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have used it for years

i have been a member of QF for over 10 years.. im technically savvy but prefer the old fashioned quality of DVD or BR over streaming. Iv'e never really had an issue with the DVD mailing service I will continue to be a member as long as they provide relevant content. I was a member of streaming for 6 months.. and it worked well for me.. but the mobile app lagged what was on the website and progressively they have not been adding titles so i moved on to Telstra box office... ironically Telstra handed the dvd mailing service to QF about 8 yrs ago..

i really try to support Oz businesses where i can ... please try to find some positives out of this.

Product Quality
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The streaming service doesn't work

I signed up to rent one movie and stream it. The player then refused to work and you can't watch anything. They were very quick to take the money, but no response on rectifying the problem.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

What is happening Quickflix???

I wanted to close my account with Quickflix but it is impossible to contact them via phone or Internet . Recently they have no new movies and only seem to send old movies from my list. I am thinking they may have closed shop?????? There are no explanations on their website

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Cant Contact

Received an email asking for a dvd back, have not received it yet, they have threatened to charge me for it. Tried to contact them, no email, no web page, no phone number, just get the message cant find this site. What is going on?

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the web site is up and running now

I have used QuickFlix for over 5 years and never had a problem.
Movies arrive in about 5 days that's Australia post. A lot of sites went down yesterday
Quickflix is back now

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Site Closed ..No Warning to subscibers ?

yep, we cant contact at all, why is there no media Info available? partner had to cancel his credit card at bank to stop auto debits, phone no. not answering , web pages not loading

Well it would appear they're gone lucky I pay via PAYPAL

Well it would appear they're gone, (Quickflix), lucky I pay via PAYPAL. I tried to log on, to tell them I returned 2 discs only to find NO WEB PAGE, I emailed them just in case it was an error with their server, 4 days later and NO REPLY. I've cancelled auto payment through PayPal and asked for a refund of last subscription payment, Which should be refunded, I just don't know how they can shut shop and not tell anyone?
I was relatively happy with service, although the put movies in order you want them sent was a joke, They sent whatever they liked whenever they liked. Does anybody know of another disc rental service? I don't want streaming.

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Well it looks like they're BACK! website is functioning discs are Marked coming out, Even got a reply to email apologising for outage, Gee you would think being 21st century and all they would of at least had an automated message saying sorry for outage!

taking money but no longer in operation

There is no way to stop them taking our money. Their website is no longer active and yet money is still coming out of our credit card and bank says they can't stop it. Help what do we do>

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Disgusting when it comes to a refund

Decided to go through with a free trial then opted to unsubscribe but it wasn’t actioned, years later to find out Money was still being deducted from my account. Not sure who to talk to too to resolve this matter.


Joined to access certain movies, downloaded one, paid for it through PayPal, but can’t open movie, spent hours trying to Access. The queue system is s joke. Waste of money and time. Deleted App-luckily exercise only cost me $3.99.

1 star because you can't give zero

Never been a member and they deduct payment from my card. Can't ring anyone only email and they don't reply. Won't refund the fraudulently taken money. Worst company I have ever dealt with.

Credit card deductions but NO movies sent!

My elderly mother has had several credit card deductions though no movies had been sent.
She had 4 in one month then -nothing ,still charged tho.
The one month od service-stopped and on investigation it was "on hold" as if it was holted for holidays.We had no authorized this!!!!
The service doesn't reply to messages.

Fraudulent charges on my credit card.

I did not subscribe to your movie /tv show download services and I do not receive any services.
Why am I being charged on a monthly basis via my credit card. I have contacted my bank not to honour any further payments and indicated these payments are to be treated as fraud. If they do not stop legal action is pending.

Won't accept credit card details!

I was a member of QF for almost a year from June 2016. The service was pretty good back then, no delays in receiving discs. Then I stopped my membership, because I had finished my queue.
I have been thinking of rejoining, however it seems their website fails to take my card details. I have emailed them twice - no response yet! Then it came to me that perhaps I should check out the online reviews. Just as I suspected, others have also encountered issues!
Maybe it's time to join the streaming service with another provider.

