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Very helpful

Very helpful at the Miranda store, my daughter knew the part name of a book she was after, the young gentleman went off and came back with the two books in the duology. The prices are good and the store has a great selection of books

Customer Service
Store LocationMiranda

Great Customer Service

Yesterday I visited QBD Belmont Forum. I want management to be aware of one of there staff Linda - Linda went out of her way to find me a book that was on the computer as 1 copy in store - She checked if it had been put in the wrong place and so on and eventually found it for me . Best customer service and should be acknowledged by QBD as an asset to there store . I also work in customer service and know what a hard and sometimes unrewarding job it can be. So to be see someone go out of there way in there job was an absolute delight . Go Linda you're a Rock Star :)

Book never arrived

I ordered a book on 27/11/2018 as a Christmas present. I contacted the store on 13/12/2018 following up on the order as it was not received nor did I got an update about its status. Their customer service representative advised me that the order was delivered on 27/11/2018. I went back and forth with her, saying I don't have the book and she continued to advise that it was delivered.
Then they just stopped responding to my email, I ask placed a complaint online and contacted them daily with no response.
I will be claiming a refund with zippay and never ordering from this store again.


TOTALLY AWESOME!! one of the workers at westfield garden city-i think his name was alex. Was really nice and helpful to me when i was writing my business assignement! THANKS ALEX xx

Amazing help

One of your workers Alison was so helpful in your Blacktown store, she was nice and pleasant and helped me with all my questions, she pointed me in the direction of the books I was itnrested in and helped me sign up for loyalty card

Good service - something hard to come by in our modern day era

QBD book shop is a go to for me. They have have most of he books I want to buy and when I was having trouble finding a book, a staff member took it upon herself to look up the book on the website and take me directly to where the book was located. She was friendly and you could tell she was well trained and familiar with the book store. I've been really happy with the quality of the service and books in general. QBD is a bookstore I would keep going to again and again. I would highly recommend it!

Helpful customer service!

I purchased a few books during a big sale and qbd notified me that my credit card would not be charged until the order was ready to ship. This was good because several books became out of stock and were removed from the order. They still have me my free shipping though and when one book didn't arrive I contacted them by phone and within minutes the issue was resolved. The customer service officer was very polite and helpful. Despite issues it was a positive experience.

Rethink your packaging for online orders

Received my online order today and the box was filled with packing peanuts. I haven’t seen these in years, I thought companies had evolved. Packing peanuts are not recyclable or biodegradable! There are so many other options. I won’t be shopping online with you guys any more for this reason.

Overjoyed?. A bookshop in town.

My family and i were so excited to have a bookshop again. Many years ago we had two bookshops in the city where we then lived and the staff knew us by name. They would let us know when one of our favourite authors had a new book due out and would let us know of any books that they had read and thought that we would enjoy,using the genre of books we would normally buy as a baseline for their suggestions. We also knew them by name and this all meant that we as customers felt both valued and happy with the service they provided which encouraged us in turn to part with more of our hard earned money.

Things have though however changed i am sad to say. There are so many different staff at our Rockhampton store that apart from one member of staff i believe to be the manager we very rarely see the same staff member twice and i do not think that the manager recognises us as regular customers even though we buy a lot of books from their store, if she does we certainly are not acknowledged.

The fault lies with the upper management , the echelons in their offices, the bean counters who would rather employ eleven or twelve casual staff in their stores than five part time permanent and a couple of full time staff. The problem with casual staff is that if they do not receive enough hours they find other employment and do not stay long enough to be able to get to know their customers,their likes and dislikes. As a result as customers we feel that the personal interaction,staff knowledge and connection is missing which lets be honest is the reason why we shop in bookshops rather than online.

This is not the fault of the floor staff, i am sure that they would love the opportunity to have a steady job, regular hours and a chance to learn more about the books and authors.

I do not feel that the service we get in this store is worth the extra money when there are still so many online book websites who are reliable and have competitive pricing ( please note that Book Depository is excluded from this as they leave much to be desired).

In conclusion, senior management need to realise that we go into bookshops not only to buy books but for the whole, overall experience of interacting with well informed staff and basically good old fashioned service. We can get anonymous,bland,uninformed service from online book websites for usually less money.

Senior management this is a message to all of you. You need to prioritise staff training, staff communication skills and employ less staff in each store so that they can get to know your regular customers and form a connection with them. This will lead to happier staff, a happier workplace and happy customers and happy customers part with more money. Win,win situation for all involved.

Terrible service for online customers

I ordered 2 books for a present. I received an email 2 weeks after placement of my order to tell me that one of the books was out of print. Then 3 days later received another email telling me that the other book was out of stock. After receiving the 1st email I ordered another book to replace the one out of print and because it was a separate order I was charged another postage fee. 3 days after this order I received the 2nd email advising that my other book was out of stock. By now the time frame was too tight to re-order another book for the present. When I questioned them why it had taken so long to notify me they told me it was their IT department who had not updated their stock levels. Even after this episode I checked their website only to find that both books are still listed on the website with no notes saying that they were either our of print of out of stock. When reading the website their dates stipulate dispatch dates not delivery dates. The books I ordered stated 10-14 business days to dispatch. That makes the delivery dates for books ordered close to 3 weeks which is poor service from an Australian company delivering within. Other companies overseas can have things delivered to Australia in 3 days.
I asked if the 3rd book could be delivered quicker and all I received back was a copy of the internet picture with the dispatch dates highlighted and circled. There was no offer of any help in arranging a faster delivery or a refund in the 2nd postage. Would not recommend anyone trying to purchase a book from their online store.

