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Ripped off. Didn't try to sell property

Signed up after being told we could sell easy and get a great price.. After 2 weeks was cohersed into dropping price by $40000 then poor marketing and attempts to sell.. 5 opens in 1 year.. Told had to drop price but refused to.. No offers in 1 year.Their contract says to honour and sell for life of contract but now left Australia and want money but won't honour the contract.. They had broken contact.. No calls. No apology.. Disgraceful..... They wouldn't even fix their sign that is falling down out the front...

Ripped off

Terrible service, was promised we could see everything on the app.. pfft nothing is on it, other than our house..we joined a week before they decided to pull out, now we are stuck with them. It’s been 6 weeks and told we need to lower our price by $50,000 as the general feedback is poor. We were told that we need to pay our $4400 in a few mths as PB will be leaving then..we were also told to think about taking the house off the market for 18 mths..Like many other people on here, there is no communication unless initiated by us, so regret choosing PB...ended up going with a local well known agent.


Dodgy AF

Booked inspection. Confirmed by PB & rescheduled by owner. I attended the inspection on cold winters night to be told property was not for sale and the owner knew nothing about sale. Checked with PB and no satisfactory explanation. Waste of time. Use ‘real’ estate agents instead.


Loss of interest

Listed with Purple Bricks just before the announcement that they we packing up and leaving Australia. Quick to take the money for the listing but no hard work to get a buyer. Once we got an interested buyer, and only because they were looking at an identical property next door that had just gone to contract, we got a contract. The agent messed around with sending the contract to the right people, we had to chase it all up. The agent stepped back and let us do the work. Total loss of interest. We later lost the buyer on a minor clause that should have been handled by the agent. Was a total waste of time and money.

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In addition, I had to remove the "Under contract" sticker from the sign days after it fell through. And they did not remove the "Under offer" on the web listings. I cancelled my listing with them, just to get it removed, so I could list it with a proper agent.

Hopeless and dishonest

Put in an offer for a house in Bayswater. Was accepted after negotiation. Owner delayed signing contract for a week then pulled out even though accepted online. Was told that she changed her mind and was going to rent it out. Then in a week she had sold it to someone else. Dishonest agent. Good riddance.


They don't reply to emails

I have emailed them several times about a property I am interested in inspecting and possibly buying but they don't reply to any of it. Didn't even acknowledge my text either.

Avoid. Don’t do it!

One star is to generous!
We tried to sell with Purple bricks, it was a night mare.
We changed real estate agents and sold with them.
Very costly mistake. I warn everyone thinking of selling to not use them.
Selling is stressful at the best of times, well Purple bricks added even more stress to our lives!


Terrible- Don’t waste your time or money

Felt more like a sale. Fellow who initially signed with fobbed me off to another “ colleague” instantly.

Can’t believe I fell for it, and I’m now $5000+ out of pocket for nothing.


Don't waste your time with them, rating, minus one star.

