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PSI Water Filter

PSI Water Filter

4.4 from 22 reviews

Great product but just rude and unacceptable language

I phoned to request a part on our water filter. We have been pleased with the product. [name removed] swore at me on the phone when it was revealed that we had not been purchasing the filters from him " this gives me the craps...you only ring me when you are stuck for a part.. " I was taken aback...as we live in a regional area and access filters from our local business. We will never purchase from him again.

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Amateur who succeeded installing an under sink system

The service was extremely prompt and the package that turned up had exactly everything I needed to successfully install the UV twin cartridge system. I'm no handyman, but the clear and easy to follow instructions helped ensure the job was a success at the first attempt. I'm chuffed! Also the product information on the web site was first class allowing me to choose exactly what I needed. Thanks PSI!

Product Quality
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Good quality units

I have acquired 2 reverse osmosis units. Peter was helpful providing explanation over the phone regarding the maintenance and service required for the units rather than just refer me to read the manuals. Also took very positively a suggestion to make briefer and simpler the instructions sent to customers like me who doesn't know much about plumbing and connections. Thank you Peter for your patience over the phone
Gracie Gibson

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Great service and range

Hi, have used them for 5 years. I got my filter delivered the next day even though i live in country nsw. So there were very promt. Resond to messages. Their product Omnipure USA made filter is far superior to a cheap one i purchased- takes 50% longer but you know its doing its job. I just purchased the combination filter and pre filter

Amazing, fast service

I have nothing but good words about PSI Water Filters. Peter goes out of his way to help you. We have been purchasing our filters from PSI since we purchased our fridge way way back in 2007. I am so impressed with how fast our orders are sent, an example - I ordered yesterday late afternoon and Peter personally took the express post bag to the Post Office - I truly was not expecting to receive the parcel until Monday at the earliest - but it has just turned up - both PSI and Australia Post have excelled themselves!! Thanks Peter. We will always purchase our water filters from you!

Fantastic Service for Replacement Filters

I would like to thank PSI Water Filter Services for their prompt and professional service in providing the filters and membrane for my undersink water filtration system. Not only was the service excellent but the price was right as well.
I will definitely buy my next replacement filters from them.

Top quality and excellent service

I have been using PSI water filters for a couple of years now, for replacement water filters for my fridge. After looking around various websites and stores, I found them to be the cheapest and there service to be the best.


I have been a customer of PSI Water Filter Services for many years and the service has always been first class - knowledgeable, friendly and prompt. The quality of their products is also the best available. Have and would recommend this business.

Brilliant service and great products

We went looking for a water filter for our home a few years ago and found brilliant, knowledgeable service at PSI Water Filters. Anytime we need a replacement cartridge for our twin undersink system, our order is promptly processed and dispatched. Thanks for being a great company to deal with.

4 stage Reverse Osmosis -under sink

I purchased a RO 4 stage - under sink unit from PSI water filters 15 years ago. PSI water filters have supplied all my filters and replacement parts for the last 15 years.

Their service is impeccable. They are very helpful over the phone, and knowledgeable about every aspect of what they sell.

They keep a file for every customer, so your history of parts is there. When you place an order, they know exactly what you need from your history.

I am very very happy with their service.

Outstanding Customer Service

Bought My Under-sink Reverse Osmosis System from PSI in 2014 . Been using them since for replacement filters etc.
Found I can ring and get over the phone advice (at no cost) before placing my order and forany questions I might have.

Latest purchase (Aug 2018) was processed promptly over the phone along with further advice re other elements due for future replacement t cycle

Goods delivered next day - can't beat that!!

Wonderful service and a great product

Ordered two four-stage countertop reverse osmosis water filter systems.
Received very quickly (ordered 16th June, received 19th June).
Units are working great.
Had a small concern regarding an initial cloudyness of the output water from one but I have found with time this has cleared up. The owner called me promptly after getting in touch with them regarding this issue and assured me this is due to the 4th stage (the remineraliser) being over-active initially and this fits with how its clearing up on its own after using it more and more.
So if this happens to your unit don't stress its normal.
I bought a test unit to be sure the filter is working correctly and even with cloudyness at the start the total dissolved solids are *less* than what normally comes out of my tap unfiltered.

So in summary, very happy and would recommend these guys if you're looking for a quality water filter unit with good and prompt support.

Great products and service

Have use P.S.I for years for fridge and caravan filters.
Just placed another order now.
Their service and advice are very good.
Would easily recommend.

Easy, efficient and very reasonably priced!

Purchased a single undersink filter and tap from PSI about 5 years ago. Was confused as to exactly what I needed, but a quick phone call easily sorted that out. Installed it myself (single female, not a handyman) and have had no issues with it since. Easy to change the filters which are very reasonably priced compared to many on the market. (A cartridge for a year or so's running water costs me less than 12 weeks of jugged water cartridges used to, and is way more convenient.) A phone call and my filter arrives a day or so later. I don't even have to keep track of which model, it's all on file. Highly recommend for service and product.

Good Products and Great Service

I purchased a twin cartridge Filter system about 15 years ago. After 10 years they sent me a replacement unit for free as goodwill for purchasing all my filters from them. I have never had any problems or hassles with them. I still ring my order through instead of doing it online as I always enjoy a chat with Peter or Stephanie.

Very pleased and happy to order from them again

I bought a RO/DI filtration unit from them a few years ago. The unit works great since. I have been ordering replacement filters every couple of years since. Just recently got another set of replacement filters. The products and the service is reliable. I am happy to order from them again next time.

Good advice, great service and competitive pricing

I've been buying replacement filters from PSI for about 10 years. A couple of times I have asked for advice and it has been just what I needed. The service has always been great, very prompt and no issues. Having looked around I believe the pricing is also good for a quality product. I am happy to keep dealing with PSI!

excellent products, service and support

I've been dealing with PSI since we purchased and installed below sink filters (3 cartridge system) and shower filter to remove chlorine smell. This was 9 years ago when we moved to the Mornington Peninsula. Have always found them to be helpful and provide prompt deliveries for replacement cartridges, as well as providing great support when needed, such as assistance advice for installation (into stainless steel) and ongoing help when needed. We'll continue ordering directly from them.

A+ service and advise

I have been dealing with the psi team for over 10 years on and off. Always provide me what I need in a timely fashion. If only every online company had the same service not only when selling an item but after sales backup!


Tried to buy a flow constrictor and was planning to buy RO unit next. Payed with paypal and soon after received an email with note about cancellation of the order and refund with the reason "insufficient address". No attempt to contact me before cancellation. When I called and explained that the address is valid and correct, I asked if I need to reorder. [name removed] told me not to and "he doesn't want my order" because it already costed him 30 cents in paypal refund.
Great way to do businesses!

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Not quite correct. The address was the problem because it didn’t exist, a city was listed and not the suburb (required by all freight companies), the business name was abbreviated to simple letters. The client did not wish to give the proper business name stating that what was given was enough. We were not prepared to post an item with insufficient address because it was highly probable that Australia post would have rejected it and put return to sender. He received a 100% refund and was uncooperative, what more could we do.

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