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Qantas Assure Health Insurance

Qantas Assure Health Insurance

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Much higher premiums for the same cover

Qantas health insurance quote for SilverPlus Hospital cover, $500 Excess and Lifestyle Extras including my Lifestyle Loading and Govt rebate was $50 per month MORE than a written quote from NIB for the same cover! That's over $600 a year , every year. That's a lot for the points. And its even worse than this because the operator informed me that Qantas Assure is backed by NIB.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageHospital and extras
Coverage TypeSingle
Claim MadeNo


Please be aware of the fact that you won't receive any Qantas points for you joining this health fund until you call them and ask for points transfer. Its very disappointing as you should receive points 3 months after you have joined the fund and as they say it all should happen automatically. I waited for 4 months, while nothing happened and my wife waited for 5 months and still no transfer!

Value for Money
Customer Service
Plan CoverageHospital Only
Coverage TypeFamily
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time2-4 weeks
Claim DateJanuary 2019
Claim ApprovedYes

Earning Points makes health care insurance fun.

Very happy with Qantas Assure and using the well being app gives you extra Qantas Points. Signup was simple and easy - the lady on the phone was very helpful.

Insurance claim madeYes

Impossible to do a claim and nothing is actually covered

I’ve had top cover with them and it’s just a scam! Impossible to put a claim through you turn in circle for ages. All that so later on they send you a letter saying “actually we do. It cover this particular thing”

Insurance claim madeYes

Honest, Helpful & Streamlined

I've been extremely happy with Qantas Assure. Signing up was a breeze, and the lady on the phone told me a little tip of how to get an extra 50,000 points (which came through seamlessly). Every single time I've called, I've had an extremely helpful Australian phone operator, with little to no wait time.

I made two separate claims. One of them got rejected, but that was only because I attached the wrong receipt, and they explained to me exactly what they needed to process it. Both was processed and back into my bank within 2 business days.

I adjusted my premium over the phone, and got instant confirmation and change to my policy.

If they keep this up, I will never see a reason to change to a different health fund.

Insurance claim madeYes

Don’t know what ppl are complaining about

Yes I’m happy with the policy to date.
Very easy to set up
Customer service is fine. No problems waiting to long on the phone
Claiming on line simply
Claim payment quite

Insurance claim madeYes

The Consultant Katie Sanders was amazing & went out of her way! Very caring, helpful & thorough.

Katie Sanders should be the CEO, great attention to detail & listened. As i employ 25 staff, ones like Katie are real keepers. Thanks again

Insurance claim madeNo

I can Qantas Assure you that this is turbulent health insurance company.

I took out 3 policies for myself, partner and mother because of the Qantas points incentives. We had previously had policies with Bupa and Medibank.

My partner and I use the policy regularly for optical, Physio and remedial massage. My mother has more complex health needs and so she uses it for a number of health requirements.

With Qantas Assure, never have I had such a problem making basic claims. The online process for uploading receipts looks deceptively simple. In reality, we had almost half of our claims rejected after 2-3 days, always for eligible claims and items. Never with full or adequate explanation of the issue. To follow up each claim required ringing customer service, and a minimum of a 30 minute phone call, re-assessment, and then another 3-4 day wait for processing (sometimes rejected again, even after customer agent said it should be processed).

For health benefits like the healthy lifestyle benefit, we made attempts 4 times to claim using all the documentation available (including forms and receipts, for both gym – Snap Fitness, the official partner of Qantas Assure – and a registered pilates practitioner). On each occasion, we are told that documentation was incomplete and the claim would not be processed, despite a fully signed health form and itemised evidence of payment. The hurdles kept changing again and again.

Note also that many psychiatric management services require a $500 annual excess payment – which is not the case with other big insures like Medibank and Bupa.

I suspect many of the higher starred reviews here are people that have made a claim or two over a short period.

We've had the policy for 6 months, and I can Qantas Assure you that this is a dud company.