No point even complaining

I used to get 1 or 2 disks a week, these days I am lucky too get 1 in every 10 days. They do not even bother to reply to complaints. If there was another supplier I would switch today, but the only way to get something for money is to use Netflix or similar. This mob will go out of business soon and I won't be sorry for them.

Ridiculous delays posting out DVD's

The slowness of providing DVD's is ever increasing.We would be lucky to receive 2 D VD's per month no matter how quickly we return them. So that's about $10 per DVD. This is highway robbery and quite deliberate in my view. I am at last confronting the irritation and hurdles of canceling the service. So far the Quickflix Help page is non existent...surprise surprise. This company is fraudulant in my view and should be investigated.

Poor management

I loved Bigpond Movies and reluctantly went to Quickflix. since hearing of financial issues this year, service has dropped further. They don't appear to work on Fridays. No discs are ever updated on Fridays. Noticed last Thursday 22nd March. my account was not updated. they reply today ( Monday 26th March) as they have run out of envelopes and will send a replacement disc as soon as shipment is received but no mention of a date. Poor Form to wait for complaints. Let customers know what is happening up front and give us a time frame. thinking some $$ will be in order as we pay for each week but not getting the goods

Something fishy in Denmark

No discs received for over 3 weeks now and when I complained I got a terse reply that they were sorry and the reason was that the disc folders had not arrived from China. However, I was offered an extra DVD for my troubles. Will it ever arrive? I'm not holding my breath. Is this a good business gone bad, if so it's a shame but if I get charged a monthly fee for Zero discs I'll be straight on to Consumer Affairs. I can sympathize with QF if they are having problems with their supplier but they ethically should have told their customers and made fair compensation, not waited till I complained.

Another Lost Customer

Like many that have reviewed I have been a client for many years since I was transferred across from BigPond Movies. I have just realised that I've been overcharged ($22.99 a month vs current $20 a month plan) as there was a plan change I was never notified about. Their response? - They cannot automatically change plans for an account - My response was that notifying the client of the change would be normal business practice. They have been doing this at least since Jan 2017 - 15 months. between that and the slow mail turnaround and the lack of sent discs over several weeks despite a queue of 30+ movies means what was once an excellent 5 star service has descended into a chaos. I will miss it (remembering the good days) but clearly it's no longer worth the price I've been paying.I'll use the money to buy premium bluray titles and use Netflix for the rest.

Latest Seasons of DVD Series not available

New Seasons of DVD Series are not available. Quickflix's new owners are not growing the DVD library with the latest seasons of DVD series. Sadly, Quickflix is dying - it's just a matter of time before they quit the DVD mail outs and only do streaming and then go into liquidation AGAIN. A great example of Accountants destroying a business by cost cutting. Luckily my local Library has many of the latest seasons of DVD series that are unavailable at Quickflix and these can be borrowed for 3 weeks at a time for free. Examples are "Suits", "Call the Midwife", "Game of Thrones", "Modern Family" etc etc. I'm wondering why I am paying Quickflix for this rapidly declining level of service.

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Why are you uncontactable???? No phone numbers, website unavailable .... I intend to cancel my debit card on Monday to prevent any more monthly payments being taken out until I know what's going on
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sorry Jude I do not know, it looked ok then it died maybe they are trying to fix it, I hope so.By "trying to fix it" I assume you're referring to the website? That's only a symptom of the real issue, which is why is Quickflix suddenly uncontactable, usually a sign a business is folding. Is there anyone who can actually front up to their offices in Perth and find out what is going on? It seems to me that Quickflix are continuing to take members' monthly payments when in fact they may not be trading any longer.It looks like it working fine today, just sign out each time you visit the site

Not sure what is going on, Website went down monday/tuesday this week, sent messages via their online help portal (which still seems to be working), but to date only received the automated reply that someone will get back to you, a little worried about payments still coming out of my credit card. Might have to cancel the card to stop that if i don't get a reply.
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Yep it looks like they're gone read my review above.Good luck , I’m after 2 years of money but looks like it’s lost .Website is now back up and running but I have cancelled my subscription. Just don't trust them after this episode.

Whats is the go with quick flix. Its like they disappeared of the face off the earth. App on phone wont work cant log in on computer. I received 2 DVDs on Tuesday. Something is odd. How about an email to customers to let us know what is going on.
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