Salesman does not store your name on his phone,won't call you unless it is for an inspection,Then the inspection is rushed, and the salesman is out the door before the buyer,and in his car and gone, before the buyer gets in their car! And no feedback,you have to ring him!
Yes, coerced into signing up with ratesetter,and their solicitor,then 6 months later you get a invoice for legal work done and your house is not sold!
Paid the extra for the salesman to do the guided walk through and he just is not interested to talk and sell your home to the clients. I also had personal feedback from 5 clients wanting more information after the guided inspection as the salesman had left while they were still in the process of looking.
Emailed a complaint to PB, and a different salesman phoned me back,Area Manager,and belittled me and my property and pricing! Guess what,it is on the market now way below PB's initial appraisal!
Cannot find anywhere at all a "main contact" and had to do a chat segment and now to wait 24 to 48 hours maybe for an answer.
Been over a week and had received a phone call to say sorry for sending you someone else's email 3 times and we are working on yours.
Now received an email and the response is that the salesman's conduct is not at fault.
Absolutely lazy agent,wanted to remove my property from sale 2 times for a 3 month period as it was not selling,just could not be bothered to do any work.
The agents just don't have the time or incentive to sell. 12 months wasted and burnt buyers.
Two months later after negotiations with a manager who will now will give a discount on their fees, I have received a bill from RateSetter that is above the agreed amount!
And also a savage note that If I don't pay ASAP,I will be reported to their Credit Bureau Partners , Unbelievable heavy handed tactics.
Do yourselves a favor and ring their office first and find out exactly who you are dealing with before signing with them.
Note, Purplebricks is tied to Ratesetter and deny any links.Strange as an internet search says the companies merged 1st Sept 2016. At the moment Purplebricks is reducing my fees for poor work, and Ratesetter has adjusted them back up,along with a nasty letter of affecting my credit score. Contacting Ratesetter and supplying the email details of the bill that was supplied by PurpleBricks has only just put me back on the merry go round again. Apparently they don't want to talk to each other,or forward an email? Never get conned into something that was pushed upon you and oh so easy to get tied to. I never wanted to use Ratesetter but was conned into it by the salesman,yes absolutely Conned! I just want to pay my bill and leave the system,and not get stuck with the extra markups. "Oh, we forgot to include this on your bill,my invoice was done 2 months ago that I agreed with,and now another from ratesetter on 03/05/19 for a further $771.00 different"! No shame and somehow not their fault!
Update, no response to either emails or phone calls since the 6/05/19
Now to contact ACCC and fair trading.


Had my home valued at x amount. P.B gave us all the positives, they showed us comparisons of homes of lesser value in same area. They almost guaranteed a quick sale as the data suggested. For sale board was erected, the photo displayed was of the decent undercover decking area, nothing else. They had made that choice. Within two weeks they suggested a decrease on the asking price as the market had dropped and sales were harder to achieve. Open for inspections were nothing short of amateur.
After having approximately 7 opens and not a single offer their sale period expired.

They encouraged us to continue with them but decided to withdraw from the market.

After numerous calls I was given the managers details. An email was sent to the agent manager expressing our disappointment with their services, I received a response indicating that we had two of their best agents representing us, one was satisfactory the other was a complete moron.
Soon thereafter they requested payment, which I still haven’t payed. I’ve received more correspondence from their representative collection agency. There representative had sent numerous emails but I’m unable to contact them as the emails conclude with, “Do not respond to this automated email. “
There are no contact numbers available. At the initial signing they almost guaranteed a quick sale, if only that was written.

Question to all other reviewers, Should I continue to ignore the requests for payment, any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
P.B should not have been allowed to operate in Australia. The entire model was doomed for failure..
Home was listed from mid November 2018 and removed March 2019.(approximately)


Worst customer service I have ever seen.

Went to an open inspection. Was ignored completely by the agent, and then got kicked out because we didn’t want to register. Overheard that he’s got some side business and trying to push it to the people inspecting the house. Worst customer service I have ever seen.


Extremely poor service

Worst company ever. All they want is your money then they ignore you. Best news ever that they are gone from Australia. Horrible people. Hope they never come back here.


Great Source of Leads!

At first I was weary of Purplebricks but I soon discovered them to be a great source of leads! Now with the announcement of their closure of Australian operations it has resulted in EVEN MORE LEADS! Thanks Purplebricks!!!!

Good riddance

Good riddence when purple bricks started knocking real estate agents I knew they were desperate .Their model would never work as they only attracted hopeless agents A top agent would not work for a lousey $ 800 a listing Purple bricks was about listing not selling


Totally Deceived!

