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Prompt Plumbing and Electrical

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Prompt by name. Prompt by nature

Hats off to the team at Prompt Plumbing and Electrical.
Sent out a blanket email to half a dozen plumbers to get quotes to install a emergency safety shower for our warehouse. Prompt Plumbing were the first to reply and then attend to quote (while others took days to reply or nothing at all!). The quote was given to me verbally on site without having to go back to the office and "get back to me". Official quote emailed same day and when I accepted the quote they had a plumber out within a few days to carry out the work.
Both guys who attended (first for the quote and then for the install) were professional and pleasant to deal with. The installer was neat, tidy and carried out his work quickly.


let me tell you something - there is nothing worse than a broken blocked toilet. Also, there is nothing better than seen a plumbing at my door within AN HOUR to save the day. they were so conscientious. i felt so comfortable with the team there that i left them and went to work. I've never had a personal plumber before - these are my guys.

Fantastic service

From phone call to the job completed 2hours.
I had an emergency blocking drain and needed a plumber urgently. 3 plumbing company's later I rang Prompt and explained my situation, they pulled a plumber of another site and sent him to me. Employees were super friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend these guys to everyone.

Shocking Service!

I called Prompt Plumbing & Electrical as they market themselves as not charging a service fee when called out. Their name also resonated – to deliver prompt service, so I assumed. As a Minister of Religion, I have an ethical obligation to give my feedback and share my negative experience in dealing with several complaints after bad service I had received. You be the judge.

I phoned to book an appointment with Prompt Plumbing, and stated that I had a blocked kitchen drain and that I have tried everything to rectify the problem. I also stated that I had low pressure on both showers. [name removed] the overseeing Plumber came out to my house. He strongly advised me that one tap in the basin needs to be replaced as the pressure was low and caused by that tap itself. He advised that the shower head needed to be replaced and he advised me to let all shower taps in the bathrooms be serviced whilst they were there. I accepted this and was shocked that the quote was $878 (obviously without the tap and shower head which I had to buy from Bunnings myself). I since found out that I could have got the jobs for $878 done for far less. The service of my shower taps in the one bathroom has since left me with a headache. Three call-outs to rectify this made now difference.

During the first visit when [name removed] assessed the scope of the work he informed me that another plumber would come to fit the basin tap, unblock the drain and service all the shower taps and replace the old showerhead with a new one. I just had to go and purchase material from Bunnings.

The plumber that arrived at our premises was as dirty as I have never seen a plumber. His boots and clothes were covered in mud, and if I didn’t insist that he should walk on extra carpets which I laid out over my existing bedroom carpets, he would have walked straight into the bathroom with his dirty boots over my cream carpets. He did apologise for looking like he did, but I found that professionally unacceptable to do work in such a state in a family home.

When he finished and left, I discovered that he left all the items he took out from the bathroom cupboards, to fit the new basin tap, on the floor. He also didn’t properly replace the paving he took out to get to the drain outside the house. I took photos of the untidy bathroom and the shocking state of my paving and sent that to [name removed]. The excuse was that the plumber didn’t have his tools with him to get the paving back to what is was. Had I not complained it would have been left as was as I discovered this three days later. The taps that were serviced made a terrible noise. I complained. Another plumber was sent out after I insisted to have another plumber come out. [name removed] came out himself and commented that the wrong type of washers were replaced in the serviced taps and replaced them with other washers. A few days passed and the problem was worse than before. I video recorded it and sent off to [name removed]. He then sent someone else out. A third Plumber arrived and said that the washers [name removed] used wasn’t the right ones either. He replaced them and left. A few days later I noticed that the cover mounting on the tab couldn’t even make contact with the tiles. The noise was now still terrible. I phoned [name removed] at Prompt Plumbing and informed her that the noisy tap problem has not been fixed properly. She then informed me that the owner has told her not to send any workers out to my place anymore. I was polite through the enire process and very patient. When [name removed] left me, and I commented about the poor service, he apologised and assured me that I have a year guarantee on the blocked drain and also a guarantee on the other worked performed. He assured me because I wasn’t satisfied with the work Prompt Plumbing would give me a 20% discount when I make use of them in the future. I wrote a letter to the owner with the new photo after three Plumbers couldn’t rectify the problem and sent proof of the way the tap mounting was mounted to the shower tiles.

Ten days passed and I had no response from Prompt Plumbing. Finally after ten days I phoned again. Since writing an email and sending the above photo of how the tap is still not fitted correctly and querying why I don’t get any response, I received an email stating:

“I have spoken to the owner and we are more than happy to send a Plumber back however you will incur a charge. We are happy to honour the 20% discount so the visit will be the minimum of $110.00. Many thanks.”

After phoning back and questioning the $110 fee, I was now newly informed that the taps had to be replaced. Unbelievable…I paid for taps to be serviced, Three plumbers put different washers into it and now I am told the taps are broken and needs to be replaced. All of that after I was being advised to service the taps on the first visit.

You be the judge on the standard of this work. I felt ethically obliged to share my experience. I have photos to support all that I have written.