Not the book I ordered

Orderd a black leather bound book
The World Treasury of Fairy Tales and Folklore
Yes I recieved a book same title, but has a colourful dust jacket. Definitely not what I wanted.

Online service is terrible

Right now, their website is broken. You cannot log into "My Account" because the button is broken; but that's where you track your orders. Your only choice is to send an email because checking it on their website is broken. But that's just the tip of the iceberg; they regularly advertise out of order books. Twice I've ordered from there, one of my books in the order was out of order, yet still on The Front Page. Thirdly; their email system is completely automated. I sent in several emails to try and get to the bottom of my order... it was only on my 4th reply that I got to speak to a human being. Even then, they had no explanation for why their website is broken - just to ask if I wanted to cancel the order of my book that was out of order (again, that was on the front page).

This online service is a mess. If you're going to get anything from them, get it in store.

So quick

I’m 11 years old and I went into to the shop on Tuesday the 26th of December and I was looking for a book called ‘THE SECRETS WE KEEP‘ we went into your store and asked the lady at the counter.She said that she unfortunately did not have it in stock but she could order it for us. So she ordered it and said it will be here in exactly 5 days.I was so excited.
On the 3rd day of waiting we got a message saying it came. I was so surprised at how well it came.
I was at first happy that it was 5 days because it normally is like three weeks or so but three days.
I was so happy and grateful.
Your staff has amazing gratitude and you service is astonishing

Excellent customer service

Today I rang QBD at Epping looking for the Cards Against Humanity Game. The young lady I spoke too was very nice but also told me that they only had 2 left for their staff?? I work in retail and have made that mistake before and asked if they were allowed to do that this time of year (Christmas). She said “yes we get a Christmas bonus every year and are able to put away books and games for ourselves” I was quite confused and said “oh I didn’t know you could do that, thanks for your help”. I then called the Northland store to see if they had any in stock and the manager I spoke too said they were out of stock however Epping had 2. I kindly said “yes I rang Epping but those 2 they have in stock are for staff” she was utterly disgusted and shocked that they told me this and asked for my details to call me back in 5 minutes. When she returned my call, she said that she rang their Regional/Area manager and they were appalled and said that they would try their hardest to access the game for me and also offered me a 10% discount and $20 gift card. I was so overwhelmed and couldn’t believe they would do this for me. The Manager at Northland called Epping and spoke to the 2IC for me to have one of the games. I felt so bad to take something a staff member had put away but was so happy to receive amazing customer service from the Manager at Northland and 2IC at Epping for all their help. The Manager at Northland didn’t have to go above and beyond the way she did for me, however it showed her kindness and pleasure in helping her customers. I ended up buying exactly what i was after and also another box set of Cards Against Humanity to give them the extra business. I’m very happy and will definitely return back to QBD. No hard feelings to the young staff member who told me stock was for their staff, at least she was honest. Thank you QBD!!

Have to order in November to get before Christmas.

A bit dissapointed that I ordered a couple of books on the 11th December for Christmas.
They weren't sent to the post office till the 16th and you use Australia Post which means they are scheduled to be delivered end of December.
A bit annoying that it will take so long to receive them. I couldn't find a way to cancel the order either. I wasn't awear I had to wait for someone to finish reading the books before they could be sent.


Bought my husband a gift card from QBD and didn't realise it expires after 12 months. Went to the store to see if there was anything they might be willing to do to help - they were rude & totally inflexible... Looks like I just gave the store $50 for absolutely nothing. Will never shop there again. Don't tell me they couldn't have honoured it or at least part of it???

Fantastic & Quick Service

Great online system - very easy to use for all customers. I highly rate this website to buy books from and will definitely be back when I am going to purchase my next one. 10/10.

Speed of despatch and delivery interstate is remarkable.

Book I ordered on 8 August was in my hands morning of 10th August and at a price better than retail.

Disappointing service

Disappointed with the service of a staff member at fountain gate QBD, i ordered a book and paid on ordering then over a month i had to wait, and then go to collect it only to be abised about how it wasn't paid for even though i know i paid for it..
Its was more the principle of the lack of nice cystomer service, this shop has completely lost my business i will never get from there again..

Genuine commitment to customer service

I've read some earlier reviews complaining about online orders not being fulfilled in a timely manner and books being out of stock (an almost universal problem these days I find when ordering books online from virtually all book sellers). I encountered a similar situation recently when I attempted to purchase some children's books. However, when I conveyed my concerns to QBD I received the most exceptional and unexpected response and sensational customer service. In response to customer feedback the company has gone to the trouble of revisiting it's whole stock monitoring process to make sure that this does not happen to anyone in the future and to ensure that the stock availability and timeframes on their website are 100% accurate. Kudos to QBD for being willing to listen to customer feedback and invest time and resources in fixing this problem. Now all of their customers can be assured that the stock availability and delivery timeframes on their website are genuine and accurate - not something you can say about most other online book sellers!

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