occurred, if you would contact polytec warranty we would be more than happy to investigate. Kind Regards Polytec Warranty

Very disappointed

We had our kitchen installed in 2003. The laminate is now separating from most of the cupboards and drawers. I just got off the phone with Michelle at Polytec and she advised that they were not interested in assisting me. I asked for them to send a rep out to inspect my kitchen but she refused. The kitchen is still perfectly functional and has been looked after. So I don't want to have to replace a perfectly good kitchen. This is very disappointing. I would very strongly recommend avoiding this company.

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Good Day Mark, We are sorry that this has happened. if you would like to contact polytec warranty we happily investigate. Regards Polytec Warranty

Love my kitchen doors on installing!

I decided as we where building our dream home and I was getting a dream kitchen we would pay the extra and have Polytec doors. I chose the Rio high gloss white and I loved my kitchen. Well on wiping off dirty marks of some doors I realised the glue had come undone. I was and still am devastated. I did call the cabinet maker that did my kitchen but he said it was out of warranty and nothing he could do. Yes very depressing and I would never ever recommend the product to anyone. I am now in the process of deciding what I am going to replace my doors with.

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Good Day Jaye, if you would like to contact polytec warranty we would be more than willing to investigate the matter further. Regards Polytec Warranty

Another unhappy customer

Well it seems that we join the list of unhappy customers. The reports of Polytec cupboards and kitchen veneer coming 'unstuck' is exactly the same problems that we have experienced. We were also told that it was a faulty batch. As well, we have also encountered the problem of fading of the veneer- so it's a case of a double whammy for us. And yes Polytec have washed their hands of any responsibility for the quality of their product or workmanship. It seems that our top priced product is nowhere near a top quality product and we are stuck with the prospect of replacing the entire kitchen- no responsibility accepted by Polytec. Unfortunately our contracted kitchen designer/installer Planet Kitchens does not feel that they bear any responsibility either. If either company has any scruples they should take immediate steps to solving the problems that so many seem to be experiencing. It seems that Polytec's philosophy is a case of "Let the buyer beware" and Planet Kitchens don't see things any differently. Well, do something right Polytec and Planet Kitchens. Get behind your product and give your businesses some credibility.

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Lynette, Sorry that this has occurred, if you would contact polytec warranty directly we would be more than happy to investigate, Polytec Warranty

Avoid this companies product at all cost!

My husband and I built our first home back in 2012 on moving in and doing my first big clean I noticed a fault in the product of my kitchen. The clear coat was starting to peel off and my doors had measurements and words written on them!!! this was about 3 months after moving in I was informed by the rep it was a bad batch and it hadn't been cured long enough. Well needless to say after nearly 3years and a visit to the lawyers it has not been a good experience. Myself and the company who built my kitchen are waiting on polytec to send product to construct PARTS of my kitchen. polytec has REFUSED to replace my whole kitchen and this replacement is at the COST of the company who built my kitchen which is not fair!!! I would never recommend this product to anyone who is building/renovating etc. Go elsewhere!

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Erin, Sorry that this has occurred, if you would contact polytec warranty direct I am sure that we can seek a solution. Polytec Warranty Team

Don't buy these

Had a kitchen installed some years ago using Polytec doors with high gloss vinyl wrap finish. Within a couple of months the vinyl covering was lifting so all the doors were replaced under warranty, Polytec said we wouldn't have any more trouble as their process had changed to rectify this problem. Again some time later we had to have a few more doors replaced for the same reason again we were assured we would not have this problem again. Now some years on every door has a problem with covering lifting, have emailed Polytec who don't even reply.
Looked good when new
Absolute garbage product, don't use if you want doors that last. Shonky company that won't even reply to enquiry.

I think you should, they seem to be a shonky companyGood Day John, if you would contact Polytec Warranty Team directly I am sure we can investigate this and seek a solution. Regards Polytec Warranty

Questions & Answers

I need 3 new cupboard door made in Polytec Casino and colour alabaster have spoken with local cabinet makers and no one is interested as the job is too small !!!! please can I purchase 3 doors from you !!!! Thanks Viv
2 answers
Hi Viv, we can certainly help you. Can you message us your contact details?Thanks Viv.alexander63@gmail.com 0418536152

Hi all, We are about to move into our brand new home :) we chose polytec Prime Oak melamine woodmatt finish for our kitchen cupboards. On our walk through I noticed that the wood grain consistently flowed through (the pattern of the grain matched as it moves horizontally from cupboard to cupboard) the bottom cupboards. However the with the top cupboards, the far left and far right cupboards have grains that DO NOT match the flow of the the rest of the top cupboards (if I could post a photo much easier to see!). When I queried the builder, they seemed to not really know how to answer why the grains on the top did not flow. For us it seems a bit weird that the grains are not flowing throughout the entire top cupboards? It looks.... cheap because it’s obviously inconsistent. Trying to find out if this is the sort of finish others have had or whether this sort of finish even matches the manufacturer standards! Thanks :)
1 answer
Hi Dave, This is not a manufacturing issue, this is up to your builder to match the flow of the cabinetry - we supply full sheets with the entire pattern on them, which can be repeated without issue to create a seamless matching grain. You may need to speak to your builder about replacing the last two cupboards to match :)

I have Maison oak ravine on the overhead cabinets and they always get spots of oil when frying. I clean the cabinets with spray and wipe or with sponge with soap and water but when they dry the spots are still visible. How do you clean this surface successfully please help
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Hi there, Please try these steps below - if this doesn't work, please let us know. Step 1. Wipe down using a damp soft cloth containing warm soapy water, followed by drying using a soft or microfibre cloth so as not to leave any residue on the door or panel. If this is sufficient there is no need for any further action. Step 2. For more stubborn stains, use a good quality streak free glass cleaner as per the manufacturers recommendation. You may also use Methylated Spirit on a soft cloth, using a circular cleaning motion being careful not to rub too hard. Step 3. Repeat step 1 - Wipe down using a damp soft cloth containing warm soapy water, followed by drying using a soft or microfibre cloth so as not to leave any residue on the door or panel. Here is our complete cleaning and maintenance guide for Ravine: https://www.polytec.com.au/docs/technical/polytec-technical-evolution-care-createc-venette-ravine-legato.pdf Regards, polytec

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