We have changed insurer because 7 days to process claims, and hours online and on the phone to do so, plus an inability to access eligible policy items, is plain ridiculous. We found similar policies were about $250 cheaper and had meaningful claim processes. Sign up points bonus is worth it, then leave after 3 months. The ongoing points are not worth the claiming headaches, wasted time and $250 'annual fee'.

UPDATE: Every month I made a claim for my mother for the same physio provider. Now, the seventh month, I have received the following rejection: "The provider you visited is not recognised by us." This never happened for 6 months and has now begun following this posted review. Expect the unexpected with Qantas Assure. To get paid Extras is a lottery. Better off going to the Casino.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very pleased we switched

I have used the various comparison sites a few times to compare to my BUPA policy but it was always hard to compare the amounts you could claim and as the premium was about the same I didn't bother. When the Qantas Assure offer came around I though it wouldn't be worth changing just for the points but decided to do a comparison. I was very surprised to find that most limits were higher than BUPA and that they pay 75% of each claim rather than a set benefit. This means you do reach your limit quicker but as the limit is higher (mostly by $100 per person per year on each category) you are still getting more back overall. For those who only claim occasionally and don't reach their limit then you will be getting more back each claim, e.g. if you claim 2 massages at $80 each you will get back $120 out of your $160 paid. BUPA's rebate was about $35 per claim so you would get back $70 out of your $160. We had been with BUPA for many years and had recently found that their answer to a lot of claims such as pharmaceutical was NO, but Assure have paid 75%. When my husband tore his achilles just before Christmas and we went straight to his podiatrist (she was already treating him for achilles pain) then from there to the physio, the subsequent boot and bandaging to get him immobilised before he could see the specialist was not covered by BUPA, a significant cost. A GP was not available (typical) and we did not consider it to be an emergency to waste time at the hospital. BUPA would only cover the boot etc had he waited 5 days to see the specialist before being immobilised, causing pain and further damage to this achilles. I can only imagine that had we been with Assure it would have been covered as so many things now are that BUPA baulked at. It is up to the individual to compare the policies and get one that suits their needs and pattern of claims but for us it has been well worthwhile. And please don't change a health policy just for points, in the long run your health is far more important than some points!

Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible customer service

I didn’t even take out the policy because I couldn’t (they had incorrect details on the system that they “couldn’t fix”) and when they said they’d call me back they didn’t. I followed them up 4 times before someone called me back and then the representative thought he would speak to me in a condescending manner. I can’t imagine dealing with them should I need to make a claim relating to a health issue.

Insurance claim madeNo

Will be cancelling

Better benefits through my previous Health insurance so will not be continuing with Qantas Assure. Qantas should concentrate on delivering better airfares and services to their clients. Not trying to be everything to everyone! Most annoying!

Insurance claim madeYes

Don’t go there

The customer support was lacking.
The pay off on claims was terrible.
My advice is do not go there.
Poorest claim repayment if any company I have been with in 20 years.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great service

I have just spent the afternoon comparing Health funds making use of Compare the Market and calling a few funds. For us at this time Qantas Assure is the best value. My experience with the staff was great. I had someone who was articulate, knowledgeable, helpful and really really pleasant to deal with.

Insurance claim madeNo

Don't do it for the points payoff - cheaper to pay for the fares

Policy is pretty ordinary value in comparison to the open marketplace. I joined to get the points sign up as I don't generally claim, however transferring/getting a refund for direct debits which they neglected to cancel (even with the transfer certificate) is a nightmare. If you compare the Qantas Assure policies (provided by NIB but with the Qantas banner) the packages are inflated around 70% for the points pay off, but with a reduction in the claim limits. For health insurance, I would steer clear as there are better coverage policies for much less readily available from other providers. No email enquiry either, only call centre hours which are 9am to 7 pm weekdays only - however they always seem to shut early as I've never been able to get through after 5pm and get put on a loop of answering machine messages - then wind up getting cut off. I'd imagine making a claim would be almost impossible.