Off the mark estimation

Provided off the mark estimation which was way too expensive, the tradesman who came onsite was very rude.
Luckily didn't hire these guys and will never ever go close to them.

100% happy and satisfied customer

I had a new solar Hart installed and some electrical work completed. I found the employees and workmanship to be very professional and efficient. They re-attended on 2 occasions for minor adjustments and did not charge me. Very helpful and courteous as well as informative. I would not hesitate to use their services again and would also highly recommend

Not so prompt

Charged more than quoted, emailed company to point this out. Email ignored. Work that was completed was very poor. Taps were all fitted pointing different ways. Plumber said he couldn’t fit showerheads due to existing plumbing in the house. As with taps, had to sort this myself with a trip to Bunnings (to get a connector) and 5 minute job back at the house. Only hired a plumber due to warranty regulation - never again. Worst experience with a company ever.

Poor job, cost a fortune - he didn't fix the problem

Called Prompt Plumbing to come and fix my leaky shower head on a weekday afternoon. The plumber arrived and the guy looked at the leak and said he would replace the shower head for $50 plus the Call Out fee. Total $215. I agreed to the quote. Guy replaced the shower head, I inspected it and all seemed fine. HOWEVER about 10 mins after he had packed up and drove off, the shower head started leaking again.

The problem was not diagnosed properly and the plumber just assumed it was the shower head !!!! I could not be bothered calling the company back and rang another plumber from a different company and they came out and diagnosed and fixed the ACTUAL PROBLEM - found to be the damaged washers in the shower hot water tap.

I paid $215 for poor service and diagnosis from Prompt Plumbing for 15 mins work and it did not fix the problem. NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dedicated staff.

I would like to commend Alex for going out of the way late on a Saturday night to address our emergency plumbing issue. We had a leaking valve which caused great angst as we could not contain the leak. Alex came and fixed this. He also provided education about how to find the water mains, which was, unfortunately, hidden in the ceiling (we live in an apartment). I cannot thank him enough. HIGHLY recommend Prompt Plumbing and Electrical. Sincerely, Ruyi

Professional business

Thank you for servicing our taps, for being patient and explaining everything to us, see you soon for the hot water heater.
Thank you Jos

5 star service but.......

5 star service but.....
No water at all was coming out of my hot water taps from my Dux 5 Star Prodigy 360.
I rang Prompt Plumbing and Electrical as that was the number that was given to be by the Dux people a few months earlier. Shane came out and wanted to sell me a new valve, pointing at a valve that had only been put in 2 years prior and was still shiny new. I doubted that solution. Then he told me, the system was 12 years old, "do you really want to throw money at a dying system"?
To cut a long story short, due to time restrictions, I chose for a new system and signed up for a $2,600.00 Rheem gas hot water installation. The invoice was split in two, a $700 preliminary work invoice with some bits and pieces (that turned out to be half an hour work) and a $1900 invoice for the installation.
Then a second person was going to come out and do the installation. First person completely off the scene.
Whilst waiting for the Rheem installation I googled it and to my surprise the capacity was not the same as the Dux that was just decommissioned. I went from a 360 liter in the first hour (170 liter content) to a 330 liter in the first hour, and 130 liter content boiler. All they asked was how many people lived in the house and un-knowingly had I signed up for a smaller capacity system. No consideration for the capacity of the house on how many people it could house, or re-sale value of the house.
On google, several sites offered the new Rheem unit for $1495.00 completely installed.
I rang Prompt Plumbing and Electrical and spoke to [name removed].
Whilst on the phone [name removed] emailed me a picture of the unit with the Reece price and said that that was the price that Prompt Plumbing paid for the unit. (Surely, just like Bunnings, Reece has tradie discount prices).
The whole installation was completed in 4 hours and a white powdery layer was left on the bricks from the water that came out when emptying the decommissioned Dux system.
The temperature gauge for the new Rheem was set to 5 and I was told that that was the best setting. Don't go any higher.
A few months earlier.......
I wanted to set the temperature of the hot water coming from the hot water taps (from the Dux system) a bit lower.
Rang Dux and got the Prompt Plumbing and Electrical phone number.
Someone came out and adjusted the mix tap that mixes the cold and hot water (from the boiler) into the house.
When I told him I had adjusted the temperature setting from 5 to 4, I was told that that was not the temperature but a number of minutes setting in-between the thermostat checking the water temperature.
He set the gas knob to 6.
From that moment on, the Dux hot water system woke me up intermittently in the night as if the water was boiling, but it could not, could it, because the 6 was only the timer.
Could it be that my Dux system died prematurely because of the gas knob was set to 6 for the last few months?
2 days after the new Rheem hot water system was installed I needed a plumber as I had another problem with a tap.
When I asked this other plumber to help me put the new Rheem back on, he set the temperature setting to 4 and said not to go higher and that that was indeed the temperature setting.
When I asked the Rheem installer if he had worked for Pascoe (bad name in plumbing) before he said no and proceeded to say, but followed it up by mentioning 5 names that had come from Pascoes to Prompt,
Do I feel ripped off and lied to, absolutely.

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