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Quick & Easy Removals
4.4 from 484 reviews

Great job!

40m3 move practically interstate with difficult loading & unloading situations either end. Expert use of vehicle and packing strategies.
Timely packing & unpacking and friendly service. No breakages and everything accounted for. I’d use them again!

From booking to removal - brilliant service

I have had to move 6 times in the last 14 years. Mel thank you, the assistance and information amazing. Mario and Sam have been by far the most polite and efficient removalist ever. They were respectful of both my belongings and myself. Extremely impressed with Mario’s professionalism. I could not fault the excellent job they did.

Roni and bookings staff were great

Everyone was really helpful and friendly. Roni was great- professional, quick, punctual and careful with my expensive furniture.

I had to move my 1 bedroom unit to the north coast from Sydney, packing was fast and delivery was fit in at time suitable to me.


Great Service really friendly

We were on the move after 20 years of living in our house. We wanted a quick and easy removal and found this service to help us.
From my first call through to them nothing was too hard for them.
Having never moved I wanted to move lightly unfortunately my husband had everything under the sun and more to be moved.
The removal guys were fantastic, really friendly and pro active with taking everything out of the truck.
They even looked after our new rental property when asked.
I would use them again when we move again.

Thanks to everyone keep up the good work

Fabulous service

I moved my one bedroom apartment across Sydney from the inner west to the northern beaches with Marcel and Anthony. They were super friendly, incredibly helpful, fast and professional. I couldn't have asked for better service.

Super friendly and efficient

Moving house is my least favourite thing to do, but Quick & Easy made the experience so much better. Marcel and Antony were super friendly, organised and efficient. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Thanks for a good reliable service.

Small apartment move from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Great communication from the start with Jihan who coordinated everything.
The two removalists, Ronnie and Frank were friendly and efficient.
Overnight delivery was quick and easy.
Occasionally people may have different views about the same company. All I can say was the move was flawlessly executed and hassle free. Price was very competitive too.

Thanks again Jihan, Ronnie and Frank.

Great Removalists

We had one day to move a mountain of furniture from our 2 story home to a single level home 1 hour away. We both had our doubts it could be done, but Sam an Mario form Quick & Easy Removals were excellent. They moved everything out in record time with no breakages and moved everything into the new property wherever we needed it. We had expensive furniture and mirrors and nothing was broken.I highly recommend them.
Doug & Jan Smith

Is was Quick and Easy!

I moved 19 cubic meters of furniture and household goods from Sydney to the Gold Coast. Roni was very efficient, on time and all items were very well looked after.

No fuss easy removal

Made moving easy from NSW to Qld. 2 bed apartment to a 4 bed house.
Arrived on time and put things where we needed them around the house and unwrapped items also

Smooth and easy

We used their service for a night time move from Level 23 to Level 2 in our current building. Everything went very smoothly. They did what they said they would in an efficient and effective manner with minimal disruption. Good work.

As good as a removal company can be

I don't leave reviews often but I felt the need to because I saw a few negative comments left from various people about Q&E. I too was worried before our move after reading these bad reviews so I hope my experience will help others wanting to utilise their services.
I called Q&E a month ago to help with our move from Sydney to Adelaide. I had used them before when moving within Sydney and aside from being a few hours late, there have never been any dramas. I 100% agree punctuality is important, but I suppose things happen and you can't always expect them to come at 8am when that's what was told. As with the move in Sydney there were no dramas. The 2 french guys were amazing. Moved 20 cubic metres of furniture and boxes etc (a large 1 bedroom apartment) within 2 hours, despite needing to go up and down the lift and wheel everything from the lift to the truck (about 500m walk).
As for our stuff arriving in Adelaide, I was a bit annoyed that everything came 1 day later than what I was told, but then again timing was never guaranteed. Danny and his 2 other guys took less than 1 hour to move everything into our house, and everything arrived safe and sound. I would use them in future when we need to move again. I've never used the top removalists in the market, but I think Q&E was good in terms of their service and price.

Seamless move

Large home. 1.5 hr to new home. Nothing was damaged, marked or broken and the whole move was seamless, efficient and professional. Highly recommend Michael and his team. Farah at the office was patient with my concerns pre move and all the staff I spoke to were friendly and helpful. I would definitely use them again.

Friendly and professional removalists

We are very happy for the service provided by Sam and Mario in our removal of furniture from Sydney to Melbourne. They are excellent and always take care of your needs. Would use them again.