Insurance claim madeNo

Don't recognise Revitive Pharma TENS & EMS machine

Very disappointed with my 2 current claims with Qantas Assure
1. Champix - could not claim even though I have Top Cover including prescriptions on reading small print item is subsidised so therefore I cannot claim
2. Revitive Pharma with TENS machine and EMS - cannot claim because its heading is 'Circulation Booster' (which is a trade name) The heading has to say TENS machine!! Have spoken to several Pharmacists and Revitive themselves and they state they have never had a problem with a claim on medical insurance before, but Qantas Assure will not recognise the Revitive so here I sit in pain and suffer

Insurance claim madeNo


Expensive, waste of money, paying for points, Some policies only cover you if you go to emergency within 24 hours. So if, after a sports accident, you go to bed hoping it will get better or get an appointment at your GP first, treatment can be restricted to 90 days, so if you break your leg and get pins and screws inserted allowing it to heal, you might not be covered if they get taken out six months later."

Insurance claim madeNo

Read the fine print very, very carefully - they are VERY misleading

I switched, lured by my reading of the ad which seemed to promise 60k QFF points sign up bonus.
The site would not let me sign up without agreeing to direct debit - which I deliberately will not use because they are virtually impossible to stop once set up (read on...).
So I entered my credit card details, then called up the Call Centre to stop the DD. Lovely service, however the person on the phone told me that the points advertised already included the double points sign up bonus; but whichever way I re-read the ad the advertised bonus points simply do not add up. I told her I thought the ad was quite misleading, and she promised to lodge a complaint and have someone from management make contact and clear things up. She also promised to cancel the direct debit, so I paid the first month's premium over the phone and left it at that.
Imagine my surprise when I find an email in my inbox this morning from Qantas Assure telling me there has been a problem with my direct debit payments...
A short phone call later (to the very same person I spoke to on the last phone call) revealed that for some reason "it doesn't look like those direct debits have been cancelled". Oh, and "I'll also make sure that complaint is escalated to management". It appears that also wasn't done during the phone call last week.
I cancelled my policy within the cooling off period, there was no apology for the error and for the non-actioning of the promised follow up, no offer to correct the situation, and zero attempt to retain me as a customer. I will not deal with this dishonest and deceptive company again.

Insurance claim madeNo

High Prices + Low Customer Service = I'm leaving

Prices are hiked up to compensate for any points received. Customer service will say anything to get you off the phone and then just ignore it with no follow up. 3 weeks.. 5 calls,3 emails and 2 calls to hospital that did exactly what they needed to do, as did I. no money back from a very straightforward claim, 3 weeks later

Insurance claim madeYes

Good for points, but watch your limits if switching.

Reasonable product, slightly more expensive than my previous insurer, but with Qantas points as a leveller.
We are fortunate in that we don't really claim a great deal, but want peace of mind so took a high level of cover. One thing to watch when comparing is the limits, QA were a fair amount less than my previous insurer for extras, but if not claiming much that's not such an issue.

Had one issue when I first joined where I had gone to the dentist, only to find my card was incorrect. Called QA and they rectified overnight.

Insurance claim madeYes

Best Health Insurance product ever!

Fantastic product that rewards you for being active with Qantas Frequent Flyer points. You also earn points on your premium. It's about time you got something back for your health insurance!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

When does the year start for claims?
No answers

i am attempting to make a claim but cannot get past the first page which is all about "challenges", "offers", "friends", "profile" and "settings". How do I submit a claim?
1 answer
All you need to do is log in (which uses your existing Qantas Frequent Flyer number, name and password and they will text you a code) then across the top of the page there will be headings such as Usage, Claims, etc. To claim if you haven't used Hicaps you need to attach a copy of the receipt. I either scan then attach, or take a pic and email it to myself to attach. I do it on my laptop but if you do it via an app then you may be able to attach direct from you phone. I have found the claims service excellent and far better than my previous fund where the answer to any out of the ordinary claims was always a resounding NO. I have had successful claims for pharmacy prescription items that were definitely not covered by BUPA.

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