Totally Deceived!
Our property has been listed with Purple Bricks for more than 640 Days!
Just recently we also have noticed that the PB Property Sale Sign has been removed. We looked online at DOMAIN.com and RealEstate.com.au, and with typing in the property address, it is still listed for sale. As you couldn't tell from outside the property.
Our agent is not communicating with me. Last year the State Manager, Scott Fletcher, was trying to assist us for the way we were deceived with PB. He was somewhat, Hollow. The State Manager, Scott Fletcher, is no longer with PB. I'm not surprised!
This is my last of many emails with my current agent, Dan Burbridge and still awaiting a reply:
Hi Dan, You appear to be reluctant to communicate with me. Our property has been listed with Purple Bricks since July 2017. We were deceived by TM when our property was originally listed with Purple Bricks. Our property was transferred to you. You recommended three property marketing upgrades, we went with the first two that were deferred payment with RateSetter. Only after that, you suggested that our property was over-priced by $50K. You also tried to offer a once only opt-out option. This was after October 2018, when Purple Bricks selling platform changed: $2200 Marketing Package + $6600 Success Fee. We believe our property was never in the best interest of the seller (ie, us). Numerous times during the so-called home opens, the acting agent did not have our personal set of keys to allow potential buyers into the property but, rather relied on the tenant to be present to allow them access. We know this procedure did lose at least one potential buyer that we know of! Purple Bricks agents' have failed us on numerous occasions. We would like to resolve this property dispute and marketing dilemma amicably. Regards Allan Gibbs 04/04/2019.
We just want our property sold!
We would like out of our contract with no expense, cost and payment to PurpleBricks and RateSetter!

We just want out of the contract and to finally move on with our lives!

This is listed on Trust Pilot Australia


Very poor service

Recently purchased through Purple Bricks. Doing offers online is a pain. No real human contact from this company. During the contract phase had to contact the agent for information, she never kept us apprised. Then we find out she quit. Virtually the last we heard from Purple Bricks. Did pre-settlement inspection with a nice agent who then dropped the keys of after settlement. Still nothing from Purple Bricks. No congratulation call or email. I suppose you get what you pay for.

Unprofessional and Shocking experience, Use the a real company

We just felt disappointed on how Purple Bricks dealt with us. Example of this; chasing up keys of the property which had been withdrawn from the market for 3.5 months, lack of communication between property managers, home opens on the wrong day, three different property managers, we felt discarded to be honest, being pushed into Marketing.

At the end we took our house off the market being such a shocking experience and a waste of time.

Please we don't recommend this clowns as a young family we lost our money for nothing.



THE WORST real estate experience we have EVER had. After several fruitless months of OFIs we sacked Purple Bricks and engaged a local real estate team to finish the job.

Lost owner across the road from me $30,000

Sold property across the road for my house multiple buyers tried to but it and the agency sold it for less than me and two buyers who tried to put offers in, what a bunch of lies from the top of the company all the way down.... save a $5000 in commission lose $20,000 in sale price or much much more.

Be very careful. Worst Real Estate Company EVER!!

We got Purple Bricks to come and value our home. We thought it was a bit low and got another agent to come and value it. The valuation was $30,000 more than the Purple Bricks one and we sold in a few days. They also get you to pay their fees upfront and charge you extra if you want them to do the showings, extra for an open house. If you can't pay upfront it is considered a debt and you are charged interest. You are much better off going with a normal agent. Purple Bricks don't care once they have your money. They want quick sales at low price and you'll end up worse off in the end.

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Questions & Answers

What would the incentive be to sell a house if all the fees are paid up front? None you could walk away even if the PB made money on a open house it would be a lot more lucrative option just to sign up potential sellers and do nothing. You have your money list it on domain to pretend your trying to sell it and then walk away
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You have answered your own question. The seller is still bound by PB's marketing costs if the property does not sell. PB doesn't show incentive or enthusiasm from their agents. The agent keeps wanting you to accept marketing upgrades and to lower your selling price. In the end only PB benefits from all of this!

Has Purple Bricks sold any properties in Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 in 2019? What was the slowest sale? What was the price? thanks
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My ex PB agent had over 94 homes (what he claimed) listed in and around Varsity lakes,during the 12 months I was listed with him he had sold 4 for the area from Burleigh to Worongary. The agents have been paid before any sales and are not interested in sales or any communication. Check Realestate.com and sales in the areas you wish to look for.Thanks for that - helpful.

How much do purple bricks charge for a home open
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Hi Pam Thanks for your question. Open homes are included in our fixed fee. For more information please contact our customer service team on 1300309768.Read their terrible reviews$200 per open I was told

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