Quick, Efficient and Very Helpful

Sydney to Brisbane Move. Roni & his 2 movers were friendly, very quick and professional. They went above and beyond as we had a lot of very heavy furniture. Would definitely use them again & highly recommend. On a side note, I would over-estimate the space needed during the inventory stage just to give a bit more room for “the just in case” stuff to save the massive game of Tetris that I forced the boys to do.

Fay was an absolute help in organising the move and would definitely recommend this company to any associates of mine.

Pleasant phone call who organised the move within 5 minutes.

2 rooms
Long distance
Finished an hour early, very efficient

Two movers were very quick and did a great job.
Would recommend to others.

Absolute scam. 150 dollar extra. 6 hours late. Damaged goods.

We recently moved and (unfortunately) chose Quick&Easy even after some of the atrocious reviews here with a price we were told was $250. [name removed], lady on call from customer service, wrote down certain items and omitted certain others saying that we could add additional items here and there for sure even after we told her the approximate. We were charged 200 DOLLARS in advance. On the moving day, the removalists arrived 6 HOURS LATE not even interstate. It was 6pm so we had no choice but to go ahead since we paid in advance. The removalists' pathetic excuse? It was easter! The company promised us doesn't matter if it's Easter it'll all be fine. The removalists told us to talk to their boss but we went ahead and asked them to move it. Their next excuse? Not everything was on the list whereas the customer service lady who was in contact with them said it was fine with extra things as long as the main heavy things were listed. [name removed], the removalist in charge, said he would charge us $100 PER HOUR EXTRA for the items!!! After a lengthy debate we agreed to their terms and ended up paying $150 extra claiming they would move it fast. The other mover did his job whereas one ([name removed]) did more talking and smoking but did the job so we decided to go along at 6pm with no other option. It was a scam. Then they asked us to HELP them load the furniture onto the truck? And our sofas along with other goods were heavily damaged upon arrival. And the whole time what was the excuse for the damaged goods, late arrival, need for help and extra charges? It was their boss's fault who was too busy right now to attend to the customers funding his life (his name was [name removed] I believe)! So we were charged $150 for no reason and the other $50 which we rightfully owed. Overall a move that we were told to be $250 ended up being $450!!!! Bad customer service responsible for miscommunication ([name removed]), bad movers who came late, asked for help and damaged goods ([name removed]) and irresponsible 'boss' who ultimately scammed us ([name removed]/[name removed]).

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Thanks for your feedback. You've booked a job with us and advised over the phone that you have 4 - 6 items only and that was $250 only ! Once our men arrived, there was a lot more than what we were told over the phone and therefore, we have asked for more money to move the other items. We also have photos for these items and we never add extra charges without any reason. Please be reasonable and upfront when you made a booking , underestimating your move to get a cheaper price will result in stress for everyone , we are pretty much like you, we do not want to be used and abused.

Outstanding and the French guys are the best removalists ever !

Many thanks to the crew of French guys who did the most exceptional job moving my stuff. I thoroughly recommend Quick and Easy and especially the French crew, nothing was a problem and they were so careful, efficient and polite - it made the move so easy. THANK YOU.

Awesome, transparent and hardworking team

The two guys who did our 1 bedroom apartment move, Michael and co, went above and beyond expectations. I was very anxious about the move and the two guys just did everything so well I wasn’t even concerned.

They were extremely efficient and really cared about keeping everything safe and undamaged. They had everything they needed and were very easy to communicate with.

Our move was not easy, only 4km but with 4 flights of stairs and I really really commend these 2 guys on doing such an amazing job and still being polite and friendly the whole time. Somehow they got our couch, undamaged, through an impossibly small stair case and I was actually amazed.

I will recommend this company to everyone who asks and really want to thank everyone for the ease of booking, transparency with quotes and the professionalism and hard work by the 2 men.

Thanks again,

Great service

Fay was very helpful from the start , quote delivery time set . Boys arrived on time. Got my unit of furniture moved ever so quickly . Friendly , Delivered interstate next day . Highly recommend .


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Questions & Answers

How long does it take for delivery to the door,from Rhodes,Sydney,New South Wales,to Karrinyup,Perth,Western Australia ? How long does packing take from a two bedded unit,on the third floor,with a lift?
1 answer
Hi Sudha, Approximately 5-10 working days with a full container load, or 15 to 20 working days with a shared container load. A 2 bedder unit with a lift takes a full morning's worth of time to load. Thanks for your enquiry.

Hi Quick & Easy! Do you do moves from Mackay, Queensland to Sydney? Thankyou.
1 answer
Hi Karina, Yes we do ! :) We offer a premium or backload service for a QLD to NSW removal.

Can you move us from Kununurra WA to Tintinara SA early january?
1 answer
HI Ian, We can definitely do that kind of move for you!